Spiritual and Mental Abuse in Apostolic Christian Church Nazarene in Australia
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ACCN Forum | To: Petar Stefan

12 Jul 2018 13:08

To: Petar Stefan

Petar Stefan’s letter to the Church member of Columbia Station dated: August 29th, 2015.

It has become apparent that there is significant discord in our church and it has become extremely difficult if not impossible for the church to function in an effective manner consistent with our faith. The trustees of the church have decided to temporarily suspend church services as of August 31, 2015. Do no enter onto church property without the express written permission of the trustees. Personal items within the church will be returned accordingly by the Trustees and requests for particular items may be expressed to them as well.

Petar Stefan we ask you these questions regarding your letter dated Aug 29, 15.

1. Can you give us an accurate definition of what a Trustee means, the duties of a Trustee and who the Beneficiary of a church corporation is?
2. Can you explain what ‘DISCORD’ you are talking about in this letter? Was the ‘discord’ regarding ‘your personal faith / belief’ or because the members opposed your plans to sell the church or was this just a ploy for financial gain.
3. Petar you stated that it is impossible for the church to function in an effective manner consistent with ‘OUR’ faith’. What faith are you referring to? Are you referring to the Faith of love, kindness, mercy, truth, honesty, compassion, and being a trustful steward of the kingdom of Jesus Christ? Or is it your belief that it is okay to lie, steal, to cause hatred and division against the brethren and to accuse brothers of doing the very act that you have committed?
4. Could the church have functioned in an effective manner without you and your son Dorel?
5. What is the definition of, ‘TEMPORARILY’ mean to you? Does it mean FOR SALE?
6. You also said personal items will be returned; however you have taken EVERYTHING from all contributing members.
7. How can you fix this and are you willing to fix this? -- Would you & Dorel be willing to sell your house to pay back your legal fees? --

please explain Peter
13 Jul 2018 0:10

3. Petar you stated that it is impossible for the church to function in an effective manner consistent with ‘OUR’ faith’.

how, and in which way have you functioned 'OUR' faith from Aug.29, 2015 to present?

where have you been conducting "OUR" faith from Aug.29, 2015 to present?

which church of "OUR" faith have you been part of since Aug.29, 2015 until present?

which church of "OUR" faith have you been a member of from Aug.29, 2015 until present?

Mosho Petre
13 Jul 2018 0:17

The trustees of the church have decided to temporarily suspend church services as of August 31, 2015.

what does temporarily suspend church services mean when the church is up for sale?

is putting the church up for sale and temporarily suspend church services, the same?

did you put it up for sale, or did you temporarily suspend church services?

1 John 2:21
I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth.

Proverbs 12:17
He who speaks truth tells what is right, But a false witness, deceit.

John 8:32
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Micah 2:1
7 Oct 2018 14:28


To Petar Stefan,

You had mentioned disagreements and injustice being done when the four trial minsters at Columbia Station received confirming votes in the ministry by both paper ballot and standing vote. The term I believe you used was, jumping over the fence’ and it being against the ‘European church order.’ You went as far as saying that the work was not from God.

I don’t understand what you mean by disagreements when you yourself stood up in agreement with the majority. If you wanted individual votes why didn’t you stand up and voice your opinion before the votes took place or during the meeting?

Only time has revealed your trues colors and your evil plans. You were not upset about ‘European’ church order or the voting process. It was a ploy to accomplishing what you and your son Dorel set out to do – and that was to benefit monetarily with the sale of the church. You used and manipulated every single member to get what you wanted.

Where you upset that your son Dorel was not voted as a minster? Was revenge your initial motive?


Did your quarreling and bitterness start in the late 80’s, beginning 90’s during the C.S church construction when your bricklaying wall (job) was demolished?

You achieved what you set out to do and accomplished your goal with the help of the ‘American’ ACCN elders which you so vocally spoke against.

Don't forget that the kids of Columbia Station church will grow up with God help and will remember you as A BAD MEAN OLD MAN.

Micah 2:1 - Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practice it, because it is in the power of their hand.

explained clearly
7 Oct 2018 23:11

I think this verse explain's it all, as far as I can see....

