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8 April 2013 - Slow death?
Let's do some numbers. If there are 219 members listed in the current edition of ACCN Australia Church Directory (see below), then how many would be in the new one?

Well, let's see. There are 14 members who have died between the time the current directory had been published and this day. Three members have been expelled. Two families (all up 7 free members) switched sides from Altona 1 to Altona 2. And 6 members in Sydney, who refused to leave the church building and join Matea Lincu's splinter group, have been "written off" (Paul Pentsa said they are "not ACCN anymore" and therefore no one should visit them).

With Paulie & Esther Pentsa who moved to USA, the total loss is 14 + 3 + 7 + 6 + 2 = 32. On the positive side, six persons were baptized. One young brother (Peter Pentsa's son) switched sides from Arnold's group to Paul Pentsa's group in Mardsen. One large family switched sides from Doroslovac's to Marsden, but only one person from that family has become a member. So, on the positive side, there are 6 + 1 + 1 = 8 new members.

Now we see the reality of the ACCN church in Australia and the consequences of Paul Pentsa's dictatorship: 24 names less in three and a half years. The church membership shrank over 10%. That's not all. There are members who do not attend church services anymore, waiting for something to change, or come here and there just to check what is going on. The rest is discouraged and confused. There was only one baptism in 2012 and no baptisms in 2013. The USA and Canadian elders should take a note. Our faith in Australia is in a sharp decline. A few more years like this and there will be nothing to salvage.

UPDATE (12 April 2013). We wrote: Two families (all up 7 free members) switched sides from Altona 1 to Altona 2. But some people told us that it should say: "Three families and all up 11 people". Well, even better. At least there is peace in Altona 2 and their ministers are pretty good preachers, so why not, for a change, go to the church to listen to a nice sermon and enjoy the company of other believers? This is what churches are for, me thinks.

6 April 2013 - The Book of Eternal Life
Here you can see the ACCN Australia's Church Directory with members' addresses and phone numbers, or how some people ironically call it, The Book of Eternal Life. This is because only the "proper" members are allowed to be listed here. There are no members of Altona 2, or members of Arnold Baumann's group in Brisbane. They are not Nazarenes or even Christians, if you ask Paul Pentsa or Janko Tomek. (Click on the image to enlarge)
There are 219 names listed in this latest edition of "Church Directory", published in 2009. We would be really interested to see how many persons will be included in the next edition. We can't wait to see it. Come on, Paul, Janko, it is time to publish the new directory. There are strong reasons to print the new directory book as many members have died, relocated, left or been expelled from the church. Only a few people have been baptized and became members in the meantime. Our church leaders talk about "growth". Let's see that growth. Amoebas grow by splitting, so do churches - right, Paul? Right, Janko? Right, Philip? Right, Vlada Papuga? Right, Andrew Szabo? Of course that you are right, you are always right, how could it be otherwise? As for the rest of us, we poor suckers just have no luck to be right at least once in lifetime.
Oh yes, Paul, Janko, and others - there will be more names to be removed from the next edition, true? Not just the names of the deceased, but also of those who turned their backs on you. What an unforgivable sin they have committed, eh. And how many of them? Sooner of later you will have to face it. Maybe that's why you are hesitant to print the new directory.

4 April 2013 - Questions for Mark Igic
We are still waiting for Elder Brother Mark Igic from San Diego to respond to our e-mail:

From: ACCN Australia <accnaustralia@gmail.com>
To: mark.igic@gmail.com
Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 10:48 AM
Subject: Paul Pentsa in San Diego in May 2012

