Spiritual and Mental Abuse in Apostolic Christian Church Nazarene in Australia
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Paul Pentsa Senior

16 Jun 2018 22:27
A reminder to all the lost sheep; Paul Pentsa is not an Elder. He should not be preaching or speaking in church.

17 Jun 2018 3:23
And Paul Pentsa should be excommunicated for all his willful sins, Sydney church, Melbourne church, 8 million dollars, etc
Brother John Petrak why do you allow this creep to preach and to shame the ACCN name?

Shame on him
17 Jun 2018 14:46
I agree Paul Pentsa has messed up a lot in the Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney - Australia churches....the USA Elder committee needs to discipline him and a lot of appologies required from him. He hates the new Elder in Altona Melbourne church that was recently ordained by USA Elders, how disrespectful of Paul Pensta.

17 Jun 2018 14:49
He even supports his son in law (Philip Ruzeu) in divination - idiology, Shame, Shame, Shame!!!!

17 Jun 2018 18:03
To "Practices"... I believe the word is Iridology.... if you mean looking into the eyes to see one's health. However, there is a word Ideology, talking about a group of beliefs. I think though that you mean Iridology,looking into the eyes to see about health? Sorry if you did mean the beliefs of Ideology, it's just spelled wrong.

17 Jun 2018 18:14
If you have a look on Google at the history of Iridology (looking into the eyes to see one's health), it comes under the list of harmful and dangerous spiritual practices. It is a form of divination found in occult religions. It is not endorsed by God, although many Christians practice this.

has been removed
17 Jun 2018 23:32
the US Elder Committee has removed Paul Pentsa from eldership back in 2003 I believe, from the Californian La Puente Elder Committee meeting conference.

so, that has already been accomplished, however, paul pentsa still attempts to creep in among the US Elders, to try any way possible to get in somehow, without being noticed, among them.
most US elders are asleep, or falling asleep, and STILL offer him to preach at their churches.........

Not removed!!
18 Jun 2018 0:05
People keep saying he's "removed," not true!! They themselves no longer recognize him as removed as they asked him to conduct baptismal work in America not even 1 year ago!! So the Americans do NOT see him as removed anymore!!!

Explain please
18 Jun 2018 10:38
Has he conducted any preaching in Colorado in the last few months?

18 Jun 2018 10:45
So if anyone asks me why I don't take this website down, I will just show them this thread.

to: not removed
18 Jun 2018 12:51
do you know when and in which church did he conduct baptismal work?

need an elder 2013
19 Jun 2018 6:56
PP hd a meeting in 2013... advising the church 'we need to vote for his son Nick Pentsa' - when there were not enough votes, this upset them and now in 2018 still no Elder in Australia... so people who are awake can clearly see this act of selfishness... where Pentsa's just want Pentsa's to grow and be elected... Will MARSDEN church allow another Pentsa to be a Minister soon,knowing full well the reason behind this... to dictate, to one day try and push his way to the top.. to reign and attempt to control the church in 'their' way.

19 Jun 2018 8:21
There are already two Elders in Australia. Bro Arnold B. & Bro Miodrag C who the church chose. No need for any new unqualified elders. How can members of the Accn be Elders of a church when they hate so much. Read about where haters are destined for.The contents on this website is complete truth. What stubbornness has creative. Just look at those photos of the ministers on this website. All abusers except for Nick P!!!!

unfair way
19 Jun 2018 10:24
that 2013 meeting was conducted in a unfair way.

a vote was done for Nick only, not for EACH minister.

this is clear that elder paul did NOT want to see who will get the most votes for an assistant elder.

its clear that john petrak ended up being ordained NOT nick p.

19 Jun 2018 17:04
Why do the Pentsa family want to be Elders?
What are the benefits?
Is it because you can use the church as money laundering?
is it an ego thing?
What about Ruzeu, any indication of becoming an elder?
Where is Ruzeu practicing his newly learned Iridology?

19 Jun 2018 17:13
>>Why do the Pentsa family want to be Elders?
>>What are the benefits?

There are those who seek power, it is natural. Predators. You have them in the government, army, school, business... but you should not have them in the church.

21 Jun 2018 9:55
October 2017

21 Jun 2018 18:38
Paul Pentsa must be rescricted from preaching in the's been a while!

21 Jun 2018 20:03
do you know at which church?

which church??
7 Jul 2018 14:51
to: not removed
18 Jun 2018 0:05

People keep saying he's "removed," not true!! They themselves no longer recognize him as removed as they asked him to conduct baptismal work in America not even 1 year ago!! So the Americans do NOT see him as removed anymore!!!

can you tell which church did he conduct baptismal work?

please clarify
7 Jul 2018 15:33
we have conflicting information here....if anyone can clarify.

one states he has conducted baptismal work...
one states he cannot preach....

if anyone can shed some light perhaps....

