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Spiritual and Mental Abuse in ACCN in Australia - Page 2
3 October 2016
Sent by a reader
So many people are telling Paul Pentsa that Janko is a sinner and shouldn't be an elder, including Vlado Papuga his assistant, but he is giving the church 4 weeks to sort it out. It doesn't make sense how they can be ordained when they live in sin. Both assistant elders have no support of the church but Pentsa wants to ordain them regardless. (AUS)
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Paul Pentsa, why don't you go ask the brothers and sisters in Altona why they left our church? One reason JANKO TOMEK! How dare you come and dictate in our church? (AUS)
14 Reasons they shouldn't become elders:

They rarely demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit. Paul notes those specific attributes in Galatians 5:22-23: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and self-control. You won’t see them much in toxic leaders.
They seek a minimalist structure of accountability. Indeed, if they could get away with it, they would operate in a totally autocratic fashion, with heavy, top down leadership.
They expect behavior of others they don’t expect of themselves. “Do as I say, not as I do.”
They see almost everyone else as inferior to themselves. You will hear them criticizing other leaders while building themselves up.
They show favoritism. It is clear that they have a favored few while they marginalize the rest.
They have frequent anger outbursts. This behavior takes place when they don’t get their way.
They say one thing to some people, but different things to others. This is a soft way of saying they lie.
They seek to dismiss or marginalize people before they attempt to develop them. People are means to their ends; they see them as projects, not God’s people who need mentoring and developing.
They are manipulative. Their most common tactic is using partial truths to get their way.
They lack transparency. Autocratic leaders are rarely transparent. If they get caught abusing their power, they may have to forfeit it.
They do not allow for pushback or disagreement. When someone does disagree, he or she becomes the victim of the leader’s anger and marginalization.
They surround themselves with sycophants. Their inner circle thus often includes close friends and family members, as well as a host of “yes people.”
They communicate poorly. In essence, any clarity of communication would reveal their autocratic behavior, so they keep their communications unintelligible and obtuse.
They are self-absorbed. In fact, they would unlikely see themselves in any of these symptoms.
Yes, toxic leaders are the distinct minority of Christian leaders. But they can do harm to the cause of Christ disproportionate to their numbers. And they can get away with their behavior for years because they often have a charismatic and charming personality. Charming like a snake. (AUS)
Tarneit church:
1. Run on dictatorship
2. People have no voice
3. Judged by the size of your head covering
4. No real friends, all fake
5. They talk with you, then talk about you

Altona Church:
1. Run on love
2. The church are the voice
3. Majority get along however you will find the odd apple
4. No judgement but encouragement
5. Every person is acknowledged (AUS)

It is clear that JT has ticked all the boxes of failing, that makes him actually qualify by PP to be ordained as an elder.

One BIG tick for each of the following:
- organise and or support a illegal statement on a stat.dec.
- obtain a false and illegal title of Altona Church
- sell Altona Church illegally
- covet
- steal
- hate Altona Church and membership

PP doesn't actually REALLY realise whats coming once JT is ordained!!! (AUS)

1 October 2016
Sent by a reader

Greetings to everyone. Why is no one writing about the dedication last Sunday? Some of us are interested in how the opening of Janko's new temple went. (USA)
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Re. dedication of Mt. Cottrell

Was that Don elder from Torrens / South Bay Church in California there too????

Sounds like Don, Pentsa and the Hungarian elders have things in common!!

They all allowing adultery:

- PP in Marsden, by accepting SH in the fellowship,
- Hungarian elders allowing SH to remarry,
- Steve Kusicki and his partner (that were NEVER married in the ACCN church, and have not committed a church service covenant and have children),
 - That Elder Don, Steve Nenadovich and others with them accepted Steve Kusicki and his partner without the Church's approval in Torrens / South Bay Church years ago (this can be confirmed by L.Bodjanac, T.Folia, T.Craciun, L.Zarkovacki and from many others too in the US).

ALL sit free in the fellowship.

Sick and completely defiled!

