Spiritual and Mental Abuse in Apostolic Christian Church Nazarene in Australia
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Violating Rights
18 Mar 2019 10:49
What is the difference between the ACCN actions in kicking members out of church versus those who go into churches, synagogues, mosques, etc., with guns shooting at random people killing and injuring them? (my heart and deepest sympathies go out to the victims and their families who have witnessed the horrendous crimes and lost their loved ones in a senseless act of violence — with the most recent event in the New Zealand shootings.)

What possible explanation and rationale can there be for supposed Christian leaders (Elders and Ministers) and members to abuse members by kicking them out of church and violating their rights to serve God at their chosen place of worship at the following locations: Altona (Melbourne), Arncliffe (Sydney), and Columbia Station (Ohio)?

The New Zealand Mosque, the Pennsylvania Synagogue, and the Charleston Church shootings had one thing in common, and that is the perpetrator's motivation of HATE.

Is there a difference between holding a gun and killing people you hate or those who proclaim they are Christians and shut the church door in your face? The word of God says, 'They will put you out of the synagogues. In fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God.'

To those who have closed the above mentioned ACCN churches do you not see that you are also armed with hatred.

serious verses
18 Mar 2019 11:02
1 John 3:15
Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.

John 16
1. These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended.
2. They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.
3. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me.

take note on verse 2:
..........whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.

no shame
19 Mar 2019 10:08
Zephaniah 3:5

............but the unjust knoweth no shame.

not so
20 Mar 2019 2:20
Arnclife is open for everyone to attend, those who stole the church restricted who could attending! So what are you talking about?

North Altona has been sold as per the wishes of 87% of the membership, They built a new buildings to accomodate the needs of the church,it is open for all, even the minority 13%, who think that they have the last Word in everything! Here in the North American churches, many congregations sold and rebuilt their places of worship, and the few in minority went a Long with the churches wish, but not in Melbourne, the few are the loud mouth, camping foul play.

To not so
20 Mar 2019 7:29
87% in your dreams only not even half the members attended when they voted so it's your 87% of 45 members you know you can spread lies all you like everybody from Altona know the truth even you do

To: not so
20 Mar 2019 9:36
So, it's Cucanic's fault?

I can understand why you are protecting these injustices. You are either protecting your family or your interest. And if it's because you are family with some of these members, you are only doing what you feel is right to protect your family.

You mentioned in the USA that many churches are sold and rebuilt. In America, we live in a democratic country, and everything is voted upon legally. Can you prove a letter was sent out to all the members of the N. Altona church including Cucanic's group that a meeting would be held on such and such date regarding the sale of the church building and can you also prove a minutes meeting letter with members signature of a dissolution agreement to sell the N. Altona building?

What I understood and maybe I'm wrong... the Australian's can chime in to validate this:

When Tomak and Papuga sold the N. Altona church, they didn't talk to the Cucanic group.
- Nothing was discussed.
- No meeting was held.
- They did not cooperate with the Cucanic group.

When they sold the North Altona church, they didn't go as Christians to Cucanic's group to tell them they needed to find a new place of worship in love. When they received the money from the proceeds to the sale of the building they didn't offer part of it to Cucanic's group (even though they contributed to the construction of the church structure).

For the Sydney church, Laza K didn't throw anyone out of the church. That is NOT true. Pentsa is still in court trying to get the building, and the court affidavit shows specifically that Paul Pentsa Sr. is the Elder of the Sydney church, and he is supporting the court case. In addition to that many members have lost their houses due to Paul Pentsa Sr. Sydney lawsuit. Paul Pentsa Sr's affidavit to the Sydney court case is in the American elder's hands. You can contact them for confirmation.

It would be plausible for you to back up your statements with facts. Can you prove and validate what you are saying is the fact that the selling of the N. Altona church was a mutual agreement and that you are not just slandering the Cucanic's group.

So true
20 Mar 2019 10:00
I agree with the latest comment. The real true picture of it.

politics in church
20 Mar 2019 11:51
North Altona has been sold as per the wishes of 87% of the membership,

politics, and the method of parliamentary politics has NOTHING to do with the running and structure of Gods Church.

voting is a political move, not a christian move, let alone Gods way of deciding on things.

minority or majority
20 Mar 2019 12:14
1 Kings 18:22
Then Elijah said to them, “I am the only one of the Lord’s prophets left, but Baal has four hundred and fifty prophets.

how many false prophets were there?
how many prophets were with God?

the minority?
the majority?

To: politics in chur
20 Mar 2019 12:45
You could have just said that a letter was never sent out to all members (including Cucanic's side) regarding the sale of the church and there is no signed minute meeting document from the members on the dissolution of N. Altona Church.

Altona 2
20 Mar 2019 14:33
I heard that Cucanics group is currently very divided amd many dont agree with Cucanic and one young couple went to Mt. Cotrell. Is any of that true?

please listern
20 Mar 2019 15:41
this is not the comment in question here.

its talking about hatred that the Tomek and Pentsa (splinter group) group have showed towards Altona 2, by throwing them out of Gods Church.

whats is justice
20 Mar 2019 15:43
majority winning, doesnt mean its Godly nor Holy?

its whether its done in righteousness, that it becomes Godly and Holy.

Majority can be in the right or the wrong.
So can the minority.

The number doesn't come in question before Gods throne.

my point
21 Mar 2019 1:57
You could have just said that a letter was never sent out to all members (including Cucanic's side) regarding the sale of the church and there is no signed minute meeting document from the members on the dissolution of N. Altona Church.

no, I wanted to point out that voting has nothing to do with Christianity or the Bibles teachings.

Majority is not on the foundation of Gods righteousness nor Gods justice.

This was my point.

21 Mar 2019 2:40
How could you compare the shootings and the building of the new churches? [ comment removed by the moderator ]

21 Mar 2019 3:42
You shouldn't be that angry and if you are an elder speak calmly.

No one took the committee to court, yet.

The Sydney court records are in Mark Meister's hands. This document will confirm that Paul Pentsa Sr's is taking the Sydney members to court.

In addition to that, the ACCN elders have caused much hatred by ignoring problems and creating divisions and more discriminations against members who have been targeted.

You also mentioned that Cucanic's have hate. Can you explain the experiences you had with this group that you are slandering?
Also, elaborate on their divisions and why they refuse to accept Mt. Cortrell?

In closing, your actions speak louder than words. The Bible says you will know them by their fruits. HATE is HATE!

21 Mar 2019 4:53
I need to correct you... [ comment removed by the moderator ]

To: really
21 Mar 2019 7:58
You did mention Cucanic, don't try and trick us. You said, "or do they discipline and shun you like they did the young couple that left from altona ". Aren't you speaking about the Cucanic altona group that so called punished this young couple or is there another altona group we don't know of.
First, florian muncan and his wife are not disciplined for leaving or even before that...otherwise the couple would need to be released/forgiven of their discipline b4 becoming free members in tarneit.

21 Mar 2019 9:20
Husband and wife from Altona visiting Mt.cotrell regularly every Sunday morning,and they are not put under discipline in Altona.

21 Mar 2019 9:28
What is your intent to prove? "you slanderer"

Of course not
21 Mar 2019 9:32
That's right, cucanics would not put under discipline the married couple for visiting my cotrell.

21 Mar 2019 9:40
You better keep your fingers off the keyboard and keep your hands clasped together in prayer.

21 Mar 2019 9:46
I don't know what you guys are trying to prove here.

Anyhow, I'm after some info regarding a Ruzeu real-estate businessman who went bankrupt in Melbourne and now's hiding in Queensland. Anyone?

21 Mar 2019 9:49
Ohh really!! is this how much u know about Australia??

21 Mar 2019 9:50
Talking to me?

To: Moderator
21 Mar 2019 9:59
The last comment "Ohh really" was not to u,it was for To:really.

About Paul Ruzeu the builder who went bankrupt,is not baptized.

21 Mar 2019 10:00
Paul Ruzue, ondrej suljas first cousin. Both once upon a time builders in Melbourne, now both runaways to qld. Both holding back the truth not to expose themselves as greedy, liars and taking other peoples savings to make themselves rich. A real family shame. Should be a TV show on them....Queensland getaway

21 Mar 2019 10:30
Correct, he's not baptised...but just as much as a horrible greedy as ondrej Paul jr and misha p. they all owe lots and lots of money to people and say they lost it all. Really mate, but they can all still take holidays but are not able to pay back. Loads of rubbish, let's wait and see if Elena Sulja goes on holiday soon to her sisters wedding!! No money eh

to Ahhh....
21 Mar 2019 11:51
Lies about Misa Petras need to stop " ... Thank God Misa spent 60K plus on CS situaion because Australians who accused him of stealing from early 2000 would have said he stole the million $$ from the sale of the church,, His good friend Sulj... was told to stop slandering, however his bankrupt son and family continue...

Misa is a hard worker and he has contracts all over the USA and if he were not honest or loyal to his job this wouldn't be so. LIES need to stop.. and Misa lost a lot of money in AU and the person who lied to him wasn't going to pay him.

21 Mar 2019 14:19
Yeah yeah Misa might be a hard worker full of contracts, just like the other fallen builders, hard workers and full of contracts. But when it comes time to pay the workers and get the job done....they fold and run away.
You forgot to answer if Misa paid off the workers he owed before leaving for America.

21 Mar 2019 15:06
Let me get this right: misha pays $60k for CS and this is supposed to be payback for people he still owes in Australia.

To: Ahhh
21 Mar 2019 15:38
Which people are you referring to?

21 Mar 2019 16:12
Tradies suppliers

To: Ahhh
21 Mar 2019 16:17
Really how much? Can you be more specific?

serious but true
21 Mar 2019 19:35
TO: REALLY (are your initials JD or MD?)