Dear Elder Brother Mark,
This web page says that Paul Pentsa preached in your church in San Diego in May 2012:
In behalf of the ACCN Australia Website we would like to ask you - how was it possible that our Australian elder Paul Pentsa was offered to preach in San Diego, when you KNEW that he was involved in SECRET TAPE RECORDING, when you KNEW that he LIED about it, when you KNEW that he initiated the COURT CASE against the owners of the church building in Sydney, when you KNEW of Paul Pentsa's CORRUPT and ABUSIVE nature and his involvement in SO MANY CONFLICTS here in Australia?
Would you be so kind and explain how that happened that Paul Pentsa preached - TWICE - in your church? Nothing against your CONSCIENCE?
Thank you in advance.
God bless you,
ACCN Australia Website
2 April 2013 - Elders, judge righteously!
One of our readers wanted us to pass his message to the American and Canadian elders:
Greetings in the Lord,
We want to share that we are greatly rejoicing to see that the US and Canadian Elders will take up the serious injustice being committed in Australia by Paul Pentsa, Janko Tomek and sadly even Vlada Papuga who has joined them.
We pray as the Elders gather in April that those who have their families in Australia (Doug Savin, Roman Pentsa, etc.) will not be involved in this matter.
Brothers, there are solid evidences as you by yourselves can read that Paul Pentsa is corrupt and needs to be put down.
This is not a "he said, she said" matter. There is a DOCUMENTED proof of his corrupt works. It simply cannot be ignored any longer. How much more must these brethren suffer, how many more souls must be lost? Yes, we know it's not easy for you to go against your own, but just because Paul is an Elder does not mean that he cannot fall under the snares of Satan. And clearly he has, therefore you will be helping him spiritually by taking him down so he can see the errors of his ways.
Likewise with Janko Tomek and Vlada Papuga, they should also be taken down and one of you Elders should take over for a season until there is peace and a new vote can be taken.
May God give each one of you the strength to look into this situation and judge righteously. And not be scared of what your fellow labourer (Elder brother) has to say if he is not on the righteous side in this issue. Fear no man as each one will one day give an account to God and not to a man.
Full Sails 
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30 March 2013 - Australian church members tormented
We have received the following e-mail from Melbourne:
I am writing in relation to Australian churches, particularly the one in Melbourne. When ACCN in Melbourne conducted a meeting a few years back organised by Bro. Paul Pentsa and Janko Tomek regarding the purchase of land in Tarneit and the sale of North Altona building, only 48 members attended and only 34 agreed for the sale and purchase. Considering the fact that North Altona congregation consists of approximately 100 (not including Altona 2) members this meeting was not positively conducted based upon not having all members present. The following weekend Janko Tomek announced that 85% of the church agreed; this is another lie of his, only his group turned up the other against it were not present at the meeting. The majority of Altona 1 do not wish to sell the church. Whoever is against the sale and they wish to express their thoughts are told to sit down or the church is dismissed. 
There are many more problems and we are in desperate need to have the American Elders meet down here in Australia to stop all this harassment and bullying and to finally put an end to these corrupt works of Paul Pentsa & Janko Tomek.
28 March 2013 - He is Risen
We wish you happy and safe Easter holidays, dear readers. Just to remind you that Easter is not about hot cross buns, chocolate bunnies or any other rabbits. It is about this:
Luke 24
1 Now upon the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulchre, bringing the spices which they had prepared, and certain others with them.
2 And they found the stone rolled away from the sepulchre.
3 And they entered in, and found not the body of the Lord Jesus.
4 And it came to pass, as they were much perplexed thereabout, behold, two men stood by them in shining garments:
5 And as they were afraid, and bowed down their faces to the earth, they said unto them, Why seek ye the living among the dead?
6 He is not here, but is risen: remember how he spake unto you when he was yet in Galilee,
7 Saying, The Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again. 
26 March 2013 - Elders Meeting: North Phoenix, April 12th & 13th
Nazarenes in Australia are putting a lot of expectations on the forthcoming elders meeting, hoping that the American and Canadian elders will stop the sale of the North Altona church and finally sack Paul Pentsa (it is long overdue). Now we have precise information about the meeting - it will be held on April 12th and 13th (Friday, Saturday) in North Phoenix, Arizona. All active elders are expected to attend. The situation in Australia will be the main topic, or maybe the only topic to discuss. If you believe that you have something to say to the elders prior to the meeting, you can do it via our website. Don't worry, they will read it. Our e-mail address is: accnaustralia@gmail.com
25 March 2013 - Testimony
Paul Pentsa's son Paulie has decided to move to the USA together with his wife and children. May the Lord bless them in their new church community, protect them and use them for His glory. However, believers in the USA need to know that brother Paulie has sinned in the eyes of God and never asked for forgiveness. We have received this message from Brisbane:
Testimony for Brother Paul Pentsa Junior & Sister Esther Pentsa
From Marsden Church, Brisbane, Australia.
This is a testimony for the ACCN Churches in the USA.
Bro. Paul Pentsa Junior & Sis. Esther Pentsa are leaving Australia and moving to the USA.
Sister Esther is a free Sister in the Lord.
Paul Pentsa Junior is not a free member.
Paul Pentsa Junior had recorded the members meeting in Sydney Church
held on 8 May 2010 where most members present were not notifyed on the recording.
This was an illegal, secret tape recording performed on behalf of the elder Paul Pentsa Snr (Paulie's father) and Matea Lincu.
Brother Paul Pentsa Junior has not sought any form of forgiveness for this.
God bless you and keep you in the Faith for eternal life.
24 March 2013 - Your time to ask God for forgiveness
The reader from Melbourne who sent us his letter on 21st of March ("To the self-elected committee") wrote this appeal [click to see] to Paul Pentsa, Janko Tomek, Vlada Papuga and the so-called "committee", saying: Step down and repent, this is the time for you to ask God for forgiveness for you sins and for the tears you have brought upon the church members and those whom you have hurt and offended.
22 March 2013 - A short visit to the bookstore
