Spiritual and Mental Abuse in Apostolic Christian Church Nazarene in Australia
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Matei Augistinov
11 Feb 2019 15:31

The elder of the Romanian church in California who is also the elder of the Geraldine Ave, Ohio church (aka Moses Magda's Sr. church) had committed Immigration fraud.

When his mother visited him in California, he had given his mom his passport and green card to give to his younger brother Karol Augistinov so that Karol could come to the United States under false identification.

Karol had been in the USA for over 10 years illegally and has since then gotten married and had children. He moved back to Romania a few weeks ago to avoid Donald Trumps efforts to capture and deport illegal immigrants.

Matei Augistinov - you have been very vocal against going to court and hiring lawyers, but you had not looked in your own life and your brother situation where you committed a criminal offense. Your brother Karol also hired lawyers to help him stay in America. Lawyers seem to be good for you and your family when it serves a purpose for you.

Moses Magada Sr. Chruch, Ilya Prediy's gathering, DS churches, etc., -it's easy to judge and condemn liberal churches but okay for your members to go to court for financial gain. Do you feel justified for your actions because you wear a head covering at the front? It would be better if you stopped judging and look deeper at yourselves.

what matters
11 Feb 2019 18:33

AS, BS, CS or DS etc........side

ACCA, ACCB, ACCD....ACCN....etc...side

doesn't matter who you are and where you are part of.

its the corruption that matters.

12 Feb 2019 1:18

When Nathan spoke to David, he spoke the truth and David responded with genuine repentance. The statements are harsh but true. The Lord will bless you when you repent. Stop judging people and examine your hearts as David did.

confess your sin
12 Feb 2019 11:38

ALL those in error of sin, need to confess their sin to be healed from that sin.
Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. (James 5:16)
This verse is referring to those that have committed the sin.

13 Feb 2019 4:35

Karol was deported back to Romania because he could not prove how he entered the United States. He did not leave willingly as stated.

If the above is true then the elder Matei needs to resign.


13 Feb 2019 10:47

Its actually quite obvious that one of the Leleas started this thread.

To Obvious
17 Feb 2019 13:29

It's the truth that matters - not who started it. Are we like some Muslims living in the US who think their Sharia Law is over the law of the country whether criminal, civil immigration etc. No!!! If Mateo Augustinov thinks he can decide which laws he thinks apply and which don't perhaps he needs to be reported to and dealt with by the same authority that he pledged to when he received his US citizenship - to uphold the laws and constitution of the United States of America. And no, I am not an or connected to Leleas whoever they happen to be.


21 Feb 2019 9:59

If Karlo was seeking a lawyer to stay in the United States of America, was he honest with the lawyer as to how Matei helped bring him to this Country? Blood is thicker than water, so he most likely didn't tell the truth. Maybe a letter should be written to the immigration department or Donald Trump himself to explain how Karlo came to this country - was it by impersonating his brother? Then we will find out if Karlo has papers or not?

make correction
21 Feb 2019 14:53

doing things illegally, and then seeking a lawyer to fight for your rights?

hmmm...........doesn't like being sound in the faith.

you don't have any rights, when you have acted illegally.

first, you must confess your faulty, and reverse the error of doing things illegally.

don't try and cover up your illegal acts.

expose them, repent from it, confess it, and then there is forgiveness and reconciliation.

there is no other way out of error.

To Matei
22 Feb 2019 7:22

You came into this country because you married an American. Then you helped your brother go into this country illegally by using your passport and green card. Just as your brother was deported you deserve to share his fate.

why suprised
22 Feb 2019 10:58

well, why would it be odd that you were deported, dear soul.

come to the acknowledge of your error, change, repent, confess and you can be healed from that.

running to a lawyer will not heal you from your error.

nor, running to the ukrainian elders to complain either.

22 Feb 2019 15:48

Why is everyone writing this about Matei? If youre going to badmouth someone at least make sure what youre saying is true. Matei didnt do this. It was an unbeleiving brother of his. This is shameful whats going on here. People from Australia bashing him who dont even know him from anyone else on the street.

22 Feb 2019 16:24

It was an unbeleiving brother of his.

was he an unbeliever then?

is he a believer now?

22 Feb 2019 16:29

1. Yes
2. No

To; Untrue
22 Feb 2019 17:01

It was an unbeleiving brother of his.
My question is! When and where was Karl Augustinov baptized?

Your answer is a bit confusing.

22 Feb 2019 23:53

Oh sorry I misunderstood you. I dont have details about his baptism. What I can tell you however is the official church stance on that is that its ok to baptize illegals. Tons of them are baptized. Amd yes they know they're illegal.

23 Feb 2019 0:06

I'm all for exposing abusers but the way this website works is wrong....anyone can write anything they want about potentially innocent people and just smear their name with whatever they feel like that day. Then their names are on the interent forever whenever someone searches them (potential employers etc). Just tell true things, please! Im all for exposing spiritual ABUSE (the title of this website). None of this is abuse. Yet time and time again we've seen stuff like this on here. Time and time again the moderator has been asked to remove posts that are not abuse and he doesnt seem to mind (people are interested so i'll leave it). Its not fair. Lots of people read this website but the ones who know whats REALLY going on dont comment on here. This should only be for abuse.

23 Feb 2019 0:34

On Matei's end:

1. How did Karlo obtain Matei A. Passport & Green Card?
2. Did Karlo come to California to steal it? And if it was stolen why didn't Matei report his passport and green card stolen?
3. When his mom was visiting him in California - did she take his passport & green card without Matei knowing to Romania to give it to Karlo or did Matei give it to his mom willingly?

Making excuses by blaming his brother because he was not a member at the time is entirely typical of someone who wants to cast all blame on someone else.