How could you compare the shootings and the building of the new churches? How blind can you be?


murder means to take someones life, yeah?

kill means to take someones life, yeah?

that is what the laws of governments state it.

but, now lets look into God's laws.

as previous stated earlier on, dating March 18th.....

1 John 3:15
Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.

this is the explanation ....the BIBLE talks about hatred equal to the act of murder.

Did I write this?

Do you choose not to understand this?

Its very clear how DANGEROUS hatred is....and you will know it by the works of a person, and sometimes with their mouth too.

John 16
1. These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended.
2. They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.
3. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me.

There are people out there that BELIEVE and THINK killing people, is a service to God.

take note on verse 2:
..........whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.

its pretty clear and not hard to understand, if you choose to believe that the TOMEK side did not show love by throwing out CUCANIC side.

building another 5 churches would be great, and lets do it....but if we do know have love, what do we have?

which ever side you choose to take, that is what you will side with.

choose today, but hatred did not, does not, nor will ever bring anyone to Christ.

hatred or love, you can choose freely, and you will get your reward on the last day.

Sure, Sure
22 Mar 2019 7:26
To the person who wrote... [ comment removed by the moderator ]

To: Sure,Sure
22 Mar 2019 10:18
Word has it that not only Ceda but also Paul Pentsa sr, matai lincu and joe Ruzue put money into the building to save it from the banks selling it. Is this true? Since you seem to know nearly every situation and names involved in Australia.
Also, word has it, the four of them are now trying to get the courts to get the insurance company to pay them money for the amount that was left owing from Laza K. That way they get their investment back plus keep the church building. Pretty clever wouldn't you say, but since you seem to know so much...please let us know if this is the case or otherwise.

To: Sure, Sure
22 Mar 2019 11:13
First of all, I find it very interesting that you mentioned the lawyer's names regarding Sydney church on this website since the court case is still pending.

Paul Pentsa had at one point tried to file a lawsuit against the moderator of this site, and at one point the moderator had to shut down this website temporarily. I believe that the website can continue, but no court documents can be posted on this site. Therefore in fairness, this website is limited to share any records, so I don't know what letter you are referring to in terms of Laza kicking members and friends out of the church. I never heard of that!

I'm not even sure what I can say regarding Sydney's court case because of Paul Pentsa Sr. threat against the moderator. But I will tread carefully.

Someone mentioned that Paul Pentsa Sr. never filed any lawsuit against L. Krnljulac and said that it was only Lincu and Kovacevic that filed a lawsuit. And someone also mentioned that Paul Pentsa Sr. was just subpoenaed to go to court. But, was Paul Pentsas affidavit filed as an exhibit to assist M. Linco and Z. Kovacevic?

Who initially hired a lawyer against Laza K and his family? Because M. Lincu and Zivadin Kovacevic speak broken English and they did not have enough money to proceed in such a massive, costly lawsuit. So, someone helped them with the lawsuit preparation documents and financial backup.

I have seen a letter from a Sydney lawyer acting on behalf of the ACCN Sydney church, so this tells me that the church is suing Laza.

A simple request was made by L. Krnjulac from the very beginning to be reinstated as a free member, and he also said he was willing to transfer the name of the church property back to the ACCN. This statement is true and was taken from a letter Paul Pentsa Sr. had written. - Laza's words and I quote, 'I know it was wrong for me to transfer the church property, but there is no problem giving the church back, I can make it as it should have been in the beginning in the name of the church if things will be done the way they should be done.'

22 Mar 2019 11:33
Without going too deep into this, I will simply say that Paul Pentsa was the mastermind behind the lawsuit. There would have been no court case without him.

Matea is an ignorant, elderly man who barely speaks English and basically has no clue what's going on around him. Easily bullied, influenced and manipulated.

Kovacevic is an ex-member who left the Nazarene church and Sydney long ago and had no interest whatsoever in the church building. He was simply a puppet in Paul Pentsa's hands.

Ceda Bekic joined later because PP promised him to be a minister in Sydney. Ceda is a terrific singer with a beautiful third voice, but also a vain man who seeks wealth and recognition.

Attention Moderator
22 Mar 2019 15:38
You are a very heartless and cold human being... [ comment removed by the moderator ]

22 Mar 2019 15:52
Well, if you are that close to Ceda Bekic, please tell us more about his involvement in Australian affairs? Why did he need that? What were his motives? Why to be a co-owner of the Sydney church?

Pretty Clever
22 Mar 2019 15:57
You think that is clever... [ comment removed by the moderator ]

To: Pretty Clever
22 Mar 2019 16:04
Can you please elaborate on: 'our Misa Petras to subdivide and build a few houses and make profit so they can repay all those members and maybe the vendor can hold a mortgage with a small interest charge, or even interest free...'???

I'm not sure how educated you are, but your post is unorganized and full of misleading information. What does this mean?

To: Pretty Clever
22 Mar 2019 16:32
Do you know what they say about sarcasm? It's the lowest form of wit.

To: Pretty Clever
22 Mar 2019 22:19
What a win win situation!This is a very good idea; no one thought of that before.
Stefs from Melbourne and Stefans from Ohio are very close friends.
They can go into business.

Sure, Sure
23 Mar 2019 2:32
It is not correct... [ comment removed by the moderator ]

To: Sure,Sure USA
23 Mar 2019 8:50
Go to "NEW SYDNEY CHURCH TITLE" on this webside; 21 Nov.2016 at 6:17 to see whos names are on the title.
Moderator should posted again here.

23 Mar 2019 10:00
Some knowledgable people here, when it comes to the Sydney affair.

Tell us please about the secret tape recording, that's an interesting part.

majority or minority
23 Mar 2019 15:42
re. 87%

which bible chapter and verse states 87% (or majority) of the membership has rights?

here, the bible teaches:

Deuteronomy ch:7, verse 7
The LORD did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in number than any people; for ye were the fewest of all people:

Here, the Bible teaches that the minority was chosen, not majority.

23 Mar 2019 21:29
I'm still waiting to hear something about tape recording.

23 Mar 2019 21:42
please contact:

Matthew Lincu

[ address removed by the moderator ]

23 Mar 2019 21:43
Posting personal details like these is not allowed. Will be deleted.

To: Sure, Sure
25 Mar 2019 5:12
You asked the moderator to release the Sydney court documents on this website. Now I am asking you to release the tape recording from the May 8th, 2010 Sydney church meeting, on Youtube so we all can hear.

me too
26 Mar 2019 11:03
why would you want to hear some tape, that the defender and his barristor insisted not to be used in court as evidencia,It most surely will not serve any good! Let the past be past, Where did anybody on this form ask the Moderator to post anything? I cannot see it here?

26 Mar 2019 11:10


Here is a new rule, and it affects all Pentsa family members and supporters - I won't allow any of them to post any new comments on this website till they explain, in details, what happened that day in 2010.

Who organized the secret tape recording, why, when and how, who participated etc.

This is effective immediately.

To: Sure,Sure/me too
27 Mar 2019 12:14
To: Sure,Sure
You said, 'So be careful when you want to justify the wicked and condemn the righteous' and you mentioned 'Proverbs 17/15'.

Are you saying that Paul Pentsa is the 'righteous'?

To: me too
You asked this question, 'why would you want to hear some tape, that the defender and his barristor insisted not to be used in court as evidencia,It most surely will not serve any good!'

I want to hear this tape because Paul Pentsa Sr. denied ever taping the May 8th, 2010 Sydney church meeting. Paul Pentsa Sr. said in a letter, and I quote the following:
1. You have accused me, that during my last visit to SYDNEY congregation, that I have, as you wrote, "Brother Paul had secretly recorded the conversation in the church during the members meeting."

This is totally false and untrue. I did not record the conversation' nor did I instruct others to record it.'

And he also said in his letter:

'My dear ones, because you have written false and unture things about me, you first need to repent and ask the Lord to forgive you, then you should make right what you have wronged, everywhere you sent letters, you must now write the truth telling them that you have sinned, by lying and slandering your brother.

To: me too
You also said, 'Let the past be past'... It's easy for you to say this because no one went out to destroy your life. If you want the past to be past ask Paul Pentsa Sr. to make right and to tell the truth regarding the 'secret tape recording' and to confess. And if he should deny this 'secret tape recording' the first voice at the start of the recording will be revealed.

To: Sure,Sure
The only Bible quote I can see fit for your comment is, 'But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.'

27 Mar 2019 12:29
"Sure, sure" and "me too" is the same person, a Colorado vermin that will be exterminated from this website. Many greetings to the Pentsa family in Colorado Springs and I hope someone in that church will have enough decency to ask PP about the secret tape recording.

Columbia Station
27 Mar 2019 13:10
A comment from "PRETTY CLEVER USA" on 22 Mar.2019 at 15:57 mentiond Laverton church in Melbourne being sold and family keeps the money;

Why is this comment removed? What is the different between Stefan in CS and family who sold Laverton church?

27 Mar 2019 14:14
That's that same pest.

27 Mar 2019 15:53
This is totally false and untrue. I did not record the conversation' nor did I instruct others to record it.'

look into the cunningness of removed elder paul pentsa in his comment here.

"I did not record the conversation",
(his son junior paulie pentsa did)

"nor did I instruct others to record it."
(he allowed it, but didnt instruct someone to do)

matej lincu (minister from sydney) wanted the recording done,
(but removed elder pentsa allowed it)

so, what do we see here?

cunningness means:
skillful in planning and ready to deceive people in order to get what you want.

forced to pay rent
27 Mar 2019 21:56
To: Sure,Sure
22 Mar 2019 10:18

Word has it that not only Ceda but also Paul Pentsa sr, matai lincu and joe Ruzue put money into the building to save it from the banks selling it. Is this true?

putting money in?
what about pentsa's children/in-laws putting in their homes forced by elder pentsa?
they are paying rent instead of living in their own homes?

