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10 March 2013 (Sunday) - Table removed!
GOOD NEWS! The table in front of the church in North Altona has been removed! Thank you, Lord! The next hearing at VCAT (Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal) is scheduled for Friday 15th of March. According to what we know, this time Paul Pentsa will be there. Let's pray that his efforts to sell the North Altona church will finally collapse. In that regard, we are considering to temporarily close the website, as a gesture of goodwill. We'll see. But we do not want anyone to have any false expectations - as long as Paul Pentsa is an elder there will be a website. Paul Pentsa has to go. Full stop. No meetings, no negotiations, no voting, no nothing. As long as Paul Pentsa has some power in Australia people will be reading about his abuses, lies, threats and injustice. No elder or elder body will be able change this. No court of law can do it either. This is a free country, where human rights and freedom of speech are guaranteed and where psycho-abusers like Paul Pentsa have no place under the sun.
9 March 2013 
E-mail: On Sat, Mar 9, 2013 at 10:28 AM, Alex Dordevic <alexdorde1@gmail.com> wrote:
Shame on you all. Give the thieves what they want. Do you want to have any part of this? Start your own little fellowship anywhere but without thieves and unholy people. Keep in mind they cannot lie to our creator. Save yourselves without having anything to do with this.
Evening update: We have received the following message and the sender wanted to stay anonymous. Greetings. I was talking to some members in the front row of Altona 1 and they aren't even for building the new church. But they don't want to openly say to people because Paul Pentsa might take them off ministry. And another couple from the front bench say they don't mind a new church but when it's time to pay, then they won't give a cent. There are many from Janko's group that said they will not pay once it's built. They are so evil. This should go on the net, and then see how they jump on each other's throat.

8 March 2013 - A threat with a "very ruthless" brother 
These days we were having an e-mail correspondence with a male member from North Altona who is known as a close Janko Tomek's ally. We won't mention his name (because we know that he would not want it.) Neither we will post the entire correspondence (because we know, again, that he would not want it.) But what is so incredible is that he was unable or unwilling to answer these simple, straight questions:

- Why do you want to sell the existing church and build another one in a remote location?
- What would be the benefit?
- How many members of the Altona 1 group support this action?
- What is going to happen to the Altona 2 group? Would they be able to use the new church?
- How to explain the existence of two titles? Which one is valid?
- Do you support going to the court of law and resolving church issues there?

No matter how hard we insisted we could not get him answering these questions! Instead, he was throwing at us biblical verses, curses, insults, insinuations and other fatwās, calling our website a "Darkness without light", "hypocritical", "slandering", etc. At the end he made a threat with his "very ruthless" brother, who is, according to his words, notorious in Melbourne (You can confirm this with your Melbourne contacts, he wrote). Well, the Victorian police would certainly be quite interested to have a little chat with that "very ruthless" brother.

But more importantly, here is what we responded to this North Altona member:

...you are not a bad man but don't you see that Janko Tomek and Paul Pentsa are using you as a tool for their dirty business, while keeping their hands clean? They would be quite happy to push you into fire rather to expose themselves. These people are nobody's friends. They are not your friends either. They only care about their power. One day they will put you in rubbish if they need to save their positions. We have seen this thing many times in the past.

...please make immediate steps toward removing the table in front of the church. Please do it NOW. The church cannot be sold. You are trying to sell the church that is not yours, against the will of its membership, and based on a questionable title. This is that simple truth, which can be told without using the quotes from the Bible. Think again about what you are doing. Don't blame others for the consequences of your own actions. Be a true Christian and stop hiding behind the Bible. It is possible to sense, reading what you wrote, that you are shaken after going through the website, especially after seeing elders letters, readers e-mails, court announcements. Things are not really the way you thought, are they? Now you see that there is the other side of the story and that there are some very valid points.

...So you are deeply devoted to God, and Lord Jesus? But you are planning to sell the church to those Lebanese people, Muslims? And they probably need a building for their Islamic school, "medresa". Good luck. They will raise their green flag, chant in Arabic, worship their prophet Mohammad. And the only true God will hit you hard, really hard. If not you then your family. We do not want you that so please change your mind. WHAT WAS BUILT TO BE A TEMPLE OF CHRIST SHOULD STAY A TEMPLE OF CHRIST TO ITS END. Have you ever heard of any Muslims who sold their mosque to Christians so that Christians can use it as their church?

