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Melbourne (Tarneit) - PP letter, no voting, JT dismissed

22 Dec 2019 14:14
This thread is a continuation of:
Melbourne (Tarneit) votes to dump Paul Pentsa

Sunday, December 22, 2019 - The church in Tarneit received a letter from Paul Pentsa Sr through Philip Ruzeu. A two-page letter that told the church in Tarneit how Janko Tomek went around soliciting elders from around the world - Serbia, America and Canada. Janko's been doing this for a long time and now he wants the church to support his actions. Because Janko's done this, Paul Pentsa in his letter told the church that Janko in no longer an assistant elder.

Last week Vlado Papuga stood along side Janko and was in agreement with Janko. But during this past week Vlado rings Paul and apologies to Paul for his actions. So Paul allows Vlado to remain as an assistant elder.

So there was no voting in Tarneit and Paul Pentsa is still elder there, Janko Tomek is no longer an assistant elder.

At the end of the letter, Paul writes to the Tarneit church that if they need an elder to perform holy work immediately, then they have the use of Miodrag Cucanic from Altona.

Corrupt Loser
22 Dec 2019 17:02
Wow, that Paul Pentsa is one corrupt piece of garbage. He really knows how to manipulate that church. Glad i have no part in this crap.

Paul is so gross, there should be two websites to list all his evil deeds and expose him. Including his loser greedy son Paul Jr. May you guys receive your due reward at the end of your fat lives.

divided church
23 Dec 2019 6:44
PP will divide our Tarneit church. He didn't allow us to have our vote, our say. The puppet Vladko Papagay is playing his music to the liking of the elders even if it means digging his heals on his beloved mate Janko. We will no longer support this corruptness and don't want PP as Elder nor do we want to see Vlatko Papa-gay bow down to the self proclaimed stupid king. watch this space people !!!

23 Dec 2019 10:11
Ahhhhh Vlado! you betrayed your best mate.Pentsa laughts; He got u around his little finger.And at the end he will do with u just what he did to Martin P.and Janko T.
He knows no mercy.

23 Dec 2019 22:45
Woooow Vlado you just backstabbed Janko sooo bad.

24 Dec 2019 13:38
Why in the world would PP tell the church that they can use Miodrag Cucanic? Something stinks here. MC wouldn't step foot in Tarneit if his life depended on it, nor would PP in MC's church. There is something fishy about this part.

24 Dec 2019 14:41
Here are some updates.

During the lunch break, Janko Tomek's supporters rang him and told him how sorry they are to what happened. Janko stood up in the afternoon during greetings and told the church that things Paul Pentsa wrote in the letter about him are all lies. And he thanked all the people for their phone calls.

John Suhanek stood up in the afternoon and said it's not up to Paul if Tarneit wants to have a vote to vote him out. He said that the church still needs to decide about Paul.

It seems now that Janko and his group will push until they get what they want, even if it means a split.

You want to hear something funny? It's hard to prove this, but apparently Paul Pentsa didn't find out about the Tarneit voting from Margaret or Philip - he read it on this website!

There you go, not even Paul Pentsa can now say that this website is not useful!

Don't worry Paul, we'll keep you informed!

24 Dec 2019 17:29
Paul is a sneaky snake who is full of lies and deceit. Right Pauly boy? I can see your smile... Always find a way to manipulate churches so he has power. Tarneit, vote that snake OUT and cut off his head! Paul is a Dick (tator). Get him OUT!

Dear Lord,

May the wolf dressed as a sheep be caught out, and may the good shepherd protect the flock from all evil (Paul) and may the faithful follow Christ in all his ways. Cut the snakes head off, and restore righteousness amongst your people.

This we pray in Christ name,


24 Dec 2019 21:55
I agree with the letter but he should've gone a step further and put him under dicipline and zero preaching! If they can't humble themselves and accept Miodrag Cucanic, then they don't need an elder, they need repentance. When they accept Miodrag only then we will know that true repentance has taken place. You can look for an elder in India, but that won't help because your deeds are ungodly.

24 Dec 2019 22:09
Well, does anyone have that letter? I would like to post it here, for factual purposes.

25 Dec 2019 7:05
The problem in Australia for decades is NOT Paul Pentsa. The problem is the church. No matter how corrupt and sneaky and full of guile PP is, the church has a solid majority that supports him. Or at least has up until now. What is the reason Janko or even any of the other ministers or perhaps other brothers cannot stand up and say we REJECT your letter, mister PP, and we reject your rule over us at all. Why can't they do that? Because they know that if they try, there are too many people in the church who will support PP. Half of Tarneit or more would vote to keep PP. Those are the facts. I don't agree with most of the elders here in USA (including PP) but I know I am the minority. There are plenty of stupid members out there who are simply blinded, perhaps even because they were promised something by the elders. Certain elders even promise certain members things like the ministry. The person above that said PP will divide the church, you know what you are talking about. You know that PP has supporters. This whole website exposes so many corrupt things from the leaders but the real issue is that people STILL stick up for PP and other elders no matter what he/they do. It's the facts, scream at me all you want. For once I was excited when I heard there will be a vote in Melbourne because the people FINALLY are standing up against our leadership. Then Vlada backed off out of fear, Janko went down, and now the whole church will return calmly to where it was before: Right underneath the scepter of Paul Pentsa, RIGHT where they enjoy being. Don't tell me it's not true, if the majority was in unison, you would reject this letter but you know that once again, you are the minority.

