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Jano Sulja's Letter to Australian Churches
- translation from Serbian -
Melbourne, 29 May 1996

Dear Brothers & Sisters,
God of peace and love which has called us on His holy path, which has called us His own, if we remain obedient to His commandments, bless you and preserve you in His ways, and for eternal life. Referring to all of us toward spiritual unity and harmony, for spiritual growth in the household of God, for building Gods Zion, as we also praise Him with our hymnal "Blessed Zion be contended, God is present with you still....", I greet you all with this, as a greeting in Christs' Love.
Beloved Brothers and Sisters, the reason for writing this letter to you is as follows:

It’s quite possible that some Brothers and Sisters do not know exactly what happened, in which God testified through His Church, by His Holy Spirit, and through His members.

We were all gathering together at the normal church services, until Brother Paul Pentsa with your ministering Brothers made a division by separating the church service hours within Altona Church. Here Paul Pentsa made a split and division in the House of God. It was in the month of August 1992. Out of 90 members, 4 showed disagreement by remaining seated. The rest had stood up, by indicating that they did not want the division. Out of those 4 members, 2 of them stated that they are for unity, but would like to share this situation with the Australian elders, but sad enough, their outcome was agreeing on man-made rules.

The outcome pretty much indicated that 86 out of 90 were for unity, in which Brother Endre Sabo (now known as Andrew Taylor, as he changed his name), and Brother Paul Pentsa halted. This outcome is well known among us, in which their actions and attitude, was NOT brought forth, or voted by the Church. The elders had once again by FORCE implemented their win, not the win of the votes/the church. Paul Pentsa is the main character that has the strong ability (more like spiritual disability) to deceive and brain wash members to accept his will, desires and interests, as he did through Brother Laza Lazic and Brother Martin Poljak.

With these ministers and some others, Paul Pentsa had come to an agreement to divide the service hours of the Altona church. They had also visited Jano Sulja at home, to talk it over with our ministers. Paul Pentsa had ordered Lazic and Poljak to act as his ambassadors', to implement this division in the church service hours, in which when Brother Andrew Taylor had finally realised, showed great disagreement, stating that it should NOT be done, and it will offend believers and others too. Anyway, Lazic and Poljak still came in the name of Paul Pentsa (not in the name of the Lord), and submitted it to our ministers what they had decided to divide Gods church service times.

Brother Mile Cucanic asked Paul Pentsa, and at the same time admonishing him: are you doing this consciously? Brother Paul's answer was YES. Brother Mile answers and says, so this is a division? B.Mile continues and states who divides the House of God, God will distort you. Pentsa continued and stated WE agreed on this, and submit this to you, without further discussion. We are only going to give you the chance to choose the times. To start at 9 or 11am, and we will wait for your reply.

Surprised with this type of attitude and action, we contacted the elders in Yugoslavia, and asked for their advice. With their great surprise and sadness, they replied, if they have come to this level that they don't want to be together with you, take the 9am times. From that time, Gods people still show love among themselves, as its often seen at funerals, but once again, by the dictatorship of some, people have chosen not to get involved, have chosen not to question, or not knowingly or knowingly act ignorantly, which either way DOES NOT bring unity.

There are members that don't chose to go forward towards unity, as we can see that members towards us show hatred by not wanting to be in contact with us, turn their backs to us, or indicate cold attitude towards us.

Another issue which Lazic and Poljak had invited our ministers for a discussion was in regards to the sale of the House of God in Altona. Christ stated that my House is to be a House of prayer for all nations. God needs to be glorified in this House, was some of the words closely directed at the dedication of Altona church, in which we all were united in the prayers at the dedication, with great desire that God is going to bless His House, and reside through His people and members. Much tears, efforts and work was put into the FIRST constructed NAZARENE House of prayer on this continent. MANY faithful brothers and sisters wholeheartedly gave much support in many ways, including financial support, by increasing their housing loans (at that time, with many young children, which was VERY burdensome), just to help out and repay the construction costs for Gods House.

The church was NOT build, Brothers and Sisters, from charity, or like a charity organisation. Many non-members at that time gave financial support, when they had heard that the Nazarenes are building a Church, knowing God and loving members they knew. Great efforts with great sacrificing was committed towards Gods people, knowing a place is being built for prayer and worship, for Gods honour and glorification. The beginning of members gathering in Melbourne was in a bungalow, and then at rented government organisations, and through Gods help, this current Gods House of prayer as our church.