...Please, please, please, please - remove the table TODAY and stop trying to sell the church. Then you'll see how suddenly everything gets better - there will be no VCAT, no website articles, no embarrassment. It is so easy and it should be done right now.
Update. Our friend from North Altona (yes, that one with a "very ruthless" brother) has sent us today (9th of March) a new e-mail:

Thank you Thank You Thank You,

I have read your latest post and all i can say is thank you, now you have shown not only me but the rest of your readers how hypercritical
[he probably wanted to say: hypocritical] you truly are. You obviously only print what suits you not what the truth is and how you take things out of context.

NOW i challenge you to post ALL my letters and YOUR replies and let those who read see the truth, my word is yes, and let the hole world see what you are doing, that is embracing your selves and our faith, there are ways of dealing with these issues and your way is NOT the way.

You say i am a supporter of paul, janko and others you claim to shame but the truth of the matter is they are all big boys and they can answer for them selves, again i stress if what you claim is true, our faith has a process to deal with those issues i question your motives as you don't even make your selves know. That is how it is done in darkness not in the light and truth.

I am not afraid of answering your questions but i don't like the fact you post only what suits and your agenda. If you want those answers call me and i will comfortably in the presence of witnesses so there can be no miss use of the truth.

This will be the last time i will correspond through any emails as i can see that you manipulate what is being said to suit your agenda only. If you truly are seeking the truth lets get together and i'll show you.

Good bye

Our comments:
  1. If you do not like our website, there is a very simple solution for you - don't come. Or start your own website.
  2. We didn't want to post the entire correspondence for a few reasons. It's quite long, your grammar is terrible, and we also wanted to save you from misery by not posting your full name and surname. But the main reason is that there is no substance in what you wrote. We asked you to answer the questions (given above) but you refused. What do you want then? You contacted us and it was a matter of our good will to respond. We are not interested in hearing how bad we are, we are interested to get the explanation on why you are selling the church against the will of the majority. That's all. But the simplest questions are often the hardest to answer.
  3. We too are happy to bring this fruitless correspondence to its end. Your threats are taken seriously and the necessary actions will be made accordingly.
5 March 2013 - Practice what you preach and apologize
Philip Ruzeu should stand up in the church on Sunday and publicly apologize to Branislav Milosevic for falsely accusing him that he had hired a lawyer. Branislav Milosevic contacted the law firm BOGUNOVIC LAWYERS and requested a denial in written. The 5-day old letter (click to see) sent by the law firm says: Dear Sir [Philip Ruzeu], We refer to the above matter and confirm that Mr Branislav (Brian) Milosevic did not initially appointed Bogunovic Lawyers to act as a legal representative in dispute between members of Apostolic Christian Church "Nazarene".
4 March 2013 - In the middle of nowhere
We made these few photographs of the property in Tarneit (a suburb 25 km west of Melbourne's CBD) where the new church is supposed to be built. As you can see, there is nothing there, literally nothing. This is where megalomaniac Janko wants to build his "bigger and nicer" church, with more toilets than you have in a major shopping centre.
To build something in Australia takes a LOT OF MONEY. Janko Tomek and his comrades are a sort of people who have never built anything in their life. The most likely outcome is that they would simply spend the money in vain and at the end there would be no church at all, new or old.
2 March 2013
We forgot to mention that sister Martha Kolarik (Janko Tomek's daughter) was so kind and zealous to use her skills with brushes and detergent and erase the sprayed words from the table in front of the church in North Altona. But it is our pleasure now to present you with the new design of the table. It says "NOT FOR SALE, TOMEK", sprayed in thick, blue letters. No doubt, this looks like a much better job. Back to work, Martha!

