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Spiritual and Mental Abuse in ACCN in Australia - Page 18
13 May 2013 - A letter to all members
Our overseas sources are telling us the following:
Dear ACCN-Australia!

I greet you all with God's wisdom, strength and Holy Guidance!
It still seems pretty much closed information on the outcome of the Elder meeting.
The only kind of slight information I am hearing is that the elders are going to be sending a letter to all the members in Australia.
Don't know on what, for what reason and the outcome on this.
God bless.
10 May 2013 - See you in court
It's always nice when you begin your day with a bowl of cereal and a few new messages.

Re. The court case Matea Lincu & Zivadin Kovacevic vs Owners of the Sydney church building
Are you guys for REAL Mister Pentsa and Mister Tomek??
You got to be joking!!
Do you seriously BELIEVE you are going to succeed in anything (spiritually) by taking a brother to court????
Why don’t you organise a meeting with Brother Laza from Sydney?
Why are you guys scared of him?
Have a discussion about it. Is it THAT hard?? Come on people, what’s wrong with you??
And also for Altona 1: why don't you guys sell 5 or 6 acres out of the 10, and you will probably have half the cash towards the construction of the new building you guys want to build. OR, better still, mastermind Mister Romulus Ruzeu, you could sell 20 acres out of you 200 or so acres, and pay for ALL the construction costs. You seem to be very eager to get hold of the funds from the sale of Altona church. Well, why don’t you sacrifice for another Church of the Lord, when you have the ability to do it the most??!!
Think about the peace you will bring by making some very simple steps.
9 May 2013 - New record month: 4,805 visits in April
It's time to update the stats. During the period between April 1st and April 30th, inclusive, we've had 4,805 visits. This is around 10% higher than in March (4,340). In terms of unique visitors (which would actually translate to unique WWW devices, such as computers, mobile phones and tablets) their number in April was 895, which is also significantly better than in March (799). Therefore, April is the new record month. In some other circumstances we would be proud to have such successful website, but we are rather sad because the website is nearing its sixth month of existence and nothing has yet been resolved. Yes, the abusers are now silent and defensive. Yes, the table in front of the Altona North church has been removed. Yes, people are now less frightened and confused. This is all positive. But the court process in Sydney is still going on, the Altona church is still on the market, and Paul Pentsa is still, officially at least, an elder. If this website needs to run next ten years, so be it, it will. There is no rush. Dear American and Canadian elders, take your time. Do what you have to do, slooooooowly. Let us know when you reach a decision. Meanwhile, read the website, there will always be new stories and interesting comments.
6 May 2013 - Isolated in the black & white world
New day, new messages:

The reason we are "isolated" is not because the elders tell us to be. Most of us Nazareans try to live the WHOLE Bible (although we fail miserably). We are trying to follow "What fellowship hath light with darkness?" and "Come out from among them and be ye separate, saith the LORD." So please don't put us down for being "isolated."
Also, to the poster who said all elders need to work together hit it right on target. But WHY don't they? Because the American elders just want worldliness, so they can't mix with the European elders who actually want to keep the faith. Here in Australia, we are in a pathetic state spiritually, but I often wonder if it is any better in the USA and Canada? From the stories I hear, there's no difference between some (not all) of the Nazareans in USA and the world.

To be, or not to be (isolated): that is the question! Mind you, there is a difference between being with this world, and being like this world. We do not take part in sinful activities, but how to preach the gospel if we are hiding from the world? Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid, Matthew 5. Lord Jesus himself used to go to weddings (in Cana, John 2), mix with the Greeks (Decapolis, Mark 5) and the Samaritans (John 4). He said to his disciples: I have chosen you out of the world (John 15), but later: Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mark 16) That does not sound like a call to make ourselves isolated. Etc. Etc. There are many other verses that can be quoted. However, we are talking about an isolation of a different kind. It occurs when a church/sect becomes "autistic" and starts isolating its members just for the sake of manipulation. Everything becomes painted black and white. "We" are white and the rest of the world is black. "They" are also black. "They" = another group within the same faith. "We" should not mingle with "them". "We" are good and "they" are bad. "We" must isolate ourselves from "them" because "we" do not want to be like "them". Blah, blah... This is when abusers like Paul Pentsa and Janko Tomek INTENTIONALY isolate people from each other, in the name of some imaginary "purity". For example, there was that old sister in Adelaide, Alinka Hardi, who passed away in 2010. It happened that way that her sons wanted Boris Vujicic and Mile Cucanic to preach at the funeral. Janko Tomek did not like it. He said to the church in Altona "I do not recommend you to go to that funeral." It sounded more like a threat. As a result of that, only a few members of Altona 1 went, and no one from Janko's circle. What to say? That old sister was our member for almost 60 years. And when she died, somebody like Janko Tomek tells people not to go to her funeral. This is the sort of sectarian isolation we are talking about.

