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Spiritual and Mental Abuse in ACCN in Australia - Page 5
  31 May 2015
Sent by a reader
  I am very saddened reading this website. Instead to have open sharing of burdens, hardships and concerns, this website is full of poisonous comments of bad and really bad Nazarenes in Altona. I know personally some comments written by some characters for years and years who are full of hatred for God and Christianity.

Yes, some "bad apples" are there and God knows them very well, but even Jesus mentioned in His teaching we'll have them always. So, instead of proper discussion to Glory of God this website is becoming many times as a tool of enemy, muddying everything and even their teaching. Shocking! May God show mercy to those who hate His Church. And, really, really we all need Mercy of God.

We must face the fact that many today are notoriously careless in their living. This attitude finds its way into the church. We have liberty, we have money, and we live in comparative luxury. As a result, discipline practically has disappeared. What would a violin solo sound like if the strings on the musician's instrument were all hanging loose, not stretched tight, not "disciplined"? (AUS)
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OUR COMMENT: So what do you suggest?
I have a suggestion. Let's go back to the sermon Jesus preached on the mount, and without any complicated interpretations, let's put Jesus' words into practice. There's teachings of being the salt of the earth, not hating you brother, adultery in the heart, forbidding divorce, forbidding remarriage while your first spouse is living, forbidding oaths, non-resistance, loving your enemies, doing alms discreetly, how and where to pray, how to fast, not to accumulate wealth, not worry if we're lacking daily needs, to be satisfied with what we have, not to judge, not to be too proud to ask, and to walk this narrow way.

How many of us actually do what Jesus laid out for us in this sermon?  If so we'll be known by our fruits. If we don't we'll be as those that say "Lord, Lord".

Now probably all of us fall short of some of the teachings that Jesus listed. I realize some of them are extremely hard to follow especially living in such a materialistic environment. So let me ask like this. How many of us are willing to make a deliberate attempt to walk this narrow way? (CAN)

We speak of bad apples like they do no harm to anyone, but is this really true? And what is the Bible speaking of when it speaks of yeast in the church? Is it those bad apples fermenting and causing a lack of spiritual growth in others? (AUS)

"Shocking! May God show mercy to those who hate His church." - In reference to that comment.. The Nazarene church is not God's church in the sense they believe. There are too many genuine Christians aside from your church so it's important to not elevate yourselves to a higher position than God has afforded you all. May the grace of God reveal Jesus and His righteousness to all who are yet to know Him. (AUS)

The people in your life that can be the most difficult to deal with (or to love) those are the relationships that will help you become more Christ like. Don't write them of. (AUS)

To comment 3: I do not believe that there is salvation in the Catholic church, nor in the Jehovah witness religion, nor among the Islam belief, neither with the Seventh Day Adventists, etc, etc. But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not. (AUS)
Respond to Comment 3; "The Nazarene church is not God's church in the sense they believe."... How anybody can say that? Who are you at all to mud Body of Christ? Taking everything into your hands which belongs to God? You definitely don't know their teaching but you enjoy your morbid attacks judging Church of God! Don't do it! The teaching is mostly according to Bible, I know, I was there, for years and years. Some mistakes, very often sometimes, yes. But that is happening everywhere even more. So ask Lord to forgive you;"The Nazarene church is not God's church". It is not from God.  (AUS)
Comment 5, Salvation is in Jesus Christ, through Jesus Christs work on the cross for the atonement of sins. Do not apply labels to churches making one more outstanding than another. There is only salvation in Jesus and if that is mans belief he is saved. The Nazarene church is not more holy than those you mention, only to the ones who attend is that ingrained. The number of people in the ACCN is marginal to the amount that will receive salvation. There is not some conspiracy where everyone else misses out but the Nazarene is saved. It's sad people are led to believe they are more esteemed in Gods eyes. Just sad that they are that self reliant. (AUS)
Comment 6, from commentator 3.
Who am I? I am a child of God.
Don't do it you say. I will and I shall as I lived many years under the law of the Nazarene church. I was unloved and invalidated because of it's teachings and I will speak the gospel truth and be glad God has given me a clear understanding.
Your anger is not warranted, anyone away from the church who has the gospel will know that is not how we lead people to grace.
May God be constantly showing you all who are yet to see what the blood of Christ was shed for.  It wasn't for a slanging match, it wasn't to uphold the Nazarene church, it wasn't so one could boast over another. But rather, that all who call on the name of The Lord shall be saved. God’s grace be with you all. (AUS)
Salvation comes from Christ alone.  It is Christ that died on the cross.  To believe that salvation comes from a church is a form of idolatry and it makes God look small and incapable. Church is church and God is God. It is good to fellowship in a good Church, but church is not God. Almighty God is! (AUS)