And WHOEVER you are will NOT persuade the Church that the Biblical teaching allows fornication in the fellowship, regardless how hard you may want to try!! And regardless how many elders worldwide allow it. (AUS)
Comment 1 stop sounding so bitter. You need to have a look in the mirror and maybe read the Bible to increase your knowledge. Being accepted in a membership does not mean your are saved. Yes I know you pharisees follow man and are more concerned with who is accepted and who is not. Follow Jesus not man and let God be the judge. The dedication was wonderful and we had alot of visitors. (AUS)
Janko Tomek and Vlado Papuga will be elders within weeks. No voting required, Pentsa is ordaining them regardless of who is against it. (AUS)
Good news, we need more Elders in Australia. Praise the Lord. (AUS)

BREAKING NEWS! Janko Tomek and Vlado Papuga will be appointed elders in 4 weeks time. God help us. (AUS)

The non-believers that came last week for the dedication did not turn up this week, Janko Tomek and Vlada Papuga scared them away. Next when all visitors go back it's all back to the non-growing state. If they become elder, It won't make a difference. No one new will come. (AUS)
To comment 3:

Jeremiah 29:15, 16

15: Because ye have said, The LORD hath raised us up prophets in Babylon;
16: Know that thus saith the LORD of the king that sitteth upon the throne of David, and of all the people that dwelleth in this city, and of your brethren that are not gone forth with you into captivity; (AUS)

Confirmation to comment 5; Yes indeed God help us all. If Janko and Vlado be Elders, it was to be P.Pentsa's will not God's will. (AUS)

Comment 4: Janko needs to come clean with all his sins and disciplined and not ordained otherwise you may well put a catholic pope up there as an elder. (AUS)

What churches fail to do is to require that the elder be qualified. Not disqualified is not the same thing.

If the man is not obviously gifted by the Spirit for church leadership, he should not be ordained. Period. Regardless of how many nominations he receives or how much political support he has, let the Spirit decide.

Better to suffer criticism and be forced out of the eldership than ordain a man who is not called by God to the work. Indeed, to me, an elder’s most important task is to assure healthy, spiritual succession. There is no room for compromise or politics. Get it right, and get it right every single time.

* Leaders have followers. A good man with no followers is a good man, but not a candidate for elder.

* Never, ever ordain a man hoping he’ll grow in office and rise to the task. Many don’t. Only ordain men who are already acting very much as elders.

* Don’t ordain a man just because he meets the standards of Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3. “Not a brawler” is a very low standard, don’t you think? What many churches fail to do is to require that the elder be qualified. Not disqualified is not the same thing.

I would rather suffer criticism and be forced out of the eldership myself than ordain a man who is not called by God to the work. Indeed, to me, an elder’s most important task is to assure healthy, spiritual succession. There is no room for compromise or politics. Get it right, and get it right every single time.

While the wife of an elder has no authority or position, the fact is that members will defer to her on the assumption that she has a great deal of influence with the elders. She has to be sensitive to this and not abuse it.

Never ordain a man whose wife may prove an embarrassment to the eldership. If he can’t keep a secret from his wife and she is a gossip, he can’t be an elder. If she is likely to abuse her position as an elder’s wife, he may not be ordained.

While the wife of an elder has no authority or position, the fact is that members will defer to her on the assumption that she has a great deal of influence with the elders. She has to be sensitive to this and not abuse it. (AUS)

Comment 10, Amen. Very wise. (AUS)
re. comment 4
we need more elders....... yes!!........BUT!!
who can be an elder???
an elder means:

- teach and preach the Word in a healthy way
- protect the church from false teachers
- exhort and admonish the saints in sound doctrine
- visit the sick, in pain, or treated unfairly; and pray with/for them
- justify the righteous
- condemn the wicked
- judge doctrinal issues in a caring way with meekness
- act as a shepherd
- oversee and care for the church
- don't act as a Lord over the Church and its members
- work with the Church and its members
- serve the Church and it members
- teach the members to obey Christ, which is Head of the church
- don't seek obedience
- don't be prideful
- don't except the front row in Church, or fight for it. (AUS)

14 September 2016
Sent by a reader

A warning to anyone who is thinking of building with Sulja Homes! Ondre & his sister Helen are the biggest crooks. Stealing money from innocent families, promising to build their new home, collecting deposits and never to be heard from again. This man conducts singing in Tarneit church! For reviews, please click on this link:


Ondrei, you may hide from man but you will never hide from God. (AUS)

Your comment?
Be fair that is the same person aka LandLord writing the same old complaint. Give the guy a break. (AUS)

OUR COMMENT: Could be the same person, true, but you know what - we've done a bit of research before deciding to publish such serious and potentially damaging accusations. Here is another website. You'll see first they were discussing "Long Island Homes", which is an unrelated company, but somewhere in the middle of the page they started posting negative comments on "Sulja Homes".