27 Mar 2019 22:33
Fact: Philip Ruzeu has a house in Hoppers Crossing sitting empty and has been for almost two years. It's supposedly meant to be a business but everyone knows it's a front to filter money. He's an in law and has no need to rent (granted if there's any truth to the family is renting) all he needs to do his move back in.
I will never believe that any of the Pentsa family have put money in to save the building, quite the contrary, more likely to line their own pockets.

confirm it yourself
27 Mar 2019 23:28
contact Roman & Georgy Pentsa for details please.

and then come back to this site for details on what you found out.

don't stay quiet when you get the facts.

let us know (if you dare)

28 Mar 2019 4:35
what is the use, you have letter, yet you do not accept as fact, why the inqusition? and who is this cheif inqusition leader, will he do as they did in the Spanish Inqusition, no Matter what the accused said, they were found guilty!

the truth is not at heart here, it is getting mud on Penca

28 Mar 2019 4:50
to the comments, made by cunning !
How does The person who allows something to take place, become the gulity one of the act allows?
God allowed Satan to do all the evil agaiinst Job, Was God at fault?

do you know bible
28 Mar 2019 13:09
I did not write:

John 19:11
Jesus answered, "You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above. Therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin."

take note:

.....Therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin."

Herod did not condemn Jesus to be crucified, Pilate did.

Who was in the greater error?

Do you understand the act of manipulation? Probably not.

its pretty clear you are supporting pentsa's sin, or you do not know the scriptures.

manipulation means:
the action of influencing or controlling someone or something to your advantage, often without it being known or before the act was committed.

Yes I know The Bible
29 Mar 2019 8:14
But do you? The Question and remarks you put to the readers shows that you need to go back to Sunday School, if you ever attended Sunday School!

Who handed Jesus over to Pilate?

Was it not first Judas who sold him with a kiss, Then the Leaders brought him to Pilate! Read what Pilate said to Jesus in the Gospel of John 18 verse 35 " Pilate answered, am I a jew: thine own nation and the chief priest have delivered thee unto me: what hast thou done?"
Read Acts 3 and you will find that Pilate would of delivered Jesus, but the nation requested a murderer to be set free and not Jesus!

The Question is not who delivered Jesus, but who allowed it? Was it not God the Father, who allowed his only son to be crucified for the sin of the whole world, including your and mine sins before we were even born? So did God do sin in allowing his son to become sin for us, and suffer such a cruel death? God Forbid!

So what has this all to do with a recording of a meeting? What sin was committed by the chairperson in allowing the meeting to be recorded? We have numerous conversations, where we are informed that " this conversation will be recorded for clearity and verification purposes" or words to that affect! Do you not know that God makes recording of all our thoughts and actions and words? Whether we like it or not, and at judgment day, no one will have an excuse, "I did not say that or do that", It is all recorded, and we all will be judged by those things found in those books, no one can delete or remove anything, but the Lord Jesus, if we repent and seek his grace to remove our sins from the record.

According to some of the comments made already, you know that a meeting was called in Sydney Church by the leaders on said date, for the purpose to determine what the church knew about the transfer of the church property from the Trustees to Private individuals! The meeting was called and members in good standing were invited, and mostly the minister who was trustee was to give account as to why he signed the church over! Accordingly it is not against the N.S.W. law to record a conversation, if the person recording it is party to the conversation! He had every right, for "clearity and Verification Purposes"! This very questioning proves that he did well to record it, so no one can alter what was said!
Those who attended the meeting even though they were not expected nor invited to the meeting, tried to derail the main reason of the meeting, why and how was the church building registered to the Krnulac Family without the church members knowing anything about it?
Now if some of you are correct in saying that the case is still on, why would you want this information which the Defender and his Barristor, fought tooth and nail not to have included as evidence in the court case? Would that incriminate him? Did Mr. Lincu have anything to lose if it was used as evidence? Would it not be in contempt of court to have it made public?

Here in Ohio, Some Blame the Leadership for not doing enough to stop the lose of Colombia Station to private church members, There in Australia, the leadership took action to restore the church building to the former rightful owners, the Church, and people are up in arms against those in leadership for doing that, Who is in the right here? what is the correct stand of the leadership here?
You be the Judge!

not nice to vermin
29 Mar 2019 8:39
why would anyone call a sister or brother in Christ
" a Vermin or Pest" Are you not happy when people shed some truth on this site?
And how do you expect the "Pentsa Family and their supporters" to explain your request, if they can not be allowed to posts their comments? You fall on your own sword here, mr. Moderator!

You have made a wrong decision here, it will be very uninteresting site without some good, honest input here from neutral individuals you call supporters of the " Pentsa Family", What is there to support? The truth always sets you free! Speak the truth, you will not have to delete things, delete things, and you have proven that you have things to hide! It is that Simple!
Written in Love, though you call us vermin!

29 Mar 2019 11:20
A Nazarene elder calls a meeting to try and resolve an issue related to the church title.
There are two groups involved but the elder is clearly sided and biased. He supports those who support him.
He comes to that church with his son - his role is to be father's bodyguard but also to keep a tape recorder in his pocket.
That elder's plan is to secretly record the church meeting and then use the tape as an evidence on court.
And that's exactly what happened.
Later that so-called elder denies any involvement in the secret tape recording.
Nothing to do with him, he says.
What a disgusting liar and psychopath.
A sleazy bastard.
Not even a vermin. A lower life form than mice, rats and cockroaches.
That guy goes around and baptizes people (!) Wow! What an offense to the Lord!
And what to say about those who are perfectly aware of all his wrongdoings but still choose to turn a blind eye and go along?
Nothing. They are not worth anyone's time. They are just the straw that will fuel the hellfire.

To: Yes I know The B
29 Mar 2019 12:55
Would you agree that Paul Pentsa Sr. is a liar? Secondly, why would Paul Pentsa Sr. come on this site to respond to people's comments when a few years ago in Brisbane Paul Pentsa Sr. wrote a letter to the Brisbane church members that there will be consequences for any members who go on this website and write or respond to comments? Is that not a double standard?

You also mentioned that the leaders acted quickly for the Sydney situation. Do you know that for a fact?
When did Laza K transfer the title to his name? And how many years after did it take for Paul Pentsa Sr. to realize that the title had been transferred? He must have known that something happened because Laza K. for over seven years was paying for the church, bills, etc., and he never kicked anyone out of the church as the CS & Altona members/leaders did. So if Laza K. was paying and no one was kicked out why didn't Paul Pentsa Sr. leave Laza alone? Laza K. also told Paul Pentsa Sr. that he was willing to make things right.

You also mentioned that some feel that the elders in America did not do enough when it came down to the CS church building take over.

Let me summarize what the ACCN American elders did for the CS church members:

-Dusko Dagojlovic, Mark Meister and William Kurtz told the CS members to immediately drop the court case after they supported the CS church members to go and get a Declaratory judgment. They gave one day notice before the court hearing and said I quote, 'immediately surrender' and also said, 'give the church back to brothers Petar and Dorel Stefan.' The also threatened the members who were abused by saying they would be excommunicated.
-They also wrote two letters one unsigned from Maryland where Mark Meister resides, and the other signed stating that the CS members are under discipline and, have no rights to preach, no rights to bring prayers, no rights to lead songs, no rights to remain in the membership, and no rights to any sacraments.
-With the committees, two letters it was represented in court by Stefan's lawyer as evidence as to why the judge should give the church over to Petar and Dorel Stefan. In fact, the Stfans lawyer repeatedly emphasized that the abused members were excommunicated.
-David Nikolson, William Kurtz, Mark Meister, and Dusko Dragoilovic did not help the remaining members who had been kicked out of the church; in fact, they collaborated with Petar and Dorel Stefan's lawyer.

So with this summary, I believe you need to think before you start quoting Sunday school and Bible verse and get your facts straight!
Since you defended both Paul Pentsa Sr. and the leaders that handled the CS situation, please answer the following:

-At what point did the American elder committee know that Paul Pentsa Sr. had taken Laza K. to court? And how many years have they known about his court case battle?
-Did the American committee elders write Paul Pentsa Sr. or hold a meeting and to quote him 1 Corinthians 6 and demand with fingers pointing to give the church back to brother Laza K. as they did to the CS members?
-Did the ACCN committee elders punish Paul Pentsa Sr. for taking Laza K. to court?

If you say, ‘NO’ to the above questions, ask yourself, is this not double standards?

To us, this is pure hypocrisy and proves that if you are a friend or related to the elders in any way you can get away with murder.

get the point
29 Mar 2019 17:05
John 19:11
Jesus answered, "You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above. Therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin."

you are missing the point that was made here.

Herod delivered (got Pilate to do the dirty work) Jesus to Pilate, for Pilate to condemn Jesus to be crucified. (Herod tried to look innocent)

This is the point.

Herods cunningness is in question here.

Just like how a fox acts.

That is why Jesus called Herod a fox.

Luke 13:32
He replied, "Go tell that fox...........

CS chruch
30 Mar 2019 1:16
The elder committee and David Nikolson helped Petar and Dorel Stefan with their lawyer Monica Russel to get the CS church.  When Monica Russell asked Petar Stefan in court if you get the church what are you going to do? Petar answered by saying he will open the church. Monica Russell then asked who will come to your church? And Petar Stefan answer by saying many people will come. It is over three years since Petar and Dorel Stefan had closed the CS church and since the court hearing, it has never been reopened. It was almost sold for a million dollars and is on the market for sale. When Judas betrayed Jesus, he had to finish what he started, and it ended when he received the silver. In the Bible, Peter denied Jesus three times, and he repented quickly. Petar and Dorel Stefan with David Nikolson kicked out many families, and till this day they are pushing for the sale of the church with the price continuing to droping from 900K.

