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Greetings to all whom read this site!

You know what’s the beauty of this site? That we can voice our opinion and feel free to write/speak our mind what the Holy Spirit inscribes on our hearts, where in the church we cannot. Why? Because the so called Lords - elder & ministers - would disperse the church meeting for the fear that they would be revealed of their unrighteousness and sins.

All members from other countries who read this site, voice your opinion if you are also bullied and harassed or your mouth shut to speak in the church.


Just thinking out loud what is the Elder’s duty? I think and believe that the Elders should BE THE SERVANTS OF GOD AND NOT LORDS OF GODS HERITAGE, BUT TO BE CARETAKERS OF GOD'S SHEEP (FLOCK) which is JESUS' BRIDE the CHURCH. Now I think YOU all KNOW that when there is a wedding to take place! What happens to the bride? The bride must be prepared for the wedding, for the BRIDEGROOM is coming.

So Awake Ye Shepherds of the Lord, do not "sleep", for the Bridegroom is COMMING. Prepare the BRIDE (CHURCH) for the wedding, and adore her with the beauty of Righteousness and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, to beautify her for the bridegroom JESUS CHRIST.

Do not let ANY unrighteousness rule in the Church of God, nor allow any false Elders & Ministers rule, nor practice their Lordship upon the Church, Jesus' Bride.

But save the souls who care for their Salvation. Address those who stray from the righteousness of the Bible/Church/Faith and bring them back to the flock. Elders should be the caretakers of Christians and seek those who stray from the narrow road, and fall into sin.

And NOT as fraudulent Elder Paul Pentsa (who has never been voted in to be an elder of the North Altona Church, nor voted to be an independent Elder of Australia from the North American Eldership body, BUT had self-elected himself to be the Lord of Lords and the false Elder). He was the one who has given a green light to Janko Tomek, fraudulent Assistant Elder.

The same Janko Tomek who has never been elected by the church to be an Assistant Elder - he received fewer than 60% of votes, although according to the Church constitution a minimum of 75% of votes or more is needed.

And there are his ministers as well as his Fraud Committee (for their position has been terminated long ago and time expired after being in office for 2 years, therefore they are functioning illegally).

So that they may lie to the "justice of peace" that the title of the church has been lost and then signing a declaration form with their own signatures. They obtained a new title by fraud which means the crime of perjury has been committed.

There are Brothers put under UNFAIR discipline discriminating them of their Faith/beliefs/religion and freedom of speech, for warning and stating this matter in the church that they have committed a sin and crime for obtaining a new title where the old did still existed, and everyone knew of its existence.

Faithful Christians are being bullied and threatened, those who voiced their opinion and put their names on the petition letter NOT TO SELL THE CHURCH.

Everybody please let’s pray that God may have mercy on their souls!

We are praying for YOU: Please Repent!

Shame on you Paul Pentsa! Repent and step down from that position you are not elected to, as an Elder of Australian Churches, for this is the ONLY time for you to ask forgiveness from God for your sins and all those whom you have hurt and offended, so that God may have mercy on your soul.

Shame on you Janko Tomek! Repent and step down from the position of an assistant Elder, which you are unworthy. You have not been voted in by the church, therefore this is also the time for you to ask God for forgiveness for you sins and for the tears you have brought upon the church members and those whom you have hurt and offended, so that God may have mercy on your soul.

Shame on you Assistant Elder Vlado Papuga, because you have been brainwashed to obey unrighteousness of Paul Pentsa's and Janko Tomek's directions, instead to stand up for Christ Jesus and his Bride the Church to uphold God's righteousness in the church. You are afraid for your position of an Assistant Elder if you stand against the sins of unrighteousness of Paul Pentsa and Janko Tomek, therefore step down from that position which you are not worthy of, ask God forgiveness for your sins, because you fear Man more than God. And ask and pray for forgiveness from all those who you have offended.

Shame on you ministers of Altona 1, for fearing Man and not God and allowing unrighteousness and sin to domain upon the church, allowing Paul Pentsa and Janko Tomek to rule and domain over God's heritage the Church - Christ’s Bride. Stand up for the Church and fear God and do not fear Man, even if you fear you may lose your position of ministry, repent and come clean and ask God for forgiveness for your sins and all those who you offended, and for neglecting the Holy Church. Stand for the Holy Church / Christ's Bride and make your voices be heard that you are against the sale of the church!

Shame on you the fraudulent committee, step down from the position which has expired and stop operating unlawfully. Pray that God may have mercy upon your souls and forgive your sins and ask all who you have lied and offended that you may be free from sin.   

Thank you and God Bless you ALL.
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