1 Tim.1:7
Desiring to be teachers of the law; understanding neither what they say, nor whereof they affirm.

ACC Church Sold
9 Oct 2018 3:41

For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins."

Matthew 6: 14-15

Lost souls
9 Oct 2018 5:14

They sold their souls to the devil.

9 Oct 2018 7:29


Forgiveness does not exclude criminal sentences. The ACCN elders have a pattern of covering up crimes that should be reported to law enforcement.

The ACCN also punished individuals who were targeted and victimized by claiming they have not forgiven the perpetrators.

I didn't know that the elders had the right to punish a person based on their heart. I thought that was Gods decision because he knows people's hearts and men can act and pretend.

I also didn't hear that the Stefans, David Nicholson and all those involved including the committee ever apologize to the victims for the discrimination and for the losses that had occurred.

*****It was the committee which authorized the Stefan's, David and all involved to commit the crime they committed.*****

seriousness here
9 Oct 2018 14:12

read carefully..................

1 Kings 13:
16. The man of God said, “I cannot turn back and go with you, nor can I eat bread or drink water with you in this place.
17. I have been told by the word of the Lord: ‘You must not eat bread or drink water there or return by the way you came.’”
18. The old prophet answered, “I too am a prophet, as you are. And an angel said to me by the word of the Lord: ‘Bring him back with you to your house so that he may eat bread and drink water.’” (But he was lying to him.) 19 So the man of God returned with him and ate and drank in his house.

can you see the wording:
"I am a prophet too".........


continuation of.... 1 Kings 13:
20. While they were sitting at the table, the word of the Lord came to the old prophet who had brought him back.
21. He cried out to the man of God who had come from Judah, “This is what the Lord says: ‘You have defied the word of the Lord and have not kept the command the Lord your God gave you.
22. You came back and ate bread and drank water in the place where he told you not to eat or drink. Therefore your body will not be buried in the tomb of your ancestors.’”

can you see the wording:
"You have defied the word of the Lord and have not kept the command the Lord your God gave you."


Malachi 2:8
But ye are departed out of the way; ye have caused many to stumble at the law; ye have corrupted the covenant of Levi, saith the LORD of hosts.

1 John 4:1
Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

Apostle John wrote this: "many false prophets are gone out into the world.......about 2000 years ago???

what does this mean:
1 Peter 5:3
Neither as being lords over God's heritage, but being ensamples to the flock.

Matthew 7:15
Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Acts 20:29
For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.

for which reason do they do this?
because of:
Acts 20:30
Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.

can you see the wording:
........"to draw away disciples after them"

(to themselves NOT towards Christ or after Christ)


12 Oct 2018 6:56

The ACCN elders cannot discern what is right from wrong. They justify their actions and come up with creative reasons to their deeds.

very clear
12 Oct 2018 10:24

Proverbs 17:15

He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous
are both alike an abomination to the Lord.

Little things
12 Oct 2018 13:57


Everyone knows the story in the Bible where a disciple was greedy and sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. I can only hope that people can see through the claims of David Nikolson, Petar and Dorel Stefan that the reason for closing Columbia Station was not for spiritual reasons or injustice with voting for the four ministers, but their plans were cynical. It was about destroying families and stealing churches funds of $7000 and a church building.

The Elders and all those involved who worked hard with the lawyers to protect the thieves are the Judas Iscariot and the priests.

When Judas Iscariot wanted to return the money to the priests, they didn’t want any part of it. The ACCN Elders who supported the criminal acts that took place in Columbia Station which one are you, Judas Iscariot, or are you the priest that perpetrated this scheme.

Dorel's intentions for money did not start in Columbia Station. When he was a member of the Geraldine (Cleveland Romanian Church), he wanted to be a treasure, but Moses Magda Sr. turned him down, so he left abruptly by slamming the door and never returning as a member. Dorel Stefan has said many times that Moses Magda Sr. wanted to control the churches money.

When Dorel was a treasure for Columbia Station in 2005 he was approached by Jon Petruz, Steve Mendrea Sr. and Peter Dolinga about $4000 that went missing while he was a treasure. Dorel did not answer where the $4000 went, and that money was never accounted for or returned. He was then immediately replaced with another treasurer.

