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Spiritual and Mental Abuse in ACCN in Australia - Page 4
10 December 2015
"NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM" - Sent by a reader

Janko Tomek said to our congregation, we (our church) have nothing to do with the American and Canadian Elders. My question is - why is this hypocrite asking for money from the American and Canadian Elders? (AUS)
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28 November 2015
Sent by a reader

Past weekend 21 and 22 November we had a wonderful & blessed time in Altona North church. Five souls accepted Jesus Christ as their saviour & redeemer.

Praise the Lord, for his mercy endureth for ever, AMEN. (AUS)

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Let's take a look why so many didn't come from Mt Cottrell.

1 Cor. 11:26-29, "For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes. 27 Therefore whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner, shall be guilty of the body and the blood of the Lord. 28 But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of the bread and drink of the cup. 29 For he who eats and drinks, eats and drinks judgment to himself, if he does not judge the body rightly." (AUS)

17 November 2015
"YOU MAY GO TO ALTONA BUT..." - Sent by a reader

"Our elder (Paul Pentsa) said, we won't stop anyone who wants to go to Altona baptism but we should not take the Holy supper with them", Janko Tomek said on Sunday. I don't have words to describe what I am feeling. (AUS)

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If you can attend, then you can accept the holy supper and if it's not allowed to accept the holy supper, then it means we shouldn't be allowed to attend at all. Very contradicting in a nice and cunning way... (AUS)
The psychopath from Marsden has ordered his moronic followers not to take Holy Supper in another ACCN church - how pathetic. You people look so so dumb. (AUS)
Whoever follows God will attend and whoever follows man will not attend. Fear of man is more respected in our church than the fear of God. Pharisees and hypocrites. (AUS)
Who does this elder think he is? I can see very clearly that this is wrong on so many levels. It is telling others to say "NO" to holy supper. It is really hurtful because it is like saying, "Don't eat with those lepers over there" only much much worse than that because you are prevented from partaking in proper fellowship on a very special occasion, baptism. How hurtful and unholy to Christians is that?

Can someone tell me what would the consequence be of not obeying this elder and obeying Christ instead? (AUS)

Yeah, because they are not recognised remember? They are not recognised because I can't rule over them... (AUS)
Christ said "Feed my sheep" not "Lord over my sheep". There is only ONE ruler, Christ Jesus the King. There is a covenant in the Bible that God lays out for Christians to obey that the elder wants you to ignore. At the head of every man is Christ. (Not the elder as your head but Christ Himself) -  (1 Corinthians 11:3)

That means that a man must make the decision for his own family about holy supper with direct consultation to Christ.  An elder is not a personal decision maker between man and God. There is only one mediator - Christ The King. (AUS)
16 November 2015
"THE NEW CHURCH BUILDING" - Sent by a reader
I would like to write something ENCOURAGING.
The New Church building is going very well. Nice to see that everybody is putting in their time, effort and hard work every weekend, and it shows that unity does work. I give Praise to GOD, that after so many years since the Nazarene church started here in Australia that finally the ACCN will have its own roots.  MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL ABUNDANTLY. (AUS)

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Unity in labour but not in spirit. We are divided in our church, there's no denying that truth. (AUS)

This is not the first church being built in Australia:
The First Nazarene church in Australia was built in Altona North 1973.
The people that are now called Tarneit church, stole from those who put so much effort in Altona N. church, and sold it. Is this how Christ-like love works in so-called Christians?
But God said "Vengeance is mine!"
There are so many things that could be written about those so-called saints in Tarneit church but not this time. (AUS)

23 October 2015

Please beware:

In Queensland, the TIA prohibits the recording of a telephone conversation if a device that is physically attached to the telephone is used to record the conversation. Therefore if the telephone had an external bugging device attached, it is illegal to record the conversation in Queensland.

Mister Pentsa, do you remember the last few phone conversations with an Elder from Ukraine?
Others have recorded those same conversations too... (AUS)

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These characters seem to be filled with self-importance. They appear obsessed with their own greatness. Who does that??? (AUS)

I am reading these comments only from time to time and I am shocked! To me it is really sickening how much hatred and demonizing attitudes some comments have! I wouldn't even accept those statements full of poison. How could you put all believers in the same bag and label them as almost non-Christians? Who is giving you that authority? Do you know they belong to God? Or, you don't have any fear of God?