Click here to see a bigger photo.
This letter in Serbian written by Jano Sulja in May 1996 may help you better understand the nature of the current conflict in North Altona, Melbourne. Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3
E-mail: Greetings. I found this poem at the bottom of your page. It touched me enormously. However, I added other things as well. I kindly ask that you would please post the paragraph below this one on your site. May God bless you and keep you for life eternal.
We used to be a church, now we are a sect. We used to be a faith, now we are a cult. We used to go to prison for refusing to bear arms, now we take each other to court. We used to be poor and honest, now we are wealthy, proud, and lying. We used to have love, in its place is hate, envy and jealousy. We used to be a lighthouse to this world, now the bulb has burned out. We used to be different, now we blend right in. On the outside, we used to be Biblically modest, now we dress worse than the world. We used to keep ourselves away from the worldly people, now the worldly people keep themselves away from us. We used to testify of our First Love and draw in seeking souls, now we drive away. We used to flee worldly traditions, now we heartily embrace them. We used to silently suffer loss, now we make a show. We used to care for the unsaved, now we can barely look at each other. We used to have generations of close knit, true Christian love, now we have generations of grudges and hate. We used to have enormous membership, now we are split into who knows how many sides, yet all are dwindling and falling apart and splitting further. God is trying to tell us something, yet we are not listening. We have lost our way. We are wandering through the wilderness, blindfolded by the blind. Father, forgive us, for we don't know what we are doing. Father, be Thou merciful to us, for we know what we are deserving of.
1 March 2013
We have received another e-mail: In response to the previous email regarding the elders, you hit it spot on. I can see that the spirit of God is working in you, but obviously those North American elders that you listed couldn't care less about what is going on in Australia. It is far away, so they figure "who cares" and "as long as our churches here in North America stay big with lots of young people, who cares about what is going on with believers elsewhere." Obviously this is what they believe or they would have done something about it. It is sad that the situation is being ignored completely, and that they couldn't care less about the cries, the sincere desire for a true Christian fellowship, the decades of  pleading and begging for help from them, the tears, the sorrow and the heartache. To the elders, obviously these cries are something that is worthy only of washing down the drain. And it is obvious that unless Paul Pentsa is REMOVED of his eldership, these elders SUPPORT him, YES SUPPORT him, and what does that mean? Well it is obvious that it means that they could care less what the Bible says on how an elder should be. They need to ask themselves are they false prophets too???
28 February 2013
Here is a new e-mail that says: Please post if you wish... I am frustrated that nothing is being done with this situation. Dear Elders - Igic, Palanacki, Savin, Delph and Freund, and all the other Elders reading this regardless which country you are from. How can you sit back and not take action? Are you not ashamed what one of your own is doing? This website was set up for the exact purpose to get the attention of those that are in the position to stop the injustice that Pentsa is committing in the churches. He is a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing. He is very transparent yet you all sit back and do nothing. Pentsa is scattering and dividing the flock for his own interest at heart. Can you not see that they are crying for help? Who will help them if you don't? Do you just write a letter in 2006 and tell Pentsa you are disappointed that he has not kept his word from the 2004 meeting? The splinter groups are in need of help. Pentsa does not recognize them because they don't worship at his feet, as they should not when he is ruling with a fist and his will rather than doing God's will. It's time you take immediate action and remove him from Eldership and whoever continues to work with him shall be disciplined.
25 February 2013
What gives a psychopath his power is a sincere belief in his own righteousness. But it's not righteousness at all, it's a mental sickness. Remember these words next time you stand face to face with a psychopath. The common misconception with psychopaths is that they are all violent extreme kind of criminals. On the contrary, the majority of them are living and working around us, often well-positioned within company, government, church, army or some other structure. What defines a psychopath is a lack of remorse or guilt for his behaviour, pathological lying, manipulative, callous, egotistical, very self centred mindset, glib and superficial charm. The two most telling characteristics of the psychopath are their total disregard for other people and their compulsion to serve their own needs above all else.  
Article 1 | Article 2 | Article 3 | Article 4 | Article 5 | Article 6
22 February 2013 - Altona: A Political Battleground
Matthew 12:25: Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.

A gate to Heaven... or to a nervous breakdown?
For those who do not live in Australia, here is a brief explanation of the ongoing conflict(s) in North Altona. Let's skip the decades of infighting and divisions and concentrate on what is relevant for the church sale. There are two parallel church groups that share the same building, the so-called Altona 1 and Altona 2. The bigger group, Altona 1, led by Janko Tomek and supported by Paul Pentsa, starts their morning services at 11 AM. A much smaller group, Altona 2, is led by Miodrag Cucanic and Vlado Stanjo, and starts at 9 AM. The smaller group is not recognized by Janko Tomek, Paul Pentsa and Andrew Szabo, but it is recognized by Boris Vujicic, Arnold Baumann and most of the American and Canadian elders. The smaller group uses Zion's Harph and follows all traditional Nazarene customs. This is why Janko and Paul dislike it so much - there is always a danger of the Altona 1 members switching sides and joining Altona 2. It is important to understand that the main reason why Janko and Paul want to sell the church building is to get rid of the Cucanic's group. The problem is, some of the Altona 2 members have had their part in building the church and used to be, or still are, the co-owners of the church building. It is hard to tell, but it seems that from the legal point of view it is not possible to sell the church without the consent of both groups.