Get over it already
30 Mar 2019 3:50
Why would the elder committee and David Nicolson have any interest in the CS church. The facts remain that the members could not get along so David N. and the Elder Committee tried to bring matters to a resolution. Of course the Committee did not favor a lawsuit with Brother against Brother. Folks like Petras with no respect of Godly Authority were stubborn and would not cooperate! The outcome might have been different with a little humility! Such a sad situation...

To Moderator
30 Mar 2019 6:28
Here is a definition of the role of Moderator!

"A Discussion Moderator or debate Moderator is a person whole role is to Act As a Neutral Participant in a debate or discussion, holds participant in a time limits and tries to keep them from straying off the topic of the questions being raised in the debate"

What are you doing making biased rude comments about certain individuals, some you call " ignorant" others " wealth Seekers" others still " lower then Vermin"

Here is a definition of A Slanderer? Defamer

"One who attacks the reputation of another by slander or libel. Backbiter, liberler, maligner, slanderer, traducer, vilifier, depreciator, detractor, disparanger, knocker. One who disparages or belittles the worth of something or someone."

Defamation, calumny, rumors full of slander. A malicious, false and defamatory statement or report: a slanderer against his good name. A person who slanders someone= damages their reputation by making a false spoken statement about them"

So which role are you playing???? You slandered so many good persons! You are not a Moderator! You are the above!

30 Mar 2019 11:04
How do you call a thief? Thief.
How do you call a liar? Liar.
How do you call a psychopath? Psychopath.
I don't have a problem calling things the right name.
The Bible does the same.
But nowadays calling a thief "thief" is not politically correct. Actually, by calling the person who steals a thief YOU become the bad guy, not the thief.
That's that smear tactic so frequently used by the politicians and media.
To me, a thief is a thief, a liar is a liar, a psychopath is a psychopath, and Paul Pentsa is all that.
And his few supporters are ignorant people with nothing between their ears.
But yeah, Paul Pentsa is not the problem (he's Holy), the moderator of this website is the only bad guy, and everything would be okey-dokey if this website simply disappears.
Bad news - that's not going to happen.
This website will outlive you all. My promise.
The victims of your abuse will have their say here and their testimonies will be kept here permanently, visible to the whole world.

30 Mar 2019 11:32
"Yes I know The Bible",
"not nice to vermin",
"To Moderator"

...all the same person sending comments from IP number

I will now prove to you and all others here that indeed YOU ARE a liar, a crook, and a vermin.

This is what you wrote using the alias "Yes I know The Bible":

Here in Ohio, Some Blame the Leadership for not doing enough to stop the lose of Colombia Station to private church members, There in Australia, the leadership took action to restore the church building to the former rightful owners, the Church, and people are up in arms against those in leadership for doing that, Who is in the right here? what is the correct stand of the leadership here?

But you are not in Ohio, not even close (see the map). You are in Colorado Springs, and we all know who's there.

hard to guess
30 Mar 2019 13:38
thanks Moderator

we can openly see the continual cunningness from these people in Colorado Springs.....

hard to guess who it could be............

Romans 1:18

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness,

1 John 1:9
“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

31 Mar 2019 1:00
"False Identification" or "Felony Identity" is a criminal offense.

The person should stand up in the church, on Sunday morning, and apologize for lying.

Ok, just dreaming, we all know that's not going to happen.

So this needs to be reported to the local Colorado Springs police department.

We'll take the necessary steps. The police will visit the church in Colorado Springs, 1275 Old Ranch Road Colorado Springs, CO 80921, and identify the person who sent the comments, as we believe that the same person is involved in fraud and is running away from debts made in Queensland, Australia.

31 Mar 2019 5:03
Looks like PP or whoever it is from that Ip address covers his tracks really well, the internet provider is actually Pikes Peak Library District.So they're posting from a library...what a weirdo!

To Whom It Concerns
31 Mar 2019 6:23
Maybe you can help with this?

This site Contact Form States the following " You can contact us 100% Anonymously.....Some are afraid that their names or emails....could be posted on this site....., First of all We do not reveal people's personal details by default.......And there will be no way that Anyone could see who you are"

Is that true?

How come there were just posted IP numbers of individual/s posting? How honest is this site? What would you call a site that promises 100% Anonymously to it's readers and promises " there will be no way that ANYONE could see who you are"! Really!! Yet we just witnessed the violation of that promise, I guess A Liar is still a Liar to the Moderator! Yea, Sure!
You see, they promise you so much, but they can change any Rule they want! This site owner can at will "block" anyone they believe is a treat to their cause, They can even go into your computer or I Pad, or Phone and " HACK" into it, retrieve personal information, and even send you a thank you present by sending you a VIRUS, making your computer In operable!
It is not a secret that our dear Moderator is a wiz at computers, why he can bypass any security system, He is as good as the Russians who got into the US election SCANDAL ! Well he is Serbian after all!
I wonder, Did he have anything with the "Hacking" of the Pentsa Family Computers in Australia? There were many personal and church data retrieved and deleted, and Viruses sent to Them?? One can only wonder, since it seems his so consumed with destroying that family!

Oh by the way! P.P. Snr. doesn't live in C.S., he travels a lot, why he was just in Florida, and Ohio last few weeks, prior to that he was in Australia, and in Europe, where he met our brother Misa Petras at Lockve Church! Who wrote that Colombia Station Members were Excommunicated?? He was in members meeting there! It could not be true!

Maybe the Police In South Australia should check our Moderator's computer and see what illegal things he is doing!!

Response To Question
31 Mar 2019 6:50
To the person who questioned the writer "Yes I know the B."

Perhaps in a few words I could shed some light, if you are looking for facts and truth!

1.No I do not agree with you in your slander of Elder Pentsa, what I know of him, you are dead wrong about him.

2.Where do you find that I wrote " The leaders acted quickly for Sydney"? My comments was, " there in Australia the leadership took action to restore the church building to the former owners The Church" ! No where did I uses the word quickly!

3. If you want to know the details of how, when, and why, all this took place, why not contact John D., Misa Petras's Son Inlaw, He was very helpful and instrumental in helping br. Matija Lincu and the Church with this discovery of church titles and Caveats.

4. No I do not support any actions in either Australia or in US for churches that were dedicated to the use to praise God, to be taken over by families for their private use. It is still a mystery to me, how the courts could allow the change of ownership from ACCN to a new Entity, Nazarean Congregation, without a quaram of members voting on the Change, and transfer.
It is still not too late, they should come to their senses and return the church building back to the rightful owners!

I hope you can understand what I wrote!

No honor i.a.thieves
31 Mar 2019 8:13
Obviously, you are related to Paul Pentsa Sr. or through marriage. Look how sad and somewhat humorous this turned out to be. Now that Paul Pentsa Sr. is exposed as the liar, thief, and a genuine hypocrite you are trying to re-directing the attention back to Misa Petras. You asked people who look at this site to contact his son-in-law John Dowd in the matter of the Sydney court case. For the record, Misa told Matei Lincu, Janko Tomak, and Paul Pentsa Sr. numerous times personally to back off from his family and told his children not to support these men who were going after Laza K. Why does Paul Pentsa Sr. use people to benefit himself? And why are people so gullible to believe and support what he says and does? I don't get it!
By all means, contact whoever you like, but it doesn't stop the fact that there is a full-blown lawsuit going on in Australia and people are looking for a return in their investment.

To: Mark Meister, Dushko Draglovich and especially you William Kurtz: Do you remember the Brunswick Hills meeting?

As you told the CS members (without giving them one business day) and I quote, 'give the church back to brothers Petar and Dorel Stefan,' or there would be consequences. Now you must do the same thing to Paul Pentsa Sr. and all those members involved. Ask them to repent and to return the Sydney church back to brother Laza K. and if Paul Sr. does not surrender William Kurtz point your index finger with anger and quote 1. Corinthians 6. And if he does not yield then do what you did to the CS members.

To: William Kurtz - do you remember what you told the CS brothers during the Brunswick Hills meeting - that you are going to judge the 12 tribes of Israel. Do you even know what that means?

1 Apr 2019 11:49
Almost not worth commenting, but still:

>>This site owner can at will "block" anyone they believe is a treat to their cause.

No, I only block the vermin like you who harass this website day and night, sending offenses, lying about their location and deceiving other visitors. I banned your home IP, then I had to ban your mobile phone IP (, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) but then you continued harassing this website from a public library - wow, this is a new all-time low!

>>They can even go into your computer or I Pad, or Phone and " HACK" into it, retrieve personal information, and even send you a thank you present by sending you a VIRUS, making your computer In operable!

This is utterly false and the visitors of this website need to know that I have never, ever done anything like that, not once in my whole life. And by the way, something like that is even technically impossible. All today's browsers utilize multiple layers of protection. You my friend need to buy yourself a Norton anti-virus package and stop visiting suspicious porn sites.

>>It is not a secret that our dear Moderator is a wiz at computers, why he can bypass any security system, He is as good as the Russians who got into the US election SCANDAL ! Well he is Serbian after all!
I wonder, Did he have anything with the "Hacking" of the Pentsa Family Computers in Australia? There were many personal and church data retrieved and deleted, and Viruses sent to Them?? One can only wonder, since it seems his so consumed with destroying that family!

Total nonsense. You know who may believe this? Only ignorant people with no computer skills and suffering from some degree of paranoia (hey, go check if I'm maybe hiding in your closet?)

2 Apr 2019 4:15
If being forgiven for doing the wrong thing is as easy as going to church on Sunday morning then why bother making things right? Just lie, cheat and steal - its a lot easier that way and there are no consequences you get rewarded with money, and all you have to do is show up to church. I think everyone should go to this church.

To Moderator
2 Apr 2019 7:52
Is this your April Fools Joke
? You wrote
" something like that is technically impossible"
Oh really! Tell that to the 30 or so who are accused of doing just that in regards to the Election Scandal, or all those poor " simple, ignorant" folks who had their bank account details and funds stolen by computer wizards.