Authoritarian pastors are usually threatened by any expression of diverse opinions... while displaying an attitude of spiritual superiority, they will reject any invitation to genuine dialogue. Sounds familiar? How about this: Religious legalism is the manipulation of one individual or group of individuals by another individual or group of individuals using religious rhetoric. Or: Another sign of impending trouble in a church is an obsession with discipline and excommunication. Once banished from the group, little compassion is shown the wayward one. These are quotes taken from various articles posted on the Internet, which have no direct connection to the ACCN faith but are painfully recognizable to all Nazarenes in Australia.
As you probably realize, the spiritual and mental abuse that plagued the ACCN church in Australia is actually nothing uncommon. So many other churches across the world have been infected with the same disease. It is important to understand that the people we exposed on this website are just common bullies, common liars, common abusers. And that is how they need to be treated. There is nothing special or mysterious or magical about them. REMEMBER, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE THEIR VICTIM. You are not achieving anything in the eyes of God by tolerating their abuse. Some people think they can save their souls through long-suffering AND submission to obviously corrupt church leaders. They think that those leaders are God-given to serve, let's say, as some sort of temptation to faithful believers. This cannot be true. Biblically, church elders are hand-picked by God and gifted with the HOLY SPIRIT. This is definitely not the spirit that brings anger, humiliation, trauma and division among the Brethren. These are all the fruits of Satan.
21 March 2013 - To the self-elected committee (of thieves)  
A reader from Melbourne has sent us this cry for justice and protection from those who are plotting to sell the church in North Altona and leave many faithful members without a place for worship.
I thank God for this site and the persons responsible, so to reveal the false Prophets/ Elders/ Ministers for ye shall know them by their fruits!
To all believers and non-believers I am sure that you all are witnessing the greatest thing in the HISTORY of the HOLY CHURCH in Australia, the BRIDE OF CHRIST, who is being abused, mugged, beaten up and robbed, and you are a witness, you are reading this site and acknowledging the crime happening to the church (CHRIST'S BRIDE) and YOU are not DOING anything about it. The voice of the members have been silenced. Those who witnessed the truth before the church to correct the error of a Brother/ Sister/ Minister or Elder were put to silence by putting them under discipline so that no one can call them free members. This punishment is imposed on member without the so called general meeting and without inclusion of all members to vote and agree with the punishment put upon the member, but is instructed by the minister/assist. Elder or read from Paul Pentsa’s letter. These are the FALSE Ministers and Elders which are exercising their authority and dominion over the Christ's Bride. Is this not shutting the mouth of the church so its voice cannot be heard?
And now the THIEVES are robbing her, the Bride of Christ (Church) and selling the church building without the members' vote and approval for the sale of the church.
This so called committee of the church is a fraud and operates illegally as its term in office is invalid and had expired after 2 years in office, according to the Church Constitution (chapter V1, article 2 and 3.)
Note that this so called committee (of thieves) is self-elected. There was no any annual general meeting for all members, and I state all MEMBERS, who have not fallen away from faith but attend different time of church gatherings 9.00 a.m. or 11.00 a.m. All members must have been invited to the annual general meeting, by invitation in writing, sent to every member at least 21 days before the meeting. This so called committee had not been re-elected after 2 years which I say is fraud and therefore they are selling the church illegally. Is this not robbing the CHURCH (CHRIST'S BRIDE)? What are you doing about it???
Just to let you know that when CHRIST comes He will go after the thieves and bring them to JUSTICE! YES and a big YES, but that’s not all, He will also go after YOU who were the WITNESSES and were not doing anything about it. YOU are witnessing this!
HELP, do something! Pray for us, for the Shepherd’s of Christ to wake up for GOD's sake: the wolf is wounding/ killing Lord's sheep!
20 March 2013  
The same reader from Canada who sent us the e-mail that we posted on 17th March wanted to add his comments regarding Paul Pentsa's letter to several members of Sydney congreagation from November 2010.  
Greetings Australian Website!
I still can’t get over what is happening with you all in Australia, and have had trouble sleeping, believe it or not, thinking what you people are going through.
AND, still more, these North American elders of ours, not acting on this problem you have there in Australia.
Would it be too much if I could get you to put another letter on the website?
re. No Godly fear (re.Proverbs 8:13)
re. All unrighteousness is sin (re. 1 John 5:17)
re. Believing a lie, and having pleasure in unrighteousness (2 Thessalonians 2:11,12)
re. Delusion = having a belief in something that’s not true.
re. .....whosoever loveth and maketh a lie. (Revelation 22:15)
re. John 8:32 (...., and the truth shall make you free.)
re. Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed... (James 5:16)
May I comment on the above Biblical references on Paul Pentsa's lies.
The Bible is very clear.
It’s not hard to understand the clear meanings of the above verses.
If we have Godly fear, we will hate evil, sin, lying. (Proverbs 8:13)
If we don’t hate evil, well, it’s simple, we will love it.
If we don’t hate lying, we would like it, or like to justify it.
We don’t have to actually do the act of lying to still be accountable for it.
If we love a lie, by allowing it, or justifying it, or NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT, doesn’t make us free. (Revelation 22:15)
The truth will set us free. Lying won't. (St.John 8:32)
And if you love the truth, you will hate lying. If you hate lying, you will act on this, if another member lies. Let alone an Elder.
Not because the ACCN website said so, but, because GOD said so, through the Biblical references. Read above. It’s very simple.
And, the scary part is this.
God will give them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: (2 Thessalonians 2:11) Why?
The following verse explains why...
That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (2 Thessalonians 2:12)
Because they had pleasure in unrighteousness, or sin. As all unrighteousness is sin.
This is very scary.
God will give Paul Pentsa and all his followers to believe the truth, once they repent, confess the sin, and seek forgiveness.
Until this, they are bound in sin, and are not free. As only the truth will set them free from that sin.
The truth is recognising your error. Recognising that you sinned. It’s true that you sinned, well, confess it, repent from it, and seek forgiveness.
This is the act of being sincere and genuine when you realise the fact, as the truth, by confessing your faults, that you may be healed. Healed from your sin.
We all should pray for him, and his followers to repent from their sins.
(James 5:16 continuation... The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.)
I thank you again.
God bless.

