Spiritual and Mental Abuse in Apostolic Christian Church Nazarene in Australia
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1 Aug 2019 14:58
Elders in USA are now allowing members to get married from the world. TWO weddings are being condoned in Brunswick to people not of our faith. One from Serbia in the breakaway church and the other completely from the world AND THE WEDDING IS BEING HELD IN CHURCH. Nick Simulj is the elder assistant there and he is opening wide the doors to the world. Be cautious, elders continue to deceieve and destroy the flock!!!!

1 Aug 2019 23:31




which elders allow
1 Aug 2019 23:33
who is allowing this?

which elders are allowing this?

dave nikolson organised the last marriage at brunswick hills church and is no longer an elder anymore.

so, which elders are allowing it this time??

ACC Tradition
1 Aug 2019 23:46
Per Brian Freund's sermon in Eastern Camp a few weeks ago...we need to change the way we practice our Faith. "We need to be open to new ways because we are SETTLED in"?? Our practices of Closed communion, Closed pulpit, Closed Marriages are a practices of the past?? Brother Mike Bauman quoted a statistic many years ago that "a typical denomination (Like Nazarenes) exist for about 150 year before returning to Nominal Christendom" We are close to 200 years. God be merciful to our beloved Faith!

bible is plain
1 Aug 2019 23:52
deuteronomy 7:3

is very clear

You are not to intermarry with them. You are not to give your daughters to their sons nor take their daughters for your sons,

are we asleep
1 Aug 2019 23:57
Brother Mike Bauman quoted a statistic many years ago that "a typical denomination (Like Nazarenes) exist for about 150 year before returning to Nominal Christendom"

if and only if we allow sin to dominate the fellowship.


no, this is not true.

1 Cor.11:30
For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep.

God is not strong enough to stop sin?

Are we asleep or is God asleep.

Proverbs 6:9
How long will you lie there, you sluggard? When will you get up from your sleep?

repent brian freund
2 Aug 2019 0:03
Per Brian Freund's sermon in Eastern Camp a few weeks ago...we need to change the way we practice our Faith. "We need to be open to new ways because we are SETTLED in"?? Our practices of Closed communion, Closed pulpit, Closed Marriages are a practices of the past??

the bibles teaching doesnt change lazy biblical reader possible brother brian freund..............!!!!!!!!!

open communion is from the devil.
open marriage is from the devil.

repent dear lazy bible reader and follower brother brian freund.

2 Aug 2019 0:09
Nick Simulj is allowing it while all the other elders sit back on their butts doing nothing. Meanwhile, THIS YEAR there were at least two excommunications in Windsor of people getting married outside of the faith. But in this case its ok, even being held in church! (The one that is not even breakaway Nazarene [not our faith anyway]) So that means that elders are respecters of persons...some you can some you cant. HYPOCRITS TO THE EXTREME.

closed communion
2 Aug 2019 0:11
read clearly, slowly and carefully:

Luke 22:
14. And when the hour was come, he sat down, and the twelve apostles with him.
15. And he said unto them, With desire I have desired to eat this passover with you before I suffer:

(see the wording...."with you"...talking to the apostles)


Matthew 26:18
And he said, Go into the city to such a man, and say unto him, The Master saith, My time is at hand; I will keep the passover at thy house with my disciples.

(see the wording...."with my disciples")

its VERY clear that Jesus and his disciples were the only people present here.

it was NOT open to anyone and everyone.

the teaching originates from Jesus Christ.

We need to continue to follow Jesus Christ not Brian Freund's ungodly sermons on Eastern Camp.

was it recorded
2 Aug 2019 0:13
was brian freund's sermon recorded at eastern camp?

if so, can someone point me in the right direction to locate it?


which elders
2 Aug 2019 0:14
THIS YEAR there were at least two excommunications in Windsor of people getting married outside of the faith.

which elders were present?
which elders conducted this work?

2 Aug 2019 0:25
Nick Simulj is opening the doors to the world while the elder body sits back and does nothing and THIS is who they want to ordain elder next month!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Aug 2019 0:48
are you serious?

Nick Simulj?

when was he ordained as assistant elder?

will they act
2 Aug 2019 0:51
are the brothers at Brunswich Hills going to stand for the right against the error of sin by Nick Simulj just as the west akron brothers stood against dave nikolsons errors of sin?

come on brunswick hills....!!!!

you can see the example from west akron....yeah?

dont step downwards.....

step forward and upwards!!!!

ACCN Elders
2 Aug 2019 1:08
When you have committee elders like William Kurtz, Dushko Dragojlovic, Mark Miester, what do you expect? They violated human rights. They are delusional and can't see their own doing. I believe the scariest elder I've met is Mark Meister. His facial expression and the words from the last conversation I had with him still haunts me. The ACCN will only get worse. They don't care about your faith. They don't care about you. They care about saving their skin and pushing their agenda. They will kick you out of church next!

2 Aug 2019 3:25
The ACCN (in America at least) does not really have a path. People complain about some things, so they pretend to work on it, but in general, everything is COMPLETELY ignored. Problems swept under the rug, the church taking on complete and total worldliness with sin regularly tolerated in the fellowship.

Nick Simul is the new generation of elders the ACCN elders want to ordain. He doesn't even follow their own rules (even an ACCN elder wouldn't allow THIS type of wedding) and yet they are fine with him becoming an elder. Allowing a member to marry an unbeliever to marry in the church, CONGRATULATIONS! A NEW LOW TO THE ACCN JOKE OF A CHURCH!!!

2019 Eastern Camp
2 Aug 2019 4:07
Video on Demand 2019. Search for Eastern Camp LIVE in Google

While you're watching Brother Brian Freund's sermon also view the Inspiration Hour by Brother Mendrea on why the Columbia Station Church closed.

2 Aug 2019 4:24
Can you please share the link. I would like to hear Steve Mendrea's take on CS.

No Link
2 Aug 2019 4:44
I believe it Brother Steve's son and links are not allowed on this website.

2 Aug 2019 4:55
Brandon Mendrea was not baptized at the time of the CS issues which started in late 2009 and at the beginning of 2010. He was not even present during church meetings.

2 Aug 2019 7:17
Its not Brandon. Its the other brother

Brandon Mendrea
2 Aug 2019 7:40
I was appalled after hearing Brandon Mendrea 2019 Camp speech on CS. He claims that the church members had no love for the lost and could not see past the differences and to seek out the lost. He also claims jealousy set in, and that festered into bitterness and then into hate.

Brandon's speech is opinionated, judgemental, and false. How can he judge and claim that members did not love the lost? How does he know if the little children and kids that were attending the CS church before being locked out did not feel loved? I know for a fact that many of the kids said that they loved going to their home church. I can still see the kids from different church families hugging each other before entering for morning services - this was right before the members and kids were kicked out of the church.

There are a lot of things to be said about Brandon Mendrea, so I will try to be short; his speech was bitter and full of opinions and no facts.

2 Aug 2019 7:52
I think people should be aware that Steve Mendrea Sr. and late Brother Jon Petruz had disagreements. Issues started from the front bench.

Steve Mendrea Sr. wanted to be an elder. He offered a tractor to the church during the time of voting. When he didn't get votes, he retracted and did not want to pay for the $1000 tractor that he initially promised. Brother Jon Petruz was also not happy with Steve Mendrea Sr. because he was using the church's tax-exempt ID for personal purchases.

Justify - CS
2 Aug 2019 9:42
Brandon and anyone else who justifies those who closed and supported the selling of CS cannot change what was done before God - sin is sin.

Petar Stefan, Doral Stefan, David Nikolson, Matei Austovinov, John Dowd, Dushko Dragojlovic, Willy Kurtz and Mark Miester with the lawyers and judge have to live together with their actions and die together with that sin.

They cannot be separated from the Stefans sin. To fix the problem -- there has to be restitution. Can they return the church back? Can they bring the members and kids who loved CS church even till today back in their home church fellowship?

Please stop justifying their sin. Don't hurt yourself before God. Stop supporting and defending the crime that was committed at CS.

2 Aug 2019 9:44
Where is Brandon now? Nick Simul's church?

2 Aug 2019 11:02
To: No Link

>>I believe it Brother Steve's son and links are not allowed on this website.

I had to disable links due to massive spamming. If you have a link that you want to share here, please write it with spaces and slashes instead of dots and I will fix it for you.