I would stop immediately publishing them. Honest and open discussion is what we need, not muddying and backstabbing others. Don't join yourselves with evil tendencies to demolish work of God! (AUS)

I agree that open and honest discussion is the very best approach but this cannot happen with certain leaders who prefer covert operations.

Such leaders are not interested in an open and transparent discussion because it would reveal their hypocrisies which they want to hide. (AUS)

To say that you are Christ's one would follow Christ's teaching. Jesus said "he who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her". Here's a question, are the people posting on this website without sin and faultless before God? How is your conscience, and is your anger stronger than your love and forgiveness? (AUS)
Love is beautiful and is from God and so is a certain type of anger that stems from God. Anger is not sinful if it is directed at something that God hates. It’s not sinful to be angered about SINS that God hates such as abortion, homosexuality, idolatry, and the support of unrepentant people that practice these sins and other types of sins. If you support them when they are unrepentant, you are also supporting their sin. (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. (AUS) 

For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Mathew 7:2. Is it possible to be angry and sin not? (AUS)
Peacemaker is one who has received peace by acknowledging his or her wretchedness before God, and through repentance and faith has been adopted into God’s family. Following this, the peacemaker enters the Father’s business of spreading the full message of the gospel to others so that they may also know true peace. What is truly wonderful is that when we know peace with God, we experience the wonderful peace of God as we tell others about Him. This is Christian living. (AUS)
15 September 2015
Baptism on 21st and 22nd November

Janko Tomek and his supporters are building a temple for at least 300 people, although this group has merely 30 to 40 members. Recent guests from overseas were surprised and put off seeing such monumental church building for so few attendants. Janko Tomek is now in dire straits to raise more funds and finish his church. He believes he could get some money from Sydney church in Arncliffe, due to be sold in October. Interestingly enough, Matea Lincu and Paul Pentsa gave an offer to the bank to buy the church for themselves (!) This is why the bank let Matea and his group still gather there. Some people made comments as if that was the actual reason why they gave the offer - just to make the bank let them stay in the building, although they do not seriously intend to buy it. Meanwhile, the independent Nazarene church in Altona North is growing. Five souls are to be baptised on 21st and 22nd November this year. Elders Arnold Baumann (from Queensland) and David Nicolson (from USA) will be in Melbourne for that weekend and perform the baptism service.
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Praise The Lord that there will be 5 more souls saved. Praise God!!! (AUS)
God is clearly blessing & growing the Nazarene church at Altona North! (CH)
2 August 2015
"JANKO TOMEK SHORT BY $350,000" - Sent by a reader

Please give donations; Janko Tomek announced at the meeting they don't have enough money to finish the church building, short by two hundred thousand dollars, plus one hundred fifty thousand owing to the bank, that is 350.000 dollars they need for "NOW", later maybe more. (AUS)
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Andrew Taylor and Paul Pentsa can sacficise their property/properties for the Lord's property when they are the Lords over the Lords house/s.

So does that sound fair? Why not! (AUS) 

It shouldn't be a problem. Janko Tomek can sell Vlada Papuga's house and they should have enough. (AUS)

Selling Vlada Papuga's house?

That's plenty of money, plus you will even ample of change for Tomek's trip expenses to go to Sydney for the attendance of the church sale / auction...

And if there is STILL enough, he might even bring his deacon wife as assistance in church work / matters / court case... (AUS)

Why is it about money, so often? To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice. Prov. 21:3 Let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream. Amos 5:24 (AUS)
23 July 2015
"A HUNDRED DOLLAR QUESTION" - Sent by a reader

QUIZ for the MONTH:
(we might consider handing out a $100 Myer gift card if answered correctly and precisely)
- What does Elder Paul Pentsa from Marsden, Australia, and Elder David Nicolson from Akron, USA, CURRENTLY have in common?
- There would be hints if nobody gets even close.
- Anyone can add hints if they want to. (AUS)

Your comment?