8 May 2015 
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18 April 2015
Sent by a reader

That's OK, do not post what I've sent. I will continue to provide information if it's needed regarding the church to the police. There are many, many things your all guilty of. We can testify to that because we lived it. Cruel and unjust ungodly nature of the Nazarene religion. Anyone aware should be deeply saddened by their part in all this. (AUS).
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OUR COMMENT: As you may be aware, we are to some degree able to track our visitors, their locations, the equipment they use, etc. This is all standard Web technology. Looking at the last four weeks, there was a heap of visitors from various government organizations, like rba.gov.au, which is The Reserve Bank of Australia, from ato.gov.au, Australian Taxation Office, wa.gov.au - Department of Finance, qld.gov.au - Queensland Health, and many others, but not a single one from the Queensland Police. This is why we do not believe your claims of reporting the ACCN church to the police are genuine. Consequently, we have stopped posting your messages.
Yet you don't explain why you'd stop posting them. Why do you think you'd have this activity from govt sites? Like the QLD police will just pop up? Yeah, I can just see it now. Perhaps you don't post because of the content therein that outlines the misdeeds of the church members. That's OK, that too will come out in due time. I thought you were hosting the website in support of people who had been victimised and it would appear you are also aligned with those people you originally aimed to shame. Sadly I guess it just didn't work to your liking, did it? To no avail and you shut down the ones who have genuine conviction and cause to post here. (AUS)
You should not automatically say that everybody who is a Nazarene is bad or wrong. In a class of 25 students, one or two may be bad, but certainly not all. At work, in an office of 10-50 staff, you might get say 3 or 4 that are bad workers, but certainly not all of them are bad workers. (AUS)
  2 April 2015
Sent by a reader
  Dear Website Administrator, church attendees of the ACCN, and the ACCN Leadership,

It’s not clear to me to why this website presented itself to me, but my good conscious will not allow me to let this go! I thought of initiating a social media campaign #StopACCNBullying, and shining a light to your evil crimes you have posted throughout your website. Although my heart is steering me in another direction which is to go directly to the police with the following crimes implicated on your website:

1. The ACCN website acknowledges that there have been past suicides. Has there been an investigation to the alleged suicides?
2. The ACCN website posted a picture of an ill woman in a mental institution, implicating her husband as the physical abuser. Was this man convicted?
3. The ACCN website has accused it’s members and leadership of theft, taking church funds to pay for holiday expenses and other money related crimes. Have any of these financial crimes been investigated?
4. The ACCN website has pages of proof showing mental and physical abuse is present. Is this church allowed to remain open due to potential physical and mental harm it causes to its members, followers and outsiders?
Ironically the ACCN members condemn people to hell, applaud themselves for being Holy, confess that ONLY they will be saved, yet reject these two simple laws and instructions:
1. Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. Matthew 7:12
2. As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith. Galatians 6:10

(Brooke Hastings, via e-mail)

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OUR COMMENT: 1. - No. 2. - No, he (Matea Lincu from Sydney) is even allowed to keep preaching. Elder Paul Pentsa backs him up. 3. - No. 4. - It might be hard for you to understand, but many ACCN members believe that injustice and prosecution are inevitable and the more they suffer from their elders, the higher wage they will receive in the afterlife.

Well, I have a question or two… and I hope it is fair to ask,  How many suicides have there been? And what would cause these poor Christians to lose hope to the point that they would want to die? (AUS)
OUR COMMENT: Two suicides. They were mentaly unstable men who felt rejected from their church in Marsden, Brisbane, and have made a wrong choice while trying to deal with the situation.
Mate, don't crap on about people making bad choices! If these retards you fellowship with where not such gutless pigs these people would be alive!!! Throwing them into mental trauma and then excusing the church when they commit suicide is a joke. Why not hang those stones around your necks and go disappear? Rubbish talk trying to make out they get a choice.. You abuse someone so much they want to go die and you blame the one who kills himself??? Do NOT pull some garbage out about sins until death you Jesus haters! It clearly states that NOTHING shall separate us from Him, not death mate, not anything. Read Romans 8 and kick yourselves for being so bloody dumb that nothing is made known to you. Do NOT jump on and harass me, I will use whatever strong and rude language I choose and God can judge me as guilty as you think He will. Obviously He won't because He supports my views so stick your senseless falsities and don't waste space replying unless it's to hold yourselves accountable for your parts in ruining people’s lives. Much crap goes on in this church, what of the incestuous relationships that went on between a blind ladies children and their father, and withheld from the mother who poor thing was at the mercy of you fools??? What of the sick and twisted things people get up to and you guys somehow parade yourselves as good with God?? Weird, weird people, we thank God we are out and not anywhere near that rubbish.
Because I am so sick of this pompous air you won't stop portraying I am forwarding the details of the 2 men you mention and this site to the QLD police. If anyone knew they were going to kill themselves and did not help them or report it they are liable for prosecution. It's part of the law! (AUS)

Comment 2 - You don't have any faith in God or are repented from your sins so stop writing these antichrist comments on this site. (AUS)
Ephesians 4:29 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

James 3:10 Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.

James 1:26 If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain. (AUS)

31 March 2015
Sent by a reader

I think what is most disturbing about the content here is the frequency with which Biblical commandments are slandered as abuse.

Many claims of abuse contain complaints that elders practice shunning. But the practice itself is Biblical. The Lord commands Christians to "have no company with" Christians who do not keep the traditions of the apostles *for the express purpose of shaming them*. In II Thes. 3. Paul directs the church to shun schismatic brethren in Romans 16:17. In his second letter, John directs Christians not to allow Christians who rebel against the doctrine of Christ to enter their homes. All of these sentiments harmonize with the ultimatum Jesus gives in Matt. 18.