2 Aug 2019 11:16
Who gave Brandon Mendrea authority to address the entire Eastern Camp of his opinion on CS?

His speech was HIS opinion.
No facts were presented.
It was misleading.
It was judgmental.
It was HIS thoughts on the matter.

It is Brandon Mendrea that needs to question his motives on why he presented such a hateful speech.

Was this not church camp?

How did those who attended benefit from such a hateful, judgmental, and misleading speech?

2 Aug 2019 13:51
BH is basically a completely worldly church now anyway. No stopping anything, everything is allowed. I cant help but wonder if the church is for the wedding being held in church or against it but they cant do anything. This is a brand new practice, ACCN never allowed this before. Nick Simul is first to allow it.

David Nikolson
2 Aug 2019 14:47
David Nikolson opened the doors to bring other religions into the ACCN faith.

What people should know is that David Nikolson recently wrote a letter to the European Elders apologizing for the marriage of Nancy H from Akron to David F in Serbia.

David Nikolson now attends the Brunswick Hills Congregation. Does he still believe in the apology that he wrote to the European elders not to long ago? If he is sincere in his beliefs, why doesn't he speak up before the new couple gets married?

If he doesn't, could it be that David Nikolson is like the wind? Unstable in all his ways. To each person, he speaks to he shows a different face and side to him?

Promoting himself
2 Aug 2019 15:28
Brandon was exploiting the CS situation to promote himself as a person with authority on a matter he had no business in doing so. If you want to talk about churches? Talk about how many families left Brunswick Hills at once back in the day. If Brunswick Hills is such a good church, why did all those members leave at once? Was the Brunswick Hills church at fault for those members that left or was it those members that left at fault for leaving the Brunswick Hills church?

2 Aug 2019 23:01
Excellent comment. Three quarters of the church left in 2008 so why is he not talking about THAT? Now its just full of people who wander around; who are not members there or anywhere. Actually I feel bad for the ones who ARE members there. They see that often they are exploited....people come and use their church for things that are not allowed anywhere else and then leave after that. THATS the bad people in BH not the members. They are used. But its their fault since they dont stand up to it. Most of the people attending there (at least 60-70%) dont even come to the afternoom service because they have better thungs to do on Sundays than serve the Lord (the afternoon service ends at 2 or earlier....even thats too much for them)

Also....are you sure its true that David appologized to the elders about the Franc wedding? If so, he should be forgiven. But he also should appolgize to his church.

Either way, another marriage is now happening from the same fallen away church. The European elders have just about had it with the Americans

where is discipline
3 Aug 2019 3:48
Also....are you sure its true that David appologized to the elders about the Franc wedding? If so, he should be forgiven. But he also should appolgize to his church.

he hasnt received any level of discipline for sinning at CS nor at West Akron.

he needs to apologise, confess the sin, and receive discipline for his committed sins, including allowing the wedding.

3 Aug 2019 3:50
does anyone know the names of the people getting married?
where are they from?
which churches are they from?

3 Aug 2019 4:55
DN did receive discipline. He is no longer a minister or an elder. In Europe that is considered a form of discipline.

3 Aug 2019 9:19
Who is this mark meister, what church does he belong to and can we get a photo posted of him.

not true
3 Aug 2019 11:17
DN did receive discipline. He is no longer a minister or an elder. In Europe that is considered a form of discipline.

not true.

in europe the minister or elder is put on hold until the work is completed.

this work as level of discipline has not been implemented to dave nikolson.

in the bible this is NOT considered a discipline.

being under the rod

are forms of discipline from God and the Bible's teaching

everything else is from the devil.

Moses Magda Sr.
3 Aug 2019 11:43
Even Moses and Eta Magda used the system for their daughter's wedding at BH church. Before the wedding, they did nothing but criticize BH church. But when their kid needs to get married, BH becomes a good church for his kid... Oh and she gets to wear a ring.

The most interesting part about Moses Magda is he judgmental stance towards other members. He knows how to kick members out and to show members the door and to say that the church is his. Moses Magda Sr. is no better than Peter and Dorel Stefan who just sold the CS church.

To: Brandon Mendrea
3 Aug 2019 11:58
How could you not have shame to speak publically about CS. You claimed there was no love for the lost. Why didn't you mention in your camp speech how your dad Steve Mendrea Sr. back in 2011 divided the church by organizing a division to have 22 members disannounce one Sunday morning.

Did Steve Mendrea Sr. your dad have a conversation with each of those members asking them all to disannounce at once? Because that was a planned and organized division. Did your dad and the members pray about it, or did they plot about it and seek revenge?

If your dad stayed at CS and had patience and love and helped the remaining members to stay together to fight against Petar, Dorel, Katica, and Rosie Stefan and David Nikolson the CS church would not be sold today.

doesnt make sense
3 Aug 2019 14:40
what does brandon mendrea's comment about sale of CS got to do with the 'go ye therefore' teaching?

there is nothing to do with each other.

hatred closed the church.

love opens churches

3 Aug 2019 15:27
User not true stated: "being under the rod or excommunicated are forms of discipline from God and the Bible's teaching"

Could someone please explain what 'being under the rod' means? My mind is conjuring up images of someone being literally 'beaten' with a rod or some other object. Physical discipline. In the Bible Paul testified of having been beaten with rods (although not as discipline, but rather as persecution), hence the reason my mind goes there. Is that what you mean by someone being 'under the rod?'

3 Aug 2019 22:21
No. It simply means theyre not allowed to hold prayers, pick songs or be part of any member service and most importantly, no communion.

one way to explain
3 Aug 2019 23:33
Proverbs 22:15

Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; The rod of discipline will remove it far from him.

....this meaning, but, in a spiritual sense.

a type of punishment for committing sin as a member or a son or daughter of God.

1 Cor 4:21

What will ye? shall I come unto you with a rod, or in love, and in the spirit of meekness?

does anyone know
3 Aug 2019 23:35
the names of the people getting married?

one from serbia?
one from BH?

golden parachute
4 Aug 2019 0:02
David committed a sin like adultery. He achieved the deed. He cannot undo the wedding. He destroyed this girl's spiritual life and opened the door for this new tradition to continue. His letter that was written to the Serbian elders cannot cancel out his actions. One of the elders who received the letter said that it is too late. Why was he asking for forgiveness now?

Instead of David staying in Akron he was given a golden parachute to leave and go to Brunswick Hills. This was not discipline. Why doesn't David go back to Akron and confess his sins and to accept the churches discipline?

to golden parachute
4 Aug 2019 0:28
very true
exactly rightly said

4 Aug 2019 0:37
It just happened that I know the Franz family, from Pancevo, Serbia. I am aware that their membership status might be a bit undefined, to put it that way, but they are very kind and godly people and a good Christian example. And yes, if anyone asks, they are my friends. David Franz is currently going through a difficult period due his health issues, so let's pray he quickly recovers.

issue in question
4 Aug 2019 3:15
we need to pray for one another, and this is very important.

however, the question is are they baptised nazarene and free nazarene members of any nazarene congregation?
marrying outside the church is whats in question here.

Non issue
4 Aug 2019 8:02
Its not an issue at all nor is it questionable. They are not members of the Nazarene church. They actually are not even allowed to visit for services. But the American branch is simply allowing marriages from the outside now, THATS whats in question. Not their membership.

4 Aug 2019 8:13
As proof to my above comment, look at the OTHER wedding in BH. Completely from the world and allowed. I dount even the BH members are happy with that.

grave sin
4 Aug 2019 21:40
this is a sin unto death

flee BH church!!!!!!

5 Aug 2019 5:11
You know what would make this forum a lot more fun? If all of you keyboard warriors would identify yourself and raise these issues like real men instead of the anonymity. But then again, if people knew who was really writing these comments, they probably wouldn't take you very seriously then, would they. Regardless, I think I'm safe in speaking on behalf of all of the viewers pf these posts - we appreciate the laughs you all provide. Don't let the sun burn your eyes when you finally come up from your mom's basement.

5 Aug 2019 8:25
not useful just to mock the people who post comments here. as long as the people are stating pure truth and facts their names are not important at least to me. More relevant scriptural references to back up statements and opinions would be valuable. By the way why are you hiding behind your name LOL?