19 March 2013  
You are flooding us with your e-mails - THANK YOU! Keep going! There are many questions and comments addressing the words of different elders the that we quoted in the black box at the bottom of this page. This reader has a special message to them, as well as to the members of Altona 1 and 2 and Vlada Papuga, click here to read it.
Update: With 216 visitors, this day - Tuesday, 19 March - makes a new record day. We've had visitors from: Melbourne 68, Brisbane 30, Sydney 23, Melton 18, Salem 16, Cleveland 7, Victoria Point 6, Lakewood 5, Akron 4, Bath 4, Berea 4, Craigieburn 3, Toronto 3, Veszprem 3, New Philadelphia 3, Eugene 3, Neubrandenburg 2, Budapest 2, Corona 2, San Diego 2, Sharon Center 2, one visitor from Adelaide, Guelph, Windsor, Hong Kong, Chicago, and Richland. In the begining we almost had no visitors from Hungary but now it seems that the Hungarians are quickly catching up. Most of young people there speak good English so they are able to read our website. Also - a BIG HELLO to our regular visitors from Ohio - Cleveland, Akron, Bath, Berea. 

18 March 2013 - The Rise of Paul Pentsa  
We have received the following article from Melbourne, from a person very familiar with the history of North Altona.
The USA elders were rushing to promote Paul Pentsa for eldership in the Altona 1 church in the days when Altona 2 was the biggest church in Australia and a very vibrant, active, continuously growing congregation.
In those days Altona 1 was a rather small church group which did not even have a decent song service.
What was behind this rushed decision? The one only reason was that the Altona 2 group had elders from Yugoslavia and the USA elders did not want to lose Australia.
The elders from USA had not asked the Lord for guidance but were carried by a fear of losing control over Australia. As a result we got a man of a bad character appointed as an elder and "the fruit" of his works was toxic straight from the beginning.
We were complaining to the American Elders Body for years but nothing was ever done. Paul Pentsa has a strong support from many American elders, which allowed him to do whatever he wanted.
The structure of ACCN churches is vastly corrupt. Our churches are becoming spiritually sick with their membership declining for years. What should we expect from our Lord now?
I would say: "As you rushed to appoint Paul Pentsa as an elder, you elders from USA - NOW is really the time to bring him down a.s.a.p., to restore our churches and ask for forgiveness. But even if you decide to do this, be aware that so many souls have been lost forever and so many are damaged spiritually and mentally for life! For so many years we've been providing a "picnic" for the enemy of our souls! The sin in our churches was evident for so long and you have done nothing!
It is a time for restoration; otherwise we will all be badly punished by God Almighty! 
17 March 2013 - Canadians think their elders are worse 
Dear Site owner/writer,
At the moment, I won't give my name out, but could do in the future.
I did some questioning in Australia, regarding Altona 1 and Altona 2, and would like to comment based on my received information, if I may.
Firstly, I would like to say, wow!! You guys down there in Australia seem to have it pretty tough.
Secondly, I would like to say, CONGRATULATIONS for posting a website. It must not have worked any other way, if you people are doing it this way.
Thirdly, about our elder Doug Savin here in Toronto. Come on guys, he is the SAME as this Paul Pentsa elder, if not worse, believe me. Or, at least in a different but same mentally unstability manner in the faith as this Paul Pentsa elder.
Most of us here would not have thought to act the way you people have, regarding issues in the churches and among disobedient elders. But, you sure have given us an excellent example in looking into doing the same here in Canada.
Doug Savin actually visited Australia, some years back, that Altona 2 paid for his airfare ticket, together with elder George Bodjanac. Both are the same as that Pentsa elder in Australia, might I add. I don't even have time nor would I like to even start commenting on elder George Bodjanac.
These elders of ours in North America shared communion services, with the bread and wine, TOGETHER, with your elder in Australia, knowing FULL well what the elder meeting concluded in La Puente.
This is very clear that there are North American elders that support Paul Pentsa's sins. This is very clear based on their visit to Australia.
Somebody had put a note on the website what Doug Savin commented:
"In 2003 Paul Pentsa asked the elder body if he is under the jurisdiction of the North American elder body, and it was decided then that he is not. This means we have no say in Australia regarding him and his churches." (Doug Savin, May 2012.)
Are you for real, Dear Doug Savin!!!!
Altona 2 church paid for your airfare, and you did little or anything for them. You went holidaying, when Altona 2 church paid for your airfare, and you did no spiritual work with them or for them.
You ended up overthrowing the La Puente meeting conclusion, knowing FULL well, that Paul Pentsa did NOT fulfill what he promised to do in Australia.
You seem to allow lie to be transformed into truth and OK, because he is an elder, and accountable to nobody. Elders can commit sin, and other elders will just keep it silent, and all should be OK, God can't see that!!
How could you, Dear Doug Savin, firstly, share communion with Paul Pentsa, who is in the sin called "lying". You know that.
And then you have the shame to state we have no say in Australia regarding him and his churches?
So, lying is OK by you?
So, if he isn't a part of the same elder body, lying is not a sin?
You should be questioned whether you have some sin, when you are trying to get out of your responsibility (as an elder) for sin committed by an elder.
Paul Pentsa wasn't ever an elder for Altona 2 church, nor would he probably EVER be.
So, Doug, if this IS the case then come to Altona 2 church, and do what is right with them, and for them. Come on!!
You have no say regarding Paul Pentsa and his churches. Altona 2 is not under Paul Pentsa nor his churches. Never was, nor will probably ever be.
So, come along and prove your faith by your works. Lets hear that Altona 2 is paying for your airfare again, but for a PROSPEROUS one this time. For the right, and righteousness. Not for unrighteousness. Remember, ALL unrighteousness is sin.
Just to add: Paul Pentsa was removed from eldership (in January 2002) which is before Paul Pentsa questioned whether he is under the North American elder body.
So, this goes to show that your comment is invalid.
(Dear site writer: is there any way you could post that letter, back from January 2002, together with my comment, just so when people read my comment, they can view that letter at the same time.)  [Sure, here it is.]
I thank you all.
God bless.