Not removed!!
10 Jul 2018 0:18
Last fall he conducted baptismal work.

Apparently, in Colorado, they will not "regularly" allow him to preach any longer, because he is there long-term, and they did not put him up. It's not because it's "Paul," it's because he's not "their" minister. They would do that to anyone who moved permanently to a different location. No minister or elder can move and keep their ministry/eldership without the local church putting them up, EXCEPT PAUL.

10 Jul 2018 0:22
Thank you for this clarification. Do you know how PP is treated in California?

which church?
10 Jul 2018 13:20
he conducted baptismal work in Colorado Church?

Mathew 18:21-35
10 Jul 2018 13:43
Reply to Paul James Pentsa Jr. or Paul Pentsa Sr. (referring to your letter on Aug 10, 2017 – Classic Homes)

How is it that you seek forgiveness but have shown no mercy towards Laza Krnujlac’s and his family (wife & kids)? You both had zero compassion, zero Christian love, and did not encourage Laza’s children to repent and start a relationship with Christ. Instead of love you chose the path of destruction thru envy, hatred and a revengeful heart and set out and destroy Laza Krnujlac.

Laza Krnujlac stated multiple times to the elder brothers and even in court that he was willing to make the Sydney church issue go away but nobody had mercy on him or wanted to assist him in resolving the issue which started with you Paul Pentsa Sr. 20 years earlier.

Does mercy, forgiveness, compassion and love only belong to you? It is easy to write a letter and say I am sorry but where is the restitution?

Did Laza Krnujlac kick member out of church? Did Laza Krnujlac steal money from the church? Did Laza Krnujlac say that he was never going to return the church to its original state? Who was paying the bills all those years? Did you contribute?

Now what if the people you stole the millions from came after you the same way you came after Laza Krnujlac all those years?

Tradie and clients
10 Jul 2018 21:13
Any updates on Classic homes.
Have the tradies been paid?
Have homes completed?
Company dissolved?

Time for review
6 Aug 2018 13:36
Paul Pentsa needs to resign just like Dave Nikolson.....they are both alike and have messed up the Nazarene churches.

very true
6 Aug 2018 15:15
can not be a better time senior pentsa.

run by the example of your buddy in elder-ship.

1 Sep 2018 12:40
Can anyone confirme if Pauly Pentsa Jr.lives on this address.

4045 Spaatz Rd.Monument, COLORADO.

10 Sep 2018 14:07
so here is a fun question, with all this craziness going on, how long before the accn is no longer a church, I mean I hear so much negativity from all parts of the planet wherever this church is! I think their time has come and gone and they either need to change almost everything they practice to continue to be a church, or they can continue in this horrible direction that theyre going and they will rapidly fade away....... I can tell u that their churches are horrible, all of their traditions and their song book date to about 1850 which shows their primitive intellect, they could just choose to be modern, but choose instead to excommunicate everyone except themselves! david/joe Nicolson are criminals paul pentsa, jim/mark igic are also criminals! I wish I could walk up to them and just scream in their faces full blast!!!!! but alas! they are the only ones who can threaten and intimidate without fear of repercussions total hypocrisy!!!!!

10 Sep 2018 14:12
oh, and youll never ever get either of the paul pentsas on anything, theyre too well protected by the nazarean elders mafia, don't forget that jim/mark igic are also fat cats who look the other way, probably to hide their sins!

Cult Leaders
10 Sep 2018 16:02
If you research cult leaders, you will find that they can do anything and everything they like but when it comes to the members/followers they are brutal. The only comfort is knowing that this is what Jesus said would happen which makes it more bearable. The door of grace is closing for the Gentiles and will be given to God’s chosen people. These elders are blind for a reason and talking to them is a waste of time because they will judge you for disobeying God and punish you for standing up to them.

Cult Leaders
10 Sep 2018 16:02
If you research cult leaders, you will find that they can do anything and everything they like but when it comes to the members/followers they are brutal. The only comfort is knowing that this is what Jesus said would happen which makes it more bearable. The door of grace is closing for the Gentiles and will be given to God’s chosen people. These elders are blind for a reason and talking to them is a waste of time because they will judge you for disobeying God and punish you for standing up to them.

10 Sep 2018 21:15
Amen to the commentator from the USA. All true

11 Sep 2018 13:03
There is nothing wrong with our song book. They are beautiful songs.

13 Sep 2018 1:39
saying theres nothing wrong is being oblivious to the facts! the nazarean church needs to be modern in their music as well, I don't mean guitars in churches but at least switch it up a bit, also I don't enjoy going to church and feeling depressed because a song book always says were bad and going to hell, there are many songs in that book that are catholic based as well. If the nazarean church doesent want to change AT ALL then in a few years youll have half your membership, and the evidence for that is all on this website...…….look at all this unhappiness and grumbling against the system and the leadership in church do you think people are happy? because Im not and feel abandoned by the church!

please verify
13 Sep 2018 1:55
Can anyone confirm if junior Paul Pentsa (Paulie) lives at this address.