5 Aug 2019 10:20
Pure truth and facts all the way from Canada and Australia eh? Your gossip mill must travel at the speed of light if that's the case. Glad to hear you know the facts so well!

I'm going to assume you know the scriptures if youre posting on here, as does everyone else who is, and that's no measure of your heart. In fact, it makes you even more accountable on judgement day. I hope whoever is posting with an intent to disparge Christs bride, the church, first looks in the mirror and finds the plank in their eye. From their, find a good surgeon and get it removed. You don't even have to have good insurance coverage, just get on your knees and pray.

prove yourself
5 Aug 2019 10:23
miss, ms, mr, dr "LOL"

you are the right person to have in church.

where you stand up for the right.

can you list at least 5 times you stood up in church to back the right and to condemn the wrong?

if you could put a comment with the church name, the church location and the thing that was in question where you acted the bible way to condemn the wrong and justify the right.

5 Aug 2019 10:34
And further to your point, if you're posting facts and truths you KNOW are true, should have no fear in stating your name. So to you, Canadian, it's very interesting that you assume anonymous posters are saying facts. How would you know? Not sure how you would know that, unless you have some crystal ball you're hiding from the rest of us. Or you're bugging everyone's phones. And unless you're a prophet or Justin Trudeau, I doubt that. There is no such thing as "alternative truths." And I can assure you, the facts you seem so confident of are, in fact, not True. But I guess that's the beauty of free speech (something that is diminishing in your country). You can post whatever you want with no consequences and many believes it to be true because someone pats $7.99/month for an IP address. Have your fun now on this forum with 500 viewers. This is your peak and there is consequences for each word we utter. P.S. God loves his church and his people. None are perfect. Watch yourselfs...or stop hiding behind your computer screens.

5 Aug 2019 10:39
That's just my point, Messr. Australian,

You're presupposing wrongdoing. I submit to you that if you truly cared, you would seek the true faces, from an untainted source. Have you, perhaps, addressed your concerns to someone who can make a practical difference? Or are you content with your ignorant slander to achieve a new record of "views." Any member of the church would be wrong not to stand up to biblical wrong. You just seem to be looking for it in all of the wrong places. I encourage you, once again - if the truth is actually important to you - to actually put some effort into it and find out the facts. Stop taking the easy way out and believing the first thing you hear.

5 Aug 2019 11:11
Why do you want the person's name?

What do you mean by, 'There is no such thing as "alternative truths." And I can assure you, the facts you seem so confident of are, in fact, not True.' & 'But I guess that's the beauty of free speech (something that is diminishing in your country).'?

Are you claiming that people posting here are lying? Can you be more specific?

The thing about free speech is you can voice your thoughts, opinions, and facts. If you present lies, then that is wrong. But I don't understand what you are trying to say.

Your comment, 'Have your fun now on this forum with 500 viewers. This is your peak and there is consequences for each word we utter.' --Not sure what your purpose with this comment is? If you don't like this site, why are you joining the 500 viewers?

Your comment on, 'P.S. God loves his church and his people. None are perfect.' -- No one is saying that God doesn't love this church and people.

As for you comment, 'Watch yourselfs...or stop hiding behind your computer screens.'

Are you threatening? The people going to this church should watch their behaviors and how they treat people. You cannot shut peoples mouths. You cannot control what people say. That's the beauty of free speech.

I would suggest you look at those who speak up at church camp and tell them not so spread lies and judgmental comments because God is listening and the world is watching.

W fr Can to LOL
5 Aug 2019 11:15
The mocking words you write shows the condition your heart to some or maybe more than some extent and barely needs to to be dignified with a response.

They didn't write or even presume that all that is stated is fully true and fully factual. It was just stated the that truth is important to them and not names.

Your Grammarly fueled 'eloquent' commenting belies the obvious fact that your reading comprehension leaves much to be desired. Of course it's all about the condition of ones heart! - and not just knowledge of God's Word. But if you can't base your 'judgements', directives etc on the relevant and applicable teachings of the Bible used wisely and in proper context, you have very little to nothing useful to say. Please read 2 Peter ch 1.

I will allow you the last word.

did you provide
5 Aug 2019 11:48
you didnt provide details where you stood up in church to stand for the right and to stand against the wrong.

its clear that you most probably NEVER did it.

so, when you do, please come back and explain to this website how it needs to be done.

i am sure you will come back when you are mistreated and nobody in church stands up for you.

in the meantime, repent and confess the truth, as the truth will set you free.

until then you are bound because you didnt list the times you did stand up.

5 Aug 2019 12:02
Based on your comments, you are judgmental, ignorant, and someone who shows very little compassion.

You said the following:

'Have you, perhaps, addressed your concerns to someone who can make a practical difference? Or are you content with your ignorant slander to achieve a new record of "views."'


'Any member of the church would be wrong not to stand up to biblical wrong. You just seem to be looking for it in all of the wrong places.'

Why should anyone answer your questions?

You came on this site showing very little compassion. I don't think you have been following or reading the comments here. You are mocking people with 'LOL.' Is that compassion?

Can you be more specific and start telling your truth or expressing yourself more clearly. Instead of encouraging people to put some effort into finding out the facts, why don't you present the facts to us? What is being said on this site the untruth?

As far as 'Stop taking the easy way out and believing the first thing you hear.' What is the truth? What is your truth? Be specific! Not vague! Not misleading! Be clear with what you are trying to say.

5 Aug 2019 12:38
well said

Pray tell
5 Aug 2019 13:53
I would want to know what is untrue on this thread also. Since you are "relevant" and the rest of us are not, lets here it. Tell in detail what is not true. From your moms basement. Whatever that even means.

6 Aug 2019 0:01
Trying to impugn my character while attempting to avoid the real issue is a move right out of the Pharisee's playbook! Not saying you are - just perhaps wiser and more In-tune than you think. You cast the first stone ... but when Jesus was looking for two witnesses to step forward to cast the first stone, that was done in person, not hiding behind computer screens.

I don't need to give you my version of the truth. Because I am anonymous - as are you - so why believe me or anything on this clickbait website. How about this. The next thread, attach or post a letter directed to one of the individuals referenced above, or the elder body, asking for a clarification as to the real facts or what is going on. Any evidence in fact. Or even voice your objection in person or through a letter. Sign your name. Man up. I am not going to deny that you care about these issues. Just verify your facts and go to the appropriate outlets prior to posting half-truths online for all to see. But perhaps you won't because that takes all of the fun out of this, doesn't it. Being an online troll is so easy nowadays. Standing up for an issue you believe in? The prior comments show that it is of no interest to any of you.

As for expounding on my opinion, giving further detail, getting the last word and so on, there is no need to wax eloquent. The red lettering in our Bibles is sufficiently clear.

we are scared
6 Aug 2019 0:12
Just verify your facts and go to the appropriate outlets prior to posting half-truths online for all to see.

been there and done that, and the elders, elder body, elder committee does NOT CARE AT ALL, because they are caught in the error of sin with justifying the wicked and condemning the right, and they cannot bring righteous judgement, nor justice in the church between its members.

For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them (the elders, elder body, elder committee) in secret.


because of the secretive, corruptible, deceitful and cover-ups of all kinds of error's of sins that the elders, elder body and elder committees have committed and committing;

Luke 12:3 is hence being fulfilled one way by this website:

Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.

very true and fact
6 Aug 2019 0:19
The red lettering in our Bibles is sufficiently clear.

absolutely true.

Matthew 12:31
Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven men.

Acts 7:51
You stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears! You always resist the Holy Spirit; as your fathers did, so do you.”

To: lol
6 Aug 2019 0:27
What is the real issue here?

--'but when Jesus was looking for two witnesses to step forward to cast the first stone, that was done in person, not hiding behind computer screens.' -- Are you saying that people are throwing a rock at you?

If you don't need to give your version of the truth, why are you on this website making comments that don't make sense?

What are the facts? Again you are claiming that things posted here are not valid.

--The next thread, attach or post a letter directed to one of the individuals referenced above, or the elder body, asking for a clarification as to the real facts or what is going on. --

Again, what are you claiming that is untrue? Do you not understand how to read or communicate your thoughts well?

--Just verify your facts and go to the appropriate outlets prior to posting half-truths online for all to see. --

Who is having fun out of this? You are the one posting 'LOL'

I think you need some help expressing yourself because you are not making sense. The Bible is clear. You, however, are not.

