Spiritual and Mental Abuse in Apostolic Christian Church Nazarene in Australia
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Not more rebaptizing people who comes from denomination

Worried sick
21 Nov 2022 22:09
How can this be possible? Are people gone blind? Where has our faith wondered? Our Elders are not strong enough to put down their foot.people walk all over long as they are Elders, God will judge them more for not standing up for the truth.

21 Nov 2022 22:14
Those baptized by Paul Pentsa should be rebaptized.

I'm dead serious.

please explain
21 Nov 2022 23:25
i didnt understand what exactly is this topic about?

i couldnt grip the meaning of what being discussed?

21 Nov 2022 23:30
The Yankee is complaining his church accepts people baptized in other denominations.

22 Nov 2022 5:58
So are your saying M.S.
That your wife should be re baptized again? Oh, I remembered you left our faith for another denomination. Why are your still picking on our people.
You get a heavy load of sins on your soul! Please repent.everyone reading this website know you! Why hide in perth?

To Moderator
22 Nov 2022 6:00
Be careful what you write.
If you are dead serious about people having to be rebaptized if a certain Elder baptized, then you are inferring that salvation comes through the work of the individual Elder and not through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ our Lord. You could be shaking someone's faith by your comment. Has any Elder died for us? Were we baptized in the Name of Paul or Barnabas or Chephas (Peter) ?
Be careful.

22 Nov 2022 8:11
Someone like PP would suggest that people from other denominations should be rebaptized. And I say whoever HE ever baptized should be baptized again, by some honest elders. Because there is no other spirit in Paul Pentsa but the spirit of deceit. His whole life is a deceit. His church work is a deceit. His business, whether it's painting or trading houses or construction, is a deceit. When he hires people to work for him, or borrows money from church members, or pays taxes, or takes people to court, or manipulates church titles, it's always the same at the end, deceit, deceit and more deceit. What spirit do you expect to find in such man?

22 Nov 2022 8:54
Then maybe you should start with your household, you stated that your sister inlaw was visiting you from Colrado, do you know whether Paul baptized your family members? Your own wife too? Maybe you should think hard before you write unsound remarks.
Apostle Paul wrote about people going from house to house speaking things and subverting the faith of some,....whose mouths must be shut.
This applies to you now.
Stop subverting with your unsound remarks.

22 Nov 2022 12:24
Well, thank you for being (falsely) concerned for my wife, and yes, I hope and pray she gets rebaptized. We discussed that topic a few times. When or if that happens, I will surely let you know. The same goes with the number of people currently in ACCN, the time will come when they will be doing exactly that - asking to be rebaptized. It's all in God's hands.

Btw. talking about my wife, people may think it was me who forced her, or influenced her, to leave the ACCN. That is not true. It was 100% her decision. I was surprised myself, to be honest, when that happened. Soon after leaving the ACCN, we joined a large Baptist church in Oakden, which is one of Adelaide's inner suburbs. They have two morning services, with 300 to 400 attendants in each service, lots of young single people, as well as families with little children. We spent 8 or 9 years there, and I have absolutely nothing negative to say about that church. They are well organized, with good facilities, always calling people to join picknicks and sport activities. Their preachers (pastors) are very good, gifted professionals, you really receive good spiritual food on Sunday that can carry you through the week. Their main pastor at that time was a dude called Timon, a top preacher, really gifted for that job, but other pastors were also great, including the occasional guest preachers from US, etc. And for all that time I have not seen any abuse, gossip, or power struggle among them. Incredible, eh?

And actually, it was my wife who found that church, not me. A few years after we started going there, she became a member, whereas I did not apply, because they were already doing a great job and didn't need me for anything special. They even had people proficient in IT, Web, media, that sort of stuff. Again, I have to say, normal people, down to Earth, well organized and inspired to spread the word of God. During my time there they even managed to plant a few new churches in Adelaide.

And here in Perth, we started going to a Baptist church in Subiaco, which is another nice place with nice people, but the problem was that Subiaco is quite a long drive from where we live. So, we joined a start-up church in our neighbourhood, a smaller group, for now, with one pastor and around 40 people. It's going very well. The kids love it. Truth to be told, no one there speaks my language, which I miss a bit, and people don't squabble and gossip, like we Yugoslavs always do, which I also miss, but it is what it is, you can't get everything in one package, can you?

23 Nov 2022 13:14
I would like this web-site does not exist,and don't like to wright on it, but what brought it to my attention your preaching about rebaptising. First of all baptism does not come from man. God uses man to do his holy work.

2 chronicles 18:19-21
God allowed lying spirit in these prophets to persuade the king.