Greediness and lust for power is idolatry. This example shows that $4000 turned into $7000, and $7000 turned into the sale of the church $725,000.00. You don't have to fornicate or do adultery, etc. to sin. It starts with the little things.

deadly covetousness
12 Oct 2018 22:51

check and read for yourself.

Colossians 3:5
.................and covetousness, which is idolatry:

1 Kings 21:
.........(for those who don't know this story, read from the beginning of this chapter of 1 Kings 21......)

25. But there was none like unto Ahab, which did sell himself to work wickedness in the sight of the LORD, whom Jezebel his wife stirred up.
26. And he did very abominably in following idols, according to all things as did the Amorites, whom the LORD cast out before the children of Israel.

To: Petar Stefan
24 Oct 2018 15:38

Do you know what Psychological projection is? It involves projecting undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else, rather than admitting to or dealing with unwanted feelings.

You have been playing the blame game, pointing fingers to others, and projecting your plans on to other members. It was your plan with Dorel to steal the church, sell it, pocket the money, and blame the Petras family for your actions.

How did you think this was going to go? Did you think that you would be a free member at the Doroslovac church and that nobody would know what you did here?

Did you think that you could excommunicate the Petras family with your lawyer, David Nickolson and the ACCN Elder committee?

Petar you are an egotistical man. You have a terrible habit of blaming people for the things that you have done. What you did will never be forgotten – this is the legacy you have chosen for your grandchildren.

well done
25 Oct 2018 17:15

How did you think this was going to go? Did you think that you would be a free member at the Doroslovac church and that nobody would know what you did here?

The Doroslovac Elders were not naive, and showed willingness to accept the truth from the Petras family, after questioning.

Give them credit for that....

I lied
10 Dec 2018 14:44

Matthew 5:37

Petar Stefan, you are a liar, and you lied to Judge James Miraldi that you were going to re-open the church and that lots of people were going to go to your church. It has been two years now, and you didn't open the church. The tractor company fell through on the sale of the church building, and it is clear that you are desperate to sell that you have yet again lowered the price to $649,000. Mark Meister, Dushko Dragojlovic, Willy Kurtz, David Nikolson and Mate Augostinov helped you to do this - you can thank them.

Petar if you can't remember what you said to Judge James Miraldi, re-play your November 2nd, 2016 courtroom testimony on YouTube and listen to what you said - ask yourself is my words yea, yea or nay, nay and if you are still a Nazarene.

(But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.)

User name  


A B U S E R S  :  H A L L  O F  S H A M E 
Paul Pentsa
Janko Tomek
Andrew Szabo
Vlada Papuga
Philip Ruzeu
Nick Pentsa
Michael Stanjo
STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN! His mouth is full of Biblical verses but his heart is filled with hatred, jealousy, treachery and lust for power. This FALSE CHRISTIAN is the root of almost all evil in ACCN in Australia and he will even take you to court, if he can't get his way.
Janko is pretty much like Paul, dishonest and unloving, just less intelligent. Janko is now building his humongous "warehouse" in Tarneit, destined to remain void of both faith and members. This UNREPENTED SINNER is still dreaming about becoming an elder!
Hard-hearted and egoistic, this long-time "elder" has caused immense grief, division and misery amongst the Nazarenes in Australia. Some even call him a sadist... not that Andrew really cares about anyone's opinion, though. Currently residing in a nursing home in Perth.
Earned his nickname by constantly repeating "Ljubazni" (Dear Ones) while preaching. This recently appointed "elder assistant" is ambitious, but at the same time not clever enough to realize he will always be just Paul's and Janko's messenger boy.
Philip is Paul Pentsa's son-in-law and definitely his best student. Proud, stubborn, arrogant - a classic bigot. Due to his off-putting personality and some weird beliefs, he's not on very good terms with Janko Tomek and other Slovaks in Tarneit.
Here is your future Elder, whether you like the idea or not. Nicky is "a very nice guy". No gift for preaching or leadership skills, but being Paul Pentsa's son, he's actually got everything he needs. Sooner or later his Dad will find the way to install him as his successor.
Janko Tomek's loyal admirer and bodyguard - sleazy, hypocritical, dishonest and ignorant. His interpretation of the Scriptures can make you laugh as well as his awkward sermons in broken English.

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