Greetings in the Lord!
Yes, we will post your message, which we find very interesting, especially the part that describes some of the overseas elders. Here in Australia we tend to think they are "good guys" and "saviors" (they just never come to save us from anything.) Regarding the comparison between your and our elders, sorry, but we reserve the right to believe that there is no one worse than Paul Pentsa. This mentally ill man has caused so many problems that we would need a few more websites just to list them all. There are SPLITS IN ALL FOUR CHURCHES in Australia (let's for a moment forget about Perth as that there is not a real church, only two families and they worship in Szabo's dining room.) Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide - ALL FOUR DIVIDED and it was Paul Pentsa in all four cases who was pulling the strings. You have to admit that your elders in Canada do not have such impressive record. Amazingly, there is still a number of weak-minded and spiritually hollow people, to call them that way, who believe in Paul Pentsa's "innocence".
God bless you - ACCN Australia Website
16 March 2013 - Back online 
We're back! Indeed, the very fact that you are reading these words tells you that. We wanted to temporarily or permanently shut down our website as a sign of goodwill and willingness to help resolving the problems, correcting the injustices and stopping the abuse. That failed. Their terror continues. The church in North Altona is still for sale, Paul Pentsa is still an elder, the court process in Sydney is still going on, and the American elders have done absolutely nothing about all this. In the best Paul's and Janko's tradition, all our calls for justice have been cynically ignored. Well, now we are going to ignore their calls to close the website. That should give them an idea how it feels like being THEIR victim. Let's hope and pray that they will learn something from it. As for the rest of you dear readers, expect plenty of new material to be posted here, some of it nothing short of shocking. You are most welcome to keep sending us your questions and comments, and you aready know that our e-mail is: accnaustralia@gmail.com
STILL FOR SALE - Nothing's changed, unfortunately. The table in front of the North Altona church has been removed and cleaned but the church is still on the market. Janko Tomek and his comrades are not giving up, despite the growing resentment even within their own group. We have heard some rumours that the price may go down. We also hear that the VCAT judge may order the money to be split between the Altona 1 and Altona 2 groups, in which case the Altona 1 group (Janko Tomek) would definitely have insufficient funds to build a new church.