To: lol
6 Aug 2019 1:25
What is upsetting about your 'LOL' comment is how you find this humorous. There is nothing funny about what is going on with the ACCN church.

It is incredible how people like you think that posting a few rude comments can dismiss/void actions that occurred in the ACCN. It is not a laughing matter. Your vague mocking comments cannot void the acts done and the after-effects of those actions.

And as for Brandon Mendrea's public camp speech, it is only validation on how this church works. You have a young man who goes up in front of hundreds of people and makes a false and judgment speech. And now it is done. He summed up what took place even though his statement was not accurate!  His speech only added insult to injury, and so does your 'LOL' comments.

Official Message
6 Aug 2019 2:16
Was there an Official Correspondence sent out by the Elder Committee to the local elders to read to their congregations on CS? Unfortunately the only "official" version everyone will remember was presented at Eastern Camp by Br. Mendrea. Seems like our Church needs a better communication system...

clickbait website??
6 Aug 2019 2:27
I would not refer to this site as clickbait website! We are all concerned Brethren bringing leadership abuse to the light in the spirit of Matthew 18.

Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican. Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven

To above
6 Aug 2019 2:30
Did Brandon Mendrea up to those who he accused before making a judgmental speech before hundreds of people?

To: clickbait
6 Aug 2019 2:38
You see, you are quoting a Bible quote with the assumption that no one went to these people that caused the offenses. It is an unfortunate world we live in, and I'm only glad that things are being put out there publically for people to judge on their own. No one should be mistreated and slandered against without a fair trial.

I believe you should go to Brunswick Hills and share this Bible verse with Brandon. Also, ask him if he approached those who he accused of having no love for the lost before he went to hundreds of people with his accusations and slander.

Concerned Brother
6 Aug 2019 3:08
Brandon Mendrea is very aware of the circumstances that took place at the Columbia Station church throughout the years. He grew up there and saw the events and transitions that took place, that ultimately led to it's demise. Several other members and former attendees can back that up. It's a shame that this event even came about, and it's a shame that the people involved brought it to it's final destination, but God allowed this to happen in order to learn a lot of important lessons. The church became unfruitful many years ago. Never seen a new face off the street become a member there and stay. The membership never increased in number like a fruitful church would, but kept declining. There is no valid excuse for this except for a complete disconnect within the church to the outside world. The task to be fishers of men and to be a light to the world was a huge failure. It became a closed off congregation with no love within the walls and outside of the walls. Some may say that there was love within the church, and maybe a few kids loved it, but that doesn't really match up with the church's current state.......sold. It is absolutely baffling that a church could ever come to that demise. Brandon hit on the key points of the church's demise. He made the correct educated judgement on the situation, which again, is backed up by many members who attended the church who were part of the "closed" members only meetings that everyone is concerned about, and is backed up by outsiders who attended the church that were not members.Those who are talking smack about him are completely uninformed about the situation.....which leads to my next subject.

Those who have a problem with the weddings that have happened and that will happen at the Brunswick Hills Church, simply do not know a single thing about the couples.....nothing. You judge them based on membership, and don't judge them based on their character and integrity as a believer. The people who you describe as "from the world" are christians who some ACC members should look up to in order to learn how to be an effective disciple of Christ. It's ironic how you can't stand to have a believer from outside the membership of the ACC membership marry someone who grew up in the church. You simply do not accept anyone that is a Bible believing Christian that doesn't have a membership. Do you realise we are a minority in the entire body of Christ? If you can't stand the sight of a Christian outside of the walls of the ACC church marrying a member in the church, HOW WILL YOU PEOPLE ENJOY HEAVEN???!!!! THE ENTIRE BODY OF CHRIST IS MADE OF MEMBERS OF DIFFERENT CONGREGATIONS ACROSS THE GLOBE BEING SYMBOLICALLY "MARRIED" TO CHRIST IN HEAVEN......completely unreal that this is an issue guys.....

6 Aug 2019 3:20
Does anyone actually know any of the circumstances surrounding the wedding which was mentioned? All that was said is "the other completely from the world AND THE WEDDING IS BEING HELD IN CHURCH."

Is someone "from the world" a non-Christian? Or just not a member of the ACC? Does anyone here even know who the individual is or what his or her testimony is? Does anyone care to ask?

God of Peace
6 Aug 2019 3:31
The Gossip must stop! Perhaps there are real problems in our church that need to be dealt with, but this is absolutely the wrong way of doing it. We all must humble ourselves and learn to have grace and compassion on things we know very little about. What ends up happening is a group of people, who have genuinely been hurt in some way, gather together and ridicule/slander and disrespect other people that they haven't even talked to.

Please consider love over hate, even if you have been shown hatred. We are called to be God's people and Christ is our example. I am so thankful that he showed me grace when i showed Him hatred. He promises us the the peace of God that will guard our hearts and mind (Phil. 4:7). He would be very saddened by the things that happen in our churches, and this thread. So instead of bickering back and forth online, lets come together and discuss with one another, in love and humility, and the God of peace will crush satan under our feet (Rom. 16:19,20).

Let us be the example to the younger generations on how to handle pain and hurt.

This is the way of the Lord.

To: Concerned Brothe
6 Aug 2019 4:13
Brandon Mendrea was not a member at the time. He was a young teenager. If anyone needs to talk, let Steve Mendrea Sr. talk and not Brandon. He has no right because he was not baptized nor apart of the member's meetings. And if you want to talk about love, a lot of members left that church and started to fraternize with other denominations long before Steve Mendrea left CS.

Concerned Brother
6 Aug 2019 4:37
As stated before, his testimony is backed by those who were members at the time who attended CLOSED MEMBER'S MEETINGS. Not really sure why you keep beating the dead horse with that statement. The spiritual condition of the church was clearly evident outside of the member's meeting you hold to such high standard. IT WAS CLEARLY VISIBLE TO A TEENAGER......I take that back....MULTIPLE TEENAGERS AND ADULTS.

People left because the church was showing signs of bad fruit! How do you not get that! How is this so hard to understand!

Fraternization???? Do you know what that word means? It's a military term to describe "dealing with the enemy"? You really are going to call any church other than ACC "enemies"? Are you a Christian? How do you go about your day considering another church unworthy if they don't have the ACC stamp of approval? Sir.....just a warning to you....Jesus is preparing a place that christians of many churches outside the ACC will spend eternity together.....this is called heaven.....not fraternization.

In Response to LOL
6 Aug 2019 4:38
I agree with others - this is not a laughing matter and the way your message was communicated will not lead to a fruitful discussion. That being said, I understand the point trying to be made. My understanding of the wedding is that it is between a member of the ACC and an individual who is a follower of Christ, who was baptized elsewhere but who wishes to give his testimony to the church and attend there as a member. It seems like the original posts blew all of this out of proportion and out of context. 2 followers of Jesus Christ getting married is not "from the world" as was said. There should be no disagreement on that.

6 Aug 2019 4:46
You can't forget why there was conflict. Brandon's dad had disagreements with Brother Jon Petruc. There was an issue with a $1000 tractor, him not getting eldership and him using the churches tax-exemption for personal purchases.

To: conflict
6 Aug 2019 4:55
Those issues literally have nothing to do with the demise of the church. Why are you bringing these issues up? It isn't constructive to this conversation at all! It literally has nothing to do with this. The demise of a church did not come from a stupid tractor! Forget about the dumb tractor and move on. If I give you $1,000 so you can go buy your own little John Deer tractor, will you stop bringing this up? Send me your name and address and I'll write you a check......childish!!

To: above
6 Aug 2019 5:06
Is that why Steve Mendrea Sr. left C.S because there was no love at C.S church?

To: To: Conflict
6 Aug 2019 5:14
Since you are so kind in offering a thousand dollars to 'conflict', can you also ordaine Steve Mendrea Sr. as an assistant elder? And since you are so loving and giving can you also please repurchase C.S. church and put Steve Mendrea Sr. as an elder back in that church and then perhaps you will be satisfied.

To: Above
6 Aug 2019 5:17
I don't know the full details as to why he left, but several other people have left because of the symptoms coming from a unfruitful church.