4045 Spaatz Rd

To Pineapple32
13 Sep 2018 1:57
Do you think that people at other denominations don't feel abandoned? Because I know many individuals that don't go to the ACCN and have struggles with their faith.

Also, do you think that a songbook is going to make you feel less abandoned?

There is nothing wrong with the songbooks, they are indeed beautiful songs. If you feel that you a judged for being a bad person and that you are going to hell by singing out of the Zions Harf, then the issue isn't the songbook but possibly internal struggles you are having with your faith.

I hate to tell you this, but if you go to another denomination, you will find that you have the same internal struggles.

To pineapple32
13 Sep 2018 10:55
We have some of the nicest songs in the zions harf, Zbirka and Gospel Hymns. You sound as thou you have some serious spiritual struggles. Unfortunately, churches in Australia are more focused on which person you agree with than focusing on their faith between them and God.

14 Sep 2018 2:49
unfortunetly instaead of letting me voice my opinion, its nazarean custom to disagree immediately and blame blame blame!!!! instead of asking why I don't like the songbook or how to help or asking or even thinking how to encourage.... all of you "real" nazareans just blame people and say there must be something wrong with me so lets get something straight here
#1 you don't know me, and the fact that I have NO "internal/spiritual struggles, SO YOUR SUPPIOSITION THAT I HAVE PROBLEMS LOOKS REALLY UNINTELLIGENT!
#2 I was trying to make a point that instead of making everyone feel guilty/bad all of the time from your preaching/songbook you should be preaching the LOVE OF GOD!!! Then more people would come to church! You need to stop these preaching's of brimstone and fire and destruction and the end of the world because seriously no one in the benches really care's!

#3 This website is about confronting bullies like the pensas and the igic's and the Nicholson's who steal money from churches and destroy people, AND NOW YOU SOUND LIKE THE BULLIES! this is a great website, thank you Mr. Moderator because its impossible to voice your opinion in church because all the elders/ministers would want to destroy you for challenging the system/elder system!!!

14 Sep 2018 3:04
The leaders keep control with an iron fist, if they can lie to you or intimidate you, then they can control you! "Always question authority" -Albert Einstein

To Pineapple32
14 Sep 2018 4:12
I'm sorry that you felt that I didn't let you voice your opinion or that you thought that I disagreed with you or that I blamed you. I honestly didn't mean to do that, but I can see how you would think that. I'm sorry for offending you.

In your comment, you said 'I don't enjoy going to church and feeling depressed because of a songbook always says were bad and going to hell.' This statement is your opinion, and not everyone shares that opinion with you. It's okay for you to give your opinion but understand this is a forum and not everyone shares your opinion.

You also said that 'look at all this unhappiness and grumbling against the system and the leadership in church do you think people are happy? because I'm not and feel abandoned by the church!' These are legitimate struggles. You are not alone, that's why this website was created. You are also right I don't know you.

But when you say, if the Nazarene church doesn't want to change AT ALL then in a few years you'll have half your membership, and the evidence of that is on this website', I wasn't sure if you were referring to the songbooks or the problems with the leadership.

Again I'm sorry for offending you.

15 Sep 2018 2:06
If no one in the benches cares about the fire and brimstone that's coming, why would they even be at church?

15 Sep 2018 2:25
A person's reasons for going to church are personal. Some want to go to church to be better people, some like being part of a community, and others want to go to Heaven. We cannot assume that everyone going to church is afraid of brimstone. No one has the right to challenge anyone personal reasons for keeping their faith, and that's not the purpose of this site. This website is about the corruption of the men running the church, and it has nothing to do with your personal struggle with your faith. That is between you and God.

and these
15 Sep 2018 12:36
2 Corinthians 11:26 perils among false brethren;

Jude 1:4
.... For certain men have crept in unnoticed, who long ago were marked out for this condemnation, ungodly men, who turn the grace of our God into lewdness and deny the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ

2 Corinthians 11:13-15
For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.

Galatians 2:4
And this occurred because of false brethren secretly brought in (who came in by stealth to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage),

16 Sep 2018 4:19
to USA, thank you for the apology!!! its very appreciated!!! and youre right, that your faith/beliefs are between yourself and god, remember that the bible did not even exist when abraham believed god, a lot of what we have today including issues/problems in any church are due to man creating religeons! and in the case of the nazarean church check this out!

1 nazarean churches have a strange concept of the bible insisting that every single word is from god, and that includes allowing genocide rape racism hate (all against the caananites) stoning of sinners and so on, not all that is in the bible is from god or good for that matter, also there is much jewish history that is also not connected to god like the jewish priest cutting up his concubine and starting a civil war, I could go on and on and on the problem is that most members don't really study the bible they let the elders/ministers do that for them! and we need to come to the understand that NOT ALL of the bible is from god! why don't you ask Samuel frohlich he studied biblical critism greatly but today that practice will get you exxed in the nazarean church, everyone in the nazarean church should read about the founder of their religion maybe they wouldent be so mean/the way they are all the time!

