Spiritual and Mental Abuse in Apostolic Christian Church Nazarene in Australia
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ACCN Forum | Ukrainian Zion’s Harp

6 Apr 2020 12:42

Greetings everyone,
Would anyone know where I may be able to obtain a copy of a Ukrainian Zion’s Harp? Lord willing I’d like to gently take it apart, scan the pages, and order more from a print-on-demand company (Lulu Press), as I have done in the past with other hymnals. You could ship it or take it to a local publisher, have them scan it and send me the file. In either case, I will cover the associated expenses.
Thank the Lord and you,
vasiliybetev (at) gmail.com
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????????????? ???? ? ???,
vasiliybetev (at) gmail.com

6 Apr 2020 12:55

LULU press company is a scam?????

6 Apr 2020 13:43

I've ordered multiple hymnals from Lulu

9 Apr 2020 21:30

Elder hanbook? Forum.

RE: Dear Ones
2 Apr 2020 0:27

251 views Drink another chalice of slivovitza and all will be well!

Zion Harfa #38 God is Present in Thee Still...NOT

Come on, "Dear ones"

please help out VasiliyB, he's looking for a copy of Ukraine Zion harp's, I see you know some new "Harfa" lyrics,,,,, Hahaha,

while your at it, add a couple of good drinking song's, Country, Rap, Folk etc, your choice.

come on buddy, make it all well.

9 Apr 2020 21:46

And if this forum page (VasiliyB) is a scam,,,

Then "Dear Ones" comment belongs to this scam forum post!

User name  


A B U S E R S  :  H A L L  O F  S H A M E 
Paul Pentsa
Janko Tomek
Andrew Szabo
Vlada Papuga
Philip Ruzeu
Nick Pentsa
Michael Stanjo
STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN! His mouth is full of Biblical verses but his heart is filled with hatred, jealousy, treachery and lust for power. This FALSE CHRISTIAN is the root of almost all evil in ACCN in Australia and he will even take you to court, if he can't get his way.
Janko is pretty much like Paul, dishonest and unloving, just less intelligent. Janko is now building his humongous "warehouse" in Tarneit, destined to remain void of both faith and members. This UNREPENTED SINNER is still dreaming about becoming an elder!
Hard-hearted and egoistic, this long-time "elder" has caused immense grief, division and misery amongst the Nazarenes in Australia. Some even call him a sadist... not that Andrew really cares about anyone's opinion, though. Currently residing in a nursing home in Perth.
Earned his nickname by constantly repeating "Ljubazni" (Dear Ones) while preaching. This recently appointed "elder assistant" is ambitious, but at the same time not clever enough to realize he will always be just Paul's and Janko's messenger boy.
Philip is Paul Pentsa's son-in-law and definitely his best student. Proud, stubborn, arrogant - a classic bigot. Due to his off-putting personality and some weird beliefs, he's not on very good terms with Janko Tomek and other Slovaks in Tarneit.
Here is your future Elder, whether you like the idea or not. Nicky is "a very nice guy". No gift for preaching or leadership skills, but being Paul Pentsa's son, he's actually got everything he needs. Sooner or later his Dad will find the way to install him as his successor.
Janko Tomek's loyal admirer and bodyguard - sleazy, hypocritical, dishonest and ignorant. His interpretation of the Scriptures can make you laugh as well as his awkward sermons in broken English.

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