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Electing a New Elder in Tarneit

30 Dec 2019 5:19
Regarding a New elder, Paul very clearly and concisely stated that he is happy to come and start the process.
The Church as a Body of Believers will choose the New Elder Assistant, then Elder to be. Paul Pentsa will not choose the new elder.
And “no”, Paul Pentsa will NOT put up his son in law as Elder.
If Phillip becomes Elder Assistant, it would only be because the Body of Believers put him up!!!
Trust me, Paul learned the hard way what happens when you put up a “Loose Cannon” (Janko) as an Assistant Elder and that will never happen again.
When the Vote does take place eventually, if no one has enough support, it’s not a problem. You let it rest for a year or so and try again.
In the meantime, as Paul stated, there is an ACTUAL PROPERLY Ordained Elder -Miodrag in the same City who can come and do any work that needs to be done.
Janko and Followers, accept God’s direction for your Fellowship and Humble yourself as only then will God lift you up and give you peace.
My prayer and theme for the Little Group that gathers at Tarneit is this according to the Word of God. “And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.”

From previous Thread
30 Dec 2019 5:22
I find it hard to believe that Paul Pentsa only sent a letter to his Son in Law. How is it that Vlado stands up before the church and says he spoke to PP at 4:00 am earlier that day to apologize for basically being Janko’s little poodle and doing his dirty work. The whole front bench was very aware of the letter. Why was there such a fuss before it was actually read? Apparently the letter was supposed to be read by Joe but he refused, Michael refused as he can’t even speak proper English.
Janko flat out refused and instructed the other ministers not to read it so Phillip had to.
To “moderator-bad smell & not clear” who wrote the comments above, it is not biblical or even ethical to go behind peoples back. This practice is even frowned about in the World and yet you all profess to be the only “chosen ones” being so holy and righteous.
Doing Ungodly deeds like trying to secretly take control of a Church is an evil and malicious act.
The Bible calls this “Dividing” and the Scripture clearly defines and call Satan himself the “Great Divider!!!
Therefore, if you are doing Satan’s work for him, dividing the Church, its very clear that you are yielding to him – being a servant of his and doing his work for him.
That my dear Brother/Sister is WHAT IS WRONG with what Janko did.
All those that support him, this sinful behaviour is also upon you and your children.
Once again, the message is very clear, you need to Repent and turn from your wicked ways!!
As it is written in God’s Word, “Be not wise in your own conceits. Recompense to no man evil. Provide all things honest in the sight of all men.”

maybe not
30 Dec 2019 11:11
In the meantime, as Paul stated, there is an ACTUAL PROPERLY Ordained Elder -Miodrag in the same City who can come and do any work that needs to be done.

......this comment is hard to accept as fact from PP.

PP never accepted any member from Cucanic Church as a free member

30 Dec 2019 11:32
Wow! Someone here thinks we are that stupid.

PP is looking to install his son Nick to be an elder in Marsden, which he tried to achieve a few times in the past, and his son-in-law Philip as an elder in Tarneit.

Whoever says this is not true, is a pitiful liar.

30 Dec 2019 12:07
PP will allow church to choose NEW assis. Elder,but this new assis. will never become an Elder.
That's how he has done with Poljak,Laza,Janko and Vlado is waiting his destiny.
Who is next in line???

why different now
30 Dec 2019 12:29
why did the ministers NOT obey PP as their elder?
why did the ministers at Tarneit stop being loyal to PP who is their elder?

when others were mistreated by PP, all the minsters at Tarneit showed unconditional obedience and allegiance to PP, on his demands.
what now?
why should it be any different now?

why is it only, when PP does what I chose to want to believe is not right, that then I can disobey my elder?

why was it right, when PP mistreated others, that Tarneit minsters obeyed their elder? (according to the scriptures)
when PP requests something that is against THEIR biblical understanding, that then Tarneit minsters CAN disobey?

if they are disobeying PP now, because its non-biblical, that would mean, that the past obedience to PP's mistreating Cucanic members would also mean that it was non-biblical?

PP mistreated the Cucanic members, and all Tarneit minsters showed unconditional obedience to PP's commands towards the Cucanic members. (because their elder said so)

can anyone give an honest answer to these questions?

30 Dec 2019 13:40
Good point!"why different now".

All those elders who support Tomek,should say; OK Janko we will support you on condition that you accept Altona church and to have collaboration
To make peace and unity once and for all.
If they don't want to,otherwise they are just as PP.

Peace or no peace
30 Dec 2019 14:00
Does the Cucanic church WANT to make peace?
Or are they same as Janko? They preach against Tarneit and shun people who move to Tarneit

30 Dec 2019 14:10
>>All those elders who support Tomek,should say; OK Janko we will
>>support you on condition that you accept Altona church and to have

I disagree. The Cucanic group is fairly healthy, deprived from their rights and property but still not retaliating with hatred.

