Spiritual and Mental Abuse in Apostolic Christian Church Nazarene in Australia
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Let us not keep this bickering

10 Jan 2017 23:30
It is a shame that we have all fallen out of love for one another and for each other. This is not the essence and the basis of what the foundation of the ACCN church has drawn us together so many years ago for. We really need to examine within whether being right wrong or indifferent we are one. Our own agendas need to be put aside and our own power and glory needs to be sacrificed in the name of the Lord Jesus. We are of flesh and blood but the Lord rises above our needs and we must return for that is the purpose of our existence in our faith and forms the substance of why we chose to be faithful in the name of our Lord and remain within ACCN. Let us not keep this bickering and choose to remain truly faithful in the Lord. We need to remain focused and impartial and continue to serve the Lord in the spirit that our forefathers have lived their lives in courage, sacrifice, submission and conviction of the outside world. Let us all be honest as to why we are all here for. There is much love that is suppressed and the longing to return to our grass roots is there in all of us. Let the Lord lead the way and I pray deeply that the Lord may allow us to put our differences aside and invite each and everyone of us love one another as we always have. FYI the dedication of Mt Cottrell was inspirational to all that attended (even the non members). Full credit to the organization. Those of us that traveled from afar could alas not be present in the coming weeks, much to our loss. Beautiful dedication in the fellowship of those who chose to be present from all walks and who made the effort irrespective of what division of ACCN. Let us all pause, pray and be honest and understand the end days are near and our strength is collectively amongst us all. Love to all.

11 Jan 2017 9:30
Talking about Mt Cottrell (or Tarneit), have they fixed the ceiling in the meeting room?
Have they found the stolen items?
Have they got insurance? Have they received an occupancy permit?
Is it not illegal to gather there without such permit?

30 Aug 2018 14:33
Where is Mt Cottrell?

30 Aug 2018 14:39
Exactly where it was yesterday:

no change
30 Aug 2018 14:51
where they were before they moved falsehood.

30 Aug 2018 14:58
3110 views maplink not working, look it up!

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