You are asking - is it any better overseas, in Canada, USA, Germany, Hungary, Serbia? Yes, it definitely is. They have their own issues, of course, but it is nothing like in Australia. We are just not aware of it, and tend to think that everywhere is equally bad. Why? Because we are ISOLATED.

UPDATE 1: We have received the following comment:


UPDATE 2: One more comment:

Whoever you are.... you certainly know how to word your comments very well and explain many things that others cannot. I hope this website gives you and many others a satisfactory resolution in the near future. Until now no one has ever dared do something so brazen like this. We do not dare identify ourselves on your website for fear punishment may occur. Many stories could easily be told about many incidences which have happened to me and many others in the past which are not right but for fear of identification we cannot share. The fear of punishment is too great.

Well, what to say? Dear sister or brother... fear God, not man. The fear of God is the only justified fear. Never be afraid of abusers and bullies - deep inside they are cowards. Give them a good slap in the face and their boldness will be shattered into pieces. WE KNOW THAT, WE'VE SEEN THAT. Don't be afraid of Paul Pentsa and Janko Tomek. They are just like big balloons full of fart. They have no power to make your standing before God any better or worse. Their days are numbered, anyway. Your relationship with God will last forever.
UPDATE 3: New message:
Re. anonymous person adding comment regarding:
- "We do not dare identify ourselves on your website for fear punishment may occur."
You don't have to identify yourself. But it will be very important that you make a move, that in the future, you STAND UP for the truth, and don't keep silent when you see unrighteousness occurring in church, during the fellowship, or to ANY brother or sister ANYWHERE else either. Try and understand what you will expect from other members if you were not treated righteously?? Well, very simple. Do likewise. Do exactly to others what you would like them do to you in that situation. It's simple. This is God's righteousness. And, remember, ALL unrighteousness is sin. SO, as it is unrighteousness if you are treated unfairly, and other members be silent, so it's also unrighteousness that you keep silent, when another member is suffering for being treated unfairly. You don't have to be identified. Just remember to practice what you believe and know. Then your faith is alive by your works. God help you to understand this. I wish you well, and would like to strengthen your faith. Be strong and courageous for the Lord's sake and for righteousness' sake. Any persecution for the Lord's sake is a sign that you are living Godly. Refer 2 Timothy 3:12.

5 May 2013 - Churches are different, abusers are not
This is the most interesting message we have received today:

Hi there. Do you really need to put information up about child abuse in other religions / churches? I check your website frequently as I have had many past dealings with the ACC, however not really interested when I check the site and see this article. It's totally OK if you have nothing to report regarding ACC problems / issues. I would rather just a quick update to say 'everything is quiet at the moment, we don’t have much to report' and then update again in a few days. Maybe find some articles regarding ACC. I for one would LOVE to see or know what is in an Elders handbook (if there is one)... Surely the elders must abide by the same rules/principles??? How can an elder in AU be so different to another elder in another country. I am amazed to see that there has never been anyone keeping an eye over the AU churches previously. Surely every elder needs support from other elders and surely every elder needs guidance too. Why did everyone forget about AU?
Even though the ACC is not like a company, generally all managers/CEO (as should elders) get together to work on business plans, talk about issues and how to resolve problems...  A company would not be successful if one manager or CEO decides to just 'do it himself' and not listen to anyone else. That company would fall apart very fast PLUS the employees would become unhappy and leave. It's a shame as the ACC could be such a wonderful place if it was run differently. Maybe people who have left in previous years would not have left if the elders supported members and made the place of worship happy and uplifting!