The earliest comments are from April 2005. So indeed there is a general dissatisfaction with the way Sulja Homes treat their customers.

Wait, don't the Suljas attend the Doroslovac church? (USA)

OUR COMMENT: Andrey (or Ondrei) goes to Tarneit (with Janko Tomek) whereas his father is in the Doroslovac church.
Ondrej Sulja, one of the worst so called brothers at Tarneit. Very bad man! (AUS)

OUR COMMENT: In many today's churches, and particularly in the Nazarene church, people tend to think this way:

I already go to church every Sunday; I read the Bible; I pray and sing and give charity; So, why do I have to be a good man?! It's not fair, it's too much to ask!

Dear Ondrej Sulja: you and your parents have made a lot of accusations in the past. You held your heads up high and made fun of people who were in the state of bankruptcy. It’s apparent that there are some insolvency claims about your business online. Have you thought to apologize to the people you’ve made fun of and spread rumours about, or are you going to continue to make fun of people, spread lies, and turn a blind eye to your own failures? (AUS)
Whoever is doing this blog may the good Lord and our saviour Jesus Christ forgive you for your stupidity and sin. I truly feel sorry for you, you are this day and ages Judas and you will see your fate one day but I pray the Lord is forgiving to you. (AUS)
Yes Ondrej for your 'stupidity and sin we all hope God forgives you'. (AUS)
OUR COMMENT: Dear readers, please note that all these comments are anonymous and therefore we are not able to know if Comment 5 was sent by OS or by somebody else. If you are assuming that you know who wrote what here, fine, it's up to you, but this website has no such technical capabilities.

To comment 5: You speak with such power, telling the people what awaits them like you’re some sort of prophet; you don’t know what your fate will be, so calm down!
Has it ever occurred to you that the people that are offended have a voice, and they’re sick of being bullied and offended by your kind?
The people that are accused of hurting others need to humble themselves and simply repent and apologize for their wrong doings, just as you ALL promised on your baptism day, but then again, was it all fake? Apparently it seems to be just lip service as you try to manipulate, control and rule over people. Put your mouth where your actions are and say you’re all sorry like good children.
Oh and yes, Judas betrayed Jesus, are you saying that Tomek, Pentsa, Sulja and the other bullies are like Jesus? Confused? (AUS)

It is VERY clear that comment 5 is a PP and Tom-wreck supporter of some kind. Nothing unusual.. (AUS)
I am comment 5 ! I reply with not my words but that of my Lord who is just and will be our juror. I am no supporter of any individual I support the Holy Word.

In the scripture as for my fate true I do not know as that is God's will to choose to let me enter into His garden as I am human with faults of my own. The difference in my faults is I pray they be forgiven and do not go out to victimise individuals of the faith and call them obscene things (aka sadists and sinners and all manner of evil). I believe in our elder and ministers yes, I don't deny they may have faults, they are human beings too. Sadly it is you who I pray for!! As you are a very troubled person and clearly unhappy in life and faith. I am no person of power I only speak what is truth yes many have been hurt I know many myself, and have heared much. GET OVER IT !! Stop living in what was, move on, move forward, live in peace and love of every person. Is that not Christ's teaching, is that not what he left for us? We are meant to love one another and forgive. I pray God gives you peace. (AUS)
OUR COMMENT: I pray you learn some grammar and typing, mate, so next time I won't be wasting 20 minutes of my time correcting your stuff. TO EVERYONE: Please read your comments twice before sending them and use a spell-checker.
It would make more sense for you to stop wasting time writing these stupid comments which clearly you have invested so much of your time and actually read the Bible and learn from it. As for correction you are the one that needs that MATE!! (AUS)
Seems like not all comments go up only those chosen by someone. (AUS)
OUR COMMENT: Take it easy - you guys don't know it's a public holiday? :)