On the other side, PP, JT, PR, Papuga, Suhanek, etc. they are all scum. Scum should not be mixed with those who are not scum. Otherwise, everyone will be corrupt.

Just to remind you, JT, PR and all others there in Tarneit rejoiced when PP won the Sydney court case. Back then they were together, united in coveting, but now they quarrel, throwing crap at each other, as I expected it to be, because at the end scumbags always turn against themselves.

After I left the Nazarene church no one ever rang me to ask me what was going on, not PP, JT, Phillip, nobody. None of them bothered to contact my wife either. Not any of the Pentsas, or any of the Tomeks. Real shepherds, yeah. No, but scumbags, liars, powermongers, fake Christians. Many other people left the church because of them. And those who still support those scumbags, to me they are totally worthless people, mindless individuals who are fooling themselves they are 'spiritually exclusive' and 'going to Heaven'... poor fools, I pity them.

30 Dec 2019 14:44
Oh yes!! Tarneit were united in selling Altona church and left group 2 on the street,who paid for the church. "Is this the love of God?"
They all have this mutual sin,including PP they need to repent from.

To:peace or no peace
30 Dec 2019 15:00
You are soooo bitter!
For MC's ordination Altona church sent invitation to Tarneit,and few members came.
Altona don't shun no one. Even if PP would come,they will accept him as a guest and offer to preach.

biblical way 1st
30 Dec 2019 22:48
All those elders who support Tomek,should say; OK Janko we will support you on condition that you accept Altona church and to have collaboration.......

I believe we need to also add.....

JK and tarneit members needs to confess their sins of stealing and coveting.

Cucanic Church should not in any case unite with tarneit's sins.

They should unite, the biblical way.

"Confess your faults to be healed."

Without confession, there is no forgiveness, and without forgiveness, unity cannot happen the biblical way.

not so
7 Jan 2020 10:46
When did PENCA say that they can call Cucanic?

7 Jan 2020 10:50
You are in a dreamtime mode if you think that.

contact philip
9 Jan 2020 22:39
contact philip ruzeu and ask for a copy of the letter he received.

this will prove fact.

12 Jan 2020 10:11
What I understood from the letter read from Elder Penca, was just a comment, as to why some thought that he could no longer serve their church, because of him not living in Melbourne,Penca responded by writing that whichever Elder they would vote for to serve them, would still be either from interstate or overseas, unless they would invite Miodrag Cucanic, from North Altona.
So I do not see where the Moderator came Up with his statement?
So their reasons for thinking that Penca should reside in Melbourne or else choose other elder/s makes no lógico, unless they want to invite the Elder from North Altona, who fits their critiria of living in Melbourne.

13 Jan 2020 10:53
Interstate = overseas...??!

Only to you and Paul Pentsa.

Australian members know little about the elders from North America, and those elders know even less about the members in Australia.

Surely, PP loves to boast about his "irreplaceability".

>>So I do not see where the Moderator came Up with his statement?

That's what the people in Tarneit told us.

But at the end it doesn't matter what PP really said or meant to say.

>>contact philip ruzeu and ask for a copy of the letter he received.

...and it doesn't really matter if we never see that letter. We've seen enough of PPs lies and rubbish.

14 Jan 2020 5:51
then why post things that someone supposidly said, if the truth is not important? a moderator who left the Faith, is not fit to comment on facts, if he/she does not see the truth.

14 Jan 2020 10:40
>>who left the Faith, is not fit to comment on facts

Ha ha, you are such an idiot. It's quite the opposite. We left the "Pentsacostal" church in Australia because we didn't want to LOSE our faith, and that applies to our children too. It proved to be a very good decision. This is the 21st century, not some medieval stink hole where little dictators play with people's lives. Thank God, we now only focus on the Bible when we go to church, not on stupid Paul's and Janko's politics. If you are a minority and feel like you can't change anything inside the Nazarene church, I strongly suggest you do the same.

21 Jan 2020 11:07
"we now only focus on the Bible when we go to church"Can you focus on what Jesus said about those who calls his brother/sister " thou fool " as you called in the writer "idiot"Looks like you are in danger of "Hell" Repent before it is too late!!!

21 Jan 2020 11:28
You are an idiot, but an idiot with hope, so it's not all bad.

You lost soul
22 Jan 2020 6:42
Looks like all hope is lost for you!

22 Jan 2020 7:03
Sure thing.

23 Jan 2020 18:01
Luke 8:17
For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

to all
23 Jan 2020 18:05
1 Timothy chapter 5, verse 24

Some men’s sins are clearly evident, preceding them to judgment, but those of some men follow later.

2 Corinth. 5:10

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive the things done in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad.

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