What makes the current situation so complicated is that there are two church titles, there is a caveat that prevents the building to be sold, there is a table in front of the church, and there is a mediation at the VCAT tribunal. The original title has been "lost", or at least that was an excuse used by Janko's group to obtain another title. That was done in 2003. In the meantime, the old title reappeared so now there are two mutually exclusive titles. The old title is in possession of Janko Stefanides Snr, who is a member of the smaller, Cucanic's group. The new title is with Janko Tomek. Theoretically, whoever is in possession of the title can sell the building and take the money. Both groups, of course, claim that their title is "the right one".

The smaller group does not like the idea to be kicked out and left without a place for worship, naturally, but there is also a strong opposition within the Janko's group, mainly among elderly members, who have their homes in the vicinity of the church. The land for the new church has already been purchased. It is situated in a rural area, unlike North Altona which is within 15 minutes of drive from the centre of Melbourne. Those who are against the sale often say: "If Janko wants to build a new church that's fine, but why to sell the old one? We have built it, we were paying the loan, and it's close to our homes. We'll gladly help them build the new one, but please leave us alone in the church we know and love."
Indeed, what's wrong with this? Well, Janko and Paul won't let it happen because most of members would choose to stay where they are so eventually Janko & Paul would lose control over them. That is why they want to force all 100 and plus members of the "Altona 1" group to move to the new building and at the same time they would be able to get rid of the "Altona 2" group.
Plain and simple, this church sale is not about money, or about building a new, bigger and nicer church. It is about politics and revenge. Both groups under the same roof are declining in their numbers. People are getting older and there are too few baptisms of new members to refill the empty seats. Decades of infighting have made their impact and those who remain are just getting more bitter and disappointed.
The original church title from December 1971.
Jano Sulja's letter to the Department of Sustainability and Environment from November 2004. Sulja wrote: Help us in this matter, please. Otherwise, The Apostolic Christian Church in North Altona is in danger of future divisions and, in the most likely scenario after that two or more divided groups will take legal action against each other. Only because of the unlawful, deceptive way of obtaining the new Title.
The letter that the American and Canadian elders wrote in May 2006. They were trying to bring peace and unite believers in Australia, but Paul Pentsa has sabotaged their efforts. This is what Savin, Igic, Palanacki, Freund and Delph wrote to him: Dear Brother Paul, after you had promised in La Puente, that you would do all that was within you power to make peace in Australia, it was quite disappointing to read the minutes of the Australian leadership meeting in the Marsden church, on April 2004. One of the resolutions regarding the "splinter groups" stated, "members from our church are not to visit or fellowship with these groups" and that neither songs or prayer should be offered to them (if they were to visit your churches). This not only betrays your actions in La Puente, but also is not the way to make peace.
Update - We have received many questions regarding the history of Altona church and their current situation. We tried to briefly answer some of them.
Q: Why do the Altona 1 members not leave Pentsa and cross over to the Cucanic's group? (Actually I know it's because they won’t be recognized, but not everyone outside Australia knows it, so maybe you could explain it. I'm sure there might be other reasons too.)
A: It's the sheep mentality. Everyone is afraid to move till having been disciplined or expelled. As long as bad stuff are happening to others they turn the blind eye. There is very little solidarity among the "brothers and sisters".
Q: Why did you comment that Altona 2 is more traditional Nazarene, does this mean that Altona 1 is more liberal?
A: No, both groups are conservative in a traditional sense, very "Yugoslavish". The smaller group also preaches in Serbian and English. But we wanted to emphasize the absurdity of having these two groups under the same roof with practically the same way of worshiping God. Breakaway groups generally tend to be more liberal, for example, their women wear no scarf or the church has mixed seats. But in case of Altona 1 and 2 there is no significant difference. That's why Altona 2 bothers Janko and Paul even more - they are not able to say to their followers "Don't go there, that's a different faith, they are liberal, etc." Usually people do not want to leave an abusive church because they think that they would "leave their faith". In Altona's case it is obviously the same faith.
Q: Also maybe comment how Pentsa is trying to get in and cause division with Vlada Papuga, because it's obvious, his in-laws Janko and Marica and their sons George and John are AGAINST Pentsa, yet he made sure that Vlada announced that Brane was punished. Pentsa did this on purpose very obviously. He wants to "zameri" them so Vlada will be his.
A: Yes, we have heard this comment more than once but - who knows? It's very speculative. Family ties and nationality also play a certain role in the church politics (and we all know they shouldn't.)
Monday, 18 February 2013 - A new Record Day - 187 visitors!
From Melbourne 71, Brisbane 35, Sydney 14, Melton 12, Cleveland 12, Salem 12, Berea 10, Adelaide 3, Bath 3, Sunbury 2, Kitchener 2, Neubrandenburg 2, Medina 2, Strongsville 2, then one from Craigieburn, Cambridge, Toronto, Darmstadt and Seattle.
"The Insidious Harm of Spiritual Abuse" and other articles on spiritual and mental abuse have been moved to a separate place, in order to release some space on the main page.
17 February 2013 (Sunday)
North Altona, Melbourne - This morning the newly appointed Elder Assistent Vlada Papuga stood up in the church and announced that Branislav Milosevic is now under discipline. Milosevic will not be allowed to attend church meetings, share greetings, etc. His fault is that he's been a voice of those members who were against selling the church building. He is also among the church members who appealed to VCAT. Milosevic was told that he is now expected to show his remorse and repent, otherwise he may be completely expelled from the faith. This decision has been made between Paul Pentsa and Andrew Szabo, who call themselves "The Australian Independent Elder Body". In reality, Paul Pentsa makes all decisions by himself while old and senile Andrew Szabo just mindlesly goes along with him. That so-called Independent Elder Body is nothing more than another Pentsa's hoax. Branislav Milosevic said in front of the church that he will not accept this punisment. The decision was made without consulting the church and therefore is void and null.
Branislav Milosevic stood up at the end of the afternoon service and told the church that he did not feel free any further
to sit together with those in the first bench who are showing no respect for the Assembly and keep putting everyone down. Filip Ruzeu had released the members before Milosevic had a chance to announce his resignation on membership in the church.