You seem to have a problem with Steve Mendrea Sr......why don't you go talk to him instead of constantly talking about him here. Steve Mendrea Sr. is not the cause of the church at it's present state. He is not the problem......quite frankly I think you are part of the problem....... judging by your pointing of fingers at issues that have nothing to do with the topic....just stirring up controversy

full details
6 Aug 2019 5:35
If you don't know the full details, why are you saying that it was, 'the symptoms coming from a unfruitful church.'

Is that not judgmental!

You have a judgmental stance on who you blame and guess what, I can voice my thoughts too.

I don't have a problem with Steve Mendrea Sr., I do, however, have a problem with people presenting lies as truths, instead of stating them as opinions. As far as Steve Mendrea Sr. is concerned, I hope he is happy and feels love where he is at in BH.

In my opinion - he was the problem! The problems stemmed from the 'front bench.'

I would also like to know why people in ministry don't feel they need to pay for taxes like everyone else. Are they except because they are in the church leadership?

unfruitful church
6 Aug 2019 5:45
I'm glad you mentioned that it was an unfruitful church, I've been saying this for a long time now that nobody kicked the Mendrea group out of the church. But as you had said that other people had left because of the symptoms coming from an unfruitful church. Amen! Because the Mendrea group left on their own accord

To: full details
6 Aug 2019 5:46
I don't need to know the full details of Steve Mendra's departure, because it's not the problem! STEVE MENDREA SR. IS....NOT....THE....PROBLEM. If you think that the closing of the church stemmed from one person of the ministering body....that just goes to prove the point even further through what Brandon said....the church had a universal issue of not having a steady foundation in Christ...a single person can not and will not bring down a strongly rooted church.

full details
6 Aug 2019 5:55
Did say that the closing of the church stemmed from one person of the ministering body? I didn't. I'm mearing stating that Steve Mendrea Sr. was not an innocent bystander. He took a lot of members with him when he disannounced, and he organized a division. He will be held accountable for his actions, just like you and me. Again, I'm not stating that he is the reason for the church closure.

To: Full Details
6 Aug 2019 6:00
You said "In my opinion - he was the problem! The problems stemmed from the 'front bench.'"

You clearly stated that he was the problem......please re-read what you posted, and just end it.

full details
6 Aug 2019 6:06
Again, I stand by what I said. Let me try to word it differently. The initial problems started with the two ministry brothers (Steve Mendrea Sr. was one of them). There was a conflict between them regarding: eldership, a tractor/$1000, and the usage of the churches tax-exempt ID for personal usage. Things escalated from there. He was part of the problem. Did I say that the church is closed because of him? NO. I do feel, however, if he didn't organize a division, the church would have been stronger. It was not right for him to do that.

6 Aug 2019 6:20
Someone that wants to dismantle a church/organization would organize 22 people to leave at the same time. If it wasn't to destroy the church, what was the reason/rationale for Steve Mendrea Sr. in doing so?

6 Aug 2019 6:30
What proof do you have that Steve Mendrea rallied 22 people to leave?

Obvious Issue
6 Aug 2019 6:41
Do you not realize that Steve Mendrea Sr. had nothing to do with the closing of the church? He wasn't the person that acquired the deed to the church and sign it in his name, he wasn't the person who initially suspend the church and post a signed letter on the entrance door stating why it was suspended......And HE DIDN'T CLOSE THE DOORS AND PUT IT ON THE MARKET. YOU ARE AFTER THE WRONG PERSON! HE DIDN'T CAUSE ANY OF THIS!

There are so many posts on this website giving photographic proof and court documentation on the whole matter, AND YET YOU STILL THROW HIM UNDER THE BUS!

Obvious Issue
6 Aug 2019 6:46
Steve Mendrea left CS in 2011, the church was sold in 2019. There were 9 YEARS where Steve Mendrea didn't even step foot into CS! how is his name even brought up in this conversation.

As I read all of this, i can really see how Brandon Mendrea had a point in what he said, there was a deeper issue at CS. I mean the place is closed, its obvious.

6 Aug 2019 6:49
The supposed actions of Steve Mendrea Sr. does not cause a group of people to sell a church. Even if he did do this stuff claimed against him, he was gone when the church was taken and sold BY CORRUPT SELECT INDIVIDUALS IN THE CHURCH.....he's not even in the discussion.....

full details
6 Aug 2019 6:57
------Did I say that the church is closed because of him? NO. ----- I do feel, however, if he didn't organize a division, the church would have been stronger. It was not right for him to do that.

full details
6 Aug 2019 6:59
Brandon Mendrea judged people in his speech. He should not have made those comments. It was judgmental and untrue! He should have looked deeper and mentioned his own father.

6 Aug 2019 7:01
What proof do you have that he organized 22 people to leave? Did they all follow him to BH?

to: full details
6 Aug 2019 7:03
Which people did Brandon Mendrea mention in his speech? From what i remember, he just said there was bitterness that festered into hatred which led to the eventual closing of the church. Was this before or after he left the church? Was he there till the end?

Of course
6 Aug 2019 7:04
Of course Steve Mendrea's name is being brought up even though there were 9 years. It's obvious this person is a Stefan who is slandering Mendrea.

Of course
6 Aug 2019 7:04
Of course Steve Mendrea's name is being brought up even though there were 9 years. It's obvious this person is a Stefan who is slandering Mendrea.

Even More Obvious
6 Aug 2019 7:18

It's obvious there's a Stefan or someone close to him stirring the pot here.

6 Aug 2019 8:04
How sad is the mere fact that a website like this even exists in our denomination? A wall of shame with pictures of people that we must "beware " of? Who woke up and decided that the vengeance of the lord belong to them? Didnt jesus himself say to turn the other cheek and let god wrath come down on those who defy the lord? It is not our call to slander people online no matter how passionately we feel about a topic. Pray about it to the lord in private and let his good and gracious will be done. The most disheartening thing about this all is the fact that we all have children starting out in the faith and/or not yet converted that we strive daily to preserve. God forbid any of them stray from the denomination because a website like this exists where our church issues and so easily accessible. May god have mercy on you all and shame on you all whoever made this and contributed to the contentious and hateful conversations with pleasure . Our denomination is the smallest it's ever been and we are at fault . There is no compassion, no love . Do you thing god is looking down from heaven and proud of what you all have to post? You dont realize the effect you have on the families involved and if any of you were concerned about their souls salvation you would've approached them with love and persistently tried to help them other than writing things that you've heard through the grapevine that may or may not have been twisted. Its amazing how "god of peace"s comment hit the nail right on the head and it was completely disregarded. No one even acknowledged it. Shame on anyone who regularly post on here and supports this website. You will answer to god on judgement day and I pray that he isnt even as remotely repulsed by your actions as I am.

To: Heartbroken
6 Aug 2019 8:11
You are absolutely right! this is not the place for me or any child of God. I am stepping away from this specific matter and the site as a whole. I will not come back.

Lets leave this place and let the "God of peace" mend all our wounds.

Who is with me?

To: Heartbroken
6 Aug 2019 8:13
I'm with you! God help us all.

2019 camp, heartbrok
6 Aug 2019 11:10
To heartbroken

1 Timothy 5:20 King James Version (KJV)
20 Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.

all the prayers of Europe didn't stop the evil that was on the march through those unfortunate countries. someone had to speak up against it and then decide to take action.

There is a true saying stating:

The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing

Proverbs 24:10-11 King James Version (KJV)
10 If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.

11 If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain;

Anyway I thought brothers Randy Freund and Brandan Mandrea easily gave by far the most poignant and most memorable talks of the entire week. I don't know either of them or much of Columbia Station but I believe and hope that they had pure and good intentions.

6 Aug 2019 11:28
To: Heartbroken

>>Shame on anyone who regularly post on here and supports this website.

No, shame on you who are causing conflicts and splits and abuse people. This website has nothing to do with the issues in Columbia Station and other US churches. This is the first time for me personally to hear the names like Brandon Mendrea and Jon Petruc. I haven't initiated these discussions. You are still very welcome to visit this website and discuss the US-based or Canadian-based church issues, but please do not blame us here in Australia for your own mess.