"Trust Me said the fox to the chickens"

Oh thanks for your confession, that you did block those "Vermin" who "Harass" this website! By the way, Why do you call those who post now as if they are Harassing? What about all those posts on this site on previous pages, are they not harassing and slandering all those "simple, uneducated, ignorant, poor souls, that no one can defend?

O by the way, can you tell us more about " lying about ones location" Correct me if I am wrong, but, why is the address of this website registered as if it is in Western Australia, when you do not live there, you live in South Australia? Is this what you call "Felony Identification"?

Well as you said " Almost not worth commenting", But it proved a few things, That this site is not truthful, it is abusive, it is not neutral, and just set there to defend your friends, and defame those who you hold as your enemies!

One thing I cannot understand, Why would such a Loving, Wise Guy like you, defend someone like Laza K., Who Stole the church building, Borrowed so much money against the same, Lied so many times ( Just read the court Records), Do you still call, A Thief, a Thief, and A liar a liar, or do you call him, " My Buddy" or " My Brother" ? Why did you sell your soul? Did he promise you Thirty Pieces of Silver? If he did, did you get them yet??

P.S. I didn't find you in my closet, but I didn't have a chance to check the closets of your Buddy, who owned "Neverland"
Did you master that dance of your Idol Michael Jackson yet?, Last I heard, you could not continue on the internet, because you needed to go and "practice your Moon Walk Dance"! Did You??

I won't waste my time with you poor, lost, soul! It is very futile! Only the Lord can Change your heart, if it not to Late!

I am glad that it says in the Word of God, that God did not Call many "Wise, many noble, nor many rich," But he called the simple, the poor, and yes us," ignorant," souls to his Kingdom!

Library Internet use
2 Apr 2019 8:11
What is wrong with using public Library internet, This site is in full public view, and can be read by anyone!

If using a Public computer is Low Class, so be it! We can not afford to pay to have our computers fixed, when they are continuously hacked!

We Simple folks resort to simple means!

2 Apr 2019 8:13
Where are you today, in Honolulu?

To: Get over it alre
2 Apr 2019 11:14
To: Get over it already

Why would David Nikolson offer money to another church with the funds of the sale to the CS church building?

If David Nikolson's hands were clean, he would have had no part in offering money after the sale of the church building. He knew of the million dollar deal. All the elders knew about it and even contacted Europe to tell them that the church was already sold.

The facts remain that the Elder Committee, David Nikolson, and all the Elders knew of this deal or at least that the church was being sold.

As for why they wanted the church to be sold is between them and God. I wouldn't want to go into their hearts to find out what their motives were nor could I. And if you ask them why they did it, they will lie. Because there only purpose is to protect themselves. They don't want to make right.

And as far as your pity goes, I think you need to redirect that to the Elders - they were the ones that targeted the elderly, children, members, etc.,

And to your comment, 'folks like Petras with no respect of Godly Authority were stubborn and would not cooperate! The outcome might have been different with a little humility! Such a sad situation...'

How would the outcome be different? But before you answer that question read Ezekiel 34.

property buyer
2 Apr 2019 11:33
The reality was that the elders didn't want anyone to touch David. If David were not exposed, then everything would have been great for them. They knew that they had a buyer for the property. That was the bottom line.

God only knows, who was going to benefit from the sale of the church property, and all those who were directly involved know the truth.

"Fake news"
2 Apr 2019 21:47
"Trust me said the fox to the Chickens"

2, you also accuse me of taking "The Churches monies, hired solicitor Petar Dobrich, an unbeliever, in taking brother Laza Krnjuluc to court regarding the property of the Sydney Church,"

This also is, false and UNTRUE, I have not taken one cent of the churches money, nor have I hired a solicitor, nor is Laza Krnjuluc sued in court by me or anyone from the Church!

I hope and pray that you will free yourselves from the snare of the devil you have fallen into. As your sin is a public sin, now you must clear it publicly.

Elder Brother Paul Pentsa

To Moderator, please delete all Paul Pentsa's comments here because he lies and he makes fun of abused victims.
Thank you

cunning again
2 Apr 2019 23:11
.........nor is Laza Krnjuluc sued in court by me or anyone from the Church!

another cunning comment by removed elder paul pentsa.

3 Apr 2019 1:09
....Did you master that dance of your Idol Michael Jackson yet?, Last I heard, you could not continue on the internet, because you needed to go and "practice your Moon Walk Dance"! Did You??

whats wrong with this?

every North American ACCN member and Marsden ACCN member has a TV (pretty much all)
....where they worship this idol in their living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom...wherever they have it....

they watch movies, they watch TV stars, they watch actors like Mycool whats all that wrong in practicing moon walks when the elders approve having idols in your homes???

not to mention, removed elder pentsa hiding his TV when the hungarian elders visited and stayed in his home......

3 Apr 2019 1:37
Elder Andre Toth called the TV a One Eyed Devil. TV's do not belong in a believers home in America or Australia!

I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.

3 Apr 2019 1:44
It was all about money. The whole CS issue was about a million dollar deal. The people associated with the ACCN know that truth, but they don't care. You don't care! The easiest thing to do is to blame someone else and turn a blind eye.

If what the moderator says is true that this website will outlive everyone then your children and your children's children can read what took place in the ACCN. It would be good to have the other depositions on this site as well.

To fake news
3 Apr 2019 6:19
You choose a good name for that is what you have,"Fake News" Now if it was real news, the reporter would give his or her name, for example,"here is Michael Petras (if your name was that) and would give the date of letter, the receiver of letter, and proof of any documents to support accusation of accused , but there is none provided!

Can you please supply any proof that Pentsa hired said lawyer, or proof he stole money,
As far as court case,the date of letter is most important, for at the time of written said letter, there was no court case!
It only became a case when Laza K. Went to Court to have the caveat removed. The judge then asked Mr. Lunch to give reason why the caveat should not be removed! When it was explained how the church was purchased, it became a case to be heard by a magistrate!

a good honest reporter will also include the information, that the person to whom that letter was written to, afterwards asked for forgiveness from the one he falsely accused!

3 Apr 2019 9:12
Colorado vermin, don't tell me that you are now using LG K20..?

Man, you're cheap!

To: Fake news
3 Apr 2019 9:28
First of all, I am not a reporter. I am informing people on this site that Paul Pentsa Sr. on behalf of the ACCN has taken Laza K. to court over church property. The purpose of this post is to reveal what Paul Pentsa said that there was never a court case or a ’secret’ tape recording which I know for a fact that this is a pure lie. First, are you willing to admit on this website that Paul Pentsa Sr. lied regarding both the court case and the ‘secret’ tape recording? If you want dates ask Paul Pentsa Sr. he is the author of that letter and also contact Matei Lincu and ask him when he first sat down and met with a lawyer? And when you get those two dates, you will know. I'm not your reporter! I'm not doing the work for you.

3 Apr 2019 9:38
I wouldn't bother. Paul Pentsa is most likely paying him some money to write here. We all know PP is obsessed with this website, but he avoids posting here himself, in case someone asks him if he had commented on the website, then PP will say 'Oh, not me, others did.' So our Colorado friend is simply PP's useful idiot.

To: Paulie Jr.
4 Apr 2019 11:53

How many meetings did Janko Tomak and your dad Paul Pentsa Sr. have before filing a lawsuit against Laza K? And who instructed you to tape the Sydney church meeting secretly?
Did the magistrate ask you to record the meeting? And did the magistrate ask your dad Paul Sr. to submit the recording as evidence against Laza K?

The comment previously states that it became a case to be heard by a magistrate when Laza K. went to court to have the caveat removed. Laza K. is not suing himself. It doesn't make sense.

So, what is your plan or your dad Paul Seniors plan? Because the Sydney church is kind of like a long-term investment. The remaining elderly members are still alive. So, your dad borrowed money to pay the bank to save the church from being sold. Is Senior planning to get the church and sell it once there are no members left and pay back the investors? And then the next question is who will pocket the other half. If you look at the property value, it is worth quite a bit of money now and the area Arncliffe is going through a rezoning so the property value will possibly go up. So, this is a great investment if you look at its long term because Paul Sr. got the church for half the cost.

Mike Palanacki
5 Apr 2019 0:48
Laza K. was asking for help from the ACCN elders regarding the Sydney church situation. He had multiple conversations with elder Mike Palanacki from Windsor Ontario via phone and explained the situation to him in detail.

During the time Laza K. was seeking help from the ACCN elders Misa and Mike Petras went to Australia to visit their family and had personally visited Laza K. and his family at their business. They spoke to both Laza K. and his wife in detail a few times regarding the whole Sydney situation and found out that Laza K. was trying to get help from the ACCN elders, he told them that he was talking to Mike Palanacki.

Shortly after Misa and his son returned from Australia, there was a baptism in the Windsor church, so they went to talk to Mike Palanacki. During lunch, they spoke to him for about an hour and a half and confirmed that Mike Palanacki did speak to Laza K. about the Sydney church situation. They shared details about the case and pleaded to elder Mike Palanacki to help with the matter and asked him if the other elders could help.

No action was taken by elder Mike Palanacki or the ACCN elders. I do not agree with what Laza K. did, but at the same time, Paul Pentsa Sr. did the same thing. He stole the church from Laza K., and the ACCN elders are supporting him. Why the ACCN elders didn't go to Sydney and have the title put under the ACCN foundation so that Paul Pentsa Sr. and other members and non-members wouldn't have access to the title for personal profit is very confusing. It is not right for the titles to be under individual names. What I do understand now is that the ACCN elders allow individual elders and members hold titles for personal profit not just in America but in Australia too.

It looks like the Elders don't want to help and they are ignoring the truth and punishing those that seek help from them.