Thanks. The current investigation into child sex abuse is a fairly big thing here in Australia. We wanted to show that churches may be different, but abusers are not. Give them a chance to abuse and they won't hesitate. Pay attention to the title "First isolated, then abused". People in our faith are spiritually and mentally isolated from the outer world, even from their "non-Christian" relatives. They are not allowed to attend weddings or funerals if organized by some other church. They are pushed into self-isolation, and then abused. They can't run because they have nowhere to go. They have been raised as Nazarenes, that's all they know. It is often the case that their families are also Nazarene. To be expelled, that's the end of the world to them. It's like the Amish - where would an Amish go if expelled from his community? This is what the predators within our faith use to the max, to keep people frightened and discourage any disobedience.
4 May 2013 - New hearing in the Supreme Court of NSW
Sydney - The court case Matea Lincu & Zivadin Kovacevic vs. Owners of the Sydney church building continues. The next hearing is booked for 26th August this year in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The new hearing will be held approximately one year after the first one. The hearing will be open for public.
3 May 2013 - First isolated, then abused
Let's see for a moment what is going on over the fence. Our local Australian TV channel ABC is reporting on this government inquiry into child abuse in Catholic schools.

The Christian Brothers order of the Catholic Church in Victoria has described its record on child abuse as "indefensible".

The Oceania province of the order is giving long-awaited evidence at the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into child abuse.

The province says it has received 266 complaints of child sexual abuse in the past 80 years.

Inquiry chair Georgie Crozier asked province deputy leader Brother Julian McDonald to explain how so many notorious paedophiles, including Robert Best and Gerard Ridsdale, could have been allowed to offend for so long at the St Alipius Catholic School in Ballarat.

Ms Crozier said it appeared at one point in the school's history that only one female lay teacher was not offending against children.

Brother McDonald said it was a "sad, tragic" story and he would not attempt to defend it. "We know that. We knew that and every believer of Christian Brothers should have known that."

Brother McDonald told the inquiry the church had a "spartan, repressive" culture at the time. "We were taught to have little connection to family. For instance we didn't go to weddings, funerals, family celebrations," he said. "It was a culture that was based on moral code of thou shalt not."

"So the culture of religious life when people joined, certainly when I joined, was repressive to that extent."

The order admitted it had spent $980,000 defending Robert Best in court proceedings in 2010 and 2011 and $1.5 million for all offenders.

Victims and their supporters scoffed loudly and shook their heads throughout parts of the brother's evidence.
2 May 2013 - In Serbian, please!
You asked for it, and here it is! The new page (click to open) for your comments and questions that were written in Serbian language. A good proportion of our readers is bi-lingual and able to understand Serbian as well as English, so please keep sending your messages in both languages. 

1 May 2013 - Elders are servants, not masters!
This anonymous message is addressing the superiority complex that clouded the mind of our Australian elders:

One cause that has made the Australian church situation the way it is has come from elders making members be silent. Meaning: to be able to have control, keep the members quiet, otherwise we (as elders) won’t have dominion over them. Firstly, it’s not according to law, as freedom of speech, and the MORE, it's not Biblical. Re.St.Luke 22:25-27.
Servant = a person in the service of another.
Lord = a person who has authority, control or power over others.
Who are we? Servants or lords? Don’t be deceived, what who sows, that WILL he reap. Re.Galatians 6:7.
There was a member that moved from Hungary to Australia, and one Australian elder approached him, and told him that he was not allowed to bring anything before the church. He needs to approach the ministers / elders first, and bring it before them, and they (the ministers / elders) will bring it before the church if they believe it needs to come before the church. This act is called lordship, not an act of a servant. Anything that the ministers / elders can discuss or decide things for the church or its members without the presence of the church and its members, is the action of lordship. Christ taught not to exercise dominion or lordship, but to be servants to all. And, Christ also taught: Who wants to be chief to be a servant to all.
This makes the members quiet, and the ministers / elders can get away with all sorts of sins and unrighteousness, as it won’t be brought in front of the church, as they have dominion. Christ is not the head of this type of church. This is very clear. Christ as the head of the church doesn’t give His role to ministers / elders. The ministers / elders role is to serve, not to act as lords, or exercise dominion.

UPDATE: Some of the reactions to the article above:

- Regarding the "Elders are servants, not masters!" message dated 1st May 2013 - You hit the nail on the head, perfectly. Perfectly true. Amen.

- This is a normal practice in Altona 1, we know this is Pentsa, Janko Tomek and suporters system for years.

- What is supposed to be done with false brethren and with false teachers and with false apostles? Do I smell something here? Who are you elders working for?

