Spiritual and Mental Abuse in Apostolic Christian Church Nazarene in Australia
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ACCN Forum | Elder handbook?

15 Feb 2020 12:06

Just curious, ive always wondered if theres an elders handbook for either the ACCN or ACCA churches and if so how coud i read them? can someone post those?
Please no hate, lets keep this a kind discussion. Im just genuinely curious.
Thank you!

Bible = Handbook
15 Feb 2020 14:23

nothing else should take it place

16 Feb 2020 1:37

good question, however, its usually a confidential item only within the elders.

you may want to contact an elder direct for it.

Handbook TRASH
28 Mar 2020 8:08

Elders hand book, a piece of garbage and deceit it needs be be thrown in the trash immediately, elders handbook is what destroys churches.

Handbook TRASH
28 Mar 2020 8:54

Ezekiel 9 King James Version (KJV)
9 He cried also in mine ears with a loud voice, saying, Cause them that have charge over the city to draw near, even every man with his destroying weapon in his hand.

2 And, behold, six men came from the way of the higher gate, which lieth toward the north, and every man a slaughter weapon in his hand; and one man among them was clothed with linen, with a writer's inkhorn by his side: and they went in, and stood beside the brasen altar.

3 And the glory of the God of Israel was gone up from the cherub, whereupon he was, to the threshold of the house. And he called to the man clothed with linen, which had the writer's inkhorn by his side;

4 And the Lord said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof.

5 And to the others he said in mine hearing, Go ye after him through the city, and smite: let not your eye spare, neither have ye pity:

6 Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women: but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at my sanctuary. Then they began at the ancient men which were before the house.

Where in the bible do read of a prophet or apostal of Christ having a ridiculous elders handbook,,, nowhere!

We need to hold ACCN elders accountable for having a handbook in possession and following the garbage elders handbook, put them all down and elect new God fearing brother elders who will follow scripture and not a handbook.

To handbook trash
28 Mar 2020 11:12

... and other ignoramuses. The handbook does not replace God's Holy Unchanging Word. Read it before you judge. It's original purpose - and only purpose is to address order and it's uniform application across the churches in NA. Ask your elders to provide you with a copy if he doesn't ask another elder - it's public knowledge nothing secretive about it. stop you're ignorant judging - you're not that different than those ignorant Muslim imams sitting in their dusty backwards villages in the Middle East breathing a revolution against the 'infedils'. Good thing you said that you're in charge of a grand total of nothing you scare me.

28 Mar 2020 11:36

No need to have elders-handbook.Decades ago in Europe accn churches didn't use handbook;and they were functioning OK.

Follow the BIBLE!

To:To Handbook TRASH
28 Mar 2020 16:25

A copy of elders handbook was requested, it appears that you have read the booklet before and you even have a copy, please provide the elders handbook on this forum because "LoveGod" requested a copy A while ago, still no copy yet, any way you sound like a Jehovah's Witnesses they have copies of their watchtower magazines editions with all their beautiful pictures of their version of a wounderful earth, people, Jesus etc, are all those books necessary? No not at all total garage, but for some people like your self it helps you to open your mind because it's easier to follow a short booklet then to read the bible.

To:To Handbook TRASH
28 Mar 2020 16:38

While we're waiting for a copy of elders handbook to be posted on this forum can someone please post a biblical colouring book to: to handbooktrash.

To:To Handbook TRASH
28 Mar 2020 16:43

Children's colouring book edition.

To:To Handbook TRASH
28 Mar 2020 17:08

BOO,,,, did I scare you?

To:To Handbook Trash
28 Mar 2020 21:37

RE: Good thing you said that you're in charge of a grand total of nothing you scare me.

Who's the boss then,,,, you? Church, Ministers, Elders or the Committee?

Let me tell you something Canada,,, Elders and ACCN committee are bosses of nothing!!!

Reference Material
31 Mar 2020 1:15

Please note we use the Bible in all our decisions and yet when the path forward is not clear we reference past decisions made by our dearly departed Elders brothers.

These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the culmination of the ages has come. 1 Cor. 10

For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope. Rom 15:4

31 Mar 2020 1:53

RE: ... and other ignoramuses. The handbook does not replace God's Holy Unchanging Word. Read it before you judge.
Still waiting for a copy of the handbook. I could not find a elders handbook edition on the Apostolic Christian Church Nazarene website, the elder body should post a copy on their website!
Can one of you ACCN elders please post a copy of the elder handbook on the ACCN website.Thank you.