Click on the picture to open the full Westwood's ad. As you can see the current price is 950,000 Australian dollars (1 AUD = 1.04 USD on this day).

Click here to go to First National Westwood website.
15 March 2013 (Friday) - Second VCAT Hearing
Melbourne - There were no surprises - nothing has been resolved. The rift is getting even bigger. We exprected Paul Pentsa to come but he didn't. The following people attended the hearing:

The "sell-it" side: Janko Tomek, his son Daniel, Filip Ruzeu, Vladimir Papuga (Janko Stefanides' son-in-law), Steven Kolarik, his father Vlado Kolarik, Michael Stanjo, Roma Ruzeu, his brother Andrija and Andrija's son Jo Ruzeu.

The "don't-sell-it" side: Nebojsa and Zdenka Cucanic, Vlada Stanjo, Janko Stefanides, Branislav Milosevic and his wife Doina. There were also some other members from North Altona who just came to listen but their sympathies were obviously with the "don't-sell-it" group.
We have received this report from a person who was present in the courtroom:

At the appointed time we met for a "directional hearing" to discuss the issue of the stolen property which was unlawfully put on the market by those who have never invested a single cent in its building, not to mention the manual labour, as they were not even born at that time. I am asking myself whether there is any common sense in this and also asking myself why they don't think a bit more seriously about what they are doing. I am really hurt by the attitude of our elders, both from Australia and the USA. I would like to ask, for example, brother Jim Igic what he would do in our place - would he react differently instead of playing "neutral" like he does? We were sending them our pleads and cries but we have received ONE BIG NOTHING. It is important that you know this before you condemn us for ASKING THE LAW FOR PROTECTION. Brother Doug Savin was visiting Australia a few years ago; he is fully aware of the situation but he probably does not want to be involved because of his family ties. Will we have a different reasoning and judgement once we enter the Heaven?
The hearing at VCAT lasted for approximately 40 minutes and was ended with no resolution. The mediator (i.e. the Member) had patiently explained that he was not the appropriate person who would be able to resolve our issues. We presented him the only remaining book of collections for building the church. Vlada Stanjo and Janko Stefanides explained the reasons for being against the church sale. The mediator then allowed Steven Kolarik to comment on their complaints but Kolarik started to condemn us using the words THESE WHO ARE PROTESTING ARE NOT OUR MEMBERS. The mediator has interrupted Steve Kolarik as he apparently did not have patience to listen to their hatred. During the last hearing the mediator had proposed all of us to make peace with each other (leaving the church property aside). Filip Ruzeu replied that that was NOT POSSIBLE - you can see how much goodwill and love they have.
The mediator said that he is not in the position to support any of the sides, but he suggested us to lodge a request for DISCRIMINATION based on what he had heard from both groups. Nevertheless, he extended the case and gave us an additional time of 30 days so that we can be prepared for the further process.
Regarding the way how our BROTHERS behaved, those who will live in Heaven together with us, I will just tell you that they did not even want to look at us. Only one of the ministers, Michael Stanjo, came to say hello.
This time Vladimir Papuga was at the hearing. He was probably worried about his new position of Paul Pentsa's sidekick. This future elder looked at us only once, without even nodding. I believe that when he sees a neighbour Italian, Greek or Australian on the street he greets him and asks him how he's doing, but we are obviously less worthy of his attention. One brother shouted from his wheelchair: SHAME ON YOU. They probably wanted to provoke some compassion at the tribunal. The above mentioned brother came in his wheelchair and the other one came on crouches. It was hard to imagine how far Janko Tomek can go just to achieve his goals. He should know that he and all those who support him have SINNED AGAINST GOD when they took a brother off the ministry just because his sermon was about the Holy Word not approving Christians to go to worldly courts of law, although Janko's wife last year went to the SUPREME COURT. 
14 March 2013 - Here we go again