And, while it is true that a few have complained about the specific reasons in some instances of shunning - which are things that could be debated, most here are asserting that the fact that it is practiced at all is proof the church is abusive.

Those of you who have left the ACCN for churches you say are better, do your new churches teach the biblical practice of shunning/shaming brethren who rebel against apostolic traditions, or are you actually being taught that this is something only abusive churches do?

(Colorado, USA)
Your comment?
So the Bible commands and instructs you to shun people? The ACCN members are called to be apostles, therefore they  decide who deserves to be shunned or accepted.

You asked for specific instances of shunning? Refer to the comments listed on this site towards people coming in from the world to visit the church, they are ignored, avoided and rejected. Did the apostles shun these people? Did God give the ACCN the self-righteous power to shun whom they see not worthy?

Members are persistently experiencing avoidance and rejection through a deep-seated feeling of dislike. So if an ACCN member feels that someone is not living up to the Apostle way of life, they are instructed to shun this person without showing mercy, compassion and hope? Is anyone called to loving correction or is it always this cut-throat? (New York, USA)
The key of knowledge refers to the personal knowledge of the living God through His revealed Word. As Jesus said, "This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent" (John 17:3). True religion is a matter of knowing God personally and growing in that relationship with Him. Legalism is a matter of going through rituals and of keeping rules, but it’s devoid of the personal knowledge of God.

In many well-meaning but legalistic Christian homes, parents mistakenly think that the way to keep their teenagers in line is to lay down and enforce a lot of rules. But the way to keep your teenagers in line is to lead them to a personal knowledge of the Holy One. He's with them when you cannot be there. If they truly know Him and know the great love of Christ who gave Himself for their sins, they will want to please Him, beginning on the heart level. As our kids grow in their walk with God, we should be able to ease up on the number of rules, not impose more. Our goal is to get each child to live under the lordship of Jesus Christ, in a growing personal relationship with Him. Legalism takes an external approach; biblical Christianity focuses on the heart relationship.

One reason many kids who grow up in Christian homes later reject the faith is that the parents and the church have been shot through with legalism. Instead of the joy of knowing God and of having our sins forgiven through His grace, the focus was on the rules and the outward conformity that had to be maintained so that everyone else would think that the kids (and parents) were good Christians. I'm not saying that Christian homes should not have any rules. But the emphasis in our homes and church should be on the joy of knowing God. As Paul says, "the kingdom of God is ... righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit" (Rom. 14:17).

Scripture declares that God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble (Prov. 3:34; James 4:6; 1 Pet. 5:5). One sure mark of the Holy Spirit's work in our hearts is that we see ourselves as terrible sinners in the sight of God. We see that we deserve His judgment because of our pride, selfishness, and rebellion. Rather than comparing ourselves with others and concluding that we are basically good, we compare ourselves with God and conclude that no good thing dwells within us. Thus convicted of our great need, we flee to the cross for mercy. But legalists don't like the message of the cross, because it confronts their pride.

The cross does not endorse shunning, how can you say you love and deny others the love of Christ as if you were a judge. You are to suffer even those who oppose you. It's different if you were right Colorado, however you are a legalist who practises law and is despised in the eyes of God because you deny you are just the same as all the rest of humanity. In God's eyes legalism is filth. You'd stone the adulteress that Jesus set free, you'd disown the prodigal that he ran to and embraced and you'd deny your own flesh in the name of God to further put distance between them and God as you make Him something He is not and excuse yourself as just doing His will.

Your conscious is obviously overwhelmed to continue to use the words you do to provoke silence from us who disagree with you. We do not slander God's word, we are free under grace and treat people as such. To boast in your misbehaviour further highlights that you have none of the love that Jesus taught His believers to have. Shunning those who seek to bring in a message to be preached from the pulpit is vastly different to disowning flesh and blood and enjoying the process and then throwing it out there that God called you to those actions. The shunning is appropriate if a Christian that has warped teaching comes in to take the pulpit and mislead the congregation. No one is doing that, they are asking they be allowed their own lives and experiences without the guilt and retribution you folks dish out. You must continually suffer yourself but that too can be death with at the cross. God's love reaches so far and wide that it will not turn away those who are leaving the church. Keep delving into the Gospel and stop priding yourself on empty works that mean nothing before God. You do not have His love if you deny your child, he forgave those that slay him. Remember too that it was the likes of YOU, the legalist that killed him and yet He died with you also in mind. How then can you shun when He embraces all people?

I will always thank Him that we who have been shunned know His love and we extend it to those who turned us away. What an ultimate act of love, we actively love you who hates us. Even though it causes us sadness we just do not do to you what you've done to us. I don't say it lightly but I'm so proud to be there for my mother and father though they denied me. When they need someone to talk to they come to me and yet they still don't see it outwardly they know we've done to them what Christ has done to us. We've loved them in spite of their sin against us. That's grace! That's love and that is from God. How unrighteousness that you'd steal God's righteousness from those who boast in Him. All while gloating whilst you practise your misdeeds.