29 April 2013 - You are keeping us in the dark
Here we have a new message received through our contact form:
Just to respond to the update from the North American letter.
I don't see the reason why are the elders so secretive, when Paul Pentsa and Janko Tomek already know the outcome of the Elder meeting because of his brother Roman and supporters. I am sure that he was notified that night the meeting ended, his brother/supporters could not wait to be the first to notify Paul Pentsa the outcome. Why is the Altona 2 church kept in the dark from the outcome of the Elder meeting? Where it has been said that Janko Tomek and his blind supporters held a secretive meeting where only 40 or so members were invited to make an unrighteous plan to make their next move. For God does not speak through the minority but through the majority, so WHY were not the other 60 or so members invited? Because the other 60 or so members are against any unrighteous plans.
So please American Elders, don't be so secretive as Janko Tomek, and inform the Altona 2 church of the outcome and the recommendations of the Elder meeting.
27 April 2013 - All quiet on the western front
We have received this encouraging message addressed to the members of the Altona 2 group:

Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.
(1 Corinthians 15:58)
For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
(Hebrew 4:12)

Next message: Do you guys have any news about the elder's meeting? What is taking so long to hear the outcome?
Nope. All quiet on the western front. But having said that, here is what someone else thinks:

The only way to keep elders honest and transparent is to bring them in front of church every 2-3 years! If they get a trust of the church fine if not remove them from the duty! Most of them are "doing-nothing" characters anyway.

Wow, what an awkward idea. That would actually make our elders accountable. No, no, no...
UPDATE: This message came from North America:
Greetings Australian ACCN Website!!
I believe that the elders most probably have a plan, that are trying to keep quiet.
Or, they might even have plan A, and or plan B for Australia, knowing Bro. Paul Pentsa and that Bro. Tomek.
Paul Pentsa and his crew would attempt to break, bruise, evaporate, eliminate and spoil the plan/s if they knew ahead what the decision is.
This is why I believe it's taking so long for the elder meeting decision for Australia to be known, not openly allowing those crooks to try and get things ready, what they might plan to do.
They might even call the police to church, if some elders visit Altona 2, as Altona 1 threatened the elders last time they visited Altona 2. Or, they might be ready to physically attack and remove the members / elders from the church. Being stronger and more furious than last time, as it is visibly seen, they might not ask help from the police this time. It is visible that Altona 1 is very furious. This is evident even from here in North America. Our prayers are that Altona 1 would repent, confess and seek forgiveness. There is no other way out.
Just be a little more patient, and in constant prayer that the Holy Spirit would openly and clearly reprove Paul Pentsa, Tomek and their supporters of sin, of righteousness and of judgement. (refer St.John 16:8)
God help you, Altona 2, and all your supporters in Australia!!!
Be strong, and do NOT give in, regardless what the elders do or don’t do!!!

26 April 2013 - Spiritual foundations of our website
We have received messages where our readers questioned this website's mission and whether a website like this one contradicts with the commandments given in the Bible. Our answer is: no, quite the opposite. We are serving our Lord by spreading the truth and exposing the sinners. That way we are protecting the victims of abuse. The spiritual foundations of our website can be found in many parts of the Scriptures, like for example in Gospel by John 8:
1 Jesus went unto the mount of Olives.
2 And early in the morning he came again into the temple, and all the people came unto him; and he sat down, and taught them.
3 And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery; and when they had set her in the midst,
4 They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.
5 Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou?
6 This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not.
7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
8 And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground.
What did Lord Jesus write on the ground? The Bible does not tell us that, but the common explanation is that Jesus’ finger was writing the names of sins, sins which the Pharisees and those in the crowd had committed. He wanted them to feel ashamed of their violence and leave the woman alone. And that worked. By publicly exposing abusers' sins, Lord Jesus saved the woman!
Today, we don't have to write on the ground, we have the Internet. Pretty much everyone is able to access a website or even to create their own. This way, through this website, we want to remind the abusers of their sins, to publicly rebuke our own Pharisees and eventually stop them hurting more people.
Unfortunately, this is the only way to deal with the abusers. They are a specific sort of people who do not follow common sense, do not have healthy conscience and do not listen to anyone. There are unrepented spiritual, mental and physical abusers in our church, and all of them will be exposed. You have certainly heard of numerous cases of child abuse in the Catholic church. These sadists, molesters, child rapists, paedophiles should be publicly exposed and put to shame. The media continues reporting and the courts of law keep prosecuting them. It is fully justified to put their names and faces on the TV and in the newspapers. It's not true that we are hurting the Christ by exposing a sinner. Quite the opposite, the sinner is hurting the Christ with his sin.
24 April 2013 - Brother Paul, sit down
This message has arrived today, written in Romanian:
Frate Paul Penca stai jos si premeste cadin muna donului ca osaci fie mai usor in ziua de apoi ca daca dobndesti toata lumia si icperzi sufletul naidobundit nimic io te rog in donul ca un frate al mais slab io te cunosc tare bine nu face pe fraci rumuni de rusine ca dunezau cunoste inima de iel nu veiscapa ca daca tia pliaci nuiveifi mai mic inaintia lui cristos si dunezul nostru saci dia putere sa te poci apleca asta ruga si rugacinia pentru tine dela mine fratele tau nu lasa pe ziua de apoi cai pria turziu si nai unde sa fugi.