Both married? (AUS) 

Servant means:
- a person who is employed in another person's house, doing the needs of required work.....
- a person who works for their Lord....
* is Elder Nickolson and Elder Pentsa employed in the Lords house to do THEIR work or work of the Church?
* are they being "servants" or "lords" (AUS)

Ephesians 5:11,12

11: And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.
12: For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. (AUS)

Oh, I thought it was more like:
- court cases over church properties
- church property investigation and or title searches
Are we getting close??? (AUS)


The bare site of the demolished Nazarene church in Altona North, Melbourne. Good work, Paul! Fine job, Janko! Oh, yes, and the church in Arncliffe, Sydney, will soon look like this.
12 July 2015
"SYDNEY CHURCH FOR SALE" - Sent by a reader

This morning Paul Pentsa announced in church that SYDNEY church is for sale. He is pleading with people to rescue it. Otherwise Credit-Union will sell it. (AUS)
OUR COMMENT: Paul is probably saying "What?! Are you blaming ME for that?!"
Your comment?

Who cares! (AUS)
It is so wrong to post things which contain wrong information.
For the "RECORD" !
Paul Pentsa DID NOT REMOVE the minister in Marsden because "His daughter wanted to go to the movies".
It was the minister himself who stated that he no longer wanted to minister, since he also attends the movies at times, He was urged to continue to minister by other ministers, but he refused, two weeks later he notified the church that he was leaving the congregation, and two weeks after that he started what was called Mt. Gravatt Church, and put himself up as a minister. (AUS)
9 July 2015
"AT THE MOVIES" - Sent by a reader   

 Thank you for your message. It is a good topic for discussion, whether Christians should or should not be watching movies. Paul Pentsa is, as we all know, an elder in Marsden. His children do not watch movies, right?

Your comment?
(Same reader from Queensland) It's not where you watch, it's about what you watch. You could go and watch a Disney cartoon or you could watch disgusting things on your computer at home. We should always act if Christ was next to us. (AUS)

Please explain! What is the difference between "watching movies at the cinemas or hire videos and sitting in your living-room and watching"? (AUS)
17 June 2015
"VERY SICK CHURCH POLITICS" - Sent by a reader

Here is something people don't know about.. This is how much of a hypocrite Janko and Vlado Papuga are... They all hate the way Keilor Downs and other churches like them, wear jewellery. But the crazy part is, a friend in the Lord, in their own congregation is wearing a wedding ring that she will not remove. The church even knows about it but Janko and Vlado won't do anything about it because they need votes for eldership. Very sick church politics.
So, Paul Pentsa, we hope you stick to what you believe in. That they should be taken off the ministry just like the way you took down a minister in Marsden years ago because his daughter wanted to go to the movies. Paul, we don't want anymore elders in Australia like this. So are you going to take them and the other ministers down? Maybe you believe it is all OK as long as it is according to your plans? Just like removing that brother off ministry. God help us. (AUS)

Your comment?
Janko & Pope Michael, what will this Sunday's preaching be about? More hate speeches? (AUS)
Leave us in Keilor Down alone, we serve GOD not devil like you. (AUS)
Hehe Pope Michael. Description is spot on. (AUS)
Guys, where in all your squabbling is room for the gospel? For Jesus and grace and the mercy of God. These politics give no glory to God, they confuse people as they are petty bickering of people who may not have any understanding of the point of Christ at all.

So sad that the church refuses to be taught and to move forward and reject their own desire for accolades. Anyone who visits this site outside of the church would just see all the mudslingers for the Pharisees they are.

Surely, surely at some point you would crave more than just to target each other to expose each other's failings.

What you have ultimately at the end of the day is a whole pointless empty belief system that doesn't target human depravity and the need for Jesus.

It's obviously on the hearts of many of us who know the gospel to pray for genuine change for those in the Nazarene church. Perhaps the fact that it is a slow and sorry process makes one lose heart, however God is good. His mercy may it lead you all to Jesus. Each and everyone who has sought Him here. We are all mire in His eyes without the covering of Christ. Every single last one of us. (AUS)

15 June 2015
Sent by a reader

Janko Tomek took it to another level yesterday at church. He preached how we should not be mixing or sharing the Holy Communion with the Altona church. He also mentioned how they are like Catholics. Are we all going to sit in our seats quietly whilst this blasphemous man has no boundaries? Where is our elder Paul Pentsa? (AUS)
Your comment?
I don't think Paul Pentsa would say such words about Altona church what Janko Tomek said, but he doesn't recommend going to those churches he doesn't rule over. For this reason he supports Tomek and keeps him on this position. Pentsa thinks he should be ruling over all Nazarene churches in Australia. (AUS)

