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19 March 2013 - "MESSAGE TO THE ELDERS", sent by a reader
We are flooded with your e-mails - THANK YOU! Keep going! There were many questions and comments addressing the words of different elders the that we quoted in the black box at the bottom of this page. This reader has a special message to them, as well as to the members of Altona 1 and 2 and Vlada Papuga:
Doug Savin All I can say is Wow. Yet once again, it is proved that the elders care more about their man-made rules than God's laws. "...we have no say in Australia regarding him and his churches." This is just plain disgusting. An ELDER is acting like this, and yet your little "bodies" (of which NOWHERE in the Bible does it say to have) prevents you from dealing with his sin.  1 Peter 5:5 "Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility, for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble." Now, does this say, "be subject one to another, unless thou art on different conitinents?" NO. If this is truly your and the other elders reasons for not taking care of Pentsa's sins, then every single one of you need to be removed from eldership.
Boris Vujicic You are on the right path. Now let's see some fruits from your comments.
Jim Igic Nobody needs to ask you anything, just so you can take your input. You are an elder and you need to take control. Obviously you see our pathetic situation in Australia.
Arnold Baumann Pentsa, a "FAITHFUL AND GENUINE SHEPHERD OF THE LORD"?? Where is your head??
Paul Pentsa, Janko Tomek, and Andrew Szabo Why are you kicking against the pricks? Why? Ask yourselves that sincerely. Is this how you build a temple to serve God? Is this how you go about it. You are sinning against God, and you know that. Shame on all of you and your work in the church. Is this the promise you made to God, to divide, to split, to fight, to cause divisions? Judgement day is coming. I don't wish for any of us to be found on God's left side with the goats. "Repent ye, for the kingdom of God is at hand."
Vladimir Papuga We are all ashamed of you. To think that you were voted in, because you were ok. Now look where you are. You let Tomek brainwash you. Look at your in-laws. You are putting them to open shame. You know the truth, yet you don't want to accept it. Instead you wish to "be something" in the church. Wow. This is very sad. I know you know better than this. You would rather side with Janko so you can be an elder. You, Vlado, and also everyone else reading this site know one thing very, very well: back in Yugoslavia, this attitude would not be tolerated. All 3 of the above mentioned would not only be removed from their positions, they would also be under the discipline for their sick actions in the church. I know that you know the truth, but I hope that you stand up for the truth.
Ministers in Altona 1 This is for the minsters that said they do not support the sale of the church, yet do not want to say anything because they will be taken down. This is also sickening to the stomach. You don't want to support the truth because you also wish to be on the pulpit. What is wrong with you people??? I think I safely say that you people are just as bad, if not worse than Janko's supporters. STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH, there are people here who will never be able to come to God's holy house again if it is sold, yet you want to stand at the pulpit, so who cares about those?? SHAME ON YOU.
Members of Altona 2 KEEP THE FAITH!!! Don't listen to these liars and thieves, and keep growing in love and truth! God will richly bless you! Also, for you guys in Altona 1, that are opposed to the sale and to Pentsa, you also keep the faith! But enough is enough. You need to all pick up and leave Pentsa's prison church. Altona 2 is waiting with open arms to accept you, as a few familes have already crossed. Get together, have a meeting with those that are like-minded, and make the switch! Living under this kind of dictatorship zajednica is not God's will. For you Altona 1 members, and those in the other curches that are supporting Pentsa, Szabo and Janko, there is something wrong with you spiritually if you can see everything that they are doing, yet support them.
This is unbelievable to me that this website has been going on for so long, yet nothing is done, and the Australian believers' cries for help are still being ignored. If you, North American elders, are truly going to ignore this because of your "bodies" rule, then it's plain and simple. You support liars. When you support liars, it means you are false prophets. Yes, Jim Igic, this includes you, who does "not want to get involved." Yes, George Bodjanac, this includes you, who supported years ago Pentsa even though he was supposed to be removed. Yes, this includes EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, Werner Weinhardt, Mark Igic, Paul Kusicki, Roman Pentsa, Dennis Delph, David Nikolson, Imre Taba, etc etc. SHAME ON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. They are crying, yet you continue to ignore them. Well, soon the world will see what the Nazarene church REALLY is. And how many liars are in it. I hope the European elders are reading this as well, and decide to do something, since every single one of you couldn't care less that souls are dropping away from the faith because of this horrible situation. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, ANSWER OUR PRAYERS!!!! HELP!!!!! WE ASKED DIRECTLY AND NICELY, IT DIDN'T WORK. WELL, IT HAS COME TO THIS WEBSITE. HELP!!!!!
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