Hey Minority
25 Dec 2019 10:00
You haven't a clue what youre talking about, as many that post on here especially when people have no idea of all the details----which then creates pictures of untruths on many things about the ACC on this website.

25 Dec 2019 15:45
Ok, why don't you tell us about those details? Enlight us.

JT Facts!!!
26 Dec 2019 6:35
I think the point that is being overlooked here is that it was Paul Pentsa that raised up Janko, and not the Church.
Janko has never received enough votes to become an Elder, thus now holding the record of being an Elder Assistant for 15 years without a confirmation.
Paul was the one who allowed Janko to stay on as Elder Assistant giving him the position without the Church’s Support and Confirmation……so it is Paul Pentsa who has the right to take him down. Janko and Vlado should not even be Preachers (let alone Elder Assistants) as they cannot obtain the support of the Church and even more importantly, they don’t even speak English properly. Australia is an English speaking Country and the Language spoken in Church should be English. If you want to speak and preach in the Serbian Language, move back to your Padina and knock yourself out speaking and preaching all the Serbian and Slovak your heart can desire..
The last time a vote was to be held for Janko, he refused to have the Church vote for him as he knew he would NOT receive confirmation.
Vlado did go on the Ballot, but did not have enough votes to be confirmed.
What the problem is, is that Paul keeps extending the Elder Assistant Role to these Brothers to stay on as Elder Assistants when clearly God and the Church does not want them as Leaders.
Both Janko and Vlado are clearly not Elder material….but want it so badly (especially Janko) that they will deviously plot any scheme they can to get themselves into the Role.
Janko, is it not clear to you and your Family, as well as the minority group who still support you that you ARE NOT meant to be an Elder or Minister?
Stop pushing, scheming and conniving to put yourself in a position of power or you WILL experience the wrath of God Almighty for your misbehaviour. Only a Fool behaves the way you do, and you will bring condemnation to yourself, your Family and those near to you for your arrogant, sinful, unrighteous behaviour.
My question to you is – why are you trying to “kick against the pricks”??
Humble yourself and Repent before God, and He will be merciful to you.

26 Dec 2019 13:59
On the 11 of march 2012 vote was held for Janko, even though PP said will be no voting this time only baptism.But he saw the opportunity that Janko will not get,b/cause half of his supporters went to prepare dinner in the hall.

Than on the 25 of march 2012 Janko stood up and told the church:
P.said one thing but did the opposite; Said no vote this time,but he did. Janko has enough of PP manipulation.

To truth
26 Dec 2019 20:05
You can't serve two masters you can't be a Shepard and a wolf but you can be a wolf in sheep's clothing anyway JT scattered the sheep in the church and members were scattered went to altona away from the wolf in mt Cottrell so it has nothing to do with Paul pentsa JT scattered the sheep not Paul so JT can never be elder coz he is a wolf get it?

27 Dec 2019 5:16
First and foremost, The Church belongs to GOD, not Janko and his Supporters.
When the vote took place back in March 2012, and you claim that half of Janko’s Supporters were preparing dinner at the Hall; two very important truths need to be presented.
There were 8 Janko Supporters (probably not even that many) at the Hall preparing Dinner.
The vote of these 8 members still would have not been enough to confirm JT as Elder as you need 67%. There would not have been enough support EVEN WITH THESE EXTRA 8 votes.
Secondly, if half the Supporters were at the hall and the number was 8 Persons, then that means that there is only 16 members in the Church who support Janko.
That’s pretty pathetic and it’s no wonder he cannot become Elder.
You need to stop living in the past People because the past is dead! Start living for God in the Present!
My question to you is why did Janko not want a confirmation vote this past time Paul Pentsa came to conduct the vote?????
The answer is OBVIOUS! Janko knew he would not have the support of the Church so he refused to even be voted for.
Very immature, juvenile and selfish egotistical behavior for a grown man who claims to be the ultimate Christian and wanting to be the Shepherd of the Flock.

27 Dec 2019 10:09
Ok, Janko can't get 67% in Tarneit.

Do you think that PP could get 67%...?

JT Facts
27 Dec 2019 10:26
In which category PP does fall into when he says one thing,and does the opposite or simply deny it; This happened many times.And he is the shepherd of the flock.

To: JT Facts
27 Dec 2019 23:48
What the problem is,is that Paul keeps extending Elder Assistant role to these brothers to stay on as Elder Assistants when clearly in reality he does not want them as an Elders.
The question is; Why does he like to manipulating them??

28 Dec 2019 0:07
If Janko's smart, as he's not, he would simply ask the church to confirm PP with 67% of votes. No enough votes, sorry, you are not an elder here anymore. It's that simple.

28 Dec 2019 0:32
You seem to have a the same problem as we do in West Akron. You/We have never had a leader/Elder that was good enough for the members! So Sad!