The legalist can take pride in himself and his attainments because he is looking at outward matters, not at issues of the heart. He doesn't acknowledge that his heart is just as sinful as the heart of the prostitute or robber. If he had been reared in their circumstances or had encountered the problems in life they had faced, he would have engaged in the same behavior, because he had the same heart of lust and greed. No, he sees himself as a notch above these sinners. He has attained a righteous life by his own hard work and discipline. The legalist is puffed up with pride.

Modern day legalists also major on the minors and minor on the majors. Some churches and Christian parents put major attention on rules about petty issues, such as dress codes or certain activities, but they tolerate serious sins, such as gossip, greed, and pride. If we shun people because of how they look, or over certain behaviors that, according to the Bible, are not major, we are guilty of the sin of the Pharisees.

Paul instructs us, "Walk with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity. Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you should respond to each person" (Col. 4:5, 6). The metaphor of salt implies that we can and should be provocative, but we also must speak in a gracious and sensitive manner. But in every social contact with unbelievers, keep your purpose clear. You're there to be the instrument of the Holy Spirit in convincing the person about sin, righteousness, and judgment, and to proclaim the good news of God's grace in Christ.

There is probably no sin more tolerated or more widespread in the Christian world than legalism. It may surprise you to hear it labeled as sin. Legalists are thought to be a bit overzealous or "uptight", but they aren't usually thought of as sinning in the same sense as adulterers, thieves, liars, and the like. To the contrary, legalists seem to be concerned about holiness.

Yet the Lord Jesus had more conflicts with the legalists of His day than any other group. It wasn't the adulterers, the robbers and that sort, who put Jesus on the cross. It was the legalists. Later on, the Apostle Paul had the same experience, as the legalists dogged his steps, perverting the Gospel of the grace of God. (AUS)
Is there any difference between shunning and bullying? Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Make sure you that you don't get left behind.  Colorado is right. And to Comment 2: your statements nevertheless cannot override Mat.18 Be ye holy, for I am holy. Holiness is more important than modern-day love. You can have peace and joy when you forsake sin. Biblical commandments were given in order to save mankind, and to prevent mankind from going down the road of this sinful world. A person cannot have peace/joy and sin/freedom. It's one "or" the other. This applies to me, and you and everybody. (AUS)
OUR COMMENT: "Holiness is more important than modern-day love." What an idea for a bumper sticker! 

Comment 3. Good luck calling yourself holy. That's reserved for God, we will not be left behind as the modern day love has been unchanging since the beginning of time. "I am the same, yesturday, today and tomorrow"... Bullying, shunning, shaming.. Call it what you will, consider what Romans says.. Romans 3:27-28. Where, then, is boasting? It is excluded. On what principle? On that observing the law? No, but on that of faith. For we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from observing the law. Romans 4:5-15. Romans 4:14-15, For if those who live by the law are heirs, faith has no value and the promise is worthless, because law brings wrath. And where there is no law there is no transgression.

Why don't you write the before verses of Matt 5:48. Matt 5:46-47 If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? do not even pagans do that?.. matt 5:48 Be perfect, therefore, as your Heavenly Father is perfect. Hhhh hmmm comment 3. Did you not and Colorado not just show yourselves to sadly fall short as you only greet your brothers in the faith and He is quite specific. Once again rejoice the likes of me and those who've left. We have shown ourselves more perfect as we do not shun and shame and bully and we greet those we do not call our brothers and yet admit we still fall short where you somehow believe yourself to have this perfection. And practice the very things God was highlighting make you worse than a tax collector. We all know what they were thought to be.

I am not sure that you would read commentaries but for those that do look into the Matt 5 ones as they all support one thing, we can never reach that perfection or holiness but are shrouded in it because of our belief in Jesus. The point of highlighting the law is to show our shortcomings not to puff up our sense of self. One cannot support legalism and say they are under grace as it says in Galatians 2:21 I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!" Galatians is a direct rebuke to the early church regarding falling into human effort and trusting in the law and opposing grace. It's such a beautiful book and should be read and taken for what it is and upheld by us all. Do not allow yourselves to be trapped by the vanity of self belief. You are not holy in the right sense, you believe you've attained some status and yet it's Jesus' merit that provides us with the ability to boast. (AUS)
Here is an idea for a bumper sticker, better yet twitter/social media hashtags:
(Brooke Hastings, via e-mail) 
27 March 2015
"I SHOULD REPORT YOUR CHURCH" - Sent by a reader
As an outsider, I only feel it right to report the ACCN to the government officials for an investigation of child and family abuse. Any child that is put in this kind of hostile environment is a victim of abuse. Parents are required to protect their children, not damage them by placing them in a religion or church where it's members antagonize and abuse one another! (AUS).
Your comment?
Agree about having the church reported. The long term mental health of us that grew up in it is damaged. Hard to fashion a good family support unit when we grow up the way we all did. (AUS)
Report them to ACA or 60 minutes. (AUS)
There is a commission set up where we can anonymously report all and any church abuse. Mental, physical, spiritual and have it looked into. Perhaps selling the churches to cover the long term costs of having to survive after leaving the church would be something the courts could consider. Because the biggest abuse is the lack of love and the neglect of emotional well being and that spans many families and would be a very fair complaint. If they lost their finances we could at least feel somewhat vindicated. I will look into this throughout the week and see what the process of lodging a formal complaint is. Don't be afraid people as everyone's business will come to light and we can have some validation that it is not an acceptable upbringing to endure. (AUS)
Regarding the comment about reporting child abuse. All I can say is PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT before it causes a lot of hurt and problems to the families and the church. I am a parent and I just could not imagine in any way harming my own child. I for one am totally against child abuse and YES they should be brought to justice and pay for their SIN. Just the facts have to be 100 confirmed. CHILD ABUSE IS A TOTAL SIN. (AUS)
Of course the facts would be confirmed. What's wrong with you? We'd be reporting based on our own experiences in our own homes and at the hands of other church members. It's OK to let it all come out, nothing wrong with validating the miserable upbringings so many had. It will make is feel like we have closure and affirm what was wrong all along was not our doing. As for ACA, very good idea as they love exposing these sorts of people.

