Spiritual and Mental Abuse in Apostolic Christian Church Nazarene in Australia
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Not retired?

Paul Pentsa
7 Mar 2023 7:54
Can someone confirm that Paul Pentsa preached and did baptismal work in Florida?

What is new
7 Mar 2023 13:08
Many retired elders preach and help in baptismal work if local Elder invites.
George Bodjanac came out of retirement when he was needed, he even went to Australia for dedication of that new church they built a few years ago, and dedicated it with Australian Elder and D.C. from California.An Elder that resigned, is no longer considered an Elder, like D.N., other Elders that retired are referred to as Retired Elders.
Ministers that have retired in churches they served, often preach when they go to Florida because of need.

big joke
7 Mar 2023 15:38
if janko tomek can get away with it, why cant paul pentsa, yeah?

hmmmmm................big words and big actions....only temporarily, yeah?

Nothing's new
7 Mar 2023 16:22
PP did not resign. I mean yes he did but that was the public reason. Dont take my word for it, ask any elder and they will tell you that he is FORBIDDEN to do baptismal work OR PREACH in any church in US, Australia or Europe. The fact that his brother allowed him to do it means he is next on the chopping block. And once they are both down they will break away and form their own Pentsa church, with support from Predey breakaway group. Just like back in old Kitchener Mansion Street church. Some things never change.

7 Mar 2023 16:44
...and this website will be busier than ever...

some info please
7 Mar 2023 20:13
what were the details about Mansion St, Kitchener?

does anyone know to give some details?

Same as Jim Igic
8 Mar 2023 1:25
Sounds like when the two committee Elders were coming to Fresno Medara church to remove some ministers, Jim Igic separated with a few members in a house in Coursegold,( and now is Clovise Church, )looks like the number did not increase much, after so many years.Why did Jim not obey the committee Elders? The members in Fresno Medara church know the details far better, they can shed some light,but their version will not accepted,as they are not in the same conference as Jim is.

Nothing's new
8 Mar 2023 4:28
The Pentsas all left Mansion Street (the "official" Kitchener church at the time) and formed their own church so they could be in charge. That church was never recognized and they had to come back and PP couldn't humble himself so that's basically about when he left for Australia, or close to that time.

To nothing new
8 Mar 2023 6:46
Your not correct.

There were two official churches in Kitchener at that time, even as there are now. Mansion st. Had 8 elders remove a minister T.F., afterwards a minister P.B. installs minister without elders, elders remove all three minister, they did not accept, so the local Elder Bagiu asks the other congregation (Sydney st.) permission to use the premises while they had Bible class and afternoon after the services, they had services in Romanian, that group later rented a school in Waterloo.

Mansion group joined the Doroslovac, but soon that group split, some returned to be with ACCN.

The others moved out to another place and were served by Doroslovac elders. P.P. was not even a member when the split occurred. It was afterwards that the two Romanian groups were to reunite, that the Mansion ministers were making converts to promise things that were unsriptual, like, not to attend camps, girls to wear their hair in a certain way, not to watch T.V., and many other man made rules, that some returned to Sydney church.

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