Milosevic was falsely accused that he was the sole initiator of legal action against the church sale. The purpose of putting him under discipline is to force him to give up of the VCAT tribunal. Milosevic was not the one who contacted the lawyer and is actually only one of those who signed the appeal to the VCAT tribunal. This means that having his signature withdrawn will not change anything. All other signatures came from the Miodrag Cucanic's "Altona 2" group which is out of reach for Janko and Paul.
In the same letter they sent to the
North Altona church, Paul Pentsa and Andrew Szabo demanded that brothers John and George Stefanides surrender the money (to the Salvation Army? It is not a joke, exactly that was suggested) from the Laverton church, which has been sold long time ago. John and George stood up and walked out.
More e-mails:
We don't have to visit a circus for entertainment. Paul Pentsa is is doing a fine job entertaining everyone. Good for Branislav. Branislav, you have our support to not accept this hideous punishment. Paul Pentsa punishes Branislav for appealing to VCAT while at the same time Paul Pentsa is suing brothers in Sydney making a mockery of our faith. Do I smell a hypocrite? As if the courts really care how many people he baptized and why we split over mustaches with the sister church. AAAHHH, this gets better by the day. Even people from our sister church are reading it and they too are disgusted with what Paul Pentsa is doing.
We are pleased that we can share this beautiful photo with you. Kiyoshi James Vujicic was born on 14 February and here you can see him with his parents and grand parents. Congratulations! Kiyoshi's father Nick Vujicic is a world-known motivational speaker and we pray to God to give him strength and wisdom to continue with his mission. (Meanwhile, we'll have to keep dealing with our local demotivational speakers...)
16 February 2013
Our web site was down for a few hours - no, it's not what you think, that Paul Pentsa came and cut the wires. It was just a power outage in the hosting centre and now it's all fine. This web site will be a very long-living one and it will certainly outlive all injustice in Australia's ACCN churches and those who have caused it.