Go with God people, let's be brave and stand for ourselves and our own children so they will have great upbringings. (AUS)
Comment 4. Why caps lock parts of your post? What would the point be in presenting facts that were not legit?? Of course you say as a parent you couldn't hurt you child but believe me not every parent is the same and if proven otherwise then the claims will stand against even the best defense these people bring. The law is not dumb, they know what abuse is. (AUS)
To the people here talking about getting revenge by reporting church families to social services:  HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MINDS!!? What "abuse" are children suffering in these churches?

Do you have any idea what can happen when the authorities start "investigating" families??!! Children could be taken from their parents, especially if the caseworker has it in for Christians whose beliefs are not "progressive" and "open-minded" enough.

"It will make is feel like we have closure and affirm what was wrong all along was not our doing."

...Yeah, you sound really concerned about "the children". Inciting the authorities to take away children from their parents will be worth it so you can "have closure". Is this what people become when they are given 6 weeks of vacation every year? What wretched, hateful monsters. (Colorado, USA)

OUR COMMENT: Just a correction: It is actually 4 weeks of holidays here in Australia.
Comment 7, I have no idea what you're talking about. You are making it sound like there's something to hide from the authorities. Let them do an investigation! If these above posters really think "child abuse" is parents arguing with other Christians, let them think that. Obviously they don't have a clue as to what child abuse is. They just rant on about trash they have no clue about. They make it sound as if the church supports child abuse. If there really are members that do it, which I know they don't, it's their own fault. Not the ACC's. It's probably people that left the church anyway and their parents disowned them for it, so now they cry "abuse." (Akron, Ohio, USA)
Yes comment 7. Yes, it will be worth it. Trust that God would not allow them to be taken if no abuse is present. The law is there to protect children and not cater to detrimental religious view points. If it is concerning then children being taken away is probably for very sound reasons. Scream all you want in your caps locks, you cannot deny us closure and validation. We are all making headway by providing gracious loving environments for our children not God will punish you legalistic psychological pitfalls that we've had to pull away from. We were taught all our lives that we were sinful and not worthy, we never had parents to cheer us on or help us develop good senses of self. We deserve to live fulfilled Christian lives and not be captive to the church and it's condemnation. If you feel they will take children examine your view points and see how healthy they are for a growing child and then take it as a sign that you need to better meet your child's needs so they don't suffer mentally later. Stop trying to bully people using the guilt we were raised with. It will not help you at all. Thank God for the Internet and the opportunity of justice, if it pains you then you will just have to deal with that. (AUS)
I hope people end up getting jail time! (AUS)
Comment 8, do parents really disown their children for leaving the church? Which church do you go to, and would you disown your child for leaving the church? Children and families should be in non-threatening environments, they should feel safe and loved. If you think it is a simple matter of "parents arguing with other Christians", think again. Do you have a degree in Psychology, and do you understand what damages can occur in adults and children after being exposed in setting as described throughout this website? Comment 9, your comment is beautifully said, thank you! (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
Did anyone else from Altona church grow up without very much affection from their parents? Because I believe that the church preached a misleading message that showing affection to your child is not putting God first. I have been thinking, am I the only one? (AUS)
Let me correct you all. Kids do not get abused in thus church. It's the adults who are emotionally abused. Whoever is writing all this garbage, please go see a doctor. You need medication! (AUS)
Comment 11 from comment 9. Thank you :) breaking the chains has been tough so I am glad this is coming out. Thank you for posting rational comments. Comment 8, from me you are not understanding that even though you believe that disowning children is acceptable, one would wonder about the nature of the person that could possibly do that. What else are they capable of? You cannot be familiar with the Bible and justify that parents actions. There is no support from God in these actions. He is the ultimate long sufferer, never did He not wait for His prodigals. Obviously the parents are not stable if that's their methodology. That's just further validation that something is so not right to think that is what the children look forward to upon leaving.

We are now fine examples of gracious children who can love these misguided parents and yet they neglected our needs. Culture has come far to support people who are leaving these abusive lives and looking toward building their own grace based family.