To: 2029 camp, heart
6 Aug 2019 11:29
I didnt say do anything. I said pray and let God handle it. I said to persistently help others in LOVR as god loved us and gave his only son who died on the cross for our sons suffering pain and mockery all of his life until his dying breath. Did you see jesus making a wall of shame? No! A woman committed adultery and he said "ye without sin cast the first stone" and him being a perfect and divine being didnt even see it right to cast that stone himself. Jesus came on this earth to be a perfect example and you have disregarded his teachings making his death is vain. I stand by my initial statement and I hope you take a moment to pray and read the bible before you come back on here thinking you need to educate us about the evil doing of other people. It's not right, whether your statements are true or not. You are a sinner too. We all fall short of the glory of god and only god is to judge the state of ones heart. The need to make a "wall of shame" , provide pictures of people trying to innocently live their lives, names of people you have been wronged by is WRONG and NOT YOUR PLACE.

bible says to do
6 Aug 2019 11:32
you didnt provide details where you stood up in church to stand for the right and to stand against the wrong.

its clear that you most probably NEVER did it.

so, when you do, please come back and explain to this website how it needs to be done.

i am sure you will come back when you are mistreated and nobody in church stands up for you.

in the meantime, repent and confess the truth, as the truth will set you free.

until then you are bound because you didnt list the times you did stand up.

can you list at least 5 times you stood up in church to back the right and to condemn the wrong?

if you could put a comment with the church name, the church location and the thing that was in question where you acted the bible way to condemn the wrong and justify the right.

To: moderator
6 Aug 2019 11:37
Whether you heard these names or not you provided the tool the devil is using to stir up conflict in this church out of spite for whatever happened to you. You're holding the smoking gun and without a doubt god sees what you're doing and is disappointed and saddened about the fact that you call yourself a Christian. You instigated all of this. You're riling everyone up and it has become a domino effect. I will lovingly tell you if you truly love your fellow believers in christ you would shut down this website, remove this stumbling block you placed in all of our lives and pray that our lord and savior jesus christ forgives you because there is NO WAY hes going to condone your behavior in the kingdom of heaven. Its written ALL over the bible. VENGEANCE IS THE LORDS ONLY

bible way is
6 Aug 2019 11:38
Proverbs 17:15

He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD.

the elder body, elder committee and elders within the ACCN have committed an abomination in Gods eyes.

who cannot see this?

To: moderator
6 Aug 2019 11:40
Oh and by the way. I believe you think I am the same person as "LOL" . I'm not. Although whoever he or she is they are absolutely correct and I applaud them.

Ephesians 4:29
6 Aug 2019 11:46
Christ came to bring the NEW law. That's what the new testament was for. In the new testament paul wrote to ephesians about gossip and slander. You're using the old testament to back up your hypocrisy. If God wanted us to follow old testament I'll use that to back.up having nine wives and sacrificing cows and bulls thinking itll purify my sins.

6 Aug 2019 11:52
To: Heartbroken (2)

>>God forbid any of them stray from the denomination because a website like this exists where our church issues and so easily accessible.

Well, you either make your church issues less "accessible", or go and somehow fix them.

But that's the thing - you can't fix them because you lack wisdom, love, faith, mercy.

All these are necessary ingredients, but you have none.

And the easiest way is to put the blame on this website.

Are you that blind? If there's no this website, there would be some other website. A forum, thread, Facebook page, Instagram, chat group, Viber, whatever. People would be talking. Even if you cut off their tongues, they would find a way to express their feelings.

6 Aug 2019 12:01
James 4 : 11-12Do not speak evil against one another, brothers. The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks evil against the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge. There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?

James 1: 26If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person's religion is worthless.

Tituss 3: 1-15Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people. For we ourselves were once foolish, disobedient, led astray, slaves to various passions and pleasures, passing our days in malice and envy, hated by others and hating one another. But when the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit, ...

Need I say more?
6 Aug 2019 12:05
I could find more bible verses in regard to this topic but then I'd just be copying and pasting every book in the new testament.

6 Aug 2019 12:07
Indeed, time to stop farting here on this Australian website and go and fix your church issues on next Sunday. Show us how you do it.

To: moderator
6 Aug 2019 12:19
Hahahha MY church was not even mentioned in this thread!! Nevertheless EVERY CHURCH in EVERY denomination has issues and that doesn't mean you get to fart on the computer all day for YEARS creating a public website and regularly posting on it IN THE NAME OF CHRIST. how shameful considering ALL HE PREACHED in his lifetime is to be humble and love our enemies and turn the other cheek and let God handle the people who are sinning! God is PERFECTLY capable of doing his job and doesn't need you so get your head out of your behind.

To All
6 Aug 2019 12:30
Maybe if there were some positive uplifting threads on here for once, instead of only negativity and gossip (whether right or wrong) it could be used as a positive tool. Something uplifting, emphasizing some positives of the denomination. Lifting up instead of always tearing down. But that's not the case and never has been. Every post is all hate driven. Everyone knows why this website is here. No need to pretend otherwise.

scared of elders
6 Aug 2019 12:39
the largest part why this website is here is because of this one verse:

Matthew 10:28
And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

members are SCARED to stand up for the right against the sins of elders, because the elders are going to PUNISH them.

the elders do it at times to put FEAR for others to shut up and allow the sin of the elders to do whatever they want to.

this is one of the MAIN reasons why there is so much error of sin in the churches.

the members then become scared of elders rather then fear towards God.

the devil then wins through the elders, to allow sin in the church when members become silent against the sins of the elders.

this is one MAIN reason.

read the new testament dear "LOL" and you still wont stand up in church to justify the right and condemn the wicked.

you are scared to teach us how to do it when you have been asked a number of times to state where and how you did it, because you:


To : moderator
6 Aug 2019 12:41

6 Aug 2019 12:45
So then is it still wrong to list all the bad things happeneing against the Bible in our church if names are not listed and people are not slandered? Is that wrong too? Serious question, I am genuinely wondering.

6 Aug 2019 13:06
To: To All

>>Maybe if there were some positive uplifting threads on here for once, instead of only negativity and gossip (whether right or wrong) it could be used as a positive tool. Something uplifting, emphasizing some positives of the denomination.

Technically speaking, this website is just some PHP code plus a few pictures. The rest are YOUR comments. This website reflects your own image and therefore cannot be much different than you are. What do you expect me to do, to amuse you? Entertain you? You want me to post some jokes here? I'm not planning to. As long as YOU are this way, this website will be the way it is.

To Moderator
6 Aug 2019 13:10
Which is why the above post was addressed TO ALL

To: not LOL
6 Aug 2019 13:51
As christ's body we do need to address certain issues of sin , I agree but it should happen as soon as the issue arises and it should happen within the member of the body of that specific church behind closed door so that all members peaceably reach a common and BIBLICAL agreement to a proper course of action backed up by the word to correct it. With LOVE and with GENUINE desire of change in order to strengthen the community. Not in a public forum that our children have access to or non believers so that they can speculate on our denomination and be discouraged to take part in our faith. We need to be examples and ambassadors of christ not posting things with intention to expose others and hurt people.

full details
6 Aug 2019 16:01
I had to listen to Brandon Mendrea's speech again to understand why it was so upsetting and offensive to me. Here are some of his statements.

- Brian Freund powerful convicting message telling us that the trend is not our friend and a church that settles in is not worth stepping in. I'm here this evening to tell you that I grew up in a church that settled in. It has been one of the most powerful experiences and lessons God has taught me in my Christian life, and I hope that in sharing it tonight that we can all understand more clearly what happens to a church, to a body of believers when we do not go.

- In 2011 I'm an 18-year-old man, and if you were to take a picture of our church, then it would be drastically different. A Sunday school program that had 12 children in it. Those 89 young souls that were in the mid nighties only six remained from 89 to 6. After a few major disputes and splits, the church locked its doors in 2017.

- This is the result of a church that does not go. Stone cold locks being put on the house of God. What could be summarized in this story, how could the church be summarized, it was a church that did not love. Not only did not love the lost, but more importantly, did not love each other. And really those are the same thing. How can we love the lost and welcome in the lost and take care of them and disciples them and bring them all the things we talked about this week if we can't love one another? If we can't see past the differences. To be purposed to seek out the lost. Jealousy set in the brotherhood, it festered into bitterness, and it blistered into hatred.

- What are we putting in front of us that is dividing us from loving one another? And do we realize whatever that is also getting in the way of loving the lost? If we can't love one another, we can't love the lost. If we are not purposed to seek out the lost and to go there is nothing left but to look at each other with a critical eye.

full details
6 Aug 2019 16:03
Brandon made many comments that were his opinion and did not present evidence to back up his judgmental comments. Who was he referring to and who was he judging.