Now you hope that your wife be rebaptised,it's a great concern not only for her,but for some others especially young members; thair faith might get disturbed.
When your wife got baptised,she truly believed it's a right by her faith,and just because issues with PP her mind begin to doubt.
If she gets rebaptised,(I hope not) after few years or even few decades,you may learn that pastor is not good and satan again will put in her that she needs to get rebaptize.
Nowhere in the bible says we need to be rebaptized. It says; one Lord one faith one baptism.
For with the heart one believes to righteousness, and with the mouth confessions is made to salvation. Rom.10;10

I would suggest since you'r no longer in accn,to close this W/S;you don't need to get involved in accn affaies anymore; It would be better for your salvation.
I know you will not accept my suggestion.

23 Nov 2022 13:59
Of course I won't.

This website is not here because of me, it's here because of you.

And because of you, it will stay online forever and ever. I am making sure it even outlives me.

Regarding the people who need to be rebaptized, the logic is simple. The ACCN church shamelessly requires all people who want to join it to be baptized again.

This means:

Being baptized in a Baptist church = rubbish
Being baptized in a Catholic church = rubbish
Being baptized in an Anglican church = rubbish
Being baptized in an Orthodox church = rubbish

Ok, I'm just adding one more item to the list:

Being baptized by PP = rubbish

Very troubled
24 Nov 2022 10:21
Dear moderator
Im very troubled what you wrote that you would let your wife be re-baptized.
So its ok to crucify Jesus again! Seems to me your are a smart man, but very weak in faith! Or no faith at all!.

Will you run
24 Nov 2022 10:25
Dear moderator
When you see pp in Perth will you run again? Or will you be able to talk to him face to face and say all these untruths about him?
Be a man and man up and stop hiding behind his evil website.

24 Nov 2022 11:27
There is no reason for me to believe that I will meet PP personally ever again in my life. I'm quite fine with that. He's a disturbing person, I'd always feel sick in my stomach after talking to him, like I've eaten something rotten. But PP, if he thinks he's got something to discuss with me, can give me a call. Which is something he will never do, I am sure. Same goes for other elders and so-called elders.

Back to baptizing people for the second time... Someone wrote this earlier: "Nowhere in the bible says we need to be rebaptized. It says; one Lord one faith one baptism."

But rebaptizing people who want to join ACCN is ACCN's official doctrine. So who's crazy here?

To moderator
24 Nov 2022 13:01
You said ("I hope and pray she gets rebaptize")

Don't you realise by saying that,you are agreeing that people who want to join ACCN need to be rebaptized?

24 Nov 2022 13:09
Fine, they need to be rebaptized, as well as those baptized by PP.

To moderator
24 Nov 2022 22:25
They don't need to be rebaptized, and you wife does not need to be rebaptized.

When your wife got baptized,she was baptized in the name of the Father,the Son and the Holy Ghost. Not in the name of PP.

24 Nov 2022 23:29
Romans 16:
I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them. For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive.

Those naive are you.

Matthew 7:
“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits.

Their fruits: deception, divisions, anger, court cases, web sites...

2 Corinthians 11
For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.

Yeah. No one is more faithful then they are, they've never done anything wrong, they are right in all things, if you dare to have a different opinion you are surely losing your faith and going to hell..

Did you ?
25 Nov 2022 8:16
To Moderator!
Would expect a call from P.P.? Did you supply your cell number or landlines phone number? If you didn't how can you claim that he would not?
You write above Fruits,... anger.court cases, etc.
If you want to be truthful, then post the letter sent to the "Dear website owner ACCN Australia" sent by someone by the name "Sincerly John",in which he states what things P.P. was accused of, are not the truth,, which if people want to know can read the public affidavit of P.P.

25 Nov 2022 10:32
Who is John?

25 Nov 2022 11:29
Moderator you should know who john is. Don't play stupid now.

25 Nov 2022 11:46
I don't know, there are many Johns in this world. If John's name is really John, then I would probably know John.

Think back
25 Nov 2022 12:30
Think real hard moderator! The john (lawyer) who told you the truth that pp is telling the truth. And that's this website you opened up of fraudulent! Now do you know that John?

25 Nov 2022 12:51
No, not really, to be honest. I tend to forget irrelevant people and irrelevant conversations. What can I do, so many things are happening every day. So what's your point, John the Lawyer said something important about PP and this website? And what's that? And how come that you and this person from the US talk simultaneously about the same John?

Look, as I said before, I don't appreciate these skirmish games and skunk works that you guys practice on this website. If Paul Pentsa has something to say to this website's visitors, great, he is always welcome to write a letter, sign it by his own name, and send it to our email. And I will post it with no alterations. Paul is welcome to address all these issues that bother him, like his removal as an elder, the Sydney court case, this website, his failed business, his departure from Australia, his status in Colorado Springs, and also, if he's willing, he can send us a few photos of his newly built, huge house there, over 8,000 sq feet, according to his wife's proud words.

Jerry springer
4 Dec 2022 20:28
Keep fighting …im eating dinner

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