We received this Biblically-based critical review of Paul Pentsa'a infamous attempt to double cross his church in Marsden, Brisbane, and install his son Nick on the position of his heir.
14 February 2013
We have received the following e-mail:
The American elders need to seriously take action against Paul Pentsa and put him down as Elder so there can be spiritual growth in Australia. Paul Pentsa has nothing to brag about seeing ONLY 100 souls baptized in 32 years. The Australian churches continue to decline in membership because of its leadership. So many families migrated to Australia to have the freedom to worship only to have none of their children in the church today because of the constant infighting. What kind of examples are being set to our youth. Do you think they don't see the hatred, the lies, the taking one another to court? Over what? The sale of the church so the poor elderly cannot attend? Paul Pentsa and each one causing such divisions will answer to God if not to man over the chaos that is causing many many to leave the faith and or not join the faith because of the hypocrisy they are experiencing in the church. They preach the Word but do not live it. If the American elders do not step in and do something to stop this, then they too need to examine themselves to see if they too are not Paul Pentsas. Where is the love of the brethren when a brother says many members are crying and one sister belts out... Let them cry!!... Can such a brutal statement like that come from the Spirit of God? Absolutely not.
13 February 2013
Marsden, Brisbane - On Sunday, February 10th, Paul Pentsa stood up in the church in Brisbane and made a threat that he will take this web site to court. We wish him luck. After making this threat and reading parts of this web site to the church, they squabbled for some time in regards of Paul Pentsa's failed attempt to ordain his son Nicky to an elder assistant.
12 February 2013  
These days we are experiencing a big increase in the number of visitors. The record day was 3rd of February with precisely 100 visitors. Now we normally see between 75 and 90 visitors every day. We wish to welcome new visitors from Tualatin, Osterville, Lakewood, Koblenz, Friedberg, Elyria, Hialeah, Temple City, Bad Homburg, Eugene, Cancun, Perth, etc.

8 February 2013  
Approximately a year ago Elder Assistant Janko Tomek stood up in the Altona church and told the congregation that during the past 6 months the church leadership had to spend over 30,000 australian dollars from the church funds but he refused to explain why so much. He told the congregation that if anyone wanted to see the full list of expenses he or she should ask the church treasurer Steven Kolarik (who is Janko's son-in-law). Kolarik, however, never showed that list to anyone who wanted to see it. Therefore it remains a mystery how they spent $30,000 during that six months period - which would be over $1,000 per week. The members are still waiting for the explanation. Well, it would be nice if Janko Tomek stands up again on Sunday and tells everyone what happened with the money.
5 February 2013  
We have received the following e-mail: Hello. I and many of us here overseas are watching the Melbourne situation with much interest. News of this website is spreading like wildfire and everyone is shocked how the believers are acting. It amazes us that these kinds of things go on in God's house. Forcing members to sell their church and then standing up and blasting them for being against it. Wanting to sell a church so the elderly can't attend. Very sad, it's apparent that they don't care for the elderly one bit. 1 Peter 5:5 "Likewise, ye younger, submit yourselves unto the other." Also it is not Biblical one bit that this is going to court. Perhaps this was done so that their true works will be known. This should have been done within the congregation, a vote. Simple majority wins. Yet they don't want a vote because they know they will lose. WOW. This is unbelievable. And they are attacked for voting not to sale the church. Phillians 2:3 "Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves." Yet instead they attack others and this website, because they KNOW EVERYTHING ON IT IS TRUE. If it continues, they will be just as notorious throughout the whole Nazarean world as Pentsa is. JUST KEEP IT UP...
3 February 2013 (Sunday)

Philip Ruzeu
Jobless Naturopath
Altona North, Melbourne - After the morning sermon, Janko Tomek stood up and informed the members about the hearing held on Friday. He congratulated Philip Ruzeu and Steven Kolarik on their good standing at the tribunal. Then Philip Ruzeu stood up and attacked those who put their signatures on a petition not to sale the church building. He also attacked this web site saying that the information on this site is false and that people should not read it. (However, he is more than welcome to write and send us an e-mail with his view on this matter and we will publish it here without any changes.)
Those who tried to argue were silenced and so the meeting has ended. T
he situation in Altona is getting worse and worse.
Marsden, Brisbane - Paul Pentsa announced in the church that the Marsden Congregation does not have building insurance (which the church has been paying for since constructed in 1993). The council requires the building inspection completed to finalise the building permit, to be able to have the building insured. Paul Pentsa announced that they currently have no insurance, and they all need to be careful because of that. The church needs to start collecting money, he said. It remains unclear who had been paying for insurance all these years. Paul Pentsa then complained on somebody's comments posted on Facebook addressing the church building ownership. He said that the church building has been transfered to Pentsa and his sons with the congragation's approval and that there is nothing unusual about that. This is not the first time the members of the Marsden Congregation touched this issue as questions started to be asked soon after the beginning of the court case in Sydney.
1 February 2013 (Friday)
Melbourne - The hearing at the VCAT tribunal lasted a bit over an hour. There were 8 people from the "committee" and 7 of those who are opposed to the sale of the church building and have put the caveat on it. Janko Tomek, his son Daniel, Paul Pentsa's son-in-law Philip Ruzeu, Steven Kolarik, Roma and Andrew Ruzeu, etc. were present. Philip Ruzeu nad Steven Kolarik did most of the talking for the "committee" side. They were nervous and impatient so the judge was forced to warn them a few times using the words "Gentlemen, please!" This was just an introductory hearing and no decisions have been made. The next hearing will be held in March.
We have received an e-mail from an overseas reader: Many of us in America and Canada are watching your site that you are posting all the news in Australia. Please keep posting everything as soon as you have the information. Thank you.