UPDATE 1: Later we received this message:
Can someone translate the Romanian comment you posted? Many of us do not know Romanian.
Join the club. Google Translator does not help much. The only thing we can do is to wait for a reader who is proficient in Romanian and willing to help.
UPDATE 2: It didn't take long! We've got the translation. THANKS.
Brother Paul Penca, sit down and accept this as if this is a request from the Lord's hand. It will be easier for you in the last day of your life.  If you gain the whole world but lose your soul, you have gained nothing. I am asking the Lord and you, as the weakest brother. I know you very well, don't embarrass us Romanian brothers, because the Lord knows your heart. You cannot escape the Lord. If you were to humble yourself, it wouldn't make you any smaller. If front of Christ and our Lord, may They give you strenght to humble yourself. This is my prayer and I pray for you. From me, your brother, don't allow this to continue until your last day, because it will be too late and you will have nowhere to run.

23 April 2013 - My way or the motorway
Someone sent us the following message:

This whole issue and problem CAN be resolved logically and peacefully, "if you want it solved".
All parties to sit together at a meeting, respect each other, do not be "tvrdoglavi", give everyone the right and time to say their opinion (and the reasons).
Let the Word of God be the guide.
Identify the issue, then place all options on the table. And then choose the best option to this disagreement (and stick to it), without involving non-members, let alone courts!
These issues CAN be resolved, if you want them resolved.
This is not hard to do as long as each person:
 - does not lie
 - respects every brother/sister
 - makes the Word of God the guide
 - puts ones "I" or "me" aside, so that it may be "as the Lord wants"
Christian greetings to all.

Well, whoever you are, you are a good soul. But when it comes to the Australian church "leaders", you need to understand that we are not dealing with reasonable people. Yes, you are right - normal, reasonable men would sit together and say: "OK, enough of this, we should stop hurting each other and try to reach an agreement that would be beneficial for all." But Pentsa, Tomek, Ruzeu, Szabo, etc. are not that sort of people. Their minds are "closed". Their mindset is like a narrow, one-way street. It's not that they don't want - they are NOT ABLE to accept anyone's opinion that goes against theirs. It's always "My way or the motorway." This is how they operate. And this is how they've been operating for decades, and their way worked, indeed, because people were confused with all that rhetoric and afraid of being disciplined & excommunicated. There is no genuine goodness inside these people. They would walk over your dead body without any remorse. They would walk over your children's bodies. They have no faith, it's all religion. But beyond religion, it's their selfishness, pathological stubbornness, their enormous ego and pride. They are always hiding behind religion, but in fact they do what they want. Hey, they don't even listen to other elders, and you expect them to listen to someone else? What's the point of talking to these people about problems? When it's obvious that THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.
22 April 2013 - Scared of asking questions about their money
Our new contact form works flawlessly. We have already received several messages. For example, a reader from Melbourne (as it looks) has sent us the following comment:

First of all let me thank you for putting this web site on.
I am from Nazarene background and I knew there were things going on there that are not according to the Word of God. But I was shocked to see to what extent.
There is one question that the Altona church has to be asked. When was the last time that they held a financial meeting to advise the members of the profit & loss statement? The members have every right to know (by law) how much were the offerings and the expenses for each financial year... again required by law to be submitted to the ATO office every financial year. I believe that this has not been done for a number of years. How do the members know that the offerings have not been misused by the leaders?
Another thing the members should be asking Mr Tomek on what did he spend the $30,000 odd thousand dollars on. He (or anybody) has no right to spend any money without the members knowledge.
Unfortunately the members have no right to ask anything... If by any chance somebody gets the courage to ask any sort of question they automatically get threatened to be put under discipline.
I truly feel sorry for all the members and specially the elderly in the Altona congregation. The elderly members should be able to worship in peace and not have to worry that they will not have a place to worship if Mr Pentsa gets his way.
I pray that GOD'S WILL will be done, and not man's.

