Spiritual and Mental Abuse in Apostolic Christian Church Nazarene in Australia
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American Elders condemning PP 2006

17 May 2023 14:04

Some people are wondering if Mark Igic will remind the Mt Cottrell church and the Marsden church that the North American elders and churches acknowledge Altona as free members. Or he's going to enjoy a free trip to Australia like the rest of the other elders?

Why isn't Altona invited to this baptism since the American elders are going to do the work?

how to help
17 May 2023 23:46
Paul Pentsa advised John Petrak to announced in Marsden regarding Altona 2 members are to be accepted as free members and offer them prayers and the pulpit if they are ministers.

but, why didnt Paul Pentsa do that??

the humiliation to invite Altona is still very hard by paul pentsa and john petrak.

there is most probably one main obsticle.....and that is stealing the Altona Church from them, repenting from that sin, and finding a way of reconciliation on this grave sin.

anyone have any suggestions to help paul pentsa, john petrak and mount cottrell church on this grave sin?

does Mark Igic understand what level of sin it is to steal a Church?
does Mark Igic want to understand?

Altona probably wasnt invited to the baptism because truth hurts Mt Cottrell membership of what the consequences of stealing actually means?

to US Elders
18 May 2023 13:10
every elder likes to perform baptisms, but little want to make a move against sin, filth, unrighteousness, injustice........and the list goes on.

time will show what the real intentions are of Mark Igic and Matei Augustinov.

will they visit Altona Church, invite Altona Church, and ask Marsden and Mount Cottrell to repent from stealing Altona Church???

lets hope and pray that they hear the small still voice in them if its still in them!

confession does
20 May 2023 0:03
paul pentsa allowing john petrak to be ordained as an elder
he vocally advising the australian churches that he is no longer an elder........

does NOT forgive his past nor his past sins.

confession does.

as you can read in the above letters even well back in 2006, he basically, clearly and intentionally lied in front of many witnesses and many elders.

this is a continuation from him splitting the Altona Church in different worship times..............
this also is his continuation on maintaining the injustice punishments and actions committed by elders andy kozy and steve nenadov years prior............

injustice doesn't fade through time......................

confession, repentance and apologising eliminates the sin.

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