Perfect love casts out fear and yet we spent our childhoods afraid of what was to come as we never could please our parents or their legalistic God. To comment 12, I'm guessing, or possibly 13... If our parents are the ones being abused then what is the by product of their abuse??? The mess befalls their children. There is no way to not acknowledge what had gone on, even in the best of families love was denied or misguided and cold and cruel as it was conditional and formal and foreign. Yes, we are very close to Altona members and used to go ourselves and the same treatment ran through the families. Cold, distant and conditional love that didn't allow us develop well as we hit adulthood. The fact that we have come so far and continue to do so is a blessing from God, His grace in our lives and when you've spent years in therapy you start to really feel affirmed that it's not something we could control as children but we grieve and change and do better to those we love. Here is a common everyday justification for heavy handed domestic violence situations that we may have similarly experienced "my dear, I hit you because I love you and God commands me to discipline those in my fold... You have only yourself to blame and the fact your nose bleeds is a sign of God's displeasure at your behaviour, you have forced me to take action against you"... Yeah, somehow deranged but never the adult who was held responsible. I like to think my children are a reflection of myself and so applaud the good I see in them and bemoan my lack of perfection when I see them falter. I cannot blame them for my lack of parenting skills or suppress their natural progression to satisfy my wants for them. We are to raise them as fine examples, taking the blame ourselves when we see we have forced them into certain behaviours through our own neglect or mistreatment. We should seek to know what they are good at and encourage them to flourish and build healthy boundaries whilst allowing them breathing space. We cannot present one view so forcefully  that they are consumed with it all their days and the impossibility of attaining what their parents desire for them. (AUS)
Spirtiual abuse = Religious abuse, refers to abuse administered under the guise of religion, including harassment or humiliation, possibly resulting in psychological trauma. Religious abuse may also include misuse of religion for selfish, secular, or ideological ends such as the abuse of a clerical position.

Mental abuse = Psychological abuse, also referred to as emotional abuse or mental abuse, is a form of abuse characterized by a person subjecting or exposing another to behavior that may result in psychological trauma, including anxiety, chronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Child abuse = physical maltreatment or sexual molestation of a child.

Can we look into these meanings before lecturing each others misunderstanding and or thoughts of understanding. (AUS)
To commenter 9 who is doubling down on your plan to call in the authorities. Social services do not exist so that you can get revenge and validation.  They exist to step in and save children who are actually abused. In very liberal areas, however, a caseworker can bring real harm to religious families where no actual abuse is occurring. That is why functional, mature people do not abuse the reporting system. People who abuse the system are typically so self-centered that they themselves are dysfunctional parents, by the way.

Christians trust the Lord to judge the people they feel have wronged them, believing "vengeance is mine saith the Lord". They do not call worldly authorities for closure. Pretty ironic that this is being plotted on a website whose purpose is to complain about an elder who took former brethren to court over a church title.

And, if your motives are so pure, I wonder why you first need to confirm that you could report these people anonymously?

Commenter 11, do you have a psych degree? Because professionals usually do not express support for people bragging about plans to get revenge by contact social services with trumped up charges of child abuse. (Colorado, USA)
OUR COMMENT: Dear Reader, you wrote: Pretty ironic that this is being plotted on a website whose purpose is to complain about an elder who took former brethren to court over a church title.

1. The purpose of this website is to expose spiritual and mental abuse in ACCN in Australia. Please read the title. The court trial in Sydney is just one of our regular topics. There is no need to further elaborate on this.

2. We do not know who the "I Should Report Your Church" person is. We are not associated with the readers who announced a legal action against ACCN in Australia. If they really decide to report the above mentioned abuse, as they promised, this website will be watching closely how things develop.

3. Please pay attention on how you call other people on this website. Words like "wretched, hateful monsters" should not be used by a person who claims to be a devoted, conservative Christian.


Comment 16, that's OK. You are welcome to vent and continue your legalistic misguided approach to reproach us and attack our parenting abilities. As I stated earlier, it's not an act of revenge. The church is not above the law, yes it's fine if the laws are God's laws the church is breaking but they are breaking the wills and mental health of citizens and the law has protections in place regarding this. You do realise that valued professionals support our views as does the law. If they had concerns about our parenting we wouldn't have our kids as we have gone to them for help understanding why religious systems perpetuate these behaviours. If they felt that we were unstable for coming to them with this then obviously we'd have them to deal with. Rather culture and the genuine Christian church supports us in being free of poisonous ideologies and people. There is true freedom in true faith and we are free and strong and not doing the same to you by not targeting your posts to shame you into silence.

Those who have nothing to hide should stop the malice, we've dealt for decades with the likes of you people and have nothing to hide from. Anonymity protects people like us from vultures who would continue on the bent you are on in manipulating and condemning us. Good luck with that, you cannot touch us with the poison you have in your own life. If you could we'd be joining you in condemning us. Best you thank God that He allows for positive changes to come about, many situations that liberate children and broken mindsets are only a plus. To Joe behind let God deal with it is very cunning. If you want it to be between God and your family go and live in a lawless society. We need functional well adjusted kinsman and our laws are there to protect people from the likes of you. (AUS)
To ACCN Australia [Website]: Perhaps you should read through the II Peter 2 and the book of Jude before declaring that Christians do not issue strongly worded rebukes to people, and yes a strong rebuke here is warranted. Also study Jesus; rebukes: "Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?"