Please keep sending your comments, short and long, positive and negative. We are planning to open a separate page and post them all there. NEW! It is also fine if you write your comments in Serbian language, as many of our readers are able to understand it.
21 April 2013 - Ljubazni, don't put anything on the Internet!
Melbourne - This Sunday Elder Assistant Vlada "Ljubazni" Papuga warned the members not to post church issues on the Internet, otherwise they could be disciplined. Little Dorothy would say - Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Papuga earned his nickname by repeating the byword "Ljubazni" (engl. "Dear Ones") over 100 times during his sermons. Ljubazni this, ljubazni that. Some members of Altona 1 were putting marks on a piece of paper every time he would say "Ljubazni", and at the end of his preaching they were quite amazed with the total score. Oh, well. There is definitely some room for improvement. Now, ljubazni, let's see what's new in Queensland. Believe it or not, Paulie and Esther Pentsa came back to Brisbane, abandoning their plans to settle in the USA permanently. Their "American Dream" did not last very long, less than a month. There's no place like home, right Dorothy? We wish them welcome. 
18 April 2013 - More space on front page, faster loading
Monday, 15 April 2013 is our new record day - 252 visits from 38 different cities across the (Nazarene) world. Another website-related thing is that we've done some reshuffling in order to release space on the front page.
NEW - Now you can contact us 100% anonymously
Thanks again to all our readers who have sent us their e-mails with comments, questions, suggestions and even complaints. We are aware that many more people would like to contact us and share with us their thoughts but they are somewhat afraid that their name and/or e-mail address could be posted on the website. First of all, we do not reveal people's personal details by default. But for those who are still hesitating to contact us, we have provided this basic contact form. As you can see, there are no mandatory fields for name, e-mail address, etc. You can simply type in or copy/paste your message and click the Submit button. The website will then forward your message to our e-mail address and there will be no way that we or anyone else could see who you are or where you are from.
Write your message here, then click Submit

17 April 2013 - The price of Earthly Justice

We are still waiting to get some information about the elders meeting. What we have received so far is pretty contradictional and unreliable. It seems that the elders have decided to keep everything in secret. All right. No special news from the "Altona Battlefield" either. There have been some efforts to "freeze" the church titles but the final outcome of this is still unclear. Legally, the "freeze" would be "stronger" than the caveat that is currently in place. The conflict will at the end have to be resolved on the court (the "real" one, not the VCAT tribunal). Both sides seem to be reluctant to go that far, not just because of the spiritual aspects but also because it costs an awful lot of money. We are talking about 50 to 100 thousand dollars on each side, should they decide to go to the Supreme Court of Victoria.