For example, when he said, 'it was a church that did not love. Not only did not love the lost but more importantly, did not love each other' he should have present evidence to back up his opinion. If he doesn't have proof, then it is an unsupported charge and slander.

His comment was public and in front of hundreds of people. Many members were attending the Columbia Station church before the doors were locked and they were kicked out, so who specifically was he referring to with his judgment speech?

As far as slander goes, it is not slander if you label things honestly and present truths. Brandon should have done some fact-checking and came up with sources to back up his statements before speaking publically.

When you lie, that is slander. Slander is when you lie or misuse your imagination and add a little fabrication to your context.

6 Aug 2019 16:04
Most of these problems being discussed here are 10, 20 and even 30+ years old. They have never been resolved. No one expects them to be resolved. I personally know that pretty much nothing we are discussing here will ever be resolved. Our - or your - ability to resolve something is almost non-existent. Prove me wrong. Problems go away, let's be honest, when someone dies or leaves the faith. Hence, if you have a problem with this website, you will have to wait till I die. I'm not too old so realistically that won't happen any time soon.

Columbia Station
6 Aug 2019 23:02
Loved Ones! I have many fond memories of helping build the CS Church. There was much unity and respect for one another. As a young Brother in those days, I felt the love of the ministers as well as the older members of the Church. As the years rolled on I visited the CS Church for many special occasions like baptisms and singings. I love to reflect on the dear ministers standing at the pulpit while the Spirit of the living God moved the congregation. Brothers Benny Deak and Otmar Walters, and many others what faithful spiritual Brothers. I am thankful for the years that CS provided spiritual encouragement to many of us "Believers in Christ" May God be merciful to each of us in these last and latter days!

6 Aug 2019 23:45
Very nice words of loving times people have in their hearts, when they do something that is for The Lord. When you were helping build that church building, did you happen to see peter and Dorel Stefan there or did they come at a bit later. Peter may have been there but Dorel didn't come to church at that time, I think that's what his deposition stated, I could be wrong. Was misha Petras there when the building was going up. You might remember if they were there and could you please let us know. I also believe misha's deposition says he came at a later time. It sounded very loving and peaceful until them two families showed up.

To: Beautiful
7 Aug 2019 0:32
First off, peace was never in church. And secondly, why are you changing the subject? The first bench had issues and arguments. Two ministers had disagreements and arguments. Steve Mendrea Sr. paid for a tractor when he had hopes that the church would select him as an assistant elder and when he didn't get the votes he didn't want to pay his monthly dues. That is when everything escalated into further disagreements.

Misa and his son were working throughout the 50 states in the USA, and they were not always present at Columbia Station church on Sunday during those meetings. You are slandering this family and you should re-think your attacks with substantiated evidence.

To: Beautiful
7 Aug 2019 0:38
hmm... what is the website banner's heading? 'Spiritual and Mental Abuse in ACCN in Australia.' Who are you blaming all your Australian problems on now? I think I can guess who. I too can say that many years ago the Australian churches were more loving and in peace and now all I can say is what a mess.

7 Aug 2019 1:46
I think that speech was to make people fearful, and it had nothing to do with God. It was judgmental and self-serving basically to help himself. It seems like he is turning the community against those remaining members that had the doors locked in the faces.

7 Aug 2019 3:56
Clearly you're just pulling random accusations out of thin air. No one came to that conclusion except you. The context of the entire message gave no hints to what you just said in any way. Your comment added no value to the conversation, and you just caused an innocent soul to waste 5 seconds of their life reading your comment. There will be well over a thousand people who will read your comment and never get that time back. You, and several others are the reason why this website accomplishes nothing. This whole thread was started over something that wasn't an issue. Christians getting married in Brunswick Hills. No Non-believer is getting married in the church. This Had nothing to do with Australia. The title of this Website is "SPIRITUAL AND MENTAL ABUSE IN APOSTOLIC CHRISTIAN CHURCH NAZARENE IN AUSTRALIA" Why is Brunswick Hills being brought up on a website made specifically for issues in Australia? Why is Brandon's Inspiration Hour from Eastern Camp being brought up? None of this has anything to do with Australia. The weddings were and are completely biblical. The congregation and elders are in full agreement. No problems. Leave Brunswick Hills alone. You would think the unbelievers of the world would be a stumbling block to the church, but ironically, it's actually those slinging mud here, who are members of the denomination. What a waste of time. Nothing has been accomplished from this website regarding the issue first brought up all the way in the first post. Close this meaningless thread

To moderator
7 Aug 2019 4:40
Sounds like you have to change the website name to incl Europe and NA since the scope has obviously grown.

Suggestion: going forward every post must have a biblical reference related to what is being posted otherwise it doesn't get uploaded. Sorry more work for you friend but would certainly raise the levels of good and reduce/elim the bad and frivolous. Depositions etc would be exempt. You seem fair and wise - I would trust your judgement.

7 Aug 2019 5:03
I've never set foot in any of your churches. And to those outside of your church, this sort of discourse doesn't work. To those of us outside this church would never be a choice; it doesn't seem healthy.
If I hear someone who is supposed to be a leader in life complain about things not going his way and blaming the members, I think this is not a message of love, and this is a weak human being. He is not a leader. That's why he didn't get the eldership. Don't worry. I won't go to your church, and good luck!

7 Aug 2019 5:33
The congregation and the elders are NOT, I REPEAT NOT in full agreement otherwise there wouldnt have been excommunications for this SAME thing in Canada recently. THATS the point. Sounds to me like there's a LOT of looking who is who in our church.

7 Aug 2019 6:37
You're comparing apples and oranges. Each situation is different, including the 2 scenarios in Canada and the one in Ohio. Its foolish to assume the elders or anyone else should have a bright-line rule on this. Unless you were at the members meetings for each one as a local member, you are getting your information second-hand. As to the current Brunswick situation, 2 followers of Jesus Christ wish to get married. One is a member of the ACC and the other wishes to give testimony and become a member. Unless the elders and others think that this is biblically incorrect for some reason, then whatever happened in the past should have absolutely ZERO precedent in this current case in Ohio.

I feel bad for people who were ex-communicated (or had to step down / leave the church) in the past for doing something which, at least in my view and many other people I know, isn't biblically wrong at all. It is MY opinion that people were pushed out in the past for doing things (such as marrying a fellow Christians not baptized in the ACC but wanting to attend) and that shouldn't have happened.

But once again, just because (in my view) wrong was done in the past, it doesn't mean the same wrong has to be repeated. Is it unfair to the people in Canada? Sure it is. Its not fair at all. But that doesn't set any precedent going forward, nor should it.

So, in sum, there are two relevant beliefs at issue:

1. A member of the ACC should NOT be allowed to marry a fellow Christian of like-faith (even after giving their testimony to the church and wishing to become a member), or

2. It is acceptable and not contrary to any teachings of the Bible.

I'm sure there are many who will view this comment on both sides. But what happened in Canada, what happened for the past 100 years, throw that our the window. This is the current situation being dealt with. Look at what the Bible says and not past decisions (whether they were right or wrong is irrelevant).

7 Aug 2019 6:51
So to WHOEVER wrote the first post (an American) and said

someone "is opening wide the doors to the world. Be cautious, elders continue to deceieve and destroy the flock..."

You are INDISPUTABLY a LIAR who wanted to stir up CONTROVERSY for your own sick, twisted pleasure and had NO INTENTION to do anything more than hurt the Body of Christ and its members.

To whoever you are who started this thread, do everybody a favor and stay off of the internet if this is what you are going to use it for.

7 Aug 2019 7:39
You really are people's waste of time....Petras family were still living in Australia when CS was being built. Anyways, CS had problems as we can now tell, but it's pointless to point fingers now, where were we when it was going on? Why didn't anyone try to help CS members. We are all to blame bc we all love to hear some new gossip.

7 Aug 2019 10:07
And you come here to this website to read uplifting things? Youre a hypocrite.

7 Aug 2019 11:46
Like I said, we all like to hear new gossip. I'm Guessing you're waiting to read what I've got to say next. Don't go anywhere, just hang in there!!!
Someone else can GO YE THEREFORE, for you while you waste your time waiting for my next message.