Melbourne - Tomorrow, at 11 AM, the second preliminary hearing (or, how they call it, "directions" hearing) at VCAT (Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal) will be held. What is actually a "directions hearing"? The following explanation is copied from the VCAT's website:

A Directions Hearing is conducted by a Member of VCAT. The purpose of a directions hearing is to set a timetable for the hearing, including, if necessary: 1) orders for the filing and service of all material to be relied upon at the hearing and 2) setting a date for the actual hearing.

At the directions hearing the Member will consider alternative dispute resolution options. It also allows the Member to make directions regarding any special procedural issues requiring attention and to answer any questions about the conduct of the matter. The Directions Hearing deals with preliminary matters, not with the substance of the application or complaint.

The Member will ask each party how many witnesses they intend calling at the hearing. This helps the Member decide how many days will be required to hear the application. The Member will ask the parties to prepare a written statement for each of their witnesses. These statements should set out the evidence that each witness will give at the hearing. The statements should be set out in numbered paragraphs. The purpose of witness statements is to shorten the length of the hearing.

No evidence is taken at a Directions Hearing.

In some cases the Member may also try to encourage settlement to take place.
13 March 2013 - Jano Sulja's Letter to Australian Churches
One of our readers sent us his translation of Jano Sulja's letter to Australian churches from 1996, written in Serbian language. This way our English-speaking readers can read the letter and get a better understanding of the current conflict in the church in North Altona, Melbourne.
The original letter in Serbian (which we posted on 2nd of March): Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3
12 March 2013 - Janko Tomek's "Spiritual Profile" 
A member of North Altona, who spent many years watching what Janko Tomek was doing, wrote this "spiritual profile" of JT and asked us if we could share it with our readers? Well, it can't hurt.

Janko Tomek, a former car mechanic with bad reputation.
A current Elder Assistant, with an even worse reputation.
Isaiah 59: 14 - And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.

With all the problems in Altona, we can clearly see the footsteps that Janko Tomek left behind. Be it in a direct or especially, and indirect way. He couldn’t do anything without OK given from Paul Pentsa.