31 January 2013 
Melbourne - The first hearing at Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) is booked for tomorrow. Case W153/2012: Apostolic Christian Church Nazarene vs. Apostolic Christian Church Nazarene Committee. Wow, the church commitee against its own church! Only in Altona.
VCAT Hearing Friday January 1st 2013
NoSaleTomek 27 January 2013
The table in front of the North Altona church in Melbourne has been "updated". Someone sprayed the words "No Sale Tomek". 

Click here to see a bigger photo.

25 January 2013 - "From Father to Son" 
Church meeting in Marsden, Brisbane. Paul Pentsa tried to install his son Nicky to be an elder assistant, i.e. his heir. The church voted against (they probably had enough of the Pentsas). Paul Pentsa is allegedly furious. Many people say that Nicky does not even have a gift to serve as a minister and making him an elder assistant is only his father's desire. 
11 January 2013 
Church meeting in North Altona, Melbourne. Paul Pentsa, Andrew Szabo and Janko Tomek were present and most of the members, all up around 65 persons. The "leaders" first expelled three members, for various reasons, including a women embarrassed to come to church after her husband committed an adultery. Then a discussion about the church property took place and lasted for 4 hours. A majority of members still do not support the sale, but those who want to see the church building sold were much louder. There was a lot of shouting, accusations, threats and rudeness. At the end nothing has been resolved, as expected. The two sides will meet again on February 1st at the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal. On his way back to Brisbane, Paul Pentsa visited Sydney, followed by some members of his family. He did not try to enter the Sydney church as he has been declared unwelcome two years ago. He only visited the outcast group led by Matthew Lincu. They probably discussed the status of the court case against the owners of the Sydney church building. The case stalled after Mr Pentsa and Mr Lincu had failed to provide the evidences requested by the judge.
2 December 2012
North Altona, Melbourne - A letter from VCAT (Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal) arrived to the church address, with Branislav Milosevic's name on it. But Elder Assistant Janko Tomek was quicker to grab the letter from the mailbox and open it. That was the invitation to a hearing at VCAT. After reading the letter, Janko gave it to Branislav, angrily saying "Here is that thing that you are suing us." Janko Tomek later denied that he opened and read the letter.
December 2012
Letter sent to many members of the Altona North church, author unknown. (English) (PDF)
"We migrated to Australia because of its attitude to Freedom of Speech yet we are denied this in our own Church by our Elder Paul Pentsa and Assistant Elders: Janko Tomek and Vladimir Papuga... our words continue to be silenced, our tears are ignored and all our attempts at reason are in vain."
December 2012 - Shocking news from USA/Canada
Steven Sulja and his partners conned investors out of $5.6 million
The Windsor Star published a story about Sulja's dirty business and the Nazarene church in Detroit he leads together with his father-in-law. (It would not be surprising if our Australian chuch leaders sooner or later also become "famous" like Sulja and end up in the newspapers.)
Court Decision from October 2010
September 2010
Members of the Sydney Nazarene Church dismissed Paul Pentsa as their elder and Matija Lincu as their preacher.  
(English & Serbian, PDF)
"Brother Matija Lincu can no longer retain his role as a minister in the Sydney Congregation because of his disorderly actions in his married life. He has lived separately from his wife for some time now, which he has beaten a number of times... Brother Paul Pentsa is not even welcome to visit the Sydney Congregation. During his last visit Brother Paul had secretly recorded the conversations in the church during the members meeting."
Paul Pentsa
October 2010
Ljubica Lincu's Confession (Serbian) (PDF)
Ljubica's estranged husband Matija (Matthew) Lincu bashed her up many times, while serving as minister (preacher) in the Sydney Nazarene church. He was backed up by Paul Pentsa. Even now, Mr Pentsa recognizes him as the minister and uses him as a tool to re-establish his influence in Sydney. There is an ongoing court process.
Matija Lincu
Matija Lincu is still recognized as a minister by Paul Pentsa and preaches regularly every Sunday in front of 4 to 5 attenders, although not in the church in Arncliffe but in a private house, situated in the same street (the so-called "Katka's Church"). He was told by the members of the Sydney Congregation and owners of the church building that he's welcome to come back any time, as a free member, he just would not be allowed to preach. So far he refuses to accept that. 
Ljubica Lincu Confession (English) (PDF)
Ljubica Lincu Confession