5 Apr 2019 11:47
I hate repeating the same Sydney story again and again, but here we are:

There were three people on the church title: Laza, Matea Lincu and Kovacevic.

Laza removed Kovacevic, who at that time had not been a member of ACCN for many years and lived in Melbourne. Kovacevic signed the papers with no objection. And that's nothing questionable, why would a non-member be kept on the church title? I think we all agree.

Later Laza and Matea agreed to transfer the church property to Laza and Laza would be paying all the bills. Another Matea's thing was that he was unemployed, living on Centrelink (dole), and it was not good for him to be registered as a co-owner of a pretty expensive property in Sydney's Arncliffe.

That worked fine for many years, I don't know on the top of my head how many, I would have to check the documents. But in any case - many years, and no one in Sydney complained.

Now, what happens? Laza gets irritated with his membership status and the abuse he had been receiving from the elders (Paul Pentsa actually) so he says "I had enough of this, this is not a church, I will sell the building and give everyone their share, and that will be the end of it."

Only then PP and Janko Tomek learned that the church building is in fact on Laza's name. They called Matea and said to him, I imagine, something like "What have you done, you fool??" They placed a caveat on the church building and started a court process.

Prior to that, PP and his son Paulie visited the Sydney congregation and secretly recorded the member meeting, hoping that the tape could be used as an evidence on court.

All this is true and exactly how it happened. The rest you may hear is just PP's madness, frustration, paranoia and vengeance.

Up to that point it was unheard of a Nazarene elder taking people to court, but now you have it.

ohhh elders
5 Apr 2019 14:24
The elders are ignoring the situation. But there will come a day when God will ask them why they did what they did, and they will not be able to say they didn't know or no one told us.

5 Apr 2019 16:26
It is beyond my comprehension to why Paul Pentsa got involved in the Sydney church building funds? Laza K was the main family for many years paying the bills and mortgage of the building, I'm sure he could of sorted it out himself and with the collaboration of other church members in Sydney. Is it that Paul Pentsa's greed kicked in and he took over??? The end times!

5 Apr 2019 16:41
Oh, PP. A pathetic and laughable little man, always in a state of denial. "Who, me? How dare you slander an elder?"

elders are scared of
5 Apr 2019 22:28
you (with others) did slander a brother........!!!!!

this were his words in the letter to the sydney members....!!!!

this is what really bothers elders.......!!!!

getting them proven wrong.....!!!

but their sin towards God and the Church......oh, that is nothing..!!

God is merciful, as they are double ordained....and God will be MORE merciful to them then to others.....!!

thou fool......!!

Ps. 94:7
Yet they say, The LORD shall not see............

If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me:

children / elderly
12 Apr 2019 2:35
A lot of people are suffering, and we are dying. We have a culture that is hurting badly, and a church is a place where one can go not only to worship but also when hurting physically, emotionally, spiritually and to grieve when one has a loss or encounters a tragedy.

What took place in CS is not a little deal. It was cruel. It was traumatic. It was abuse. The ACCN community leaders need to be aware of the vulnerable population in their congregations which are the children and the elderly. Those who supported the closing of the church need to be mindful that their actions may have an adverse effect on the children based on their experience on what took place here.

Do some soul searching about how the children and elderly were treated at CS. Ask yourselves did the community or leaders of this church think about encouraging those children and elderly? Does the ACCN church community encourage healthy family living, genuine community involvement, healthy life, etc.,? Life is bigger than us and the ACCN.

Also, think objectively. Someone is selling the CS church. So trying to guilt certain members into thinking they did something wrong when all they wanted was as a place to worship and to keep the CS church open to the public isn't helping your community reputation.

CS Suffering
12 Apr 2019 4:21
Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God [am] a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth [generation] of them that hate me!

The suffering in CS is a direct result of the "sins" of the Fathers of Faith. From my earliest youth I have memories of these Brethren fighting about one issue or another!

But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another.

The ACCN Elders did the best they knew how with this very sad situation!

To: CS Suffering
12 Apr 2019 4:49
If that's the best, they can do what is their worst? Hopefully, I will not be around to see their worst.

CS Suffering
12 Apr 2019 5:26
REALLY: "The ACCN Elders did the best they knew how with this sad situation!"

I would like to ask you this ? What would you say, and what would Jesus Christ say? if Apostal Peter sided with Ananias and Sapphira.
Who would Apostal Petar represent if he sided with the thieves ?
Would our father in heaven be happy and well pleased with this bad judgement? I believe not! believe me these ACCN Elders will have to give an account to the Lord, as we are all called to be good stewards in the Lord Jesus Christ vineyard.

CS situation
12 Apr 2019 5:29
CS had nothing to do with arguing or Biblical beliefs on sins unto death. It had everything to do with a million dollar deal — money was the number one motivator to kick members out and to abuse and punish brother Jon Petruc for the deed of the church building.

clear answer
12 Apr 2019 10:03
1 Timothy 6:10

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

time please
12 Apr 2019 19:23
senior paul pentsa is coming again to brisbane, he will fix all of these problems soon.

give him time.

he needs alot of time to repent......

Sydney church
16 Apr 2019 12:56
Going through this website, I found the published document to the deed of the Sydney Church.

The names on the deed are: First Schedule: Mathew Lincu, Zivadin Kovacevic and Zuzana Veres as joint tenants and Second Schedule (3 Notifications) mortgage to Joseph Ruzeu, Cedomir Bekic, Mathew Lincu & Paul Pentsa.

Do the Australian's know who the owner of the Sydney church is at the moment?

And if I'm reading this right can someone answer the following:

Why is Joseph (Joe) Ruzeu a non-member of the ACCN church on this document?

Why is Cedomir Bekic a long time member of the Windsor Ontario church on this document? Did he contribute money to the mortgage to save the building from being sold by the bank after the Paul Pentsa Sr. lawsuit? If so, was that money charity to the church or is he looking for a return in his investment? Does anyone know if he is a member of the Sydney church or if he is a minister?

Is Mathew Lincu now not concerned about his name being on the church deed because he is no longer receiving unemployment for disability and has since retired?

Laza K. and his family had been paying for the Sydney church property for two generations, so for Paul Pentsa Sr. to do what he had done was an abuse of power. He was a member of the Queensland church and had nothing to do with Sydney. Just because he is an elder does not give him the right of ownership over churches in the ACCN in different states.

The most concerning part about this whole situation are the fact that Paul Pentsa Sr. and Jr. went to Sydney church for the very reason and I quote, "why is Laza's son's 'NON-BELIEVERS' name on the church title"? Is Joe Ruzeu not in the same category as Laza's sons? Is this not double standards?

Why on earth would Paul Penstas Sr. involved many people in on the Sydney church property issue/ownership?

16 Apr 2019 16:33
Joe Ruzeu is a member of the ACCN Melbourne.

Cedomir Bekic is a not an australian citizen, but canadian i think.

Zivadin Kovaceic is not an ACCN member.

Sydney church
16 Apr 2019 16:46

What I don't understand is how a member of the ACCN Melbourne church is involved in the Sydney church title? Did he give money for donations or is this a long term investment?

As for Cedomir Bekic, what is his involvement in Sydney? Does he live in Sydney and is he a member there? It doesn't make sense how a Canadian citizen is involved and has access to a Sydney church title.

Again, my apologies for the misunderstanding and thanks again for clarifying.

To: Clarification
16 Apr 2019 16:48
Thanks for the clarification on Joe Ruzeu. My sincere apologies.

why Ceda ?
17 Apr 2019 11:56
Why did Ceda become a preacher in Sydney?

Why did PP choose Ceda to be his buddy?

Ceda was about his wordly business in Sydney and PP used him?

Be careful Ceda --- PP will not always be your friend ---

many of us were backstabbed and used - but never again

17 Apr 2019 12:04

..................... but money answereth all things.

27 Apr 2019 1:00
Many years ago I remembered a police officer saying that when people tell him they go to church, he doesn't take that into account because it doesn't mean they are better than those who don't go to church. It struck me as odd for many years because I couldn't understand why? Church people honest. They are not supposed to come into your house and steal your belongings or lie and cheat you out of money. They go to church. Now I understand what the police officer was saying, and I believe you should act with caution when dealing with church people and money.

To honest?
27 Apr 2019 2:32
Amen to your comment,
I am also very supprised regarding church people who steal, cheat and lie, and these bad christians are exposed and yet they are still supported from ACCN American, Canadian, European elders and igonannt members, but those who speak the truth are prosecuted from the so called elders.
So are we as Christians any better then this world, in this real world
thief's are behind bars, thief's in the church are procted.
Word of God says, For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisee, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

I also experienced a similar situation when I crossed from US into Canada, the officer asked me if I'm carrying any weapons, I replied I'm a christian I don't have a gun, and the officer again replied to me and said that many christians have guns, some ACCN members have guns which I do not support because many christians in Communist countries suffered percuction for not bearing arms, some believers were imprisoned for over 20 years.
Elders that don't work according to the word of God, what do they expect from the Lord after this short life.

To (To honest?)
27 Apr 2019 3:31
I would respectfully disagree that what you've described is a similar situation. Stealing, cheating, and lying are sins according to the Bible. Gun ownership, in and of itself, is not a sin. Nor is the lack of gun ownership indicative of who is a Christian or not. I certainly understand there are different perspectives on why one would or would not have a gun, or how there could be strong feelings about guns based on what one has been through, but merely having one is not a sin. A gun 'could' be used for sinful purposes (ie, murder), but it also has nonsinful purposes (ie, killing an animal for food). Stealing, cheating, and lying, on the other hand, are always wrong and don't have a nonsinful purpose.