As much as we are aware, we don't remember any member from the Millers Rd church (as the so called Doroslovac side), had actually sent any financial support towards the building costs of Gods house in Altona. The wise prophet wrote - they valued the Son of man for 30 pieces of silver, as a sign that people had valued the Son of God for this amount, putting Him on the tree, on the cross of Golgotha. Jesus Christs' purchase of Gods people and redemption through His blood as the fellowship of His sufferings (for some people) isn’t valued as Gods Holiness. How?

Christ stated that this is the blood of the new covenant, which Brother Paul Pentsa humiliated. He has exalted himself above Gods Church and fellowship with dictatorship, force and cruelty.  Furthermore, manipulating and deceiving innocent souls through sweet talks, and at times through threatening.  For Pentsa, the fellowship of God isn’t important, that's why it’s clearly evident that he doesn't always maintain fellowship meetings at his home church. We believe that Gods fellowship is the highest Spiritual Entity on this earth, in the which a carnal man is attempting to close and prevent the work of the church. Firstly he abolishes the work of the Church, and now he wants to sell the Church. Who does he think he is?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, we are willing to highlight certain things, bring certain things to your knowledge, and with care and love like to warn you that the Church of God cannot be sold, for the following reasons:

Firstly, Gods House, as the church, is not our ownership or your ownership, but as a "together" entity, for all those in Australia, including all that gave a share towards the costs. Secondly, many of you, which we know and believe are fully aware of the discussion held regarding the sale of the Church, when Brother Martin Tomek commented, in which all involved that gave a share, including the members of the English Church in Keilor Downs, willingly agreed by the Spirit of the Lord, that any amount or any share given was for the Lord and His Church. This cannot be reversed, nor can the church be sold. Brother Joca Markovican commented if anyone dislikes  the sale of the Church, can be free to leave and go.

We had agreed that the church cannot be sold, and you are bringing the topic up for discussion again. Did not Christ teach let your words be yeah yeah, and nay nay, anything else is from evil. You all are accountable for your words and actions.

A large number of members are against the sale of the church. Any other agreement would mean that you are attempting to snatch it away from the large number of members. This is a great sin in Gods eyes. An example can be clearly seen through Gods word in 1 Kings 21, where Ahab stole/snatched the vineyard from Naboth.

Dear Ones, our Brother and Sisters, every single one, are against the sale of the Altona Church. Every one that until now has left the Altona Church, didn't ask back his part nor his share. If some of you decide to leave to build another Church, go and do it. Don't draw others after yourselves bringing them into another debt.

With great sympathy and tearful hearts, we pray to the Lord and all members from Millers Rd church that are agreeing for the sale of the Church, to back down please, as none of you gave neither the value of one brick's worth towards the construction costs. And now your vote is counted in towards the sale?  Also, we pray to the Lord and all new baptised members that are agreeing for the sale of the Church, DON'T be persuaded from particular members, to agree on the sale. Is it not time that Gods people wake up to see the unfruitful works of darkness, which certain people have crept in the Church!!  "O my people, they which lead thee, cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths". Isaiah 3:12.

We had requested Lazic and Poljak submit our answer on the sale of the Church to you all. When Lazic was questioned whether he submitted our letter? His answer was "no"! We asked whether 2 of our ministers would be able to visit and bring our answer to you all? His answer was "it doesn't come into any consideration". This is the reason why we are contacting you this way. Our ministers promised towards God to answer any question if anyone requests something from them.  And know that they need to continue to be accountable to Gods Fellowship, that we all be spiritual aware and awake, so no member falls into any sin. If you all, and we all work towards unity, neither would agree on this sin. That's why it’s very important for every problem, to approach it in the FEAR OF THE LORD, with faith and love.

If any of you Brother and Sisters have a desire to leave Altona Church, and build another Church, go ahead and do that. Just don't apply pressure for others to have to agree. Paul Pentsa shouldn’t even open his mouth on this occasion or regarding this question. Let it be known, if people choose to be misguided and mislead, and choose evil instead of good, don't blame God for that. If you choose the option to build another church, we are happy to help out with the building and with financial help, but once again pray to the Lord and you all, for the Lords sake, refrain from these intentions. King Solomon nor King David didn’t sell what the other had built.

With hope that this will bring us closer to unity, we greet you all in Christ's Love.

This letter was read in our Fellowship, and was agreed upon, and agreed to be sent to you all.

I write this in the name of our Brothers and Sisters.

Your weak brother in Christ, and a ministering Brother,

Jano Sulja.

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