(Unless you believe that deceiving the authorities to get revenge and harm innocent children in the process is not a terrible thing to do?) (Colorado, USA)
Comment 16&18, I do not know the people who threatened to report the Nazarene church to the authorities, but I do know what they are talking about. In general, at least. Mental abuse, psychological pressure, shunning, isolation, rejection etc. were widespread in ACCN in Australia, and they are still used as "weapons" in current conflicts.
Elders and their close supporters are actually those who practice shunning and abuse more often than others. Just one example for you: many years ago, the elder from Perth, Andrew Szabo, disowned his own daughter Carolyn, not for leaving the faith but for choosing to marry outside Australia. He refused to communicate and have anything to do with her, and that was going on for years. Szabo wasn't disciplined for mistreating his daughter (who is, technically, also his fellow Christian) which served as a message to all other ACCN members to feel free and mistreat their families too, in the same manner, should they find it necessary.
Now, Szabo's daughter, Carolyn Auer, lives in Colorado, close to you, and you most likely know each other. So why don't you simply go and ask her how she felt back in those days? (AUS)
He he he I don't call my self a religious person, and yeah I'll probably end up burning. But if your heaven is full of your sorts, I'd rather burn. Any who's "I'm going to report the church to authorities. I'm going to report it to ACA, I'm going to report it to 60 minutes." All because I want to see you all suffer and look like the right hypocrites you all are. Selfish on my behalf? Hmm yes sir it is but well worth it I think. Time to sit back with some popcorn and watch the fun unveil. (AUS)
Comment 16, 18. You cannot get that legalism out can you? We are not the vipers that are spreading lies. Believe me there are large large numbers harmed and we are not in contact so we are not making up some story to appease or bad conscious, rather we are of healthy and sound mind and liberating others through this process. You can rant and rave and try bible trickery but there is no Godly excuse for the behaviour of these people and you cannot hide behind God to cover your tracks. Believe me if there is no reason to expose people then we will consider ourselves the trouble makers. As this is not the case STOP using condemnation!! People have killed themselves over the ACCN, don't heap stuff on people still dealing with their mistreatment and still fragile from the scars of isolation and neglect of love and emotional connection. Nothing in the bible supports your silliness so stop parading the law around like it's a tool to whip people into silence. Either you are a perpetrator or not familiar with the church as this is wide spread and rampant and we are very aware of all the shortcomings of the abusers.
Why should children have to follow their parents? Why can one not choose their own life path without ridicule and still live in harmony with their folks? Only people who have issues and are abusive cut contact with those that disappoint them. Love is in the actions, so dis communication shows no LOVE toward the supposed rebel. Good luck when people do start standing up for themselves, where to console yourself then. The Bible does not support your cold heart, does not support these beliefs so harp all you want but you have no basis for your ridicule. Maybe thank God that you too can in turn be freed from this abuse and go on to serve as a blessing in the lives of those you stand here accusing. Remember my dear fellow human that is not entitled to more than any other here in the eyes of God, remember that Satan is the accuser. Here's a beautiful verse to remember to those that suffer " Satan the accuser has been whispering in your ear, you just tell him your forgiven.. He's got no business here!, it doesn't matter what you've done, it matters what you'll heed.. There is NO condemnation when the SON has set you free.." :) love to all those going through this, good on God and us for sharing and helping heal the sadness that has followed us so religiously all our lives. (AUS)
I was first introduced to the ACC back in 2008, I was going through the "repentance process", but had some conflicting issues. I attended the ACC for 2 years, but ended up leaving and was baptized in another denomination. During my repenting process in the ACC, I was asked the question "If a person was to confide in me and share a sin, and if that sin was deemed unforgivable in the ACC’s eyes, what would happen to me?" The answer is that I would be a partaker of that sin, and that sin would befall me if I do not expose this person. In 'most' cases once the person’s sin is made public the entire community gossips and this person is ostracized.

Here is a question to the ACC community: If the world sits back and does nothing to stop mental abuse are we partakers in your sin?

To the person from Colorado USA: Jesus said: Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

There is a courageous mother who posted comments about her upbringing in your church. She shared her experiences and sufferings. Colorado USA 'rebukes' this mother by using harsh words, dismissing and invalidating her experience.

Here's a question to "all" the ACCN members who think that children are not being abused: 'theoretically speaking' if a father is being abused in your church, and he is not mentally strong to endure the trauma brought on by your church, as a result he suffers PTSD or mental incapacity, what are his children left with? Is it possible that they end up having some sort of mental disorder that requires future therapy? Do they feel loved by Jesus?

Who are the people above the ACCN leaders? Why are no actions taken to resolve the abuse? (Brooke Hastings, via e-mail)
Commenter 19, what I know is that the father and daughter you name - and how "loving" of you to do so! - love each other and have ongoing contact. The way you have told this story calls into question the accuracy of everything else that you say. (Colorado, USA)
10 March 2015

Sent by a reader
Well I see that the building of the new church is quite on its way. A lot of hard work has gone into it. There is a question that I am quite interested in... The Nazarene church building is going to be quite big. I see that most of the members are either related or related through marriage. There don't seem to be any new members from outside of the members that are related. Are there going to be any changes where anybody can come of the street and is welcome to come and hear the word of God and feel free to ask what their beliefs are? Or are they going to be ignored like in the past? I have been to a number of churches and you are made very welcome and are asked 'please feel free to come and ask any questions regarding our doctrine'. Now if anybody new walks in, they all just look at you and you don't get acknowledged in any way. This makes you feel very uncomfortable. This of course means... I will not be coming here anymore... Unfortunately if this attitude continues, the church will not be growing but will stay as it is now. There are the new generations growing up very fast. How are they going to be trained in relation to new people coming to church? (AUS)