He has developed an excellent system in which he is able to talk his VICTIMS into doing something without HIS name being mentioned (a real professional). Two times up until now he had split churches, this would be his third. It is truly a gift of his to make problems among the children of God. While he was in the mechanic business, it would have been interesting to get his customers' feedback, as up until now, we haven't heard of one good work of his. Just to Nazarenes alone, how much bad work he has done, me being one of them! He would NEVER acknowledge that he made a mistake with his repairs. He is the first one in my life that I have met that thinks he is absolutely PERFECT and every other person is wrong. For him is impossible to ask someone for forgiveness and acknowledge that he did wrong, that will NEVER HAPPEN. He had made a huge mistake repairing a brother's car, and here is what he did with the money which the brother had paid him: he went to that brother's house and stuffed the money into his mailbox. Is this what the Bible tells us to do? Go and CORRECT and APPOLOGIZE for it, not throw the money back at him. His own words are these: we need to go and apologize even if we are NOT at fault because we are Christians. So does this not apply to him then? Or just to us? He does not even worry about his own soul, so how could he be worried about others? Here is how much he loves his wife Zuska: he sent her to the SUPREME COURT in Sydney to report about church matters. Yet he is soooo against us going to the much lower VCAT tribunal. Tell me what kind of standards are those?? Proverbs 20:10Diverse weights, and diverse measures, BOTH of them are alike abomination to the LORD. He is using respect of persons. He has mixed in his son in law S. Kolarik into many problems both here in Altona, as well as Sydney church. I don't even need to mention the $31.000 dollars that he has taken over 6 months, which he does not want to talk about. At least he hasn't till now. WHY????? Anyone with a normal, healthy mind cannot comprehend why. He does not respect the ZAJEDNICA at all, he only tells the church what he feels like.
2 Thes. 1:6 - Seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you. Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.
11 March 2013 - How they see us in Canada 
E-mail from Canada: Although I understand the reason you took down the website, I'm hoping it's temporary. It seems that in the last few weeks this web site has really gained major momentum across the nation. You have exposed Paul Pentsa for whom he is and it seems that perhaps his days of dictatorship may be coming to the end. It's important to keep this website alive and running for that reason only. There are no words to describe what the Australian churches have gone thru with the dictatorship of Pentsa. The Melbourne ministers who are scared to voice their opinion against the sale of the church because they are in fear of being taken off the pulpit should be taken down for that reason alone. Such cowards. Stand up for what is right even if it means losing your ministry position. Thanks to that person who exposed them anonymously. And also shame on those who want to build a church but won't put a penny towards it. Such hypocrisy. Thank you for your efforts in cleaning up the corrupt in the church. Will be praying that God will continue to help you and that Pentsa will lose his job and that Melbourne can keep the church. The best thing would be to see all those in favour of NOT selling the church to transfer to Altona 2.
God bless you.
Later we sent our response:
Greetings in the Lord!
We would like to ask you for your permission to post your message on our website, of course without your name and e-mail address. We would also like you, when have time, to write an article on how Canadian Nazarenes see Australia and our situation. Are they interested, what do they think, etc. We feel pretty isolated here and it would really help us a lot if we can get a feedback from overseas.
Thank you in advance!
God bless you
ACCN Australia Website
Our reader from Canada replied:
Yes of course you can put on the website, without my name or email please.
Many are interested in what is happening in Australia, not only the middle age and older ones but even the youth.
From what we are hearing is that most everyone is saying that Pentsa has to go and the American/Canadian Elders are at fault for not following up and taking action against Pentsa. We are also hearing that the Elder Szabo is a VERY BIG trouble maker. From our understanding he is now alone in Perth. We also heard that a minister was taken down in Brisbane and that minister moved to Adelaide but does not attend church. Also those that personally know Janko Tomek from Canada are so ashamed of him that he is causing so much shame to our faith. They can't believe he is that kind of bad person. Some have said that they totally are against Pentsa and that Pentsa has to go but don't agree with the website, for all to read. But many understand why the website is up, that the situation is very critical and it's the only way to bring attention to the Elders to take action. To my knowledge the majority want for VCAT to rule against the sale of the church and against Janko Tomek and Pentsa. About Vlada many are surprised, they believe Janko Tomek brainwashed him and now he doesn't see the truth, others say he likes his position too much that he doesn't want to go against Pentsa to lose it. If some information is wrong that we heard, please correct it and I will pass it on.
God Bless you all.

They said...
"In 2003 Paul Pentsa asked the elder body if he is under the jurisdiction of the North American elder body, and it was decided then that he is not. This means we have no say in Australia regarding him and his churches." 
Elder Doug Savin, May 2012
"Unfortunately this is not yet resolved and North American elders unwillingness to be involved in Australia has made this all the more difficult. Nevertheless, the elders do not support the work of an elder to continue on autonomous basis and not being accountable to anybody. How this will or can be resolved is yet to be determined perhaps at the next elder meeting."
Elder Boris Vujicic, Aug 2012
"Since I am not an elder in Australia and my input on this matter has not been solicited by an Australian elder, I am requesting that you do not circulate my reply to your question. I do not want to be misunderstood by Australian elders as imposing on their matters."
Elder James Igic, Aug 2010
"Bro Paul is a faithful and genuine shepherd of the Lord, also my brother in law, and I would not want to do anything to hurt him or cause loss of peace in Marsden."
Elder Arnold Baumann, Nov 2009


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