May 2006
Paul Pentsa Disregards the Agreement from La Puente
Signed by ACCN Nazarene Elders Jim Igic, Mark Igic, Doug Savin, Mike Palanacki, Robert Freund and Dennis Delph (PDF)
"The elder body is very dissapointed that you Bro. Paul have not honored your word..." - basically they were saying "Bro. Paul you are a liar and we are fed up with your lies."
30 January 2002
Paul Pentsa and Andrew Taylor removed from being Elders (English)
Signed by
ACCN Nazarene Elders Robert Freund and Steve Nenadov (PDF)
Of course, P. Pentsa and A. Taylor ignored this and continued with their eldership to this day.
28 January 2002
Warning Letter to Paul Pentsa and Andrew Taylor (English)
Signed by
ACCN Nazarene Elders Robert Freund and Steve Nenadov (PDF)
Words to be remembered (that was 11 years ago): "Since you cannot see the need for help or reject the help offered, you place us in the position to take actions we are not pleased to take, but must do so to spare the flock from more years of heartache and despair."

Paul Pentsa, Brisbane
Painter, builder and landlord

Janko Tomek, Melbourne
School cleaner, car mechanic and salesman (he buys and sells recycled fish&chips oil from restaurants)

Andrew Taylor (Szabo), Perth
Machine fitter, pensioner
Paul Pentsa - the central figure of decades of church infighting, divisions, abuses and heartaches. By all the rules that are in place in the Nazarene faith, he should not be an elder. Not even a minister, not even a member. Not in the Nazarene church, not in any church. However, he mastered the finest survival skills. When criticized, he always hides behind the Bible saying that by admonishing him we act against the whole church and God. There have been many attempts made by the overseas elders to get rid of him and they all failed. Uneducated but intelligent, cruel, shrewd, pathologically stubborn, Paul Pentsa has become notorious across the Nazarene world. He is a master of double standards. That means, if you do it, it's a sin, if I do it, it's OK. Secret tape recordings, court cases, lies, threats, tax evasions, everything is "justified" if HE does it. He knows how to use the normal human flaws, that all have, in a selective way, to put down those who are disloyal to him but avoiding to discipline members of his family and a handful of loyal supporters. Most of people in and around ACCN church in Australia dislike him or even hate him. He brings out the worst in people but it does not seem that he cares much about that. He has simply learned to live with it. The future of the Nazarene church in Australia looks bleak. Many long-time members have left and there are very few baptisms of new members. The church is in a free fall.
ACCN Church in Altona, Melbourne
ACCN Church in Altona North, Melbourne, currently for sale, price: 950,000 dollars.

ACCN Church in Marsden, Brisbane
ACCN Church in Marsden, Brisbane

Ezekiel 34

And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel, prophesy, and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD unto the shepherds; Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! should not the shepherds feed the flocks?

Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you with the wool, ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock.

The diseased have ye not strengthened, neither have ye healed that which was sick, neither have ye bound up that which was broken, neither have ye brought again that which was driven away, neither have ye sought that which was lost; but with force and with cruelty have ye ruled them.

And they were scattered, because there is no shepherd: and they became meat to all the beasts of the field, when they were scattered.

My sheep wandered through all the mountains, and upon every high hill: yea, my flock was scattered upon all the face of the earth, and none did search or seek after them.

Therefore, you shepherds, hear the word of the LORD;

As I live, saith the Lord GOD, surely because my flock became a prey, and my flock became meat to every beast of the field, because there was no shepherd, neither did my shepherds search for my flock, but the shepherds fed themselves, and fed not my flock;

Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against the shepherds; and I will require my flock at their hand, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more; for I will deliver my flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them.

 Altona For Sale
September 2012 - The photograph shows the table in front of the ACCN Nazarene church in Altona North, 122 Second Avenue, Melbourne. Janko Tomek and his supporters, with Paul Pentsa's approval, are trying to sell this church although the majority of members disagree. This abuse will probably lead to a new court case.


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We used to be a church, now we are a sect. We used to be a faith, now we are a cult. We used to go to prison for refusing to bear arms, now we take each other to court. We used to be poor and honest, now we are wealthy and proud. We used to keep ourselves away from the worldly people, now the worldly people keep themselves away from us. We have lost our way. We are wandering through the wilderness, blindfolded by the blind. Father, forgive us, for we don't know what we are doing.
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