I was shocked to hear him say this. He has no fear of God & no knowledge or understanding of the Bible. Anyone who supports him saying this is very ignorant. Anyone who is silent too & doesn't say anything & just puts up with, has no fear of God either & isn't a soldier of Christ. Stand up for Christ & for God. Stop being scared of men & start fearing God. You will find peace if you do. Sincerely. Pray about it. (AUS)

Once again the cult leader JANKO TOMEK of Mt Cottrell has expressed his beliefs in God. He has no regard for the young souls seeking the Lord or the new convert who was baptized and the members of the Altona Congregation. He is sooooo ANGRY now and JEALOUS because Altona Church had a beautiful BAPTISM. Tomek had to respond with blasphemous and cursing words and said the ALTONA CHURCH are like CATHOLICS. Janko, do you know that BLASPHEMY against the HOLY SPIRIT is the only SIN that can not be forgiven! Pentsa, this is your assistant Elder here. Are you going to fix it or are you going to join HIM? IF you don't respond to TOMEK'S words then you agree with him. (AUS)

So shocking and abhorrent. (AUS)

Mark 3-28. Assuredly, I say to you, all sins will be forgiven the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they may utter. But he who Blasphemes against the holy spirit never has forgiveness, but is subject to eternal condemnation.

Revelation 3-1  These things says He who has the seven spirits of God and the seven stars. I know your works, that you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead.

Revelation 3-7 He who has the key of David, He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens. Janko who are you to shut the door on the souls who seek the lord and refer them to Catholics? (AUS)

We are not questioning what Paul Pentsa will say but what action will he take?! We are exposing our kids to this constant hatred from the front bench. Michael Stanjo said to a member "We have nothing to do with Altona church". Where is Michael's son? Where is Michael's daughter who practices witchcraft? This church needs to stop judging and take a good look at themselves and humble themselves for everyone is suffering one way or another from the front bench of hypocrites. (AUS)
Let us remember that many of those baptized in the Altona church were baptized by the same Elders as many that attend Mt. Cottrell church. We are baptized with the same Spirit, so be careful of blasphemy. A man must have a lot of hate in his heart and not much fear of God at all to be able to blaspheme so freely with his tongue. Brethren, let us remember that we must all give an account to God for every word that comes out of our mouths. More fear of God is needed. (AUS)
So much hatred and discouragement. You will only push more people out of this church with your preaching. (AUS)
Michael Stanjo shouldn't be a minister. He judges everyone else but his own household. He should take care of his family first before telling others how to be a Christian. He should not judge at all and because his son was a friend and fell away and his daughter practices witchcraft, he should humble himself and sit down from being a minister. At least Altona church are worshipping GOD. Michael should be taken down from minister. He is far from perfect. (AUS)
Michael Stanjo shouldn't preach, he doesn't know how to read or speak English. The ones in church who know English just shake their heads in disbelief. Let's pray he learns how to humble himself and sits down once and for all.

Now about Janko... Firstly he didn't mention Altona by name so he could have been preaching against those that went to Padina and had Holy Supper there. In either case he is wrong. Secondly he is soooo upset that brother Miodrag from Altona became an assistant elder. Brother Miodrag only has to wait 1 year before being voted for eldership. Janko has been waiting more than 13 years for his eldership but Paul Pentsa and the church don't want Janko as their elder.

Perhaps Janko is regretting doing Paul's dirty work by selling Altona and splitting the church, and now Altona has their own congregation and possibly a new elder to be, brother Miodrag, in a year, and Janko may never become one. Paul Pentsa, why are you playing with Janko like a ragged doll, just let him know you won't ever be able to share your throne with him. (AUS)

He has already blasphemed. Stevko Petrak said to members that Altona has fallen! All I see and feel when I socialise with Altona brethren is love and harmony. Keep the love alive Altona! Hate will never prevail. (AUS)
Where does Nick Pentsa stand in all this? (Akron, USA)
Nick Pentsa is Paul Pentsa's son. (AUS)
To comment 12:- He's busy preaching against same-sex marriage!!! Go figure. (AUS)
Are Janko's daughter's inlaws not Catholics? (AUS)
Correction to comment 13:- Nick Pentsa is Paul Pentsa's stooge. (AUS)

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