To "I am comment 5": I know exactly who you are! Anyone who makes judgment on behalf of our Lord and Savior is taking God's name in vain. You do not talk on behalf of our Creator and Father.
I have done a lot of research and have sources through Master Builders and other reputable online sources that tell me a lot about Sulja Homes; if I were anything like you, I would attack your character as you "do" others, and display them on this site, but I am NOT here to publicaly shame or attack you, I am asking that you ALL repent for your sins and apologise to God and the people you've offended and continue to offend today.
You can quote scripture all you like and your words can be as soft as butter as you try to portray yourself to be holy of hollies.
You say that you have peace? How can have peace when you offend so many? (AUS)

Comment 9: If things are being posted about Ondrej, we know the truth hurts GET OVER IT !! Stop living in what was, move on, move forward, live in peace and love ever person. (AUS)
25 August 2016
"NO INVITATION?" - Sent by a reader

Is it true that Altona church didn't get an invitation to the September opening dedication? Another question: how much money has Martha Kolarik and her clan (the Tomek family) pocketed throughout the building process? (AUS)

Your comment?

ATTENTION - Janko Tomek gave permission to film producer to make a movie around church site in Tarneit. Sold his soul for $1500. Greedy people will do anything for money. Anyone know what is the name of the movie? (AUS)

Did snr constable Pentsa Paul get an invitation for the dedication?
Has he flown overseas for a more desirable reason?
Has he found a reason NOT to attend the dedication?

Has snr Tomek broken all bridges of becoming the next elder? (AUS)

Marsden did not get a formal invitation either. I think the heads have finally clashed (Paul Pentsa & Janko Tomek) (AUS)

For the benefit of those of us overseas, put up some pictures of the new building. We are interested in seeing Janko's new temple. (USA)
To comment 4:

Hmmmmm, i think it would be fair for anyone wanting to see it, to have to come in person!!

.........if you don't want to miss anything!!

Better still, knowing money and church property that was coveted & stolen, shouldn't actually even really want to interest us.

We should be praying for them that God would give them enough time for full repentance and full confession of their sinful ways and actions.

Proverbs 17:15 Who so ever justifieth the wicked and condemneth the righteous, are both an abomination to the Lord. (AUS)

OUR COMMENT: Even though, if anyone's got some photos of the newly finished building please feel welcome to share them with us.

Why did not Janko Tomek invite all the ACCN Churches in Australia for the church Dedication? He invited churches from overseas and yet not the people who contributed their hard earned money to the Old Altona North church. Not very Christian like at all. Very bad example. (AUS)
Comment 5, I understand what you're saying but you don't understand how bad the elders are here either. It's terrible. Very, very little, if any, fear of God (sadly). (USA)
Re: Jankos Tomek's September Dedication of Tarneit (Den of Fox)= Thief's,

Main point of questions? To ALL who wish to attend.
Are you free before God and his Holy Spirit to attend? with any guilt of conscious in your heart? If you consider the Brothers and Sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ whom hath Died for also, are Robbed of their House of prayer and worship, which was sold and Stolen left on the streets, not receiving one cent which the members, their Parents or Great parents paid for that building of north Altona Church so that their children and great children would continue to worship Our all mighty God the Father and our Savior Lord Jesus Christ and the communion of the Holy Ghost this building was sold with out their consent and not one cent or dollar given to them is not this robbery?
And now there are those coming from Brisbane, America and Canada for the Dedication of this stolen house of worship from children of God your Brothers and Sisters in Christ whom are left with out a building of worship but have to rent? God for Bid and We pray For Your Souls Open Your EYES Please see what are YOU Doing.
God Bless You all. (AUS)

To comment 3: Why do you complain that Marsden church didn't get formal invitation, when on 18th of April 2016 in comment 5 you told Janko Tomek not to visit Marsden church anymore.

Looks like it's about time for Janko to turn to other Elders for help.

This is just like between Jeroboam and Rohoboam; When all Israel saw that the king did not listen to them, the people answered the king:
"What portion have we in David?
WE have no inheritance in the son of Jesse.
To your tents,o Israel!
Now, see to your own house, o David!"  1 KING 12:16 (AUS)
21 August 2016
"CALLING PERTH..." - Sent by a reader

No news for a long time regarding the small group of believers in Perth. How are they? How often do they assemble together? (AUS)

Your comment?
26 June 2016

Ljubica Lincu has been admitted to the mental hospital. Again. (AUS)
Your comment?
Poor woman. I’m sure that this is not the life that she had envisaged for herself when she was a young lady. Whatever has happened to her must have been very severe for it to cause such a persistent problem. God bless her and I hope she finds peace. (AUS)

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