On Karlo's end:

If Karlo were legitimately willing to repent, he would have gone back to his country before getting married.

23 Feb 2019 0:53

How did Karlo get baptized in the USA? Did the elders performing the work know what he did? Also, why didn't Matei tell his brother he needed to repent first and then get baptized?

23 Feb 2019 3:05

^Yes. Elders baptize illegal aliens in California on a regular basis. As I said above, it is 100% condoned by American elders.

I am not trying to cast blame on someone else. I am telling you the truth. His brother (who was and is STILL an unbeliever) was living in the European Union thus had rights to get into America without a VISA and he gave it to Karol. Talk to them.

23 Feb 2019 4:55

If what you are saying is true then Matei should have reported his brother and not have allowed Karol to use his identity. (It's called FRAUD). Just because you go to church on Sunday's and are a 'Christian' does not give you exclusions from the Law.

23 Feb 2019 6:12

I agree but then all the elders should not allow illegal immigrants to be baptized and freely stay here. It's allowed in masses.

To; Untrue
23 Feb 2019 8:59

Matei's an unbeliever brother gave Matei's passport to Karol with Matei's consent.
Otherways how would an unbeliever brother know where Matei keeps his documents. So the FRAUD falls on all three of them.

To be beptized as an immigrant it's OK aslong he confess his guilt.

Be holy
23 Feb 2019 9:29

There are quite few under the mask of holiness but their actions show otherways.
Do you gather the grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? Matth.7;16

23 Feb 2019 15:16

How do you not understand what I wrote. Should I write it in Slovak? Or maybe Chinese? Matei's passport had nothing to do with anything. Nobody used Matei's passport. Nobody took it. Nobody gave it to anyone. Nobody used it. Its the brother that lived in Europe in one of the European Union countries that gave Karol HIS passport. If you font believe it you dont have to but its truth. Ask someone who knows. Your friends in Australia that you gossip with dont count.

who is it
23 Feb 2019 22:23

if its not Karol that is in question, then whats the name of Matei's brother in question here that came into the USA illegally?

False Identity
24 Feb 2019 11:36

The Karlo situation is not the same as the illegal immigrants that get visa's and stay without going back to their home countries after their visas expire.

The issue here is Matei gave his passport and green card willingly to his brother so that Karlo can come to the USA. Both Matei and Karlo have broken the law - Matei should resign as an elder. PERIOD!

24 Feb 2019 11:50

>>The issue here is Matei gave his passport and green card willingly to his brother so that Karlo can come to the USA.

If that's true, that would be a very serious crime.

24 Feb 2019 11:54

Can someone send us photos of Matei and Karlo Augustinov?

Please use our e-mail:

little confusing
24 Feb 2019 23:25

Matei's an unbeliever brother gave Matei's passport to Karol with Matei's consent.
Otherways how would an unbeliever brother know where Matei keeps his documents.

is this referring to Karlo or another person?

seems little confusing who is in question here......

Red herring
25 Feb 2019 11:37

The person pulling a 'red herring' to the Matei situation is either ignorantly or purposely misleading or distracting people from the truth.

The truth is Matei is 100% responsible for his brother Karlo coming into the USA using his own identity. However the passport and green card got to Karlo is not the issue here, the problem is this was planned and deliberate.

Matei next time you pick up the phone to call Europe to tell on members that had been abused and abused and abused by you elders remember, the verse in Matthew, 'Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.'

to matei elder
25 Feb 2019 12:45

is this the reason why you are contacting the ukraine elder to try and get support?
trying to complain and sob alittle to the ukraine elder to try and get support for your sin?

To: Above
25 Feb 2019 13:45

No, he is too busy contacting the Ukraine elders to talk bad about other brothers who till this day he continues to abuse with his elder friends.

Matei, no one went digging into your dirty laundry. God revealed who you are and what you did. Stop gossiping and spreading lies and start looking at yourself.

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A B U S E R S  :  H A L L  O F  S H A M E 
Paul Pentsa
Janko Tomek
Andrew Szabo
Vlada Papuga
Philip Ruzeu
Nick Pentsa
Michael Stanjo
STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN! His mouth is full of Biblical verses but his heart is filled with hatred, jealousy, treachery and lust for power. This FALSE CHRISTIAN is the root of almost all evil in ACCN in Australia and he will even take you to court, if he can't get his way.
Janko is pretty much like Paul, dishonest and unloving, just less intelligent. Janko is now building his humongous "warehouse" in Tarneit, destined to remain void of both faith and members. This UNREPENTED SINNER is still dreaming about becoming an elder!
Hard-hearted and egoistic, this long-time "elder" has caused immense grief, division and misery amongst the Nazarenes in Australia. Some even call him a sadist... not that Andrew really cares about anyone's opinion, though. Currently residing in a nursing home in Perth.
Earned his nickname by constantly repeating "Ljubazni" (Dear Ones) while preaching. This recently appointed "elder assistant" is ambitious, but at the same time not clever enough to realize he will always be just Paul's and Janko's messenger boy.
Philip is Paul Pentsa's son-in-law and definitely his best student. Proud, stubborn, arrogant - a classic bigot. Due to his off-putting personality and some weird beliefs, he's not on very good terms with Janko Tomek and other Slovaks in Tarneit.
Here is your future Elder, whether you like the idea or not. Nicky is "a very nice guy". No gift for preaching or leadership skills, but being Paul Pentsa's son, he's actually got everything he needs. Sooner or later his Dad will find the way to install him as his successor.
Janko Tomek's loyal admirer and bodyguard - sleazy, hypocritical, dishonest and ignorant. His interpretation of the Scriptures can make you laugh as well as his awkward sermons in broken English.

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