2 the nazarean church practices strange beliefs such as closed members meetings which really date back to the days of communism so it makes the closed member meeting no longer valid to me, or how about closed baptisms in some churches or closed lords suppers, all of those things contribute to the church looking like a sect/cult because many visitors over the years have told me this, and yes also the preaching of fire/brimstone trying to make us feel that the end of the world is imminent yet when it doesn't happen in 20 years the elder/minister looks incompetent, also were not all horrible sinners as most elders/ministers try to make you feel like on sunday, were all normal human beings with struggles and the REAL message of the bible I truly believe is one of patience mercy and redemption and none of this crazy punishing for visiting other churches/doing this/that etc....

3 the nazrean church needs to stop pushing young children into being baptized and telling them that they are sinners!they are still children! and in my eyes the church preys on children! I was at a 16 year olds baptism,i thought it was wrong and that most likely that person has a high probability of leaving church because of no outside contact/experience, once those type of people learn/get older/have a better understanding they see that the nazarean church is wrong on many issues and leave/become discouraged/become disenthralled.

4 why punish people at all? are we religious police? we look so hypocritical punishing people in church when, on the same basis almost all of the elders/ministers should be kicked out (PP PPjr j tomek, petrovics j/m igic nicolsons, they hide many peoples sins for their own benefit, and let me ask this??? if talking in tongues is allowed in the new testament why don't we practice it? so if I practice that then ill be exxed? that just goes to show that the nazarean church picks and chooses its own beliefs but doesn't practice others that are not in line with its own form of Christianity, again id like to reiterate VERY strongly!! that the nazarean church/elders/leaders are not spiritual police that can punish and destroy they need to get rid of that PRIMITIVE BELIEF!

5 on one topic page on this website, it says seven lies told by the nazarean church, those are totally true! and I challenge anyone to debunk them

To: Pinapple32
17 Sep 2018 11:38
What is wrong with the Igic brothers? Are they like the Nicholson brothers where they kicked people out of church or embezzled money? You talk about people without giving the facts.

Another thing I wouldn't go to church if it were the way you wanted it, I would rather sleep in on Sunday and then have brunch with friends. Why? Because if we are not held accountable for our actions, then why go to church? Also let's face it most people in the church don't have people skills, and can be awkward and rude at times - like staring at you, ignoring you and even laughing at you in your face. And if I wanted to join a club, I would join a club I wanted to be in and with people I wanted to hang around. I don't go to church for friends. I go to church to be spiritually fed.

What you are proposing has been done before, and those groups have failed.

My last question to you is: was Jesus was not hated for telling the truth and did not admonish people?

still more
17 Sep 2018 17:02
To Pinapples32;
I was at a 30 + year olds baptism,and he left the church...
the age does not matter.

21 Sep 2018 2:16
what is wrong with the igic bros is that m igic and (j igic is secondary) is the leading elder/president of the nazarean churches in America and allows extortion like in the case of dave/joe Nicholson what was done in both cases was a CRIME according to the authorities, but in common nazarean fashion "worldly authorities are not to be trusted, soon the church will be like the Catholic's hiding all crimes.....whats wrong with them is that they NEED to take more responsibility and do whats right! There are so many people that have been cheated by both nicholsons and have complained to me asking "why haven't the leaders done anything?" That is the reason there are so many problems and the problems draaaag on forever without having a speedy solution.
To answer your question about sleeping in on sunday/brunch with friends....have you tried it yet??? it might do you some good seeing that youre mentioning it, maybe its a locked up desire that you CANT do because the nazarean church would PUNISH you for??? What I am proposing HAS been done before and yes SOME have failed, but how long until the nazarean church fails because it fails to modernize?
And hey (still more) from Australia, waz up my aussie? what I meant with baptizing anyone really young is that we should really give them the chance to decide when they are 18, if you hound them and tell them that they are terrible sinners many young people/children are not able to rationally decide, and are easily manipulated to be members, and once they are baptized most of them don't realize that the nazarean church doesn't give second chances! The church should give them their chance to see the world and inform them fully of everything the church practices AND then decide if they still want to be part of it! All I am saying is that the church should treat them as children! and not as a number as in number of members!

To: Pineapple32
21 Sep 2018 2:23
I'm not scared of being punished by the ACCN elders for sleeping in or having brunch with my friends. And as far as have I tried it, that is none of your business. For one, you just hit the nail on the head with your explanation of what's wrong with the Igic brothers. Next time you post peoples names give specific reasons as to why you are complaining so it doesn't appear as slander or that you are just complaining about the way things are in the church.