Your comment?
Can somebody supply some photos of the new building? (AUS)

Hi, sorry for asking an off topic question, but would you be able to send me contacts of Nazarene churches in Oslo, Sweden, or in other cities in Sweden, if there are any? Thank you.
vitaliybercha@yahoo.com (Ukraine)

Yes, there is a church in Ängelholm, near Malmo in Sweden. (AUS)
If a church is not welcoming to those that would like or need to hear the word, then perhaps the most fitting question that anyone should ask is; DO they display the genuine fruit of the Holy Spirit? And if not, then why not? (AUS)

LOVE - Seeks the highest good of others.
JOY - Gladness that is not based on circumstances
PEACE - Contentment, unity between people
PATIENCE - Slow to speak and slow to anger.
KINDNESS - Merciful, sweet, and tender.
GOODNESS - Generous and open hearted.
FAITHFULNESS - Dependable, loyal, and full of trust.
GENTLENESS - Humble, calm, non-threatening.
SELF CONTROL - Behaving well.

Looking at the church spending comments, I know for a fact Melbourne's new church spending is benefiting a certain family. Is it illegal I'm not sure, I'd love for someone to look over it and confirm. Is it unfair to the other members of congregation, 100%. How are all those holidays going, Janko? (AUS)
To comment 5: Janko is an assistant Elder, so he thinks he is eligible to use church’s money for holidays. And what to say about his wife? She does not attend church regularly here but when there is opportunity to travel, she is all too ready. (AUS)
Comment 6. I'm talking personal holidays with their family, not church related. (AUS)

4 March 2015 "LOST IN TRANSLATION" Sent by a reader

I have submitted a message last week and it is still not on the web side. Did you receive the email? It was regarding what is the situation going to me if people from outside of any faith will be welcome to come to the Nazarene church. (AUS)

Your comment?

OUR COMMENT: No, it doesn't ring a bell, we have not received any such message. Please resend it if you still have a copy. It's true that we are experiencing slight technical difficulties with our messaging system and a few messages sent by the readers might have been lost. Please try to send your messages using a PC computer with a stable connection rather than using a mobile device. Thank you.

15 February 2015

Has anybody requested an independent audit on the church spending and how payments for the church new building is being made , eg. personal credit cards then reimbursed via church income to gather card points for their own benefit? (AUS)
Your comment?

Agreed, both Brisbane and Melbourne should undergo audits, I'm sure certain people of power would never allow this to happen. (AUS)
Has anyone asked for the names on the title of Marsden Church? Or, has anyone asked whether someone in Marsden Church is allowed to use Marsden Church building as security? Or is it only forbidden for someone to use Sydney Church building as security? (AUS)
Comment 2, seriously?? They stole the bloody Sydney church and keep trying to justify that!! No, that's unacceptable and against the law and what's moral. Good on the judge for restoration! Stop posting here just to try get people to post in support of you who seek to do wrong. We aren't dumb, the whole reason Laza started this site was to get out of returning what wasn't his. Will you post this I wonder? (AUS)

OUR COMMENT: We are not afraid to post your comment, even though it is full of wrong claims and expressions like "bloody Sydney church". For your information: 1.) Laza Krnjulac never wrote a single word on this website, nor did his sons. 2.) L.K. does not have any control over this website. 3.) The Sydney affair is just one of the regular topics on our website, probably not even the central one. 4.) L.K. and his late father were two of the five initial trustees of the church building in Arncliffe. Therefore L.K. could not have stolen what "wasn't his". L.K. was the one paying the bills for the church, while Matea and many other members of the congregation lived on Centrelink. 5.) Matea Lincu and his companions lied on the court hearing held in August 2013. Matea knew what he had signed and he's been fine with that for over six years, as someone else was there to pay the bills. The actual problem started when majority of the Sydney congregation tried to dismiss Matea as their minister because he physically abused and abandoned his mentally sick wife. 6.) Matea and Kovacevic formally won the court case but in reality they won nothing, everyone involved in this is on the losing end, except of course the lawyers. This whole case is a very sad example of stubborn and foolish people being unable to simply sit together and discuss their differences, but rather spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on courts and lawyers. It sounds like a bad joke to call them "Christians". 7.) The main perpetrator of this whole disaster is the so-called "elder" from Brisbane Paul Pentsa, who manipulated Lincu and Kovacevic in order to settle his old personal scores with L.K. 8.) These are all well-knows facts so let's not go again into the same circle of explaining what has already been explained on this website. Please invest some of your time in reading the previous pages.

To comment 3: It's clear with the language you use and write, whether you are a Christian. Christians don’t use foul language in their vocabulary either with their mouth or by writing. Simply don’t comment if you are not going to comment in a useful way for the website and for your soul. (AUS)
Laza has his shortcomings like we all do but he is essentially a good man whereas Paul Pentsa is one disgusting stinker destined to go to Hell together with all his followers, and rightfully so. (AUS)
4 February 2015 - MISTAKE BY THE LAKE

Sorry folks, it was hard to resist the temptation :) No offence please.


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