28 Dec 2019 1:08
Brother Mike Bauman said that he received the Eldership vote at almost 98% support but by the time he retired he only had 2% support.

If we took a vote today of all of our North American Elders, I don't believe a single one would get 67% support!

The Nazarene faith/sect cannot remain viable if we keep disowning our leaders?

Its our failt
28 Dec 2019 4:28
So are you saying its always the members' faults and not the leaders who lie and lead in deceit?

Its our fault
28 Dec 2019 4:30
Because according the scriptures, lying is a pretty serious offense. I guess in order to keep the ACCN "viable," we need to tolerate sin.

To support
28 Dec 2019 5:20
Mike Baumann never actually retired in Mansfield he resigned so he can move to the sister Church. I'm not sure how or why you made up 2% support statement as far as I know there was never any vote of confidence when he resigned. He was at odds with George freund for years and years. how did the Mansfield church ever come up with electing 2 Elders who are so very different.

Very interesting that at the time we thought that they were the best two Elders in North America. that perception definitely changed when they came to hard times and had to make hard decisions and left major messes in the churches in Kitchener and Ohio they both were assigned to.

Both however good compared to the dirty Pentsas.

29 Dec 2019 4:13
I think we strayed from the Thread that was started.
The Topic was the Leadership of Tarneit and their dirty deeds.
I do not endorse Paul Pentsa personally.
He is, however, the Elder of Australia until he chooses to hand over the Leadership to the New Generation.
And THAT is exactly what he said in his letter to the Church of Tarneit. “If you don’t want me to be your Elder, I will come and we can begin the process of electing a New Leader.”
He did also very explicitly state that the New Elder would be English-Speaking only, as that is the future of the Church.
So…based upon these facts, Janko, you will never be an Elder. As of last Sunday, you are not even an Elder Assistant and rightly so.
Janko- you split up the church.
Sold the Building unjustly
Went ahead and built a New Church that has now become a dying Church.
Swindled the Membership out of money for your own personal gain
Preach nonsense from the Pulpit that isn’t even Biblical
Propagate and make up rules using the Pulpit to advance your selfish self-centered agenda that you make up with your daughter that have no Biblical relevance or scriptural backing.
You never pray in Church for specific needs of the Congregation which is your Godly Duty according to the Word of God.
You never the visit the sick, the widows and fatherless because you are too selfish with your time, but yet claim to be the chosen one to lead the Church.
You are a Partial Person and allow your Followers to do whatever they want as long as they will vote for you. Why do the old ladies in church that follow you dye their hair and are not admonished??
You should humble yourself and start with performing the small deeds that the Bible talks about and then as you gradually grow in Christ, God will reward you with greater things and responsibilities.
I think you missed a few steps in your spiritual growth and now this is being manifested.

29 Dec 2019 9:29
...and that new English-speaking elder would be, let me guess, PPs son-in-law...?

29 Dec 2019 11:29
Now we know...and now we sit and wait.

29 Dec 2019 18:58
So, no voting, eh? :)

bad smell
29 Dec 2019 23:29
...and that new English-speaking elder would be, let me guess, PPs son-in-law...?

is this the one that received the letter from PP?

how come PP didnt send the letter to all the ministers, or to the church?
why only to the son in law?

not clear
29 Dec 2019 23:33
A two-page letter that told the church in Tarneit how Janko Tomek went around soliciting elders from around the world - Serbia, America and Canada. Janko's been doing this for a long time and now he wants the church to support his actions. Because Janko's done this, Paul Pentsa in his letter told the church that Janko in no longer an assistant elder.

whats so bad about soliciting with other elders?

what was the actual reason for paul pentsa removing janko?

its not very clear....

30 Dec 2019 5:13
I find it hard to believe that Paul Pentsa only sent a letter to his Son in Law. How is it that Vlado stands up before the church and says he spoke to PP at 4:00 am earlier that day to apologize for basically being Janko’s little poodle and doing his dirty work. The whole front bench was very aware of the letter. Why was there such a fuss before it was actually read? Apparently the letter was supposed to be read by Joe but he refused, Michael refused as he can’t even speak proper English.
Janko flat out refused and instructed the other ministers not to read it so Phillip had to.
To “moderator-bad smell & not clear” who wrote the comments above, it is not biblical or even ethical to go behind peoples back. This practice is even frowned about in the World and yet you all profess to be the only “chosen ones” being so holy and righteous.
Doing Ungodly deeds like trying to secretly take control of a Church is an evil and malicious act.
The Bible calls this “Dividing” and the Scripture clearly defines and call Satan himself the “Great Divider!!!
Therefore, if you are doing Satan’s work for him, dividing the Church, its very clear that you are yielding to him – being a servant of his and doing his work for him.
That my dear Brother/Sister is WHAT IS WRONG with what Janko did.
All those that support him, this sinful behaviour is also upon you and your children.
Once again, the message is very clear, you need to Repent and turn from your wicked ways!!
As it is written in God’s Word, “Be not wise in your own conceits. Recompense to no man evil. Provide all things honest in the sight of all men.”

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