In the meantime, people are making comments on Arnold Baumann's love/hate relationship with his brother-in-law Paul Pentsa. For example, here is what they say: Greetings! What is Brother Arnold going on about? Why is he teaching us to stay with Paul Pentsa, when he couldn't stay with him? Arnold and his wife even stopped going to church in Marsden because of Paul Pentsa. It took Boris Vujicic to convince them back to church by starting their own, just so they don't have to listen and obey their shepherd. Arnold didn't want to take anymore abuse or dictating from Paul Pentsa so he left, but now is urging and advising us to on how to be faithful listeners to Paul. We are learning from our Elder Brother Arnold Baumann of what to do, and that is to stand up for our faith and leave Paul Pentsa's dirty tactics and dictatorship. Thank you Arnold for showing us the way! Arnold, why the all of a sudden change, are you afraid your church members will go back to Marsden once Paul Pentsa is no longer an elder, so you are advising them how to obey their elder? Or are you planning to go back to Marsden with your family so you can correct what you did wrong, leaving and not obeying your elder Paul? Please don't advise us what to do if you and your family aren't able to do the same. You know very well that Brother Paul won't work with you and allow you to come back and keep your eldership, as there would be no need for his sons to become elders. Brother Arnold, you know this and now we do too, plus Paul Pentsa will find a way to get rid of you like last time, through your children, by not allowing them to go to cinemas.
12 April 2013 - Today is the Day: Elders meeting in Arizona
The elders from the USA and Canada will meet today in the ACCN church in North Phoenix, Arizona (see the picture), to discuss their current issues, but first and foremost the situation in Australia. They are expected to sack Paul Pentsa as an elder and appoint one or more of their own elders to oversee the churches in Australia. This website supports their efforts, however, it is important to repeat that this website won't be removed as long as Paul Pentsa is an elder, a minister, or anything else in the Nazarene church. We want to send a clear message to the elders gathered today in North Phoenix - brothers, please, do us a favour, and do yourself a favour: have no expectations whatsoever that you can keep Paul Pentsa as an elder and at the same time have this website removed. That is simply not going to happen. So please do not waste your time trying to reach some sort of "compromise". It is too late for compromise. After all these years of abuse and heartache, we can only say this: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Paul Pentsa has to go. That man is sick in his body, in his mind and in his soul. A minister from Brisbane described him as "rotten" (Serb. pokvaren). Of course he is rotten, but it's not just that. Make no mistake. It's the devil's spirit inside of him. The spirit of deception, division, desolation and destruction. Paul Pentsa does not have anything in common with our Savior Jesus Christ. He is our Lord's adversary - a false teacher, false shepherd, false prophet. Don't let this man baptize innocent people as we do not know with what spirit he does it. In the aftermath of Paul Pentsa's reign here in Australia, we will ask you to carry out certain spiritual works here in Australia, most importantly, to re-baptize all those who have been baptized by Paul Pentsa since January 2002 when he had been removed from being an elder. Baptism with water will not be necessary but you will need to lay hands on them again, just in case, to make sure that these souls have received the true Holy Spirit and Salvation.
UPDATE. Soon we received the following e-mail: Greetings. While I agree with a lot on your site, you went over the top with today's update. To suggest that believers did not receive the Holy Spirit because of Penca is a huge thing. You are only going to anger the elders with that, and they likely will not help you. I suggest (only for your sake) that you remove it. When the elders see that, they probably will just leave the situation alone. Believers receive the Holy Spirit with their Faith, not by man, so you are going against our basic tenants of our faith by what you wrote... and they will be less likely to help and say "these are the kinds of people we're dealing with." Please don't be offended by what I wrote, I'm trying to help. God Bless you.

Thank you. Your comment is in line with some other comments that we have received so far. You are quite right, a demand like this is not "politically" wise. But we have to look at the spiritual side. We all know that in our faith we actually do re-baptize people. If someone with a catholic or orthodox background comes to us and says "I want to be your member", we tell them "OK, but your have to be baptised again, this time PROPERLY". We do not recognize their baptism and therefore we do not tell the people (the way you wrote it) "Believers receive the Holy Spirit with their Faith, not by man". We re-baptize these people to make sure they truly receive the Holy Spirit and can enter the Salvation. This way we may not be on good terms with the Catholic and Orthodox churches but it's simply a part of our faith, the way how we do it. For many of us, to have someone like Paul Pentsa baptizing people is an INSULT TO GOD. It is disgusting. It is blasphemous. It is similar to seeing a young girl marrying a three times older, rich man, and everyone around saying "What a wonderful couple, they are so much in love." Or seeing a paedophile surrounded by little children, giving them lollies, and everyone saying "Aww, such a nice man, he loves kids." But you know it's something else. How would you feel?