Please note we use the Bible in all our decisions and yet when the path forward is not clear we reference past decisions made by our dearly departed Elders brothers.
Please give us some examples of elders "past decisions" when the path path forward was not clear by our dearly departed Elders brothers? I rally want to know!!!

And if the bible was not clear for those dearly departed Elders brothers, then where did elders reference (handbook) and base their decision Makings? because these new younger Elders generation have no clue either how to make biblical decisions.
Please help them, they need your help.

Dear Serbia
31 Mar 2020 4:32

Submit to God, Resist the Devil

Likewise you younger people, submit yourselves to your elders. Yes, all of you be submissive to one another, and be clothed with humility, for

“God resists the proud,
But gives grace to the humble.”

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time,

Dear USA
31 Mar 2020 5:36

Is that how you solve problems? be submissive,,, that's it !!!

What about abusive elders? be submissive?

What about abuse in the church? be submissive?

What about church practices ever changing? be submissive?

If you notice or witness a problem within your church members, ministers, elders etc would you be submissive?
and the list goes on........

Do you aa a christian have any obligations? perhaps you don't.

I believe I asked legitimate questions and requests??? still no answer's, only be "submissive"

If you cant answer any of my requests then you be submissive and be on your way.

Luke 19:40
“And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”

not church elders
31 Mar 2020 22:06

re. bible verse:

Likewise you younger people, submit yourselves to your elders. Yes, all of you be submissive to one another, and be clothed with humility, for

this is "NOT" referring to church elders.

elders have more then one meaning.

church elders is one thing, and those that are elderly in age, is another thing.

read the first part of the verse:
"Likewise you younger people,....."

giving councel in general to respect more those that are older then you.
then the second part:
......"submit yourselves to your elders. "

does this mean, that the older aged members dont have to be submissive to their church elders?

it's only talking about the "younger" to be submissive!!!!!!!

not, its "NOT" referring to church elders, but the older aged as they have more experience, they can give more councels...etc

the older need to be respected first...etc

most probably not
31 Mar 2020 22:07

its a confidential item only within the elders.

you may want to contact an elder direct for it, which i doubt any would give one to you to see or read.

1 Apr 2020 7:55

You ask nicely, silence.... you ask directly, offences....

You seek, you ask, but thing's get tense!

You realize you wont get far.

I asked for a booklet, and looked to the north star,

but what I ask for it seem's bizarre,

but I still hope and wait,

humbly, for the efforts of my teammates.

To Mr Serbia
1 Apr 2020 13:31

Leave it alone, don't ask or probe

The Elders live by this Book, they use it often, they need it to survive --- it's theirs, not ours

Ours is the Bible

User name  


A B U S E R S  :  H A L L  O F  S H A M E 
Paul Pentsa
Janko Tomek
Andrew Szabo
Vlada Papuga
Philip Ruzeu
Nick Pentsa
Michael Stanjo
STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN! His mouth is full of Biblical verses but his heart is filled with hatred, jealousy, treachery and lust for power. This FALSE CHRISTIAN is the root of almost all evil in ACCN in Australia and he will even take you to court, if he can't get his way.
Janko is pretty much like Paul, dishonest and unloving, just less intelligent. Janko is now building his humongous "warehouse" in Tarneit, destined to remain void of both faith and members. This UNREPENTED SINNER is still dreaming about becoming an elder!
Hard-hearted and egoistic, this long-time "elder" has caused immense grief, division and misery amongst the Nazarenes in Australia. Some even call him a sadist... not that Andrew really cares about anyone's opinion, though. Currently residing in a nursing home in Perth.
Earned his nickname by constantly repeating "Ljubazni" (Dear Ones) while preaching. This recently appointed "elder assistant" is ambitious, but at the same time not clever enough to realize he will always be just Paul's and Janko's messenger boy.
Philip is Paul Pentsa's son-in-law and definitely his best student. Proud, stubborn, arrogant - a classic bigot. Due to his off-putting personality and some weird beliefs, he's not on very good terms with Janko Tomek and other Slovaks in Tarneit.
Here is your future Elder, whether you like the idea or not. Nicky is "a very nice guy". No gift for preaching or leadership skills, but being Paul Pentsa's son, he's actually got everything he needs. Sooner or later his Dad will find the way to install him as his successor.
Janko Tomek's loyal admirer and bodyguard - sleazy, hypocritical, dishonest and ignorant. His interpretation of the Scriptures can make you laugh as well as his awkward sermons in broken English.

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