Back to the Bible
8 Aug 2019 0:06
I just have to say that it makes me sick to my stomach to read all the hatred on this site. Jesus said the they will know yet are my disciples by the love he have one for another. Ask yourself a simple question... If someone reads this website do they see the love of God? If they don't then something needs to change.

I know Brothers and Sisters in the ACC that have been hurt by both sides of any argument and the one thing that needs to change when the dust settles is that both are wounded and in need of repentance because they did things the Bible condemns.

The Bible calls us in meekness to search our hearts and see if we are in the faith. John 17 Jesus prays that the church may be one as He is one with the Father. Ask yourself if the comments you are making are being one with each other as Christ was with the Father? If not, then the answer is simple...It's time for all of us to out down the stones and start loving one another.

If you have a point to bring up about false teaching please quote the Bible and stick to the false teaching. Attacking the person does not follow Matthew 18 and does not edify the church as Apostle Paul wrote about in Romans 14.

If you are concerned about the doctrine then study it wisely, guard it carefully and defend it humbly.

To: Dear Serbia
8 Aug 2019 14:02
You said,,,,,,,,,
People in Serbia are more conservative (holy) than us in America.
What would Serbia do in regards to member marrying outside of faith?
If they are against members marrying non members then why is Serbia still with the ACCN elders?
What's still holding them together?

To Back to the Bible
8 Aug 2019 14:46
I've seen enough hate and have been traumatized by many individuals who attend your churches. I see better examples of those who don't attend church, and they don't quote the Bible to defend their actions. I believe God is good, and the Bible is good. At the end of our lives, we will all be judged and held accountable for our actions. I also strongly believe in Ephesians 6:8 - Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord, whether he be bond or free.

Dear Outsider
8 Aug 2019 22:24
This website is for those affiliated with the ACC. Please refrain from commenting on this site. The ACC is unique like no other denomination please do not make ignorant comments! Thank you

8 Aug 2019 22:44
to dear serbia

What's still holding them together?

1 Timothy 6:10
For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

this is one MAIN issue that has let to the situation ACCN is in and the ACCA overfilled the pockets of elders, ministers and brethren that are good and obedient to the elders.

9 Aug 2019 0:07
How can you stop someone from commenting? That is extremely rude. Everyone has a right to comment on this site. To the person from the outside, we apologize on his behalf. You're correct. Everything you said is 100% scriptual with regards to giving an account to empty words.

As for Serbia, who said they are more holy? You can't say that. Man is man everywhere. But for weddings outside the ACC, nowhere in Europe would that be allowed. Not Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Sweden, Ukraine, or Slovakia. They would instantly excommunicate, and no, accepting the outsider the week before the wedding with a testimony would never occur either. If an elder did that, he himself would be excommunicated.

What's holding them together with America? That is now up for debate. That will be changing very soon.

To back to the Bible
9 Aug 2019 4:03
you went from outrage to misplaced piety
sorry but unless you've suffered at the hands of unrighteousness you really don't know what you're talkin about. what happens when a 'supposed to be a spiritual' church Elder instead turns to be an entitled dictator - and takes it out on you and your family. no recourse for you because no other Elder wants to get involved - cowardice instead of courage. so then your dust settles, one or more of the parties are hurt, and the other side completely unaffected and unrepentant. So now what?

Yes there is a lot of resentment,anger and pain on this site, but read all the comments about before you make a judgment. there is also a ton of wisdom and spiritual advice given as well, many scriptural references- far more than the hatred that you perceive

By the way what does guard it carefully and defend it humbly mean??? where in the Bible did you find this? or is it some cliche you made-up?

from this church
12 Aug 2019 16:58
does anyone know whether monica huszti is from brunswick st accn church?


marrying who
14 Aug 2019 21:05
is Monica the one marrying that guy from Serbia thats not from any Nazarene church?

15 Aug 2019 6:48
^ Yes

absolute filth
15 Aug 2019 11:36
the elders give out booklets on fraternization, yet the elders allow exactly that.

this is called hypocrisy.

Jesus REBUKED the pharisees because of their hypocrisy.

Jesus is rebuking the ACCN elders as well.

absolutely filth.

the ACCN elders are defiling the ACCN church and its membership.

1 Cor.3:17
If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

CS Sunday School
16 Aug 2019 9:11
In 2003-2004 the ACCN Church Directory noted that Columbia Station had only 13 Sunday School Attendees. When the members were kicked out of CS, there were more than that 13 children attending Sunday School.

Brandon should have done his research before he went up to make a speech about CS. Like how many children were kicked out of Sunday School when Dorel and Petar closed the doors? He also should have sought guidance before making such a hate speech, and if he was guided, then those individuals are just as guilty of the words he uttered.

hatred is devilish
16 Aug 2019 14:31
Isaiah 66:5

Hear the word of the LORD, ye that tremble at his word; Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for my name's sake, said, Let the LORD be glorified: but he shall appear to your joy, and they shall be ashamed.

John 16

1. “All this I have told you so that you will not fall away.
2. They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God.
3. They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me.

CS Sunday School
16 Aug 2019 15:12
Here's the thing, in Brandon's speech, he did give accurate information to support his judgment on the CS church members. He mentions 89 young souls that were in CS in the mid nighties and how only six remained, but he doesn't follow the children throughout their lives. For example, how many of those initial children that were attending CS when it first opened, got married, or moved to another ACCN church? How many of those youth stopped going to church entirely? How many of those youth started going to different denominations? etc.,

How did he conclude that 'it was a church that did not love' and 'not only did not love the lost but more importantly, did not love each other.'

Who was he judging in his speech?

This speech was Brandon's view and judgment. He did not look at the bigger picture. He was giving his opinion to hundreds of listeners without presenting supporting facts to how he came to that conclusion.

I am glad that on judgment day, Brandon will not be judging. It will be in God's hands to judge.

sin unto death
25 Aug 2019 15:13
one reason why the elders are opening the doors of allowing sin unto death by mixed marriage outside of the ACCN.

Deuteronomy 31:20
......................... and they shall have eaten and filled themselves, and waxen fat; then will they turn unto other gods, and serve them, and provoke me, and break my covenant.

when the materialistic is fine and ok, people forget the spirituality of Gods criteria of:
- staying holy
- staying un-spotted from the world of sin
- not falling away spiritually by committing sins unto death

Brunswick church
5 Sep 2019 0:36
I always wondered why some Brunswick church members would complain about getting visitors who they claim would come to their church just for food and not contribute to their money jars.

I never felt comfortable hearing these comments, and I've heard it a few times from different people.

In Acts 20:35 it says, 'I have shewed you all things, how that so labouring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.'

I hope that those who complain read the verse above because when they no longer have a lot of visitors will they be happy.

12 Sep 2019 7:07
The verse above taken out of context from Deuteronomy was pretty bad...... What a s h i t s h o w of garbage this forum is. Satan is proud of you guys.

To: above
12 Sep 2019 12:29
Do you think that all of the items on this website is a *s h i t* show as you call it? I think your comment is a way to place guilt and shame on those who have real issues with what is going on in the ACCN church. Your feedback is total manipulation. I think Satan is laughing because of what is going on in the church itself. This website presented itself because of the corruption in the church. I don't understand why the leaders wouldn't have tried to correct the issues so things wouldn't have escalated to this point. But instead, they decided to sweep it under the rug and pretended it didn't exist and blamed those who they wanted to target. You can call this whatever you like, but at the end of the day, everyone gets to choose a view based on the information presented on this site.

prove the errors
12 Sep 2019 21:41
if its false, prove it please.

quote bible, chapter and verse what your point of dissatisfaction is, and what was written biblically incorrect.

John 18:23
“If I said something wrong,” Jesus replied, “testify as to what is wrong. But if I spoke the truth, why did you strike me?”

John 8:34
Jesus replied, "Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin.

John 8:
31. So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples,
32. and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

dont support sin
12 Sep 2019 22:08
to: shocking

it goes to show how SHOCKING the actions of the ACCN elders
what they tolerate in the church.

and it is sad from their point of view, when their sins are exposed


more still, when the members support and uphold them.

the members will be accountable for the elders' sins together with them on the last day, unless they repent too

(people think when they dont step against the elders' sins, that they are free....not a chance!!)

18 Sep 2019 10:30
Thread closed, please continue here:

Brunswick Hills: Marrying outside the faith?


- Topic closed -

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