Second Amendment
27 Apr 2019 11:41
The Second Amendment is provided to the American people as a fundamental right to bear arms, think about this, the American people a well regulated Militia the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency.
Guns in the United States have always been a common law tradition,
the concept of a right to keep and bear arms was recognized prior to the creation of a written national constitution, but when the Colonists rebelled against the British control during the American Revolution they cited the 1689 Bill of Rights as an example.
When the founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment, muskets single shot fire arm which takes a lot of time to reload were allowed for the American people to protect themselves from the British in 1800.
Think about the Second Amendment our founding fathers had no idea when they wrote this bill, they had no idea of today's technological advertisements in weaponry.
The guns true purpose is a invention to kill humans as well as animals, I believe defending a country and self defense is murder.
Today's days there is absolutely no need to kill animals for food, I also believe that to hunt animals as a sport or for poaching is a sin.
These days the world is in an unrest situation and getting worse, you never know which country will invade another country and the time might come for military conscription to fight for your country, just look at the Israel government they are forcing the Hasidic Jew's to serve and fight in the military which the Hasidic jew's are constantly protesting the Israels Military service.
So why on earth would a true christian need a gun?

To Second Amendment
27 Apr 2019 14:03
I'm not going to argue with you, friend. So far as I'm aware, the Bible does not say that ownership of a gun or some form of weapon is a sin.

Mathew 26:52
27 Apr 2019 14:17
52,Then said Jesus unto him, put up again thy sword into his place: for all they take the sword shall perish with the sword.

Buying weapons
27 Apr 2019 14:52
Can you please explain the spiritual lesson of Luke 22:35-38?

V 35, And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip,
and shoes, lacked ye anything? And they said, noting.
V 36, Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no SWORD, let him sell his garment, and buy one.
V 37, For I say unto you, that is written must yet be accomplished in me, And he was reckoned among the transgressors: for the things concerning me have an end.
V 38, And they said, Lord, behold, here are two swords. And he said unto them, it is enough.

be spiritual
27 Apr 2019 23:37
the spiritual meaning is taught here in the parable of
Luke 22:35-38

its not literal.

the SWORD means word of God.

And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

SWORD did not mean as a weapon for literal fighting, nor is ANY weapon allowed that is made to kill or destroy life.

a gun was not invented to cut meat or bread, but to take a persons life.

a knife was not invented to take a persons life, but to cut meat and bread...etc

lets not try and justify the wrong, it will not work.

Buying weapons
28 Apr 2019 5:52
The jews hated Jesus back in the the day and they still hate him, let's face it, we all hate change especially when diffuculty stares us in the face. You see the jews hated change especially when it comes down to loving your enimies, the jews till this very present day wish for the king David era and Davids leadership, kill all Israel's enemies and to be a once again kingdom, the jews long for this day to happen, that's when the anti christ time will come to play, only to Israel' misfortune and the world for that matter.
Before Jesus Christ death the law was an eye for an eye and tooth for tooth that was part of jewish tradition, but Jesus Christ changed all that, love your enimies, bless those who depifully use you and pray for them, not so popular teaching among the jews, so after Christ's death and shedding of blood the new testament was initiated, so the old system law was abolished, so only love prevails and it is eternal.

Ugly Times.
28 Apr 2019 10:27
Its getting pretty ugly out there, another synagogue shooting today, stealing churches, closing churches, kicking members out of church, shootings at churches, synagogues, mosque, Sir Lanka Easter bombings and destructive fires at church buildings etc, do you see a pattern here.

WHY ,WHY ...
30 Apr 2019 12:19
I assume ,that the weapon for Christians is for a fierce self- protection...
Secondly the shooting is a "brutal game" to indulge themselves ,what is a mere sin and mentally is a crime to learn how to kill .
These people don't trust in God . Their trust is all in their own GUN not in GOD !!!!
God's commandment is -"You shell not kill" -without amendments...

Why these "so called christian-es " are attending christian-churches ?

They are far from God ! Lost for eternity for ever, as their own choice.

They are not of Jesus's followers at all !
They cannot be called NAZARENES or ACCN members .

The false Christians are going to Hell anyway .

Please Verify
30 Apr 2019 19:14
Are you sure? Is it definitely true that some members of the ACCN in north America have firearms or guns of some sort? If yes, which congregation do they attend?

repentance possible
30 Apr 2019 19:17
they can repent.
give them time to realize.

if someone commits a sin, they can turn back, and stop doing it.

it doesn't condemn them AUTOMATICALLY going to hell...

people can repent from their sin.....

God help them....

why a surprise
30 Apr 2019 19:18
if doug savin accepted the sin unto death theory, why would it be difficult to believe that these sins are not that bad....


with the other elders likewise....changing the teaching of sin unto death, it can only get worse, if they do not repent.

so, why is this a surprise to anyone?????????????

End days
3 May 2019 16:00
Surely you can see these are end days.
Many false bear false witness, a falling away must come.

Come on with you bs
4 May 2019 5:52
The comments about guns and Second Amendment etc are wrong.

If you seriously believe that the SA was written for and the sole purpose of the old school obviously don't know what the fudge you talking about. Weapons evolved and so has everything else in the world. Notice: you didn't write your comment on a piece of paper with a quill dipped in didn't seal it with melted didn't give it to a messenger on a didn't just wait and hope for the best that your comment will make its journey without the messenger robbed, shot and killed on the way. You typed it on an advanced computer/phone/tablet of sort and used the Internet to submit it. If you think the SA limits you to the technology of that day - you are greatly mistaken and you also sound pretty stupid.
Look at all those places in history where a normal average person was not allowed to own a gun. Just look at at the most recent happenings in Venezuela. They gave up their guns about 7 years ago and now their government is shooting at them and driving armored vehicles knocking people over trampling them like rag dolls.
Look at all the countries where tyrannical dictatorships developed from the instances of unarmed masses that couldn't protect themselves.

And to those that so firmly believe that owning a gun is somehow sin unto death...what's wrong with you?? It's always been normal to have your sword on you. Even Peter had a sword on him and he was a follower of Jesus to the last day.

Let's be real: gun ownership does not make you a sinner.

You could kill someone with a pocket knife...or a spoon...or a broken piece of glass...or in my case with the Israeli defense forces own Krav Maga - I could literally kill a person with bare hands. So my point is: it's not a gun that's a person that kills.

To: bs
4 May 2019 8:06
The way things are going in America regarding gun violence, the government might sooner or later confiscate your guns like Venezuela etc, are you going to retaliate with your knife, spoon or your broken glass, you could throw rocks, or you could kiss your gun's good bye.

new or old testament
4 May 2019 14:47
And to those that so firmly believe that owning a gun is somehow sin unto death...what's wrong with you?? It's always been normal to have your sword on you. Even Peter had a sword on him and he was a follower of Jesus to the last day.

you are obviously an old testament believer, rather then a new testament believer.

the new testament is what we are in , and what we should be following.

2 Corinth.10:4
(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

But I tell you, love your enemies..........

You will not kill the people you love..... if you are a new testament believer.

a gun was NOT made for cooking or digging.....

dont try and justify the wrong.....

we all know what a gun is made for, and what a spoon and spade is make for.....

put your swords away
4 May 2019 14:49
matt. 26:52
Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.

did Jesus say, go and cut off his other ear too?
did he say, put it away in its place?

Black and white?
4 May 2019 23:01
To the question, which church members have guns?
Many members in ACCN churches have guns for a sport or on their farms for the wild animals.
But we All believe we are not to take human life by any means, even the unborn babies.
We are to abide by the teaching of our Lord to love even our enemies.
Love worketh no ill. I hope this is agreeable to all.
It's really black and gray area!
Apostle James said if you hate your brother you are a murderer, you don't need a gun there!

So be careful folks!

Continue to: bs
5 May 2019 0:25
You say apostals had weapons and Peter was a follower of Jesus to the last day, you know that many biblacal patriarchs owned slaves, in fact
the old law taught the slave owners how to deal and treat their slaves.
Since you agree with the old testament standard, do you agree with owning a slave in today's America? or you pick and choose what suites you best?
I would love to hear your beliefs on slavery, please post your comment.

To Black and white
5 May 2019 12:08
As an ACCN / NAZARENE / "perhaps Christian" , Why do you enjoy shooting , killing or viciously -wounding wild animals ?????

What is your Christian mentality ?????????????????????????????????

Why don't you do some charity work instead of it ???

Helping people in need !!!!!

Or send you " bullet-money " to the needies ???????????? There are so many people in need .

You need to repent from your garbage, mate!

Or just to pop-out from the Christian community.

Gun owners, shooters
5 May 2019 13:48

"No one can serve the Mammon and the GOD at the same time" !!!!!!

"Shooters and Sport -shooters" are serving the Devil by their dirty and sick mentality , packaged by HATE...!

No one can shoot a bullet with LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!...

GOD is LOVE !!!!! Please don't forget !!!!!

GOD will hate you for you deed !...

You are not Christian ! Get out from the church !!!!!!!!!!!

5 May 2019 14:06

To Shoot
5 May 2019 17:05

It is typical, even it is very serious .

Shame on you !!!

Your eternal life depends on it . Probably you are not interested in it ...

Black and white
5 May 2019 22:43
I have never killed even a chicken in my life, yet you are so quick to judge me as a shooter, and no I do not have bullets or guns, yet you already condemned me and suggest that I "pop out of the Christian community"! Do you know what I do with my spare time, and or my Christian duties? Do you know that my father was in prison for the faith? Are you given the right to judge your fellow believers? Yet you are so quick to pass judgment and condemn people to hell for things you do not understand! Do you know that some of your elders have in time past hunted animals with the shotgun? They might have baptized some of your family members? Are they bound for hell too? You need to look inward first!

To Black and white
6 May 2019 0:52
I am happy to read again your first writing , that says:Even " Who hates his brother is a murderer " and you don't need gun for it...

You are entirely,utterly-right !!!!.