22 Sep 2018 2:15
Just so you know...

If Nazareans knew that their church will fall apart so bad that there is 4 of them gathering in a basement, they would rather do that than change a single thing.

To: Pineapple32
22 Sep 2018 6:45
To: Pineapple32
“3 the nazrean church needs to stop pushing young children into being baptized and telling them that they are sinners!they are still children! and in my eyes the church preys on children! I was at a 16 year olds baptism,i thought it was wrong and that most likely that person has a high probability of leaving church because of no outside contact/experience, once those type of people learn/get older/have a better understanding they see that the nazarean church is wrong on many issues and leave/become discouraged/become disenthralled.”
Not being part of the ACCN I should probably refrain from commenting (I’m part of what is sometimes referred to as the ‘sister church’). I don’t know how similar things are between our churches. But your comment here made me think of two of my own children.

You mention the church pushing young children into baptism or telling them that they are sinners. Do you feel that children are inherently not sinners? My understanding was that there is a period of time where children are not ‘accountable,’ but I thought they were still ‘sinners.’ I have four children, and every single one of them has lied at least once, for example. Since lying is a sin, wouldn’t that make them a sinner by definition?... even if not yet held to account, of course, until they have grown and understand the serious consequences of sin.

One of my children might end up being a 16 year old that gets baptized. Time will tell. He’s 14 right now, and he began his journey with Christ (in repentance) when he was 13. Was he ‘pushed’ into this? Well, the way I’d like to understand it, is that the Lord’s call in his life was a very irresistible ‘push’ that compelled him to come to faith. But maybe you would see it differently. In thinking on the local church I attend, I’m not aware of any big ‘push’ to make children do this, such as in the Sunday school or what-not, though we do our best to teach them the Bible and the things they need to know to face life, and to make that important decision of faith when it is in God’s proper time.

When I came to faith, I was 18 years old. And I must admit it was a surprise when my son, my ‘little boy,’ said he wanted to repent at the age of 13. My wife and I sat him down and had a conversation with prayer. I guess I wanted to have some idea as to what was on his mind, and whether this was real, or if he was doing it because of anything other than a genuine reason. Was he too young? I don’t know. But what would you do, if your child came to you with a terrified look on their face and says in choking words and tears that he’s a sinner, and doesn’t want to go to hell? Is he still a child? Of course he is! And we’re trying to let him be just that, even while encouraging him in the Word and in his understanding. Baptism will take place when it is ‘time,’ and not before. But personally, when I heard his reasons for wanting to come to Christ, I wanted to do anything and everything I could to help encourage him in it (versus convincing him that he was ‘just a child’ and needed to grow up first)… lest one day the Lord call me to account as to why I hindered His work and calling in someone else’s life.

It’s been some years ago, but one of our other children also expressed an interest to turn to the Lord. I think she was younger than 13, but I no longer remember what her age was. The outcome in that situation was different. We tried to have a conversation with her just like we had with our son, but she seemed much more ambivalent about it. And ultimately, she decided on her own that it wasn’t the proper time. She’s now past 21 years of age, and hasn’t come to faith. Her father, who stifles back tears even while writing this, still looks back on that day and wonders if he should have done something different in terms of encouraging her.

The Bible says that when Jesus was 12 years of age, He had the desire to be about His Father’s business. I don’t know if there’s anything special about the age of 12 or not. Only God could say just where accountability starts or ends. I wouldn’t deny that my son hasn’t had much outside contact or experience, and time will tell as to where God leads him to be. Indeed, we’ve tried our best to shelter our children to prevent confusion, which runs rampant in this world. But where he ultimately ends up in terms of where he goes to church, is less important to me than his relationship with Jesus Christ.

To: Pineapple32 (2)
22 Sep 2018 6:46
The latter part of your comment speaks to, perhaps, disillusionment when one discovers that the church and the people that attend it aren’t perfect. I don’t mean to put words in your mouth, that was just my impression of it. Maybe we all deal with this a little differently, but what you describe is something I guess I also went through. Probably everyone does? At 44 it’s hard to again look through life with the same lens I had when I was 18 in order to even properly compare the differences. My opinions and thoughts have changed many times over the years as I’ve (hopefully) matured in faith. Is my church perfect? No. It has me in it. Does it see everything the right way? Well, I’m not sure I even see everything the ‘right’ way in my understanding of the Word, so I’m reluctant to just say my church is ‘wrong’ in the positions it holds. But it’s based on the Bible, and right now governed by people who love God and each other, and who are actively trying to serve Him to the best of their ability in accordance with His Word. I feel at peace there. Have I ever felt discouraged/disenthralled? Sure. Many times. Most of the time probably with individual people when I learn they have feet of clay and weren’t quite the ‘rock solid spiritual’ people I thought they were. But I’m trying to get quicker to forgive them for that, because when I look down I see my own feet of clay, and likely have similarly disappointed many. In fact, I know I have, starting with my own family and the number of times I’ve had to apologize even to my own kids for something. So, maybe sometimes there’s discouragement… but never ‘disenthrallment’ with Jesus. He’s my Anchor, and the rest of this, be whatever problem it is, just points out the reason why we all need Him so very desperately. I can’t help but believe my son will experience something similar. But if Christ is also his Anchor, then that will be all he needs to face these other things.