Paul Pentsa loves baptisms. He uses them to reaffirm his status- "See? Whatever people say about me, I'm still the boss here." Those baptized by Paul Pentsa, and even their parents, if there are any, are not likely to ever turn against Paul Pentsa. This is how he recruits his supporters. There is more. In our faith, if there is a problem in the church, we first fix the problem and try to establish peace, and THEN we organize the baptism. Paul Pentsa does not care about this principle. He uses baptisms to pursue his political agenda. He knows that people are "soft" and emotional after baptism and will agree with the things they normally would not. Approximately six years ago, for example, he stood up in Marsden, after the baptism and Holy Supper, and said to the church: "Well, do you mind if we put my son Paulie to be a minister?" Just like that, no voting, no nothing. Everyone sat silently but no one wanted to argue because they felt it wasn't the right moment. Last year, in Melbourne, Paul Pentsa stood up after a baptism and asked the members in Altona 1 to vote for Janko Tomek to be an elder. That was sneaky, typical of Paul Pentsa. He saw that many relatives and supporters of Janko Tomek were not at that moment inside the church as they were preparing food or doing some other things. He wanted to humiliate Janko Tomek, who thinks he should be an elder like Paul. So for the second time Janko did not get enough votes and Paul said "Well, if your church does not want you to be an elder, it is fair if you let someone else try". That's how they voted Vlada Papuga. Paul simply needed someone more servile than Janko to be his elder assistant. Politically, this is all "clever", no doubt, but spiritually it's filth, sin and blasphemy. It's something that makes all true Christians feel sick in their stomach. Paul Pentsa uses what is the holiest thing in our faith to confirm his position and fulfil his political agenda. That is why many in Australia and overseas believe this all should be reviewed, once Paul Pentsa is gone.
10 April 2013 - Pulling the same trick twice
We heard rumors that in both Altona 1 and Marsden will be held meetings where Paul Pentsa and Janko Tomek will try to get support from members to reject the American and Canadian elders. That would be the second time that Paul Pentsa is pulling the same trick. It worked once so why wouldn't it work again? Now when he is just about to be sacked, he will say that "the membership" has decided not to accept any decisions that comes from overseas. And if some of American elders later come to Australia and request a meeting with Paul Pentsa, he will tell them that he's rushing to the picnic (again). How clever, eh? Be prepared for Sunday!
9 April 2013 - Arnold Baumann: "You are assigned to Paul Pentsa"

Elder Arnold Baumann,
...I was also wondering how is it that you brothers, and other brothers, seem to know about the "future" of the Nazarene faith in Australia? Who told you that the Nazarene faith in Australia has no future with br Paul as an elder? Has God told you so?  Have you considered that a congregation is assigned to an overseer's care? Note that 1 Peter 5 refers to those "assigned or alloted" (from Strong's concordance) to an elder's care. It is not just the other way around that the elder is assigned to a congregation. I can say an elder feels a duty to and responsibility for his congregation, and to all the members that have been assigned to his care, and I would hope br Paul feels the same burden and care for Sydney congregation too. Therefore it is not an option to just remove an elder because some members have an agenda or issue with their elder. Don't make the mistake to think I have any intention to be removing any elder from his assigned flock. That duty is in the Lord's hands. God is the gardener of us all and cuts off and prunes branches in His vine according to His wisdom. God is a caring Father that treats us all as His children and chastens us for our spiritual improvement. He deals with us that we may be healed and so benefit from His discipline. "So that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed", Hebrews 12:12.

...I have given you my honest advice previously, and do so now again according to my faith and conviction. The Scripture has this for all of us brothers to accept, "obey your leaders and submit to their authority. They keep watch over you as men who must give an account. Obey them so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no advantage to you", Hebrews 13:17. However when it becomes apparent to me that you brothers disregard my advice, advice from an Australian elder, I will not be surprised then when you also have no respect for the input of any other elders either, from wherever they are. If your decision is still to just disregard my requests and instructions I will simply be obliged to follow the instruction of the Bible to me, as is written in Titus 3:10 and Romans 16:17. "If people are causing divisions among you, give a first and second warning, after that have nothing more to do with them" and "brothers watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teachings you have learned. Keep away from them".

...So finally in closing brothers, my request to you is still this; please immediately remove the damaging material you have posted on the Internet; please as soon as possible restore conditions of the Sydney church title to include several of the Sydney church members; stop issuing any further prerequisite demands to any elders; and stop with your demands for the removal of br Paul as an elder; instead seek peace and pursue it.

A part of a long e-mail that Elder Arnold Baumann had sent to some brothers in Australia in August 2012 just before he was presented with the documented evidences that Paul Pentsa lied about the secret tape recording. For you dear readers who do not know brother Arnold: he is the leader of a "splinter group" in Brisbane which separated itself from Marsden's Paul Pentsa ten or so years ago. They currently have around 12 members. Arnold's wife Minnie is Paul Pentsa's sister. Paul Pentsa does not recognize them as Nazarenes and does not allow members from Marsden to visit them. He does not do any church works with Arnold Baumann. Arnold is not welcome to preach in Marsden and last time Arnold was visiting Altona 1 he wasn't even offered to pick a song.
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