One thing is sure , the Christians don't need gun at all, that is made for the purpose to kill , not like kitchen knife or sizzle...

I deeply apologize ,if in some misinterpretation I caused some hurt .
It was not my intention to hurt you . I am saying it from my hart.

So that, we are in the frequency and band , we love the mankind that was created by the Holy and LOVING-GOD .

I just like to see everyone in the HAVEN , that Jesus is already prepared ,instead on the apposite side ,to be a waste .I am worried for every Christians...and future Christians...
Also we have to be an example for them ./ Salt and light ../
Christ Jesus, the Redemer died for everyone in the world .
That's is why,it is wise not to take up anything that is desighned to do evil thing .Gun is not a toy for the Christians .

In my opinion it is wise not to walk closely on the slippery- brink of the river .... In summary : Chritians can live without gun .... That could be the and of argument ... All the best ...

Continue to: bs
6 May 2019 16:33
"Weapons have evolved and so has everything else in the world."

So has humans evolved, even the church and church practice, traditions etc.
I still would like to hear your beliefs on slavery and if you can top it off for me, can you please tell me your beliefs on polygamy and stoning an adulteress "in the act", killing people because of different beliefs, religion's and of course in today's Evolved America.

Very Sorry
14 May 2019 9:42
I want to apologize for bringing up the subject of guns. I made just two posts above (To (To honest?) and To Second Amendment). It was never my intention to upset anyone, nor did I wish to create argument, which is what appears to have ensued, and I’m very sorry about that. Not being a part of your church, perhaps it is not even appropriate for me to comment here.

The above said, I must confess some shock as to how some chose to respond to this matter. I am a man trying to live for Christ in this sinful world, just as you. The amount of ill-wishing assumptions that have been made here are baffling. Is it so easy to consign people to hell as false Christians, just because they have a different perspective? Or to assume, without any evidence, that someone else is filled with hate, or that God hates them? To demand that they get out of the church, if they disagree with you? Would you say these things to my face, if we could visit one man with another, or do you say them only because you can hide in anonymity? I don’t even know you and would greatly fear before God in making such an allegation about you, in spite of what I’ve read here.

At the end of the day, if I was part of your church, I think I would just get rid of the gun in the spirit of Romans 14. I prize love and harmony in the Christian brotherhood, and the conscience of my brothers, far more than sentimental attachment to something that has been handed down a few generations. It’s been decades since I’ve done any target shooting with it anyway.

14 May 2019 20:17
To very sorry: You seem to be brave and honest and humble. Your apologies have been accepted.

good example
14 May 2019 21:34
these are the people we REALLY need around.

i hope and pray your example will touch removed elder paul pentsa's heart, soul, mind, feelings, thoughts, spirit, inner man....


move him to do the same.

its not that hard.

however, it needs to be genuine, not just before a baptism to stand up and say "i pray to the Lord and you all to forgive me whoever I have offended".

this is only ONE small part required as well, but the true inner conversion and feeling sad for your error, means alot more bringing forth fruit that shows and proves repentance, then just uttering words....

Nanna Lam
Russian Federation
17 Apr 2020 21:06
Keywords: christian, Sydney, Apostolic, marsden, Altona, Australia, church, nazarene, accn, Paul Pentsa Accn Australia, Paul Pentsa, Accn Australia Abuse, Apostolic Christian Church Australia, Paul Pentsa Australia

18 Apr 2020 0:15
say no more..............

kozy >>> nenadovic >>> pentsa

29 Apr 2020 11:57
What is the name of the church that Djura Tutus runs and why are they separate and what do they believe? Are they recognized by the Nazarens internationally the way Altona 2 is?

i believe
30 Apr 2020 23:11
as far as it is known and addressed in the churches, that that church
(Chadstone location) was with the keilor downs.

keilor downs have fallen away and are not nazarenes anymore.
it seems Chadstone is in the same catergory, sadly to say.

6 May 2020 9:54
Chadstone church no more; CLOSED

6 May 2020 14:08
Is it really?? What happened. Where does Djura Tutus go then?

6 May 2020 21:40
He goes to Baptist church.

7 May 2020 5:28
Is it because there was nobody in the church?

but why.....
8 May 2020 9:55
he had other nazarene churches to return to.
why go to the baptist church?
he had suffered for the faith in prison for years, and was not overcome by the power of the devils wiles....
why is this situation that we are in, with no persecution, that people depart to other denominations, and give in to the devils wiles??????????????????????????????
it seems very odd....

8 May 2020 11:43
>>he had other nazarene churches to return to.
>>why go to the baptist church?

And why not to? Are the people who attend baptist churches less worthy than those who attend Nazarene churches?

Say "yes", because I know you mean it.

In reality, the Nazarene model is the failed one, with all these autocratic elders, court cases, abuse, divisions and declining number of members. Baptist churches are more organized, have more members and people in general go there to worship and study the Scripture instead to squabble.

think carefully
9 May 2020 20:47
can you list over a 1000 baptist brothers that were in prison for the faith of Jesus in the last 100 years?
i dont think you can......
with the nazarenes, i can.....
what ever was, is or will happen in a nazarene church, with a nazarene member that is not biblical, i did not, do not, and will not accept as rightly done.
the foundation teaching is in question here.
some unrepentant tomek's, unbiblical pentsa's, ungodly elders, unholy elder bodies does NOT change the original doctrine and biblical gospel that genuine nazarenes and nazarene churches are still holding and practising today.
turn to these churches, not other denominations that are not on the foundation of Jesus Christ....

That failed too
10 May 2020 6:16
Tutus allowed everything under the sun that was against the Word of God and yet his church still fell apart. Guess that doesnt work either..........

11 May 2020 16:50
>>can you list over a 1000 baptist brothers that were in prison for the faith of Jesus in the last 100 years?

Something to remind you. Those who suffered in prison for their faith later became victims of ambitious and abusive elders.

11 May 2020 21:28
will that be our answer to God?

I was a victim. The Elder was not fair. They were too strict.

He will say: I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

approved by God?
11 May 2020 21:39
yes, thats true, moderator,
the victims that suffered for the Lord from unbelievers or believers will be rewarded by God.

whoever committed the actions of ambitious actions and abusive actions need to repent, confess their sins and seek reconciliation.

these unlawful and unbiblical actions committed by any believer or any elder to a unbeliever or a believer, did not, does not and cannot change the nazarene foundation of Jesus Christ, its teaching and doctrine.

thus, cannot give any approval to move to another denomination.

each for their own
11 May 2020 23:41
too true, "excuses"

2 corinthians 5:10
For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.

no elder will stand nor sit in front of anyone at the judgement seat of Christ.
will any elder receive judgement for the things that I allowed in my life.

12 May 2020 1:04
>>thus, cannot give any approval to move to another denomination.

I see, moving from an abusive to a non-abusive denomination cannot earn your approval.

Leave him alone
12 May 2020 4:43
People, stop harrassing the moderator. What, you think just because you tell him its wrong he will automatically flip? He left so he doesnt believe like us, and thats fine, no need to jump on him. I for one believe that he cares a lot about our church because thats where he was born again, hes just hurt by what goes on here. If he didnt care a bit he wouldnt even run this website.

try to understand
12 May 2020 10:18
yes, understood and it is a valid point,
the moderator has suffered unrightesousness, he wasnt in the wrong
has done alot for the church, setting this website up, and alot of people appreciate it very much!!
when you look at many others that SUFFERED physically in prison, church doors were locked by believers!!
MANY did not leave the church....
those leaving to go to other denominations for virtually alot less, is what one point is needed to be considered....why?
everyone has explanations to why they were forced to make a change.
was it biblically?
there are other nazarene churches where suffered members could have moved to, rather to other denominations....another point needed to be considered....if members didnt do this move.....why?

pray for each other
13 May 2020 11:14
members that have been mistreated can move to other nazarene churches in the city, or move to other cities in the country or even change countries.....this is readily available, and very possible...

going to other denominations can be totally avoided.

let us put time aside in the next coming days to pray for the mistreated members, that God help them, lead them, comfort them, provide for their needs, direct them, defend them, bless them, give them refuge.

nobody has it easy these days, and we all need each other, we all can provide for each other......and, if we cannot do anything within reach, praying is still possible for each other...

James 5:16
13 May 2020 11:15
........................The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

13 May 2020 11:47
>>members that have been mistreated can move to other nazarene churches in the city, or move to other cities in the country or even change countries.... this is readily available, and very possible...

This is when I say to people to shut up and "cut the crap". Why to move anywhere, instead to deal with an abusive elder, minister or whoever is behaving abusive? What would you recommend a sexually abused Catholic child should do? Move to another Catholic church? Well, it's worth considering. Give it a shot. If they raped you here they might not rape you there, you never know.

13 May 2020 13:36
If this coronavirus doesn't change PP and JT attitude towards Altona members,nothing will. Only those members that obey PP,JT in Australia, will be saved.

use bible reference
13 May 2020 15:17
us a bible reference to back your wording and actions, not a religion that has no fundamental teaching of the bible....

janko's end days
14 May 2020 11:05
do we need to stop going to church because removed elder paul pentsa doesnt want to repent from his sins, confess his sins, make reconciliation with God and the church?
come on, lets look at a positive change, if we need to make one........
janko tomek will soon have the same title as his buddy: "removed assistant elder" before his name, like paul pentsa.....

Removed my foot
15 May 2020 1:24
Nobody calls him removed except you. He is regularly performing baptismal work in the US in both small and big churches

fact cannot change
15 May 2020 20:52
1 Corinth.11:27
Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord.
whoever chooses and which ever elder or church accepts him as an elder, will accept damnation upon themselves.
but, that doesn't mean he isn't removed.
he has been removed by the elder-body in La Puente, CA in 2003 I believe.
fact cannot change, nor be it be distorted, through many years of rebellion, and stubbornness.

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