My apologies if anything said was offensive. And if it wasn’t in my place to comment, I trust the moderator will remove these two posts.

falling apart
22 Sep 2018 8:40
The churches are falling apart because of the Elder body. PERIOD.

They lie. They steal churches. They are hypocrites. There is no way to sugar coat them. The one or two that are good have no power so they become useless.

To: falling apart
22 Sep 2018 23:04
So what is their purpose in the church as elders if they lie,cheat and steal churches? What kind of elder is that? And isn't it unhealthy/unholy for one's soul to continue to support that type of corruption/spiritual abuse?
Those few that are good sound like the real elders.

24 Sep 2018 5:22
to CHANGE from USA, your comment is spot on!

24 Sep 2018 5:53
to USA from sister church,
my and your understanding of children/spirituality/religion are very different, I don't believe children or humans for that matter, are sinners at all, but it is the exposure of us to cultures and society that shape our vision of morality. Children (in my opinion) are just that, they are children, and learn things from us/our society, for example lying, childrens brain are not fully developed yet, and teenagers brains are in between a childs and adults brain (which explains teenage craziness) so children see lying for example as a way to get ahead or hide something they or others perceive to be bad based on society/culture, that can have a far range from society to society and culture to culture. Also I read this article that says that children are more prone to lying/imagination/making things up because it actually grows their brain, now im not saying lying is good, but we need to be careful of the stress/pressure we put on children, also id like to address your comment where you say if your child came to you scared that they are going to hell...children do not need to be furthered in their fears but rather to conquer them! Children should not be scared of hell/devil/end of the world, by keeping them scared we keep them tied down and never able to reach higher, im not scared of hell/any of it at all because I have a different perspective of it. im glad that your children are repenting/changing, but at the same time, I personally don't believe in baptizing anyone under 18, they are too young to understand full morality, as we age we become stronger/smarter/more patient/understanding, what Im trying to address in the nazarean church is that there is such a big push to baptize young children, that when they become older, and want to move on to something different yet still have some connection with church they cant! because with the nazareans its one shot and youre out/exxed, which is a really a horrible practice, especially when you see so many leaders do horrible things yet they want more and more and more followers especially children. If children believe that they are sinners, well fine, that's should be for them to decide,and they should alos be informed of ALL of the churches practices especially the outdated traditions, and they should also later on have the ability to choose to leave church if they want to, without being exxed,or fear of banishment/retribution, which is wholly unbiblical, and also an affront to every human being! Also to go back to the subject of lying, how many times have ministers/elders lied to us? Sometimes I think they just sit there and make up things about the bible or make up a verse in the bible I would consider that lying, so actually they have broken one of the commandments and if we went by old testament law they would be killed, but on the flip side if I stole something and was arrested, I would also break a commandment and they would ex me from church right? Do you see how biased/two faced the leaders can be? The Nicolsons can steal the MONEY that people worked hard for,but because its a murky situation they get away with it! Oh and they can also get away with it because they were ministers and buddy-buddy with the leaders!

24 Sep 2018 6:26
to usa from sister church
the second part of your comment is where we are also vastly different, I think the main problem with the acc/accn type churches are they they have strayed greatly from the original message, especially from what frohlich was trying to get across, he was a student of HIGHER CRITICISM , I believe the accn (nazareans) have given up on the old acc religion, they have a very eastern Europe/catholic interpretation of many things, for example frohlich was exxed from his old church/religion, and was expelled from his country and could not see his family, do you think he liked that and would want to continue that false teaching? Certainly not! If anyone can tell me when the nazareans started practicing that, that would be great! My understanding of the bible is that the old testament belongs to the jews and only the jews, the old testament (in my opinion) contains jewish historical/law/custom types of writings not much different than our very own US constitution in the sense of rule of law, and later on as their religion grows, they need to add a little bit of this/that shake well and put on simmer for a few centuries and voila! you have almost modern Judaism, to me the new testament really is the story of a jewish rabbi (jesus) and his followers, which then follows the same path as the old testament (add this/that shake/simmer for a few centuries and voila!) you get Christianity (sort of) after the Roman empire falls and into the mideval times you have a lot of biblical material added to the new testament by catholic priests/popes and eventually you have Christianity, my issue is that the accnazarean takes every single verse like it comes out from the mouth of god, and that is simply not true, just google contradictions in the bible, and youll find a bunch! I think its this belief in the whole bible being from god/wrongly interpreting it, is where they have gone wrong, like for example no talking in tongues, well its "in the bible" but the nazareans will exx you for practicing that, or what about hell? it was made for the devil and his angels I thought? but the nazareans love scaring their children that theyre going there if they don't behave, that is sooooo petty and primitive! If we follow higher criticism, and use that....maybe jesus wasn't talking about a fiery pit of destruction (hell) but rather that if you do bad things on this earth and in this life that you've made your own personal hell??? hmmmm could probably be that. The nazareans always want to go to the extreme in their beliefs except for what doesn't suit them like drinking the blood/eating the body of Christ (cannibalism right?) but no no no they say that verse is metaphorical but others are literal, so they themselves pick and choose which verse means what and makes them no different from ANY other religion! Anyways just my two cents!

24 Sep 2018 6:51
People have been saying that in the Romanian Cleveland Church the members have to bring their own amenities such as toilet paper. I can’t help wonder why? Are there trust issues with finances? Are the members not told how much money is collected from the members per quarter/each year? Are members not contributing to the church? Usually, essential amenities are purchased from the church's bank account.

Moses Magda senior
24 Sep 2018 13:00
Another Romanian dictator (brother in law to Doral Stefan) finders, owners, my church "my way or the highway" motto
loyal Supporter of ex elder David Nikolson, Petar Stefan and Doral Stefan he's nothing better then these guys, a lot of members over the years have left the Romanian church because of his bulling.

To Paul Kusinki and Matei Augustinov have you resolved your current issue with regards to the recent members that left the Romanian church?

25 Sep 2018 0:24
Resolve? What's there to resolve? They left the church. The ones to leave are the ones that need to resolve it. Like really, ALL these churches around and NONE are good enough so they just want to sit in a house with 3 families? That's called PRIDE.

To resolve
25 Sep 2018 0:38
They would have had a reason why they left. Perhaps mistreatment and bullying. Perhaps Elders not being considerate enough to assist the flock in a fair manner, not taking sides because they are friends but looking into the truth and the scriptures and doing it properly. That way there would be problems solved and people not disappointed as Elders performing their duties correctly.

The way and the trut
25 Sep 2018 0:46
So that's how it's done in church kick people out like the Stefan's and say there's another church and we're all still Christians, nothing is resolved!

Family business
25 Sep 2018 3:34
Why should the Romanian church member's pay their dues or contribute to the donation box,
Moses Magda senior has not given to the church any financial collection and annual report for years, everything stays in the Magdas family business, if any members ask Moses regarding collections Moses Magda answer is "church is mine and the door is yours"

25 Sep 2018 6:05
Quote: "Why should the Romanian church member's pay their dues or contribute to the donation box,"

Pay what dues? I'm just wondering. You mean regular church dues? Are they not paying the church bills?

25 Sep 2018 11:34
There are church money boxes, right? If the Romanian Church members don't have to pay dues (?), do they contribute to the churches money boxes? And if they give money are they aware of where the funds go?

Money is a powerful motivator. On this website alone it is apparent that the ACCN have an enormous problem with embezzlement, church thievery and funds from various churches both nationally and internationally being stolen by its members with access to the bank accounts.

I find it unusual that the leader of the Romanian church would not be transparent with the members and even more bizarre that essential amenities are not provided.

What is also concerning is that the treasurer that had access to the funds in Columbia Station didn't stop there (funds went missing while he was a treasurer) and he eventually was able to take full possession of the church with the help of the ACCN leaders.

This concerning, and I hope that the same thing that happened in Columbia Station doesn't happen again!

25 Sep 2018 12:15
I wounder who are the trustees, treasure, agent etc of the Cleveland Romanian church? And how is the church registered

25 Sep 2018 12:27
>>if any members ask Moses regarding collections Moses Magda's answer is "church is mine and the door is yours"

Duh! That's nasty!

Off track
26 Sep 2018 1:03
I thought this website was made to expose, in particular the incompetent and uneducated leadership in Australia. Janko Tomek and his puppets are still around in case you've forgotten. Nobody here knows anything about the people you are mentioning from the US.

26 Sep 2018 1:07
They do now.

Do it right
26 Sep 2018 2:09
Moses Magda senior should work the whole church (not family only) equally call back the recent members that left and vote more ministers so the church can function as a church and not a family business,that's what the whole discord is about with cha-cha Moses and his brother Ted in the front bench they comand everything
Is this right?

To: Off track
26 Sep 2018 2:36
So what about Janko Tomek? Is he a church thief or has he stolen from the church's bank account? Please give specifics!

What is evident here (on this website) is that the ACCN leadership condones behavior that is against the Ten Commandments. They ALSO do a good job covering up peoples crimes.


To: Pineapple32
26 Sep 2018 4:16
To: Pineapple32
"my and your understanding of children/spirituality/religion are very different ... the second part of your comment is where we are also vastly different ..."
I would agree. But thank you for giving me opportunity to think about my faith, and my dear son, both of which I love.

It appears that we both might be off-topic for this thread anyway, as the conversation here is interested in other matters (which I know nothing of).

To: Do it right
26 Sep 2018 15:26
I don't believe Moses Magda Sr. would invite those members that left the Romanian church back and do a re-voting for new brothers in the ministry. Moses Magda Sr. does what he wants and chooses who he wants to sit next to him on the front bench. That is why his biological brother is in the ministry.

I would not be surprised if the Romanian church gets shut down similarly to the Columbia Sation church. The closure of the Columbia Station was an intentional act, and the sad part about it was Dorel Stephans sons went to W. Akron before the closing of the church and told other young adults that the Columbia Station Church belonged to their dad and grandfather.

That mentality of I am the 'leader' of the church, the 'owner' of the church and I 'control' who gets 'voted' in as ministers and where the 'money' goes - is control of power.

I can't help but wonder what the Stephan's, David Nicholson and Moses Magda's plan was? Did they think that the remaining Columbia Sation members should all attend the Romanian Chruch? There is something called 'free will' and 'choices'. You can't dig a hole for people to fall in and give them no options out. That is abuse.

Also who was going to get blamed for stealing the money after the church was sold?

The ACCN elders can ignore the situation, but it is not going away. One day we will all be accountable for what we have done.

26 Sep 2018 15:30
Can we get a photo of that Moses?

which Moses
26 Sep 2018 16:02
does this Moses have a beard?

26 Sep 2018 17:26
Here is Moses...

Big thanks to the sender.

another one
26 Sep 2018 22:29
can we get another photo of this Moses without him eating ice-cream?

Moses Magda senior
26 Sep 2018 23:21
To: do it right I agree Moses Magda is to proudful to call back the Ukrainian brothers back or to have a minister revote, just to clarify how Ted Magdas ministry vote took place, on a Sunday morning vote Ted did not get enough votes to confirm him into full ministry the wives of Moses and Ted Magda had a meeting that same Sunday afternoon before church service with Paul Kusinski and Matei Augustinov and then after service Matei A and Paul K announced and confirmed Ted M into the ministry.

In this picture Moses is holding a baby and he only has a mustache

Just a minute
27 Sep 2018 1:51
Wait a minute, let's slow down.

Just because there is an insane amount of jealousy that the two brothers run the church does NOT make it right for the other group to take extra pieces of paper out of their pockets and try to fake a vote!!!! THAT'S why Ted "didn't get enough votes" because more ballots came in than there are members!! So don't give us the garbage about how the other side is all innocent. They are crooked and sleazy too.

27 Sep 2018 3:48
petras group they are big liars

To: usa
27 Sep 2018 4:11
What are you basing that statement on (petras group they are big liars)? Do you have evidence or is that just gossip.

When you comment on a 'person' or 'group' make sure that state your facts or proof, otherwise it is slander and immoral.

To: Just a minute
27 Sep 2018 4:14
What I understand from your comment is that the members that left the Romanian church had added additional ballots (vote of fraud)?.

To: just a minute
27 Sep 2018 4:43
Jealous of what? You gotta be kidding, the women run the Romanian church

direct answer
27 Sep 2018 11:06
Isaiah 3:12
"As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. My people, your leaders are misleading you— they're giving you confusing directions."

Isaiah 9:16
Those who guide this people mislead them, and those who are guided are led astray.

27 Sep 2018 13:13
Please use the newly created thread to post all your comments related to Moses Magda Sr. from Ohio, USA.


28 Sep 2018 17:30
Wow!!! from checking out all the threads, and based on peoples opinions, its certain that the elder body/ministers are full of corruption, greed, incompetence, ineptness, laziness, nepotism, theft, dishonesty, sin, embezzlement, lying, selfishness, stubbornness, unwilling to change, spiteful behavior, abusive behavior, hateful, vengeful, and much more! I would like to challenge anyone with enough knowledge of the elder body to post the elders name along with the offenses committed, that way that list can be referenced by everyone in church, and proof of their offenses, also, if everyone in churches where the elders/ministers are horrible is sooooo unhappy, why doesn't everyone try this......on sunday morning in church have someone deliver a note informing the elder/minister that everyone has decided to take a vote, and that vote will decide if they remain an elder/minister, the vote needs to be taken without them being consulted, because they will just shut you down if they knew, we the people of the United States HAVE DECIDED to have mid term elections, equally so the PEOPLE of the nazarene church NEED to stand up and fight against their oppressive leaders!!! Or everyone can try a church boycott day!!! If no one would be there for 1 sunday the leadership would panic and try to change I hope! As long as the members are led like sheep they (elders/ministers) WILL abuse their power, remember the power is always in YOUR hand to stand up for whats RIGHT, and I believe that GOD respects that!

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